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Prof. Dr. Mehmet Emin Birpınar

  • T.C. Çevre, Şehircilik ve İklim Değişikliği Bakan Yardımcısı | T.C İklim Değişikliği Başmüzakerecisi
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Prof. Dr. Mehmet Emin Birpınar is a prominent figure in the field of environmental engineering in Turkey, holding the title of Deputy Minister at the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. He is also known for his impressive academic career, where he serves as a faculty member at Istanbul Technical University. His areas of expertise include water management, waste treatment, and environmental impact assessment. Prof. Dr. Birpınar has been recognized for his efforts in environmental conservation, and his work is marked by a clear dedication to reducing harm to the environment and promoting sustainable practices. In addition, he has authored numerous articles and books on these subjects, cementing his status as a leading voice in environmental science.

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