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Petitioning Hyung-koo Yeo, Hee-beon Lee, Jae-youl Kim, Moon Jae-in, omega, McDonald's, General Electric, Panasonic, Procter & Gamble, Samsung, Toyota Motor Company, Visa, Dow Chemical, Bridgestone, ATOS, Aliba...


I am asking everyone to boycott all Worldwide Olympic Partners and Official Partners and Official Sponsors of Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea, until they disassociate themselves and withdraw their sponsorship from these Olympics, because of the horror of the illegal Dog and Cat Meat Trade in South Korea.  In illegal and crude slaughter-houses, markets, breeding farms and their "festivals", dogs and cats, some of whom are stolen pets, are routinely and horrifically tortured by severe beating, hanging, electrocution, grilling, torching, stabbing, limb amputation while still alive, and boiling and skinning alive and finally murdered! All this takes place in full view of other captured and terrified animals, knowing that it will also happen to them! All this is in the name of greed, financial gain and also "fun" when it takes place at the "festivals". It doesn't matter whether the animals are stolen pets, street animals or bred for the specific purpose, they all have the same feelings of fear and pain, something to which the South Koreans (and certain other Asian denominations) are quite oblivious, unfeeling and uncaring! The Worldwide Olympic Partners are as follows: COCA-COLA, OMEGA, MCDONALD'S, SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS, PANASONIC, VISA INTERNATIONAL, TOYOTA, PROCTOR & GAMBLE, GENERAL ELECTRIC, DOW CHEMICALS, ATOS, BRIDGESTONE, ALIBABA GROUP. Official Partners of Pyeongchang 2018 are: LG ELECTRONICS, KOREAN AIR, THE NORTH FACE, POSCO, LOTTE, KOREA TELECOMMUNICATIONS, SK. Official Sponsors of Pyeongchang 2018 are: SAMSUNG LIFE INSURANCE, SAMSUNG FIRE AND MARINE INSURANCE, SSANGYONG, NAVER, HANWHA, AGGREKO, EF. Obviously some of these companies will be better recognisable than others. It is worth mentioning that COCA-COLA AND OMEGA HAVE ALREADY REFUSED TO WITHDRAW THEIR SPONSORSHIP "BECAUSE IT WOULDN'T BE FAIR TO THE ATHLETES AS THEY HAVE WORKED HARD TO GET TO THAT POINT"!! DO THEY THINK IT FAIR TO THE POOR VICTIMS OF THIS HORROR THAT THEY SUFFER AND DIE FOR THEIR SPORT?!!!! I THINK NOT - AND MY GUESS IS THAT THE ATHLETES WOULD BE OF THE SAME OPINION IF THEY KNEW ABOUT THIS! HOWEVER, THEY ARE PROBABLY NOT AWARE OF THIS HORROR AS IT IS BEING "SWEPT UNDER THE CARPET"!!!! We must do all we can to tell these companies and South Korea itself that we mean business and will continue with these actions and more, until they permanently end this horrific trade and festivals in South Korea and elsewhere! PLEASE, PLEASE SIGN, SHARE AND COMMENT AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. LET US HIT THEM ALL IN THE POCKET AS THIS SEEMS TO BE THE ONLY LANGUAGE THAT THEY UNDERSTAND OR CARE ABOUT!!!!  THANK YOU!   Janice Aedy

Janice Aedy
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Petitioning Panasonic

Introduce 4K 4:2:2 IPB 400Mbps and FHD 4:2:2 IPB 200Mbps modes for Panasonic GH5

Current (at the moment of writing) highest quality compression modes supported by GH5 are 4K/C4K/4KA 4:2:2/10 IPB 150Mpbs and FHD 4:2:2/10 100Mbps. There is a plan to introduce 400Mbps ALL-I compression later in 2017. What is missing from the camera (and plans for firmware updates) is a support for a really high quality compression of 4K/C4K/4KA 4:2:2/10 IPB at 400Mbps and FHD 4:2:2/10 IPB at 200Mbps. ALL-I 400Mbps compression that is planned to be introduced this spring, requires much higher bitrate for the same image quality so this update hardly brings any image quality improvements. Only the introduction of the high-bitrate IPB modes provides the image quality required to make this camera a true jewel of videography. Such upgrade would also make the in-camera recorded VLog-L footage more gradable. This petition is aimed at proving Panasonic that the demand for such feature is high.

Serge Broslavsky
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Support Adaptive Sync(FreeSync) NOW!

Our vision: No matter what video source you're using - a GPU, console, or other device No matter what display you're using - a monitor, HDTV, Smart phone, or tablet Let them all support a single universal Adaptive Sync/FreeSync standard. No worries, no fuss, it just works! No stuttering, super low latency, buttery smooth, and royalty free. To whom it may concern, We, the undersigned, press upon you with great urgency our desire to enjoy the best gaming experience that technology currently provides. To accomplish this we suggest the following: We urge Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo to support FreeSync technology on their respective game consoles. We urge display manufacturers to support Adaptive Sync/FreeSync on monitors as well as HDTVs. For both DisplayPort and HDMI connectivity. For gaming consoles, PCs, and other devices. We urge Nvidia to support Adaptive Sync/FreeSync in addition to G-Sync as G-Sync is often cost-prohibitive for consumers and manufacturers. Reasons to support Adaptive Sync/FreeSync over other alternatives: It's cost-effective, royalty-free, free to use, and has no performance penalty. Built upon the industry-standard DisplayPort Adaptive Sync technology pioneered by VESA. FreeSync expands upon the VESA standard to also support HDMI. Helps improve power usage efficiency by reducing the refresh rate of the panel when the screen is static. Ensures that the transition between refresh rate is seamless and undetectable to the user. Can be enabled by plug and play, making it transparent to the operating system and end user. Reduces implementation complexity of the Timing Controller (TCON) and panel by keeping the GPU's pixel clock rate constant and varying blank parameters. Dynamically adapts the display refresh rate to fixed video content frame rate for a power efficient, smooth, and stutter-free video playback with anything over 30FPS, with a potential full range of 9 Hz to 240 Hz(varies by display model, see manufacturer for display-specific ranges). Dynamically adapts the display refresh rate during gaming for low latency and a smooth, virtually stutter-free gaming experience. We sincerely urge all concerned manufacturers to not delay deployment of this amazing Adaptive Sync/FreeSync technology any further!   FAQ: Q: What's the difference between FreeSync and Adaptive Sync? --- A: FreeSync is a technology developed by AMD that supports Adaptive Sync over HDMI as well as DisplayPort. DisplayPort is a VESA standard that supports Adaptive Sync, but currently it doesn't support HDMI. FreeSync supports both HDMI and DisplayPort. That's the ideal solution - one that works regardless of the type of connection. HDMI is working on a standard for Adaptive Sync technology, but until then this petition urges the support of FreeSync AND Adaptive Sync.

John Wayne
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Petitioning Maine Electric Vehicle Association, Tesla Motors, Panasonic

Make Tesla replacement battery packs available for Nissan LEAF's

Tesla is leading the way with lithium ion batteries at their new gigafactory. This petition is to encourage Tesla to create aftermarket battery packs for Nissan LEAF owners to purchase to keep these incredible cars on the road with higher power levels and longer range than the standard 24kWh packs allow. The only reason why the older Nissan LEAF's can only 80 miles per charge is energy density and programming - two things that Tesla is the world leader in. They have the ability, and this petition is to show them that there is a demand for aftermarket packs for other electric vehicle makes and models! Lets help the world by keeping all electric vehicles on the road and out of landfills! Help keep LEAF's going on into the future!

Maine Electric Vehicle Association
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Petitioning Miele Group, Beko, LG Electronics, Siemens plc, Samsung Electronics, Bosch, Panasonic, Aeg, Electrolux

Big washing machine manufacturers - develop filters capable of catching microfibers

Following 'EarthWyz' our Festival of Sustainability, we, the children of Hazlegrove Prep School in Somerset, are horrified by the damage plastic is doing to our environment and we are determined to do something about it. We call on Miele, Beko, LG, Siemens, Samsung, Bosch, Panasonic, Electrolux and AEG to develop washing machine filters capable of catching microfibers, so they stop causing catastrophic damage to marine ecosystems.

Hazlegrove Prep School
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Petitioning Panasonic

Panasonic GH4, GX8, GX80 Firmware Update - Exposure Compensation w/AUTO ISO in Manual

Auto-ISO capability is now pretty much universal, yet even in the newest Panasonic flagship cameras the Auto-ISO function is hampered by poor implementation. This prevents us (the photographers) from fully taking advantage of our cameras as tools for both professional and hobby use.  We respectively request that Panasonic implement the following firmware changes, which would further our commitment to the Panasonic brand: -Auto ISO In Manual Exposure Mode with full exposure compensation (Adjusting the ISO when exposure compensation is used in Manual mode) -Ability to set a minimum shutter speed in Aperture Priority mode (With an ability to set a range of Shutter Speeds all the way up to a minimum of 1/750 second)  -The ability to use Auto-ISO in manual mode in any Video mode with full exposure compensation.  --- Other camera manufacturers have taken note (Nikon, Fujifilm, Pentax) and have implemented these requested features. Many publications, commentators, and scores of forums threads have commented and requested these features. Here are just a few: "This issue also applies to exposure compensation. Some camera makers disable the compensation control when the aperture and shutter speed are set manually. No. This is not good." "In manual mode, the shutter speed and the aperture are measured values and should not shift from the values you set. So in Manual mode with Auto ISO, I would expect the EC dial to affect the ISO." Forum threads, and videos: Please update our cameras with these much requested features.     

Jonathan Auch
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Panasonic GH5 cropmarks

LUMIX GH5 4K Mirrorless ILC Does not have crop marks for filmmakers and videographers alike. They claim this camera is aimed at us, and without a doubt they have great features, but it's missing crop marks.

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