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I am asking everyone to boycott all Worldwide Olympic Partners and Official Partners and Official Sponsors of Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea, until they disassociate themselves and withdraw their sponsorship from these Olympics, because of the horror of the illegal Dog and Cat Meat Trade in South Korea.  In illegal and crude slaughter-houses, markets, breeding farms and their "festivals", dogs and cats, some of whom are stolen pets, are routinely and horrifically tortured by severe beating, hanging, electrocution, grilling, torching, stabbing, limb amputation while still alive, and boiling and skinning alive and finally murdered! All this takes place in full view of other captured and terrified animals, knowing that it will also happen to them! All this is in the name of greed, financial gain and also "fun" when it takes place at the "festivals". It doesn't matter whether the animals are stolen pets, street animals or bred for the specific purpose, they all have the same feelings of fear and pain, something to which the South Koreans (and certain other Asian denominations) are quite oblivious, unfeeling and uncaring! The Worldwide Olympic Partners are as follows: COCA-COLA, OMEGA, MCDONALD'S, SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS, PANASONIC, VISA INTERNATIONAL, TOYOTA, PROCTOR & GAMBLE, GENERAL ELECTRIC, DOW CHEMICALS, ATOS, BRIDGESTONE, ALIBABA GROUP. Official Partners of Pyeongchang 2018 are: LG ELECTRONICS, KOREAN AIR, THE NORTH FACE, POSCO, LOTTE, KOREA TELECOMMUNICATIONS, SK. Official Sponsors of Pyeongchang 2018 are: SAMSUNG LIFE INSURANCE, SAMSUNG FIRE AND MARINE INSURANCE, SSANGYONG, NAVER, HANWHA, AGGREKO, EF. Obviously some of these companies will be better recognisable than others. It is worth mentioning that COCA-COLA AND OMEGA HAVE ALREADY REFUSED TO WITHDRAW THEIR SPONSORSHIP "BECAUSE IT WOULDN'T BE FAIR TO THE ATHLETES AS THEY HAVE WORKED HARD TO GET TO THAT POINT"!! DO THEY THINK IT FAIR TO THE POOR VICTIMS OF THIS HORROR THAT THEY SUFFER AND DIE FOR THEIR SPORT?!!!! I THINK NOT - AND MY GUESS IS THAT THE ATHLETES WOULD BE OF THE SAME OPINION IF THEY KNEW ABOUT THIS! HOWEVER, THEY ARE PROBABLY NOT AWARE OF THIS HORROR AS IT IS BEING "SWEPT UNDER THE CARPET"!!!! We must do all we can to tell these companies and South Korea itself that we mean business and will continue with these actions and more, until they permanently end this horrific trade and festivals in South Korea and elsewhere! PLEASE, PLEASE SIGN, SHARE AND COMMENT AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. LET US HIT THEM ALL IN THE POCKET AS THIS SEEMS TO BE THE ONLY LANGUAGE THAT THEY UNDERSTAND OR CARE ABOUT!!!!  THANK YOU!   Janice Aedy

Janice Aedy
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Petitioning Panasonic, Yosuke Yamane

Petition: Panasonic to give the Lumix S1 a Flip-out Fully Articulating Touch LCD

*UPDATE: Panasonic has recently announced the Lumix S1H, truly a phenomenal camera from the look of the image from a sample film and the specification are stunning with internal 6k at 24fps in a mirrorless camera body!And of course, what brought me great happiness was to see that the S1H has a Flip Out, Fully Articulating Touch LCD from some of the photos seen!! Still yet to have official confirmation from Panasonic, but the photos and footage showing the back is incredibly promising. So grateful to Panasonic's consistent and continuous innovation in the world of digital filmmaking for people of every budget without compromising on the technology provided in any of them. Thank you Panasonic!* Dear Mr Yamane and Panasonic, I have been a fan of Panasonic and their fantastic Lumix series for a few years. I own a Panasonic Lumix G85 and cannot fault it. They are in my eyes the only camera company offering so much for the user with an emphasis on making photography and filmmaking accessible to all. I am ever grateful to the engineers behind the Lumix G and GH series and thank you for your emphasis on helping aspiring photographers, videographers and filmmakers be as creative as possible through your excellent products. For a bit of context, Panasonic created the first ever mirrorless camera the Lumix G1. Panasonic's cameras are famous for innovating in full sensor readout of DCI 4K up to 60fps internally, 10-bit 4:2:2 and excellent LOG profiles all internally, Multi-aspect ratio and Dual I.S.And for offering high bitrate options for video and high framerates options such as 1080p up to 180fps, always expanding on ports such as microphone and headphone port and full size HDMI output and timecode IN/OUT, high readout dual card slots, rugged weather sealing, high-end Electronic Viewfinders, and for offering a flip out fully articulating touch LCD that is bright and easy to see in sunlight. There is so much more they offer and more many of my fellow Lumix users appreciate. Not to mention how reasonable their prices have been for both their camera bodies and lenses, decent pricing while still providing a tremendous amount.Panasonic has always offered these things and still offers most of them.  When it was unveiled that Panasonic was making two Full-Frame cameras and that they are partnering with Leica and Sigma, I was ecstatic, and still am. Everything about these new cameras looks and sound promising. However, we have found out that the upcoming S1 and S1R will not have flip-out fully articulating touch LCD like the G9 GH5 and GH5S, it is unsure what the reasoning of this was. But many of us in the video world was surprised and confused by this, all we wanted was for the screen to be the same as the one offered in the GH5 and GH5S. And, I wish to emphasise strongly that we all absolutely love the upcoming S1 and S1R, we love everything about what these models will offer, the partnership with Leica and Sigma is exciting, the excellent weather sealing, dust, splash and freeze resistance, 4k up to 60fps on both the Lumix S1 and the S1R, the deep grip of the camera that makes it easy to hold, the button layout, Full size HDMI port for external recorders and monitors etc, Dual card slots with XQD and SD UHS-ii, the cameras have everything we want. The only thing we are asking if for the LCD to be a Flip Out Fully Articulating version on the S1. (If there is a genuine reason why the screen is a 3-axis tilt LCD, I will accept, I want the screen to make as many users as possible happy, I just would like to know the reasoning behind this) I am making this petition as a means of thanking Panasonic for their innovation and to ask them to reconsider the choice of the type of LCD monitor the upcoming Panasonic Lumix S1 will have. Specifically, the S1 as it is more for video shooters.I am a huge fan of how Panasonic makes their cameras, they are high quality and never cut corners. Kind regards, Idin Aazami

Idin Aazami
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Support Adaptive Sync(FreeSync) NOW!

Our vision: No matter what video source you're using - a GPU, console, or other device No matter what display you're using - a monitor, HDTV, Smart phone, or tablet Let them all support a single universal Adaptive Sync/FreeSync standard. No worries, no fuss, it just works! No stuttering, super low latency, buttery smooth, and royalty free. To whom it may concern, We, the undersigned, press upon you with great urgency our desire to enjoy the best gaming experience that technology currently provides. To accomplish this we suggest the following: We urge Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo to support FreeSync technology on their respective game consoles. We urge display manufacturers to support Adaptive Sync/FreeSync on monitors as well as HDTVs. For both DisplayPort and HDMI connectivity. For gaming consoles, PCs, and other devices. We urge Nvidia to support Adaptive Sync/FreeSync in addition to G-Sync as G-Sync is often cost-prohibitive for consumers and manufacturers. Reasons to support Adaptive Sync/FreeSync over other alternatives: It's cost-effective, royalty-free, free to use, and has no performance penalty. Built upon the industry-standard DisplayPort Adaptive Sync technology pioneered by VESA. FreeSync expands upon the VESA standard to also support HDMI. Helps improve power usage efficiency by reducing the refresh rate of the panel when the screen is static. Ensures that the transition between refresh rate is seamless and undetectable to the user. Can be enabled by plug and play, making it transparent to the operating system and end user. Reduces implementation complexity of the Timing Controller (TCON) and panel by keeping the GPU's pixel clock rate constant and varying blank parameters. Dynamically adapts the display refresh rate to fixed video content frame rate for a power efficient, smooth, and stutter-free video playback with anything over 30FPS, with a potential full range of 9 Hz to 240 Hz(varies by display model, see manufacturer for display-specific ranges). Dynamically adapts the display refresh rate during gaming for low latency and a smooth, virtually stutter-free gaming experience. We sincerely urge all concerned manufacturers to not delay deployment of this amazing Adaptive Sync/FreeSync technology any further!   FAQ: Q: What's the difference between FreeSync and Adaptive Sync? --- A: FreeSync is a technology developed by AMD that supports Adaptive Sync over HDMI as well as DisplayPort. DisplayPort is a VESA standard that supports Adaptive Sync, but currently it doesn't support HDMI. FreeSync supports both HDMI and DisplayPort. That's the ideal solution - one that works regardless of the type of connection. HDMI is working on a standard for Adaptive Sync technology, but until then this petition urges the support of FreeSync AND Adaptive Sync.

John Wayne
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Petitioning Panasonic

Address Motion Issues on Panasonic's Premium OLED TVs

 In June 2017, Panasonic launched their new ‘EZ’ series of premium OLED televisions, finally allowing their brand-loyal users an upgrade path from the company’s plasma televisions. Whilst displaying superb detail and outstanding colour rendition, it soon became obvious to users that there were serious problems with the motion rendering on these OLED televisions.  Instead of continuous motion, pictures occasionally stutter, as if a frame is missing or has been repeated. The issue is worse on darker and lower definition material and is completely repeatable. Although present on both off-air receivers, the internal streaming apps (Netflix etc) and via external video connections, the problem is most apparent on 50Hz content, particularly 25P material such as feature films and drama series. Many users complain of unnatural motion during head turns and other human movement to which the brain is extremely sensitive.  Several users discovered that engaging either Game Mode or Pure Direct appears to completely mitigate the problem on external 50Hz sources, which at least offers a solution for viewing off-air material via services such as Sky and Virgin. However, this offers no solution for internal receivers and streaming apps. In addition, engaging either Film Mode or Pure Direct on a 24P source causes the screen to display the input as if presented at 60P with embedded 3:2 pulldown judder, which totally defeats Pure Direct’s alleged ability to “reproduce the original image quality in detail”. This fundamentally breaks the major advantage of 24P video, which allows film material to be displayed with its original frame integrity.  Panasonic has fiercely brand-loyal userbase due to the excellence of their previous plasma television ranges. However, this loyalty is being severely stressed by these issues with their premium OLED range.  We appeal to Panasonic to investigate the underlying cause of these problems and to provide solutions to them. Fix the motion stutter problem or provide a menu switch to allow the faulty processing to be bypassed for all internal and external sources in the same way that it is bypassed for Game Mode and Pure Direct. We recognise that this may be at the expense of losing ‘enhancement’ features such as Intelligent Frame Creation, but as most serious users turn these off anyway, we feel this is a small price to pay.  Fix Pure Direct and Game Mode so that 24P inputs are rendered out preserving original frame integrity without 3:2 pulldown judder.  

Steve Roberts
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資本家の方へ:無修正作品の頒布が可能な印刷所、即売会を民間で作って下さい! 私はリバタリアンです。 日本では刑法175条の影響により検閲が依然として存在し、コミックマーケットやほかの多くの即売会もそれに従っています。自主検閲により多くの印刷所で無修正は扱えず、どうしてもというならコピー本として自前で刷り、販路も自前で作るしかありません。 多くの西欧の国では無修正ポルノは合法です。日本は明治時代の名残を未だに引きずった法によって自主検閲を行っています。 コミックマーケットも徹夜組、性的表現などの問題を抱えており、都がもしビッグサイトを貸さない場合に備えて施設や即売会を資本家の手で作りたい。 悪法(ここでは刑法175条)に敢えて従わない!と同人誌即売会側が示す事が、警察にも圧力をかけられますし、闘いの1歩だと思います。 資本家の目線からでも、メリットはあります。 同人誌即売会や印刷所は、日本経済にプラスに働く事が考えられます。 現代は日本のアニメ文化はクール・ジャパンと言われ、政府の宣伝にも入れ込んでいます。 そんな中での同人誌即売会は、作品の宣伝にもなり、経済を間接的に助けるでしょう。 所謂『RPF(実在創作、ナマモノ)』系の同人誌も受け入れます。 公権力の介入も批判します。 私達は、表現への検閲なしの即売会を作りたいのです。 どうか力を、お貸しください。 English: To the capitalist: Please make a printing shop, an instant sale that can distribute uncensored works by the private sector!I am a libertarian.Censorship still exists in Japan due to the influence of Article 175 of the Penal Code, and comic market and many other spot sales associations follow it. Unauthorized censorship can not handle uncensored in many printing places, if it is absolutely necessary to print by yourself as a copybook, you have to make a sales channel on your own.Uncensored pornography is legal in many Western European countries. Japan undertakes voluntary censorship by the law still dragging the remnants of the Meiji Era.The comiket also has problems such as late night gang and sexual expression, and if the capital does not lend a big site, want to make facilities and spot sale with the hands of the capitalist.I will not dare follow bad law (here, Article 175 of the Criminal Code)! And doujinshi spot sale side shows that pressure can be put on the police and I think that it is the first step of the fight.Even from the perspective of the capitalist, there are benefits.Coterie magazine spot sale or print shop is supposed to work positively in the Japanese economy.In modern times the Japanese anime culture is said to be cool Japan and is also included in the government's publicity.Doujinshi sale society in such a situation will also be an advertisement of the work, indirectly will help the economy.We accept doujinshi of so-called "RPF (Real Person Fiction, namamono)" type.I also criticize the intervention of public power.We want to make an instant sale without censorship to expression.Please please lend me your strength.

椎名 裕仁
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