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Remove the penalty that prevents people with disabilities from marrying!

When we think of marriage equality, we think about the ongoing fight LGBT couples face, but another minority group must deal with the stark reality that they are better off living in long-term committed relationships, without marriage. Like LGBT couples, these couples are denied the right to over 1,100 rights afforded to married couples. They have been denied access into their loved ones hospital rooms, faced family disputes over wills and have been denied spousal benefits from their partners workplace or the government in the event of their partners death. These are people with disabilities. Many people rely on the government for medical and financial assistance. Without medical insurance they would have no way to live independently. They would be forced into nursing homes (some already are), which would cost the government significantly more than getting Medicare and/or Medicaid does. At the same time, this assistance comes with a price. The government expects married couples to share income and that affects any assistance the couple receives. For many, their spouse makes too much (even if they make meager SSDI payments). This cuts into the healthcare services these couples receive. For some, their able-bodied partners make too much to allow them to qualify for medical assistance, if married, but not enough to pay out of pocket for costly medical equipment, medicine, or any other needs the disabled partner has. Add in the fact that even when a person with a disability can work, the opportunity for quality medical insurance is hard to find, due to their pre-existing condition and you will understand why many couples with disabilities are forced to live in domestic partnerships. Also, if two people with disabilities marry and they are on SSI or SSDI, their payments are CUT significantly, making it hard for them to maintain independence and afford their own food, shelter, clothing or other necessities. The time to stand up is now!! Let your Senators and Representatives know you want to remove the income caps placed on individuals with disabilities, so they can keep the government assistance and still be able to get married. Every loving couple deserves the right to marry. No one should have to choose between their wheelchair and their love, their therapy and their love, their medication and their love, their ability to eat or have a roof over their head and their love!! Those are not choices!! Help make it possible for those with disabilities to share their love without being penalized!Join our fight for marriage equality for people with disabilities:

Dominick Evans
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Require Amazon to Collect and Remit Sales Tax For All FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) Sales

Please require Amazon to collect and remit sales tax for all FBA (fulfilled by Amazon) purchases. Requiring the hundreds of thousands of small businesses to register in every state and collect and remit in all applicable states is not practical -- it is a complex, heavy financial burden on small businesses and it is causing states to lose billions of dollars in tax revenue each year. With E-commerce now playing such a big role in the local economies, and with Amazon being THE major player, it is time for new legislation to be passed so that these matters can be properly addressed, removing any doubt regarding State sales tax liability and nexus -- especially as it relates to Amazon FBA and similar programs. If Amazon FBA was recognized as consignment, from a sales tax perspective, as it should be, then this would solve a lot of the associated issues that we are currently seeing. Laws vary from state-to-state, but most states require that the consignee (the store, or, Amazon in this case) should collect and remit sales tax. Arguments regarding consignment, who the seller really is and who the 'supplier' is: 1. FBA 'Suppliers' (as they should be called, and not FBA 'sellers') do not choose how/where their products are stored/shipped. 2. Commission is paid to Amazon on each unit sold. 3. FBA 'suppliers' must adhere to Amazon policy. Suppliers do not have the right to refuse sale/shipment without consequence and do not collect any money on transactions (all transactions are handled and controlled by Amazon, the store owner, with the supplier having no participation in said transactions). 4. FBA 'suppliers' have no real relationship with the customer as nearly all communication is prohibited as per Amazon (this relationship is owned and controlled by Amazon, the real seller). 5. Amazon provides advertising for products that they sell, including FBA products. Suppliers have no say in that message or how it's presented. 6. Amazon charges a 'monthly, rental fee' (FBA subscription fee) to display FBA products at their property, as well as additional fees for special exposure (e.g. special ad types or brand page vs. window or end-cap at front of store), as well as additional fees for how the product may be presented (e.g. videos on listing vs. in-store display). 7. Product ownership does not transfer to Amazon (the store owner), but sits on Amazon's shelves until a buyer is which point, the buyer should pay the appropriate sales tax (Amazon/the store owner, is responsible for collecting and remitting this, as they handle all transactions with the end-buyer and own the property where all merchandise is stored and sold). 8. et al. Amazon should be charging and then remitting the sales tax to all applicable states -- not the FBA seller. Not only would this eliminate any argument about complexity or what constitutes nexus amid the varying, questionable and ever-changing interpretations that each state has established, but convincing the States to get behind it should be easy if they only had to pursue one entity (Amazon), in lieu of the hundreds of thousands of small businesses that currently operate within the US marketplace. It is estimated that the majority of the FBA sellers that sell on the Amazon-US marketplace are operating on foreign soil, and do not have a legal entity that is locally established inside of the United States. How are the states going to force compliance if a foreign seller, using a foreign bank account, is operating outside of the jurisdiction of local law? This poses serious problems and creates an environment of unfair competition if foreign sellers can offer products 10% cheaper due to not having to collect and remit sales tax. If Amazon were required to collect and remit on all FBA sales, not only would this reduce costs, man hours and complexity etc., but it would be a lot easier to ensure compliance and remittance. States could get the tax dollars that they desperately need, instead of missing out as they do now. If things continue as they are, States will waste tons of money auditing individual sellers and pursuing legal action, all, unnecessarily. Since Amazon has decided to take full custody of its customer base and is essentially acting as consignment, this should put sales tax liability on Amazon's shoulders, not on FBA sellers. Since FBA sellers are currently required to collect and remit for all states where they are deemed to have a substantial nexus, then, in order to do that, they must first register their business in that State, apply for permits etc., and admit to having a substantial nexus. Just having a single box of inventory in one of Amazon's warehouses will be sufficient for establishing nexus for most applicable states. Amazon may move inventory around, however they see fit, and in doing so, will force FBA sellers to have nexus in those states, oftentimes, unknowingly. Once nexus is established for a particular state, it applies to ALL subsequent sales to that State -- so, if a seller wants to sell something on Ebay, and the buyer is located in the nexus state, then that seller would need to collect and remit sales tax, even if that inventory was stored in and shipped from their home. If FBA sellers are required to register in all of the applicable states and admit that they have a substantial nexus, they would then potentially be subject to Corporate/State income taxes for that state, use-tax for all products/services, franchise taxes, non-resident taxes, opportunity taxes and other, associated fees/taxes etc.. If non-local businesses have to admit that they have substantial nexus due to a single box of inventory, and if they have to remit in the same way (or worse) as a local business that is actually operating out of that state, then what other tax implications and responsibilities will they be subjecting themselves to? And wouldn't this put undue burden on FBA sellers? And isn't that illegal? Please require Amazon to collect and remit sales tax for all FBA (fulfilled by Amazon) purchases. Thank you.

American Citizen
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Stop The Statute of Limitations (SOL) on Sex Crimes - Sexual Assault, Pedophilia, Rape

Lesley Barton’s WWII hero father once said to her, “You should never take advantage of someone that is weak or vulnerable just because you can." Little did he know how much his simple words would one day mean to his beloved daughter as the 1st survivor of 10 (4 in SOL 6 outside of it) known victims to report a 15 yr active and violent serial rapist who continuously got off with slaps on the wrist. The time is NOW to Stop The Statute of Limitations on Sex Crimes for children and adults. Please click the link below to learn more about her and her sisters’ fight against sadistic and emboldened rapist Marc Winner and to really understand the gravity of predators like him who are able to use the statute of limitations against their victims to their advantage.’s story... Over 16 years, she’d hoped and prayed this day would actually never come, because although she knew he couldn’t stop-it was her greatest wish that he would, so no one else would be violently raped by him again. Painfully, that was not the case with 4 in the Statute of Limitations and 10 known total in a 15 year period. The continuous promises made to her when they wanted her to be okay with the plea deal, were not kept. Woman after woman reported him only to be disbelieved and disregarded, because of archaic belief systems even within the justice system and Chicagoland Cook County City and Suburbs being on different computer systems. How senseless is that? This has not been an easy road for her and her sisters. It’s actually been harder than any victim survivor could ever be able to explain. Our msister and brother survivors understand why sexual assault is the most under reported crime, because coming forward in order to protect others from a monster has no upsides due to the revictimization of stigma, harassment, a pretty inept and broken system, and those who want to make rape of all things about politics or shaming and blaming the survivor rather than stopping the perp. It’s been a long 16+ years for Lesley Barton who was the first to report Marc Winner for criminal sexual assault. Even after she came to terms with the unthinkable by finding some joy again she was really thrown for a loop that invasion day almost two years ago now when she found out he was back or actually never left. For he remained active and her reporting him, going to all their trial dates, and his slap on the wrist plea deal didn’t keep him from continuing his proclivity to do irreparable and permanent harm. Lesley no lomger feels any of the unfounded shame or blame any longer. She could really careless what the ignorant callous bullies towards survivors of rape think or say either. She does however feel an immense responsibility to her sisters who survived him, all sister and brother survivors, and the community at large to see this through to the end-to finish this-and to help convict him anyway they lawfully can so he never hurts another living soul again. Many confusingly mock and attack survivor activists who put it all on the line to stop criminals by using the term social justice warrior as a negative connotation on the internet and elsewhere. However, what they don’t seem to understand is that this is NOT a political issue and a violent despicable crime such as rape can never be referred to as “social.” It’s a matter of stopping a violent criminal from seriously hurting others in a way that the survivors receive a life sentence. Rape is actually a CRIMINAL JUSTICE issue-always has been, always will be. As a Criminal Justice issue, one way to end the emboldening of predators like Marc Winner, Brock Turner, Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein, James Toback, Kevin Spacey, Brett Ratner, Louis CK, USA Gymnasts Dr. Larry Nassar, Thad Alton, and Denny Hastert (to name only a small few) is to Stop the Statute of Limitations Clock. Predators know very well that they have a time clock they can easily run out during the often decades of time it takes a victim to come forward and be a survivor. The time is NOW to #StopTheStatute of Limitations on Sex Crimes in every state for children and adults, once and for all. There are no statutes in different states on Forgery, types of Fraud, Murder, Manslaughter, Attempted Murder, Arson, types of DUI accidents, and even in a few on Rape, but a few isn’t good enough-Rape is a life sentence, so should be the time period it takes to report it (which remember does not mean the lack of burden of proof) in order to help deter. The system needs to give survivors the time they need to come to terms with the heinous violation to their body and spirit in order to get closure and justice-How can’t everyone have some common sense, reasonably understand, and get behind that? #metoo#Ibelieveyou#stopthestatute

Lesley Barton
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Petitioning Steve Bullock

Oppose the confirmation of Pat Williams

We are the families, friends and supporters of The University of Montana, and the Montana Grizzlies Football team. We are petitioning you to oppose the confirmation of former Governor Brian Schweitzer’s appointment of Mr. Pat Williams to the Board of Regents. We are seeking his removal for statements that were not merely irresponsible, but directly and intentionally damaging to the student athletes and those associated with The University of Montana. Mr. Williams is appointed, and compensated, for his expenses to serve the citizens of our state and the higher education system. The recent public statements impugning the football players and the University not only breaches his duty to responsibly and objectively support the entire higher education system, but worse, it creates yet another highly public and local example of hate speech, social division and inflamed rhetoric. Mr. Williams is an experienced public official who was appointed to serve the citizens of Montana, our University system, and all students, some of whom are athletes. He has breached this responsibility by publicly, and in his capacity as a member of the Board of Regents, labeling our football players as “thugs.” This statement was made with the clear objective to paint a very bad picture of our athletes and the overall integrity of the athletic department at Montana. These young men have dedicated the better part of their lives to achieve this level of collegiate athletics, resulting in nationally recognized academic and athletic excellence. What would you suggest we tell these young men now? That it is acceptable to issue such reckless statements? Does our Governor and Legislature condone such actions? Stating that the football coaches and the University administration are incompetent and irresponsible in their recruiting practices is untrue and damaging to all students and the citizens of our State. These comments are likely to negatively impact the national standing of The University of Montana by hindering fundraising, the ability to attract quality students and teachers, and by tainting our graduates for years to come. Mr. Williams’s statements are now national news. Your decisive action to terminate the appointment of Mr. Williams will also be national news. We encourage you to send a clear message that Montana holds its public officials accountable, that it values its promises to citizens, and that it values the state’s academic institutions, students and student athletes. Your failure to take actions clearly within your power will be correctly viewed as tacit endorsement of Mr. Williams’ statements. The supporters of this request include the individuals listed in the pages that follow and the additional names we will be sending you from our online petition available at

Brint Wahlberg
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Replace the Electoral College with a National Popular Vote

It is fundamental to democracy: the candidate with the most votes wins. Yet twice since 2000, the candidate with the most votes for President has lost. The good news is that we can make 2016 the last election in which the popular vote loser wins the presidency – and we can do it without amending the Constitution.   We can replace the Electoral College with a national popular vote through the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. Under the Compact, states agree to cast their electoral votes for the national popular vote winner - instead of the winner of their state. Once states with a total of 270 electoral votes approve, the Compact becomes effective. Through the National Popular Vote Compact, the United States can elect a President by popular vote as early as 2020. This is not a pipe dream – states with a combined 165 electoral votes have already enacted it. But in order for the Compact to take effect, and a truly national election to take place, additional states with a combined 105 electoral votes must sign on.   If you live in one of the 40 states that have not yet joined, tell your state legislators and governor that you support the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. 

One Nation One Vote
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A state-based, Constitutional Amendment to Require POTUS Candidates Release their Taxes.

Amendments to the US Constitution can be proposed by two-thirds of state legislatures. This petition urges state legislatures of all 50 states to immediately take up the task of introducing an amendment to the Constitutional that requires: All candidates running for office of the President MUST release their entire tax history including FULL, long form tax returns to be eligible to run for President of the United States of America. Failure to release said documents will prohibitively disqualify a candidate from running for office of The President of the United States of America. This requirement will hold the same weight and importance as "natural born" status. It's vitally important that the President and their finances are free of foreign influence. The practice of releasing tax returns has been a political norm for more than 50 years. It's time now to make it LAW. If state legislatures lead, the national leaders will follow.  This petition will be delivered to legislatures in all 50 states.

Keith Hamm
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End Water Fluoridation-Save Lives 70% of American tap water is Fluoridated

   Fluoride is a neurotoxin.  70% Of American's Water is Fluoridated which causes cancer, depression and many other illnesses.This one is about Fluoridation causing bone cancer and kidney disease- points of fluoridation: below)- Perspectives on Water FluoridationFeaturing a Nobel Laureate in Medicine, three scientists from the National Research Council's landmark review on fluoride, as well as dentists, medical doctors, and leading researchers in the field," 70% of americans consume it everyday scientific journal article And,  even those who use public water that is NOT fluoridated are still affected. Drinking sodas, bottled waters or any other water based drink OR FOOD manufactured in America, has even MORE than a 70% chance of containing Fluoride. Even if one doesn't believe Fluoride is harmful just think about the fact alone that Fluoride is considered a chemical that the CDS claims is good for your teeth...making it a MEDICINE. it is illegal for a doctor to force their patient into taking their why is Fluoride in our water without a majority approval?...or even an approval at all? WE MUST STOP THE POISIONING OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE

Crystal Cuddeback
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Montana Promise Act: Because all Montanans deserve education beyond high school

The Montana Promise Act will help alleviate the cost of tuition and fees at our community colleges, tribal colleges, and 2-year institutions in the Montana University System. Are 2-year college degrees really that expensive? Yes. Costs of living continually rise, especially for housing. Typical living costs for a full-time student is roughly $12,000 on the low end, and over $17,000 in the middle. This means that a lot of high school graduates are wondering whether a college education is really worth the decades of student loan payments that will follow. After crunching the numbers, a higher paying job that requires a college degree doesn’t make much financial sense when student loan payments will end up taking half of a take-home paycheck. The problems of student loan debt cannot be overstated. Americans owe nearly 1.3 trillion in student loan debt. This means that millennials are not buying homes or cars or making other discretionary purchases in our local economies. This is also why nearly 40% of young Americans live with their parents or other family members---which is a 75-year high. We cannot allow student loan debt to continue to cripple our economies, and we should not allow the federal government to keep profiting off of hardworking Montanans who have to rely on student loans to fund their education. Under the Promise Act qualifying students with documented financial need and good grades would be eligible to receive the greater of tuition after aid and waivers or $75 per credit. The Promise Act, HB 185 was approved in the Montana House of Representatives with bipartisan support, and must now be considered by the Senate before going to Governor Bullock's desk. Please let them know how important this bill is for Montana and it's economy. Read the bill here:

Ryan Rusche
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Support Bernie Sanders as the Democratic nominee

Wikileaks' most recent hack has revealed what many have suspected or alleged since February - that the primary was rigged. The Democratic party is no longer on the side of voters. It has allowed the DNC to operate with clear bias in violation of its own charter, launder money, play favorites, skew funding, and throw the weight of its support behind Hillary Clinton. Democracy has been undermined at every possible opportunity.  Clinton does not represent what voters want, and now we have proof. Bernie Sanders deserves a second chance to make a stand at the DNC. We don't want the lesser evil; we want a future to believe in.  Do not tolerate corruption. Do not stand for policies that manipulate and work against voters. Make your voice heard by signing this petition to show support for Sanders as the Democratic nominee.  Spread the message on Twitter to @POTUS, @SenSanders, @HillaryClinton and the DNC - we do not and will not stand for this corruption, and we demand that we be heard. 

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Release suppressed cancer technologies

  My aunt was pregnant with her two twins,  when she found out her breast cancer was no longer in remission.  Shortly after family, friends, and herself realized that there was a huge possibility her diagnosis was probably terminal.  My aunt had made such a huge impact on my life, and the life of so many others! I decided to take this on as a mission to find a cure! I spent countless hours reading books, researching on the Internet, and talking to people by phone and email. The results I found where astonishing!  They wasn't just a cure for cancer, they were many cures for cancer!  I read about supplements, foods, herbs, spirituality, ancient teachings,  and so much more! All of which each had their own cure for cancer! Yet the strangest thing was that the most astonishing cures were the technologies that the government has had for many years!  These technologies don't just care cancer, they can cure almost everything!  Why you ask? Why would the government keep these technologies from us?  Thats simple!  Pharmaceutical industries don't make money when people are well!   There is way more than that, but that's the simple answer! Before you call me crazy, do some research of your own!  Better yet listen to the part in Donald Trump's inauguration speech, where he talks about releasing technologies to cure diseases!  If anything, even if you don't believe me, what's the harm in signing a petition! What if I am right… And your signature on this  petition save someone's life!  My aunt didn't make it.  She left two twin toddlers ( a boy and a girl), a husband who  lives with missing his wife every day, and countless family and friends! We all say we want a new world, healthy living, abundance, and peace!  We can't expect others to do the work for us! We are the ones we have been waiting for! 

Caitlin Connor
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