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Nordstrom: Label Products You Sell as "Not from Dog or Cat"

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As a consumer, humane person and customer or potential customer of NORDSTROM, I sign this petition as a pledge to boycott Nordstrom products that do not clearly indicate on the labeling or packaging, including products sold online, that all materials forming the product ARE NOT SOURCED FROM DOG OR CAT, because these animals often SUFFER EXTREME CRUELTY AND ABUSE through The Dog and Cat Meat Trade.
I BOYCOTT NORDSTROM, because I have good reason to believe that many “leather” shoes/handbags/accessories and “faux-fur” products sold by Nordstrom are made - by various manufacturers who sell to Nordstrom - from dog and cat skin or fur that comes from dog-and-cat-meat-eating countries, such as China, Korea and Vietnam. As a by-product of dog and cat meat, this barbaric trade harvests animal skins and furs, often passing them off as cow leather or faux fur to manufacturers and retailers WORLDWIDE.
What’s so bad about The Dog and Cat Meat Trade? This trade employs EXTREME ANIMAL CRUELTY, often to stolen family pets. As standard practice, slaughterhouse workers use purposeful torture of dogs and cats, who are highly sentient beings, to tenderize the meat or give it mistaken medicinal qualities. Animals are typically abused and tortured in the following ways, often through repeat torture sessions:
- Bound alive, with limbs tied together and mouths taped, wired or tied shut to make the torture easy.
- Blow-torched alive. Blow-torching does not often kill the animal and blow-torch sessions can take place over several hours or even days, leaving the animal suffering accumulated burns.
- Boiled alive. In a metal pot or cauldron, it can take up to 30 minutes for the animal to die through boiling. Sometimes animals are boiled, kept alive, beaten, still alive and then boiled again.
- Burned alive. In fire pits and open ovens, live animals are speared, held by instruments, such as metal prongs and sticks, and jammed into open fire, where they may take 30 minutes or longer to die.
- Stabbing and sensory organ/genital mutilation. Animals are repeatedly stabbed and cut, such as eyes gouged out or genitals cut to cause extreme suffering.
Therefore, I, the consumer vow to BOYCOTT NORDSTROM “leather” shoes/handbags/accessories and “faux-fur” products unless these products are clearly labelled as “NOT FROM DOG OR CAT”. Once Nordstrom is able to verify the source of all such materials through a rigorous and legal process/protocol – making that data available on the Nordstrom website and kept up-to-date, and in turn label products accordingly – both in-store and on the Nordstrom website, I PROMISE TO BOYCOTT NORDSTROM “LEATHER” SHOES/HANDBAGS/ACCESSORIES AND “FAUX-FUR” PRODUCTS.  

Written by Jenny Wilkins of Stop the Dog & Cat Meat Trade Worldwide

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