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Petitioning Mark Speakman, The Honourable David Elliott, NSW Corrections Minister


LAUREN WAS ONLY 4 YEARS OLD when Neville Towner, then aged 23, tortured, raped and drowned her in the Nepean River at Emu Plains, NSW. He was sentenced to life in prison for this brutal, unforgivable crime, but the State Parole Authority has given notice that they intend to release him - his parole hearing on June 13th 2017 was adjourned to September 12th 2017 and then adjourned again until January 16th 2018 and now it has been adjourned until March 6th 2018! He is only 51! The State Parole Authority postponed Towner’s application for parole in March, raising concerns he had not done any transition programs, but ­appears to have changed its position after Towner did one escorted day-release. Howard Brown, who will make a formal submission to the hearing on behalf of the Hicksons, said Towner is not suitable for release. A message from Lauren's cousin, Robert Miell: "This is my cousin LAUREN HICKSON she was raped bashed and murdered when she was 4 years old by Neville Raymond Towner. Please sign the petition against the release of her killer next month. It might only be a signature but it might be that 1 signature that makes the difference. Please share this post with all your friends and family i want this going australia wide please and thankyou for everyones support." Lauren’s mother Jurina, is devastated: “I’ll never forgive him while I’ve still got breath in my body. The murder was so horrific. He sexually assaulted and tortured her. I just can’t understand why a prisoner of his calibre is going to get a get-out-of-jail-free card.” The then lead investigator of the case, Steve Ticehurst, has this to say: “It is my opinion and my opinion only that if a person takes a life, then they do not deserve to be released. Lauren has been robbed of having a life, a family, children. Why should anyone who takes that away from someone be given their freedom. But I just don’t see the system changing… how many more lives will it take?” Corrective Services Commissioner Peter Severin has decided to join Lauren’s family in opposing Towner’s release at the hearing next month. WILL YOU JOIN THEM IN BEING A VOICE FOR LAUREN?  

Walking Warriors Australia
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Petitioning Mark Speakman

I was drugged & sexually abused by a convicted paedophile - don’t free monster on parole

I’ve stayed silent until now. I needed to rebuild my life. But I can’t sit back and let the monster who drugged and sexually assaulted me as a child be released on parole before completing his jail sentence, in a few short weeks. I was only 6 when a stranger gave me a bottle of Coca-Cola at my friends house. He was supposed to be our babysitter, it was supposed to be a fun filled weekend.  It turned out to be anything but, the next couple of days were a horrific nightmare, the whole time Guider had us he made sure we were drugged up enough to not put up a fight. Once drugged he would sexually assault us and photograph his disgusting actions. I was the last of Michael Guider’s 11 victims before he was thrown into jail - guilty of a disgusting 75 child sex crimes and the high profile death of Bondi schoolgirl Samantha Knight. I can’t bear the thought of another child's innocence taken away by this notorious paedophile killer. He’s still got two years of his 17 year sentence left - but he’ll be released on parole at the end of this month unless we fight back. I am fighting on behalf of all Michael Guider’s victims. I am petitioning the NSW Attorney General and the Parole Authority to urgently stop this man from being released until his sentence is complete. Guider’s shown no remorse for his victims - some of them are now dead, but I’m still here, and I am ready to fight.

Chantelle _
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Petitioning NSW State Parole Authority, Corrective Services NSW, Attorney-General Mark Speakman, Mark Speakman, Premier Gladys Berejiklian

Keep Simon Monteiro, the man who attacked us, behind bars

Simon Monteiro, a man described in court as a dangerous and vindictive rapist, has provisionally been granted parole. We, as victims of Simon's and advocates of rape victims, are urgently petitioning in the interests of the safety of women everywhere. The parole system needs to be reformed. Dangerous offenders should not be released. Simon is serving a 12-year sentence for the violent rape of his girlfriend. He has previously been jailed for stalking and intimidating another partner, and for assault occasioning actual bodily harm and destroying property of another partner. He has been acquitted of other sexual and violent offences against women. He is in jail for raping his then-partner while holding a pair of scissors because she wanted to leave him. He smashed a pair of glasses on her face, pulled a clump of her hair out, threatened her with iron bars and told her he would "gut her dad like a fish" if she ever went to the police. In custody, prison staff and psychologists have described him as being "belligerent, agitated, self entitled, abusive", demanding and refusing to accept responsibility for his actions. On August 17, the State Parole Authority signalled an intention to grant him parole. The final decision will be made after a public hearing on October 6. We are calling for a reform of the parole system to ensure that offenders who are not truly reformed and continue to pose a risk to the community are not released, even if their sentence is up. We call for the safety of victims and future victims to be paramount. We implore the State Parole Authority, the NSW Attorney-General Mark Speakman, the NSW Corrective Services Minister David Elliott and the NSW Commissioner Peter Severin to ensure Simon is not released. He is manipulative, vindictive and dangerous. Far too many women have been sexually assaulted and their lives put at risk by dangerous men released on parole. We fear Simon's release may result in the same outcome.

Victims of Simon
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Petitioning Mark Speakman, Australian Commonwealth Government, NSW Health

A female nurse took a photo of my naked body while I slept - and it's completely legal

I was having surgery to check for uterine cancer. My legs were widespread in stirrups. I was unconscious. A middle aged female nurse used her personal smart phone to take a snapshot whilst I was asleep on the operating table. She showed the image to other nurses in the hospital. Why is this legal in NSW but not in VIC or QLD? The police cant lock this woman up. There are simply no laws to cover it. Photographing someone’s genitals is only a crime if done for sexual gratification. This is such a disgusting situation all round. If the act is not criminal then this so called health professional gets to keep working. She is still working as a theatre nurse. Would you want her or others like her beside you when you have to go under sedation? My dignity has been ripped out. I want it back. Please sign and share my petition asking the NSW Attorney General to address this disgracefully overlooked gap in NSW criminal and privacy law. I have taken 20,000 signatures directly to the Attorney General Gabriel Upton MP when I met with her. I need more people to now be aware of this issue as I take it to the new Attorney General Mark Speakman.

Brieana Rose
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Petitioning Mike Kelly (Federal Labour MP)

NSW Government - Stop the Slaughter of the Snowy Mountains Brumbies!

I’m sure I don’t need to highlight the national symbolism of the Australian Brumby in particular those the roam the high country and have done for over 180 years they were immortalised in The Man From Snowy River, they helped us to build (and defend) the nation we call home, they carried us through wars and are the last symbolism of freedom in Australia. However, there are a minority in this country with extreme views that they should be eradicated from the Kosciusko National Park (KNP) by all means necessary including helicopter culling these groups are headed mainly by the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) and are supported by the ALP, the Greens, the Colong Foundation, the ANU, Fenner School and the Wilderness society and various national parks associations (ACT, NSW and VIC). I don’t need to remind you of the (very justified) public outcry of the events in 2000 in the Guy Fawkes National Park, when the NPWS under the Australian Labour Party (ALP) at the time butchered 600+ horses (and at the behest of the Colong Foundation in particular whose patrons have been and are Neville Wran and Bob Carr). Sickening footage of this event can be located easily on the internet, showing horses with their teeth blown out, mares shot dead while foaling and other horses with bullet riddle bodies, it was nothing less than a massacre and an event of international embarrassment and disgrace at the time when Australia had just again immortalised the Man From Snowy River and the Brumbies to an international audience at the Sydney 2000 Olympics. These wild horses are now an essential part of the ecosystem of the high country, they are not predators and have little to no negative environmental impacts as opposed to the wild dog and pig populations of which seem to get little attention from the NPWS. They have become a massive tourist attraction for those from the city and internationally that watched movies such as the Man from Snowy River and read books such as the silver brumby series when they were kids. We hold Banjo Patterson in the highest regard in this country for his literary work and skills in putting into poetry the world he lived in and the places he saw. It’s a shame we don’t hold such places and iconic symbols in the same regard to protect the culture of European Australia, as I fear in years to come all that the great achievements of the settlers of this country and the horses that took them there will be completely forgotten and a way of life reduced to another poem in a library or a video on “youtube” to show the next generation what it was once like.  Please help stop this disastrous program and allow the brumbies to live, it’s now our turn to protect them, as they carried on their backs 3 generations of proud Australians during 3 different wars and built this nation we love, don’t allow them to be sent to slaughter because of some extreme left green views, stand up for what is Australian and the brumby is certainly that, before we lose the little things we have left that tie us to those that were here before us.  

Richard Roberts
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Petitioning Mark Speakman, Michael McCormack, Tim Hammond, Bill Shorten, Malcolm Turnbull, Rod Sims, The Hon Yvette D'Arth, Senator Richard Di Natale, The Hon Mark Speakman, The Hon Martin Pakula, Senator Geor...


SICK OF BEING RIPPED OFF AND FOBBED OFF? SICK OF BEING SOLD CRAP THAT YOU CAN'T RETURN? THEN SIGN THE PETITION!Ashton Wood destroyed his Jeep (Destroy My Jeep). Teg Sethi spent thousands making a video about his lemon Jeep that went viral. Why? Because they couldn't get a refund for their severely defective vehicles. This is still happening today. Only stronger consumer laws will stop this travesty of justice.Imagine buying a product for $20,000, or $50,000 or even $80,000 or more and it has so many defects you either can't use it or it is unsafe. Then the supplier blames you for the defects or offers to fix it and just patches it up. Consumer Affairs says 'we can't force a supplier to give you a refund' even though the Australian Consumer Law says that is what you are entitled to. So you are now headed to court or you watch your expensive lemon rot in your back yard. You will lose a lot of money no matter what you do just because you had the bad luck to buy the wrong product. Is this fair? NO. Should this be stopped? YES. Do consumers need far better protections that don't require legal action? YES. Lets send a clear message to the Australian Government that consumers have had enough and want stronger protections that don't cost them money when they buy a defective product. We want all the recommendations from the Australian Consumer Law review implemented.The Australian Consumer Law took many years to draft and was finally passed by Parliament for implementation on 1 January 2011. After 5 years of operation it was subjected to a review to find out whether it was meeting its objectives. Sadly it wasn't and so after extensive consultation and reviews, recommendations have been made to strengthen consumer protections and enforcement.Today, 26 April 2017, John Rolfe reported that Michael McCormack, Minister responsible for 'consumer matters' has torpedoed two of the key recommendations in the final report into strengthening the Australian Consumer Law. These are the 30 day refund provision and the multiple minor defects make a major failure provision. These two new provisions in the law would go a long way to ensuring that consumers are protected against shonky suppliers and manufacturers and not have to spend time, energy and money in seeking redress through courts, especially for larger purchases such as lemon caravans and cars.Michael McCormack is both the Minister for 'consumer matters' and the Minister for Small Business. This is a clear conflict of interest when making decisions about consumer protection that may impact negatively on small businesses who choose not to abide by the ACL and are selling or manufacturing defective products. Supporting Small Business growth and development shouldn't come at the expense of consumer safety and protection.Consumers need to send a clear message to Mr McCormack that they are sick and tired of being fobbed off, of defective goods costing them money and not the supplier or manufacturer, and being forced to take costly and stressful legal action just to get a refund.  Please sign this petition to tell the Australian Government that consumers have had enough and demand better laws to protect them, especially for very expensive purchases that they make that may be the second most significant purchase in their lives after their home.

Tracy Leigh
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Petitioning Mark Speakman (NSW Minister)


4 Large Species of Kangaroos in Australia desperately need your help. Millions of Kangaroos each year are being slaughtered across Australia by the Commercial “Harvest” for export trade, not to mention animals that are killed by Farmers who shoot them when they come onto their properties, road kill, predation, disease from coming in contact with domestic animals, farm animals and humans, and illegal poaching.  Councils across the country are being granted permits to kill more of these stronger gene animals who have made it through a really tough drought only to be shot for trying to find food and water in the country towns. People in Australia are so intolerant of their native animals that even the town parks (which are CROWN LAND) and the very place where the animals should be living had man not built structures there, is not being tolerated where animals are found to be grazing.  These animals truly need your help. Of the 60 species of Macropods Australia HAD, 29 species are now threatened and 11 are extinct. The Commercial Harvest causes monumental destruction within these species with the cruelty alone which happens EVERY SINGLE NIGHT.  Pouch Joeys are pulled out of the pouch by their legs and their tiny heads smashed up against a truck wheel or other hard object to kill them or they are clubbed to death, crushing their skulls and the smaller in pouch young are decapitated with a knife normally whilst still on their mothers teat. Approximately 855,000 ‘at foot’ joeys who are still dependant on their mum for milk, flee when their mother is shot, and these babies are left to die of starvation,stress & predation. It is estimated that an additional 300,000 'in pouch' joeys die as well. This equates to almost 11,000,000 joeys killed by this Industry over a 10yr period. The RSPCA considers decapitation & clubbing of baby joeys to be an inhumane method of euthanasia – but no-one is stopping this practice. The breeding & social structure of these species are also completely destroyed. Kangaroos have strong family bonds and are a SLOW breeding marsupial despite the myth they can double their population in 1 year. A female Kangaroo will breed for only 8 years of her life and twins are very rare despite incorrect information being reported otherwise.  Of these 8 joeys only 2 will reach adulthood, the other 6 are lost to drought, floods, predation, victims of road accidents, or the Commercial Harvest. The Commercial Harvest are taking animals as small as 13Kg carcass weight in Qld and 12Kg carcass weight in NSW. These animals would have only just been weaned from their mother and still need to grow out for another 12months or more before they too can breed themselves.  The long term survival of Kangaroos is GRIM and action needs to be taken now to save them. Kangaroos are NOT farmed but instead shooters kill whole wild populations, emptying rural landscapes. The Industry targets the largest animals, decimating the number of the biggest & strongest Kangaroos who ought to be breeding stock for strong healthy populations and this is causing the very real risk of affecting the Gene Pool.  Killing such high numbers of females can lead to population declines according to a population model published in Kangaroo Keepers edited by H J Lavery. And in some States where 97% of males are being taken, this also unbalances the species considerably as well.  There is nothing about the Commercial Harvest which is sound practice. The ‘Go Green’ push to eat Kangaroo in Australia by the Australian Government and other interested parties is a scientific sham.  Eating Kangaroo meat is not sustainable. Scientists at UTS found that to feed each Australian just 1 small portion of meat, 22 million Kangaroos would need to be killed each year. That would mean the total population would need to be 175 million to support this off-take (Dr Dan Ramp 2010).This is more than 5 times the 30yr average population of 27 million to provide 1 serving per week to Australians.  The total population of Kangaroos has been declining  with populations dropping to quasi-extinction levels of less than 5 animals per square kilometre over large areas.  The Commercial Harvest of Kangaroos is the largest land-based wildlife slaughter & massacre on earth and continues despite falling numbers. Eating Kangaroo meat causes Diseases to both humans and animals.  Because the meat needs to be cooked rare, or it is too tough to eat, this cooking method does not kill off many parasites, protozoa & bacteria. Diseases readily causing poisoning are Salmonella, E Coli, & Toxoplasmosis.  These diseases can result in foetal death or birth defects in pregnant women & leave other diners critically ill in hospital or even death. Pets who are consuming Kangaroo are being poisoned by dangerous levels of preservatives in commercial pet food and can leave dogs & cats with brain damage, Veterinarians have warned. Some pet food suppliers treat products with high levels of Sulphur dioxide to preserve the meat and to disguise signs of putrification. Dr Anne Fawcett of University of Sydney Faculty of Vet Science treated a thiamine deficient cat fed exclusively on supermarket bought Kangaroo meat. The food was tested and sulfur dioxide concentrations were found to be double that allowed for human consumption. Sulphur dioxide is known to cause thiamine deficiency in humans & animals. Canada & Russia have banned importing Kangaroo meat and California has recently denied the resumption of importing Kangaroo products.  The European Union is currently considering banning the importation of all Kangaroo products. Australia has the worst record of extinction of any country already having exterminated 40% of its wildlife in just 220yrs. To add to this disturbing situation is the amount of Damage Mitigation Permits which are issued by the Department of Environment & Heritage Protection & National Parks & Wildlife Services across Australia each year. These Departments are supposed to be protecting these PROTECTED SPECIES, but instead they are signing their death certificates with the stroke of a pen.  Councils, Land Owners & Military Bases to name a few are given permits to kill THOUSANDS more of these animals, all because Australians have become completely intolerant and greedy wanting to take up all of the land these animals live on, and not share and/or  find other non-lethal means to work with these animals. Kangaroos are an extremely important part of the Environment.  They are soft on the ground not causing erosion like livestock do, and eating 1/5 of what a sheep will eat and 1/60 of what a cow eats. The Dry Sheep Equivalent (DSE) is 0.2 (Grigg 2002, Olsen & Low 2006). Many studies have been done on the DSE and Professor Grigg commented that kangaroos could be a little as 0.15. Livestock consume as much as 98.4% of pasture across Australia. Kangaroos rely on a wide range of plants as their diet and grass makes up only a small part of this diet. The Total Grazing Pressure (TGP) indicates that kangaroos attributite to only 1.6% of pasture which is share with other herbivores eg rabbits, deer, goats etc.  Wildlife Carers across Australia are fighting a losing battle trying to save Orphaned & Injured joeys to return to the wild, only to read on the news or internet, that yet another Permit has been granted to kill a few more thousand Kangaroos.  Please help us STOP THIS SENSELESS BEHAVIOUR and hold the Australian Government responsible for allowing millions of these animals to continue to die each year.  No country should have an Industry that profits from the death of their Native Wildlife.  Demand this practice stops. PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION and call for the Australian Government to place a moratorium on the Shooting of Kangaroos for the Commercial Harvest.  Kangaroo numbers are declining across Australia and action needs to be taken NOW. Thank-you for your help and support.

lyn gynther
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Petitioning Hon. Gladys Berejiklian, MP, Hon. Robert Stokes, MP, Hon. Pru Goward, MP, Mr. Mark Speakman, Mr. Glen Brookes, Mr. Matt Kean, Mr Brad Hazzard, Mr Jai Rowell

Let our elderly neighbour stay in her home

Mrs Mary Vo, a mother, grandmother, widow, former refugee and our beautiful neighbour, is being evicted from her home through no fault of her own. The NSW State Government overturned it's plans last year and decided to sell her little home and all other public housing in Millers Point. The decision runs contrary to financial and urban planning advice as well as the government's own policy of allowing elderly to age in place. Given there is no reason to sell immediately, Mrs Vo pleads for them to wait until she has lived out her remaining few years. We need your help to let her stay where she belongs. Mrs Vo was born in Saigon, South Vietnam, just before the outbreak of World War II. In 1975 she was working as the secretary of the Vietnamese Radio Broadcasting station for 'The Voice of Freedom' and 'The Voice of the Mother of Vietnam’ but escaped the communist regime by boat, survived a shipwreck and then waited a year in a Thai refugee camp before coming to Australia in 1987. After raising four children, Mrs Vo is now 76 and has heart, gout, asthma and other health conditions to manage as well as impaired mobility. In the last few years she lost her husband to cancer and had seven major operations but family and Church remain the centre of her life. Mrs Vo relies on the community around her but still actively contributes, caring for her grandson, welcoming and cooking for fellow parishioners and tending her plants. Mrs Vo's home is only a short distance away so she is able to slowly walk to mass each Sunday. Mrs Vo often says, 'thank you very much Australia Government and Australians' for the 'freedom for life'. A survivor of significant trauma and loss, she was always cheerful. Now she is often in tears. Not surprisingly, given the government’s social impact study warned that forced relocation of elderly people would result in death and higher incidences of morbidity, the toll on her mental and physical health has been terrible. Mrs Vo understands that the Government can sell her home and she is scared of the repercussions of asking. Given that there is no reason to sell her home immediately, and the process promises very poor outcomes including the need for additional and significant health, medical and social services if she is evicted, we urgently request that Premier Baird give Mrs Vo, a resilient but vulnerable elderly woman, clemency from eviction. Premier Baird please show you are able to respond to the needs of real individuals rather than rolling on with a blanket decision that may be OK for some but life threatening for elderly or otherwise vulnerable people like Mrs Vo. Grant her the right to age peacefully in her own home, where she can be supported by the community that knows and values her, and where she can continue to contribute. Please sign to help keep Mrs Vo in our community. Displacing people like Mrs Vo negatively impacts on an entire community. It could happen anywhere. With thanks Kelli HaynesMillers Point Here are petitions to save more Millers Point residents Save Myra from eviction Save Flo from eviction Save Sydney's heritage workers flats Follow the story to save the people of Millers Point at:    

Kelli Haynes
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Petitioning Mark Speakman NSW Minister

Don't let Mike Baird's government make it easier to kill wildlife

Wildlife protection is not "red tape", it is our heritage. Making it easier to shoot wildlife and remove reporting oversight is poor stewardship of our land and impoverishes our kids. Last year NSW issues licences to kill 47,000 animals and birds. At least this information was lodged with the Office of Environment and Heritage. Monitoring at least allows us to see when some species may become "a pest" due to climate conditions and when animal populations boom and bust. And we may be able to act on that information. No reporting requirement is reckless, it means managers operate in the dark and is against "world's best practice". To state that removal of licencing and overview is a "risk based approach" shows a lack of understanding of what a risk-based approach should be. To apply for a licence goes through a process of factors at play. Oversight is essential feedback to ensure the approach is working. Removal of a thoughtful consideration of actions, review of outcomes and oversight is a licence to kill indiscriminately.  To read more Make sure the Biodiversity Laws strengthen protection, not remove S121 provision, and keep the monitoring of our native fauna

Edwina Laginestra
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Petitioning The Hon. Mike Baird MP, The Hon. Mark Speakman MP, The Hon. Gabrielle Upton MP

Confer Special Protection on Migaloo in NSW waters

Migaloo, the white humpback whale, is afforded special protection in Queensland and Commonwealth waters but not in NSW waters. Migaloo has been granted special status by the Queensland government affording a 500 metre exclusion zone around the whale during its migration through Queensland waters. In NSW, Migaloo receives only the standard 100 metre exclusion zone protection. The 100 metre exclusion zones in NSW are not adequately enforced and can easily result in accidents and injuries to whales. Migaloo is very popular 'marine' attraction. He is at even greater risk of injury due to his unique features. Migaloo travels through NSW for a brief period before heading to colder waters. This petition seeks to protect Miagloo during this transit. We call on the NSW Environment Minister and the NSW Government to afford special protections to Migaloo so that his journey through NSW water is safeguarded. Specifically we seek a 500 metre exclusion zone ruling and, as a further preventative measure, a police escort through NSW waters.

Anna Shelly
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A female nurse took a photo of my naked body while I slept - and it's completely legal

Dear Brieana, From today, the Crimes Act 1900 (NSW) has new criminal offences punishing intimate image abuse. It is now a crime in NSW to record, distribute, or threaten to record or distribute, an intimate image without the consent of the person depicted. I want to acknowledge your work advocating for this reform and for attending Parliament House in support of the Bill. What happened to you was wrong and caused you significant harm. I hope that these new offences will deter others from engaging in similar conduct and that today’s reform, together with the knowledge of your contribution towards them, will help to heal some of the hurt you have suffered. Kind regards, Mark Speakman Attorney General

6 months ago