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Melanie Leonhard (SPD)

  • Sozialsenatorin der Stadt Hamburg

Senatorin der Behörde für Arbeit, Soziales, Familie und Integration der Freien und Hansestadt Hamburg.

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Petitioning Landesregierung, Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge, Cem Özdemir (Bündnis 90/Die Grünen), Dietmar Bartsch (Die LINKE), Katrin Göring-Eckardt (Bündnis 90/Die Grünen), Melanie Leonhard (SPD), Di...

Einfach abgeschoben - unsere Mitschüler sollen zurück nach Deutschland!

Unsere Mitschüler Kristina und Anxhelos wurden gestern, 17.10.2017, abgeschoben! Ohne weitere Vorwarnung, ohne die Möglichkeit sich zu verabschieden, wurden sie aus unserem Leben gerissen. Jetzt stehen wir, die Schüler_innen und Lehrer_innen der Windrather Talschule auf, um diese Untat nicht ungesehen zu lassen. Wir stehen auf gegen die Unwürde, mit der unschuldige Menschen wie Vieh behandelt und aus ihren hart erarbeiteten Lebenszusammenhängen gerissen werden. Wir stehen auf für Kristina, Anxhelos und alle anderen, deren neue Leben wieder zerrissen werden. Ohne Abschied, ohne Hoffnung. WIR sammeln Unterschriften! Macht mit! Wir hoffen, die Menschen, die Politik, aufzurütteln und einen Weg zu bahnen, um Kristina und Anxhelos ihr Leben hier in Deutschland weiterleben zu lassen. Die zwei sind vor zwei Jahren mit ihren Eltern nach Deutschland geflüchtet und haben sich über alle Maßen viel Mühe gegeben, ein Leben in Deutschland aufzubauen. Ihre Mitschüler sehen sie als Teil der Gruppe und sind tief getroffen von der Vorstellung, sie nie wieder zu sehen, noch nicht mal die Möglichkeit des Abschiednehmens gehabt zu haben.  Wir alle sind empört, dass in einem modernen, weltoffenen Deutschland Menschen im Dunkeln aus dem Bett geklingelt, wie Gefangene abgeführt und ohne ein weiteres Wort abtransportiert werden. Das geht gegen jedes Menschenrecht. WIR wollen, dass Kristina und Anxhelos in Frieden aufwachsen können. WIR wollen, dass sie in Ruhe die Schule beenden können. WIR wollen sie wieder als Teil unserer Gemeinschaft sehen. WIR vermissen sie. WIR wollen, dass sie wieder nach Deutschland dürfen! Wollt ihr das auch? Dann unterschreibt unsere Petition! Wir haben bereits viele Unterschriften auf Papier gesammelt und eine Mahnwache gehalten, die von der regionalen Presse unterstützt wurde, doch das reicht uns nicht. Wir möchten, dass Deutschland weiß, wie mit dem Leben von Kindern gespielt wird! 

Hestia van Roest
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Petitioning John Kerry (United States Secretary of State), Sergio Mattarella (Presidente Della Repubblica Italiana), Heiko Maas, SPD (Justizminister der Bundesrepublik Deutschland), United Nations Security Cou...

We urge the international community to save the Kurdistan Region

Greetings of peace and freedom :The Kurdish people are now going through a very dangerous situationThe return of the Kurdish city of Kirkuk and the recognition of the referendum in the Kurdistan Region in Iraq will be a factor for stability and the achievement of equality.This is the fact that the international community and the civilized world should recognize and act in order to affirm the call of duty and the moral obligation to conscience and conscience As a result it will be respect for his 70 million kurds are looking forward to the independence of Kurdistan, where it was the biggest setback for the Kurdish people, which appeals to the international community to do its duty otherwise the course will be different brutal provocations of the Shiite popular mobilization forces sectarian will make the people of the region enter the taboo.In the recent period, it is clear that there is an appeal for alliances between the political Islam corridors in all its Shiite and Sunni dimensions, threatening speeches emanating from Ottoman Turkey, the occupation of Kirkuk City by Iran and its expansion in Kurdish cities, and Itturns out agreements secretly of the Arab lobby ( 22 Country ) With regard to Kurdistan.The Liberal Kurdish people have always been besieged  in the Middle East and occupied by four of the most oppressive dictatorships in the world and societies with racist sectarian ideologies that Which includes, disseminates and supports terrorism in all forms and names.Which often put a red line on them by the international community, these terrorists move smoothly to another name and another form, but with the same brutality, after the end of its sectarian and religious terrorism project, now the Iraqi government After end of its sectarian and  Religious terrorism project it did moved to its second project, which is racist terrorism and totalitarianism, and now seem the introduction of Iraq into a conflict based on ethnic cleansing Through murder, displacement and incitement , and it is not absent that the Kurds have reached a state of chokingand have always been liberal tendency to abandon the Islamic bottom and this is hated by advocatesof repressive religions Which has now led to resulted in the emergence of global terrorism, and the ongoing sectarian and racial wars Because of regional conflicts of Muslim peoples , Now the Kurdish people in Iraq and Syria are now paying the price of these conflicts Atthe expense of the blood of their youth.The explosion of the current situation , which is not only a threat to peace and stability in the region, but also threatens peace and international security in full.The Kurdish people have the right to self-determination and to build their independent state, which was and is still possible to be a key factor for peace, security and stability, and to confront the forces of terrorism.The denial of the legitimate right of the people of Kurdistan to self-determination and to live in dignity on the soil of its fragmented homeland can only be And to be a major reason among the reasons to destabilize security, stability and peace in the region and if the countries that share the Kurdistan failed over a century to eliminate the Kurdish people and his aspirations fair and legitimate despite all the inhumane methods that were used against him and against his freedom, We call on the civilized world and international security to save and support Kurdistan Region in Iraq and help them to achieve their freedom and to preserve their national security inflamed and their right to self-determination and to recognize the people's referendum.Kurdistan will be the first step correct in addressing the problems of Iraq and to ensure peace and stability with him, especially as the Kurdish people currently represents the front line of the liberal world in the face of international terrorism and represents the only oasis of national coexistence and Religious in the desert conflicts, where the Kurdistan Region has always been a home for coexistence and cultural and religious pluralism, it will certainly contribute to the support of stability and peace and balanced relations with neighboring countries.The time has come for the world to benefit from the Kurdistan element and to invest it in favor of International peace and security and stability with Iraq and with other neighbors and put an end to wars and regional conflicts directly or by proxy and everyone knows what constitutes the recognition of the legitimate human rights of the people of Kurdistan of Iraq from the application of the right and justice and The principles of the United Nations and human rights.Now Kurdistan is suffering from a suffocating siege And the occupation of its citiesWe appeal to you to intervene and stop the attack on our people And the return of the usurped citiesAnd supporting the Peshmerga, who are fighting sectarian terrorismWe call on free countries to take a stand, like Germany and Israel, and we will remain gratefulWe never wanted to become barbaric as our enemiesHumanity misses you  

Hassan Badran nahmo
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Petitioning Angela Merkel (CDU), Frank Henkel (CDU), Eva Kühne-Hörmann (CDU), Martin Schulz (SPD), Heiko Maas, SPD, Dieter Reiter (SPD), Melanie Leonhard (SPD), Horst Seehofer, Christian Schmidt, CSU, Joachim ...

It's difficult for Yazidi people to live with radical Islam, they force us to Islam.

Hello dear sir and ma'am,  Here I would like to thank all German government and all German people who helped the refugees generally and Yazidi people specially . Here I would like to beg you and ask you to stop the refusal against the Yazidi people.  Actually our homeland is not secured and its difficult to live there specially our city (Shingal) .  As all you know the ISIS attacked us in Sinjar in 3th of August 2014 and killed thousands of my Yazidi people because we are Yazidi and they forced the Yazidi people to convert to Islam . The ISIS kidnapped more than 6000 thousands women and children. And they used the women as slaves for sex and they were training the children to killing their families.   I and my family we stayed in the mountain 15 days without food And water and we were eating the grass and  tree leaves and we were  drinking the remaining water in the mountain cracks which even animal can't drink . And some families stayed in the mountains few months with this bad situation . And if you say ISIS is get out from Iraq and the Iraqi government declared that they controlled all Iraq from ISIS then I want to tell you that there is tens of Islamic parties and groups that worst than ISIS . And our problem not only with ISIS, Our problem with all Islamic parties and groups around us . Thousand years they killing Yazidi and Jewish and Christian people and converting us to Islam and not only since 2014 and we can not to live with those Islamic groups  any more . Please we need urgent help from all European government and European people . And I would like to let you know the Yazidi people are very peaceful and we can be integrated with people very fast . Since the last month and all Yazidi people are worried about some news that say the German government will deport the Yazidi people to there land.  I would like to let you know thousands of Yazidi people they don't have a home or shelter to go back to their country and we are homeless . And I'm one of them, I and my family we should sleep in the street and there is no food and we will be homeless . I would like to let you know some fake responsibles men and some religious groups of Yazidi people which pushed from some political parties from Iraq they coming to European countries and asking to let the Yazidi people get back to Iraq and deport them to iraq , here I would like to tell you those responsible men and religious groups are Not representing us at all . And they only working and slaving for their political parties and not for Yazidi people . Actually there are too much to let you know and I'm not sure if this is enough to say or not . And I'm appreciate that what you did and what you doing and what that you will do in future . Thank you. 

Hameed Khalaf
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