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Train point of sale employees to ask customers "Would you like a bag?"

I understand the problem of single use plastic bags.  I also understand that sometimes they are necessary.  This petition is advocating for the use of small, inexpensive steps to reduce their use in commerce by training point of sale employees to simply ask customers, "Would you like a bag?"  This would prompt the consumer to check other options.  I often have a reusable tote in my purse that I forget about until bagging has begun.  If the item is small, I may just want to throw it into my purse.  If I'm already carrying several shopping bags, I may just combine it into another bag.  And if none of these options are available, I can say "sure, I'd like a bag today."  If people were hearing this question at every retailer, it may create a shift in their thinking regarding bag use; it goes from "of course I'm getting a bag" to "do I really need one?" or "should I bring my own today?" It could make employees more aware of bag use and less on "autopilot" when bagging.  I sometimes find that employees are annoyed when I say I have my own because it throws off their bagging process.  If they've already bagged something, they will just take the item out of the bag and THROW THE BAG INTO THE TRASH rather than try to use it with the next customer.  I understand that once the bag is off the dispenser, it becomes more difficult to work with, so by simply asking a customer first if they need a bag, rather than assuming, they could save themselves this hassle. As leaders in the retail field, I hope you'll seriously consider this proposition.  It requires minor retraining of your employees on your part, but may ultimately lead to your company saving on plastic bags, while positioning you as a responsive leader in the area of environmental concerns.  Thank you for reading and sharing.

Angie Wegner
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End financial dealings with LDS church over Utah Medical Marijuana election interference.

The LDS church (aka The Mormon church) is once again overstepping its bounds as a religious organization in an attempt to affect the outcome of an election. This time it involves the church's opposition to the 2018 Utah Medical Marijuana Initiative. The Church has already issued direct statements opposing the initiative in its church-owned newspaper, and the church will be giving direct instructions to its members to vote against the initiative just as they promoted the anti-LGBT Proposition 8 in California. The 2018 Utah Medical Marijuana Initiative is heading to the Utah ballot after receiving over 200,000 signatures from Utah voters. The initiative's passing would allow life-changing and life-saving treatment for thousands of Utah residents with serious illnesses. If the LDS church gets its way these patients will continue to suffer and die needlessly. In yet another example of the LDS church overstepping its bounds, the church owns and operates the City Creek Center mall located across the street from the LDS temple. We call on the tenants of this mall to relocate their stores and end their business relationship with the LDS church until the LDS church promises to enact and maintain a policy of political neutrality. A list of City Creek Center tenants can be found here.

Lucas Clayton
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If these businesses want our support, they should take a strong stance against Donald Trump's bigotry by pledging to discontinue his and Ivanka Trump's products in their respective stores. By continuing to line Trump's pockets, these stores are supporting his effort to threaten the lives of marginalized people not only in the US, but worldwide. >>> Please sign this petition and make the pledge to boycott these 28 stores until they pull all Trump products off their racks: 6PM Amazon Belk Bellacor Bloomingdales Bluefly Bed Bath & Beyond Burlington Coat Factory Century 21 Dillards DSW Hudson's Bay Home Shopping Network Lord & Taylor Macy's Marshalls Neiman Marcus Nordstrom Perfumania Saks on Fifth Stein Mart TJ Maxx Wayfair Zappos   If you would like to email these companies to explain your reasoning for boycotting their stores, feel free to copy and paste this list of customer service emails into your CC box:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,   *To contact Amazon, call this number: 1-888-280-3321 and/or go to *To contact Bellacor, call this number: 1-877-723-5522 and/or go to *To contact Bloomingdales, call this number: 1-800-777-0000 and/or go to *To contact Burlington Coat Factory, call this number: 1-855-355-2875 and/or go to *To contact Century 21, call this number: 1-877-350-2121 and/or go to *To contact Dillards, call this number: 1-817-831-5482 and/or go to *To contact Macy's, call this number: 1-800-289-6229 and/or go to *To contact Marshalls and TJ Maxx, go to *To contact Nordstrom, call this number: 1-888-282-6060 (US) 1-877-794-5304 (CANADA) and/or go to *To contact Saks, call this number: 1-877-551-7257 and/or go to  

Justine Grace
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Please Retire The Chief Design From Your Romper Collection.

As a mother of two young children being raised in today's society,  I would like to formally ask Rags to Raches to retire the "Chief Romper".    We need to raise our children to respect other people's culture.  And in order to respect the Native Americans who see this object as sacred and have repeatedly requested that their sacred object not be used in the fashion industry, it should no longer be sold.   "Cultural appropriation is “A term used to describe the taking over of creative or artistic forms, themes, or practices by one cultural group from another. It is in general used to describe Western appropriations of non‐Western or non‐white forms, and carries connotations of exploitation and dominance. The concept has come into literary and visual art criticism by analogy with the acquisition of artefacts (the Elgin marbles, Benin bronzes, Lakota war shirts, etc.) by Western museums. The term emerged during the last twenty years of the 20th cent. as part of the vocabulary of the post‐colonial critique of Western expansionism” (Oxford Reference). It can also be simply defined as the act of “borrowing” or outright stealing an element from an entire culture and utilizing it for a purpose it was not originally created for (specifically those items of religious/spiritual importance). Cultural appropriation has many negative effects on cultures. Minorities have long been the victims of violence and injustice and as a result, those cultures have become rightfully sensitive to content that utilizes their culture and beliefs. In some cases the sharing of cultures is acceptable and positive however, it is the intent behind the desire to participate that is the deciding factor. When a person who is not a member of a culture decides to utilize an element of a culture without permission, it then becomes appropriation. That person is exercising their privilege over the spiritual/religious significance of a culture and desecrating the sacred item at issue. Most of these cultures have been in existence for thousands of years and the traditions within those cultures are still practiced today. The cultures which are being appropriated are not an ancient part of history, they are traditions which are honored and protected to this day. Appropriating cultures means disrespecting their struggle as a mass, and also belittling the hardships of the individuals."  From the Coachella Petition regarding the same issue.     As cultural appropriation is quite a vast topic, and is sadly impacting multiple cultures I am including some articles on the topic to encourage further research by your staff at Rags to Raches.     Problems with this romper include The type of headdress depicted is specific to men’s ceremonial dress. Reproduces stereotypes Commodifies without contributing The sale of these rompers does not benefit Indigenous people in any way even though the company who makes them capitalized on the popularity of Indigenous imagery. Shows blatant disrespect for sacred elements These headdresses play a very important role in the spiritual life of the communities from which they originate. Please see 

Amber V.
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Tell Online Shoppers Who Made Your Clothes

We’ve read your petition and thanks for sharing your feedback with us. We agree that the issues you bring up around factory conditions for workers are important. That is why all of our vendors are required to adhere to our Partnership Guidelines (here: Specific to this petition, we will, at your suggestion, look into the possibility of providing more information than we do now. It’s not an easy conversion to make, but we’re certainly open to seeing what’s possible. And as always, if any customer is interested in trying to learn more about a specific item before they purchase it online, we will do our best to get additional information for them and provide as much detail as possible. Customers are always welcome to call our Customer Service team for assistance.

5 years ago
Leave "The Kids Rack" alone

Thanks for getting in touch with us and sharing your feedback. Kids Rack came to our attention because they filed an application to trademark the name "Kids Rack." Our understanding is that the Trademark Office denied their request because we had already registered "Rack" and "The Rack". The Trademark Office thought their name would likely confuse customers. We do need to protect our trademarks in order to avoid losing them and to prevent confusion for our customers. We want to be reasonable and don't want to needlessly harm an already established business in a community we're also a part of. We have reached out to Kids Rack to let them know that we are not asking them to change their name. Again, thanks for reaching out.

5 years ago