Say No to Water Bottling Plants in Flathead Valley, MT! Stop Montana Artesian Water Co!

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Say No to Water Bottling Plants in Flathead Valley, MT! Stop Montana Artesian Water Co!

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Erica Neils started this petition to Montana Department of Environmental Quality and

The Flathead River, lake, and its surrounding sloughs are an incredible source of beauty.  These waters are home to countless wildlife and fish. It is a place of retreat, not only for them but for nature lovers who come to relax and enjoy the beauty of this place. Several threatened and endangered species live, and come through this area including whooping cranes, and grizzly bear. Eagles, osprey and owls and other birds soar here. Swans, heron, and countless ducks, otters and fish splash in the waters. Deer, bear, fox and other mammals gain nourishment from the slough and surrounding land. 

Montanan Artisan Water Co. wants to destroy this area by starting a water bottling plant on Eagan Slough near Creston, MT. They must be stopped.  The environmental effects of bottling are devastating. It's a wasteful practice that requires 3 liters to make 1 bottle of water. The practice creates greenhouse gas emissions, and contributes to huge plastic waste.  Geothermal heating water would be discharged about 1,300 feet from the river, a maximum of 33,358 gallons per day under the proposed permit. Wastewater treated after rinsing the bottles and equipment would account for another 2,640 gallons per day. Air quality is also a factor, the roads surrounding the area are dirt roads, the increased traffic will create huge amounts of dust and air pollution. 

Farmers and locals residents depend on these waters. Many get their water from wells which draw from this aquifer. The Weavers of Montana Artisan Water Co. want to take 231.5 million gallons of water per year from this area. This loss of water will cause water levels to drop decreasing water pressure for many homes. This depletion will result in many families needing to replace their water pumps which is a costly process. Many of these families have lived there for generations.  My family and friends live here, I lived here for years.

No other place on the planet holds my heart the way this specific spot on the flathead does. My stepfather and Mother had a house on Egan for over 30 years.  My Stepdads ashes are now scattered along it's banks. My Aunt and Uncle still reside here.

Stop the Montana Artisan Water Co. Save Egan Sough. Save the Flathead. 

It has now been brought to my attention that there are other people also seeking to tap this aquifer and start water bottling plants. This cannot be allowed anywhere in the Flathead. It is detrimental to the environment. 

Contact the Montana Governor, and Senate, and the Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation. 

Please Check out Water for Flatheads Future for more information.

Thank you for reading, signing and sharing!


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About the Author of this Petition: 

In case you were curious why someone listed from Tujunga, CA started this petition. I am a 3rd generation Montanan. I was born in Kalispell, as was my Father. My Grandfather Ken Neils was born in Libby, and my Grandmother Dorothy Neils (Campbell) was born in well, Salem, OR... they were on a trip.. but they lived in Cat Creek, MT. Both of my Grandparents have lived in Montana the majority of their lives. My Mother was native to Oregon, but moved to Montana when she married my Father and has lived in Kalispell ever since. After their divorce, my Father moved me to Seattle, WA. I made frequent visits to Montana to visit family and it remains my "home". After my stepdad passed in 2013 (He had lived in Montana since the 60's I think) I moved back to Montana to be with my Mom. I lived on Egan slough. As I mentioned in my petition this is one of my favorite spots on the planet, and I'm quite well traveled.  I moved to California in June of 2015, but I am still a Montanan at heart and Kalispell/Creston is my home. This issue/petition is very personal to me. 

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This petition had 20,841 supporters