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Micheal Guider, a pedophile and child killer freed. It should never have happened!

I was drugged, abused and photographed as a child by a man who was my babysitter. The monster that did this to me was charged with over 60 counts of child abuse related crimes against many victims. His name was Michael Guider.  While in prison for these crimes he admitted to and was convicted of the killing of Bondi schoolgirl Samantha Knight. Guider has never admitted to the location of Samantha's body, robbing her family of any sense of closure.  Now, Michael Guider has been released from prison and has walked free without having to reveal the location of Samantha's body. I think that's appalling.  In the news, and every time I open up my Facebook, I am constantly faced with headline that reads "pedophile released into community" along with a long and horrific list of their crimes against children!! Enough is enough! We will change one law at a time to ensure NO pedophile or child killer is released! That's why I am fighting to stop the release of child killers like Michael Guider who won't give the victims families closure by providing a body to lay to rest. I believe any child killer who is convicted, either of the murder or manslaughter of a child, should never be allowed freedom if they withhold the location of where they dumped the body of their victim.  I want to pass this law to honour Samantha Knight by calling it Knights Law. Let's keep child killers out of our community and behind bars where they belong. In the case of child killers, there should be no question. No body, no release. Please, sign my petition and share it widely. Thank you.  #knightslaw 

Chantelle Hamilton
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NSW Govt, under the Protection of Covid-19 will commence the slaughter of our Snowy Brumby

I’m sure I don’t need to highlight the national symbolism of the Australian Brumby in particular those the roam the high country and have done for over 180 years they were immortalised in The Man From Snowy River, they helped us to build (and defend) the nation we call home, they carried us through wars and are the last symbolism of freedom in Australia. However, there are a minority in this country with extreme views that they should be eradicated from the Kosciusko National Park (KNP) by all means necessary including helicopter culling these groups are headed mainly by the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) and are supported by the ALP, the Greens, the Colong Foundation, the ANU, Fenner School and the Wilderness society and various national parks associations (ACT, NSW and VIC). I don’t need to remind you of the (very justified) public outcry of the events in 2000 in the Guy Fawkes National Park, when the NPWS under the Australian Labour Party (ALP) at the time butchered 600+ horses (and at the behest of the Colong Foundation in particular whose patrons have been and are Neville Wran and Bob Carr). Sickening footage of this event can be located easily on the internet, showing horses with their teeth blown out, mares shot dead while foaling and other horses with bullet riddle bodies, it was nothing less than a massacre and an event of international embarrassment and disgrace at the time when Australia had just again immortalised the Man From Snowy River and the Brumbies to an international audience at the Sydney 2000 Olympics. These wild horses are now an essential part of the ecosystem of the high country, they are not predators and have little to no negative environmental impacts as opposed to the wild dog and pig populations of which seem to get little attention from the NPWS. They have become a massive tourist attraction for those from the city and internationally that watched movies such as the Man from Snowy River and read books such as the silver brumby series when they were kids. We hold Banjo Patterson in the highest regard in this country for his literary work and skills in putting into poetry the world he lived in and the places he saw. It’s a shame we don’t hold such places and iconic symbols in the same regard to protect the culture of European Australia, as I fear in years to come all that the great achievements of the settlers of this country and the horses that took them there will be completely forgotten and a way of life reduced to another poem in a library or a video on “youtube” to show the next generation what it was once like.  Please help stop this disastrous program and allow the brumbies to live, it’s now our turn to protect them, as they carried on their backs 3 generations of proud Australians during 3 different wars and built this nation we love, don’t allow them to be sent to slaughter because of some extreme left green views, stand up for what is Australian and the brumby is certainly that, before we lose the little things we have left that tie us to those that were here before us.  

Richard Roberts
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Petitioning Mark Speakman

I was drugged & sexually abused by a convicted paedophile - don’t free monster on parole

I’ve stayed silent until now. I needed to rebuild my life. But I can’t sit back and let the monster who drugged and sexually assaulted me as a child be released on parole before completing his jail sentence, in a few short weeks. I was only 6 when a stranger gave me a bottle of Coca-Cola at my friends house. He was supposed to be our babysitter, it was supposed to be a fun filled weekend.  It turned out to be anything but, the next couple of days were a horrific nightmare, the whole time Guider had us he made sure we were drugged up enough to not put up a fight. Once drugged he would sexually assault us and photograph his disgusting actions. I was the last of Michael Guider’s 11 victims before he was thrown into jail - guilty of a disgusting 75 child sex crimes and the high profile death of Bondi schoolgirl Samantha Knight. I can’t bear the thought of another child's innocence taken away by this notorious paedophile killer. He’s still got two years of his 17 year sentence left - but he’ll be released on parole at the end of this month unless we fight back. I am fighting on behalf of all Michael Guider’s victims. I am petitioning the NSW Attorney General and the Parole Authority to urgently stop this man from being released until his sentence is complete. Guider’s shown no remorse for his victims - some of them are now dead, but I’m still here, and I am ready to fight.

Chantelle Hamilton
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Petitioning NSW State Parole Authority

Keep Simon Monteiro, the man who attacked us, behind bars

Simon Monteiro, a man described in court as a dangerous and vindictive rapist, has provisionally been granted parole. We, as victims of Simon's and advocates of rape victims, are urgently petitioning in the interests of the safety of women everywhere. The parole system needs to be reformed. Dangerous offenders should not be released. Simon is serving a 12-year sentence for the violent rape of his girlfriend. He has previously been jailed for stalking and intimidating another partner, and for assault occasioning actual bodily harm and destroying property of another partner. He has been acquitted of other sexual and violent offences against women. He is in jail for raping his then-partner while holding a pair of scissors because she wanted to leave him. He smashed a pair of glasses on her face, pulled a clump of her hair out, threatened her with iron bars and told her he would "gut her dad like a fish" if she ever went to the police. In custody, prison staff and psychologists have described him as being "belligerent, agitated, self entitled, abusive", demanding and refusing to accept responsibility for his actions. On August 17, the State Parole Authority signalled an intention to grant him parole. The final decision will be made after a public hearing on October 6. We are calling for a reform of the parole system to ensure that offenders who are not truly reformed and continue to pose a risk to the community are not released, even if their sentence is up. We call for the safety of victims and future victims to be paramount. We implore the State Parole Authority, the NSW Attorney-General Mark Speakman, the NSW Corrective Services Minister David Elliott and the NSW Commissioner Peter Severin to ensure Simon is not released. He is manipulative, vindictive and dangerous. Far too many women have been sexually assaulted and their lives put at risk by dangerous men released on parole. We fear Simon's release may result in the same outcome.

Victims of Simon
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Petitioning Mark Speakman, Gladys Berejiklian

Give people with cognitive disability a fair go in the justice system

“My name is Justen Thomas. I am a 43 year old Aboriginal man with an intellectual disability and epilepsy. I was homeless as a young person and I started to get fines for sleeping on trains. I was never able to pay my fines and it escalated to a big issue where I was getting locked up for fines. When I got arrested I didn’t understand the police or the court system and I ended up in prison many times. The cycle ended when I finally got the help and support I needed. Getting the right help turned my life around. I haven’t been in prison now since 2004 and I don’t intend to go back either. I got support from Youth Shopfront and then from IDRS (Intellectual Disability Rights Service). IDRS run the JAS (Justice Advocacy Service) which only has funding until June this year. IDRS also ran a very good diversion programme called the Cognitive Impairment Diversion Programme (CIDP).The funding for CIDP ended in June 2020. Please sign this petition and help me help people with cognitive disability who end up in the justice system get the help and support they need. We need long-term funding for effective programmes like JAS and CIDP. I recently gave evidence at the Disability Royal Commission Hearing on Justice. At the end of the hearing the Chair of the Commission, Ronald Sackville, said it is time to “end the cycle created by the criminalisation of disability”. He said, “the difficulty is to ensure that effective programmes are introduced, supported and properly funded – and not just in the short term.” I agree with Ronald Sackville. We need long-term funding for important programmes like JAS and CIDP. Let’s help people with a disability live to their potential instead of seeing them go to jail and locking them away. Please sign this petition to the Attorney General and the Premier. #JusticeMatters Read the letter being sent in your name to the Attorney General and the Premier here. Thank you for making a differenceJusten Thomas Find out more about our Justice Matters campaign on our website.

Council for Intellectual Disability
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SICK OF BEING RIPPED OFF AND FOBBED OFF? SICK OF BEING SOLD CRAP THAT YOU CAN'T RETURN? THEN SIGN THE PETITION!Ashton Wood destroyed his Jeep (Destroy My Jeep). Teg Sethi spent thousands making a video about his lemon Jeep that went viral. Why? Because they couldn't get a refund for their severely defective vehicles. This is still happening today. Only stronger consumer laws will stop this travesty of justice.Imagine buying a product for $20,000, or $50,000 or even $80,000 or more and it has so many defects you either can't use it or it is unsafe. Then the supplier blames you for the defects or offers to fix it and just patches it up. Consumer Affairs says 'we can't force a supplier to give you a refund' even though the Australian Consumer Law says that is what you are entitled to. So you are now headed to court or you watch your expensive lemon rot in your back yard. You will lose a lot of money no matter what you do just because you had the bad luck to buy the wrong product. Is this fair? NO. Should this be stopped? YES. Do consumers need far better protections that don't require legal action? YES. Lets send a clear message to the Australian Government that consumers have had enough and want stronger protections that don't cost them money when they buy a defective product. We want all the recommendations from the Australian Consumer Law review implemented.The Australian Consumer Law took many years to draft and was finally passed by Parliament for implementation on 1 January 2011. After 5 years of operation it was subjected to a review to find out whether it was meeting its objectives. Sadly it wasn't and so after extensive consultation and reviews, recommendations have been made to strengthen consumer protections and enforcement.Today, 26 April 2017, John Rolfe reported that Michael McCormack, Minister responsible for 'consumer matters' has torpedoed two of the key recommendations in the final report into strengthening the Australian Consumer Law. These are the 30 day refund provision and the multiple minor defects make a major failure provision. These two new provisions in the law would go a long way to ensuring that consumers are protected against shonky suppliers and manufacturers and not have to spend time, energy and money in seeking redress through courts, especially for larger purchases such as lemon caravans and cars.Michael McCormack is both the Minister for 'consumer matters' and the Minister for Small Business. This is a clear conflict of interest when making decisions about consumer protection that may impact negatively on small businesses who choose not to abide by the ACL and are selling or manufacturing defective products. Supporting Small Business growth and development shouldn't come at the expense of consumer safety and protection.Consumers need to send a clear message to Mr McCormack that they are sick and tired of being fobbed off, of defective goods costing them money and not the supplier or manufacturer, and being forced to take costly and stressful legal action just to get a refund.  Please sign this petition to tell the Australian Government that consumers have had enough and demand better laws to protect them, especially for very expensive purchases that they make that may be the second most significant purchase in their lives after their home.

Tracy Leigh
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Petitioning Mark Speakman

Force the NSW government to take animal cruelty seriously

We need to band together to request the ODPP to give consideration to appealing the sentence handed down in the Magistrate’s Court on Thursday 25 October to Kimberly Thi-My Atwell, for two counts of aggravated cruelty to animals. Further information is available on the RSPCA NSW Facebook page - although please be warned, it does contain a distressing image. Ms Atwell deliberately abandoned her two pets, Ruby and Benji, to a horrific fate. She confined the dogs in a small room for over two weeks with no food or water – there was no possible outcome other than the dogs dying a slow and agonising death. Ruby was just a puppy, not yet six months old - and Benji was just two and a half years old. These dogs loved and trusted her, and yet she betrayed them in the worst way. Ms Atwell has shown no remorse for her actions – indeed, upon interview she characterised the dogs as ‘easily replaceable’, which indicates the callous disregard she has for animals and demonstrates the extremely limited insight she has into her offending. There is no reassurance that she will not do the same thing again. Ms Atwell was fined $144 and ordered to complete 80 hours of community service. I do not consider the ban from owning animals for five years should be considered part of her sentence, as this should appropriately be characterised as a community protection measure rather than a penalty. Even with the two counts of which Ms Atwell was found guilty (two counts under section 5), the difference between the maximum penalty available (two years imprisonment, 200 penalty units equating to $22,000, or both) and the penalty she was given is significant. The penalty in no way reflects the seriousness of the crime, and falls well short of community expectations. I would be most grateful if you could please sign this petition, to request the Attorney-General to give consideration to seeking leave to appeal the sentence on the grounds that it was manifestly inadequate. Benji and Ruby suffered a fate no animal should be put through, and it’s so important to make sure we as a community do all we can to demonstrate that this is unacceptable.

Animal Advocate
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Driven to suicide, but Renae's abuser in the clear - Criminalising Catfishing.

Imagine if your child’s best friend led them to take their own life. It’s every parent's worst nightmare, but for us it’s a painful reality. Our daughter was emotionally catfished by her best friend. Our daughter is gone, but her friend has not been charged. There have been no legal consequences for her.  ‘Catfishing’ is defined as ‘creating a fake identity (or stealing that of another’s) to formulate a persona (usually online) for the purpose of obtaining advantage by deception. With the extensive use of social media today, especially with young people, catfishing is becoming a global epidemic. We need your help. Because catfishing is not a criminal offence in any Australian jurisdiction. And it needs to be.   On an August evening in 2013, our beautiful, lively, kind, and generous 20 year old daughter Renae drove to The Gap in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. That day, Renae’s boyfriend of 18 months had ended their relationship and Renae was heartbroken. She was never seen again. As we fought to uncover the reasons why Renae never returned home, the ugly truth was exposed. Renae’s ‘boyfriend’ was actually Renae’s best friend of 6 years, Camila. We had always been concerned with the toxic nature of the friendship. Renae was a forgiving, trusting individual. She wasn’t gullible. As Renae (and we) became more concerned about Camila’s influence and the physically, mentally and emotionally abusive nature of the friendship on Renae, she tried to end the friendship numerous times. Unfortunately, Camila’s manipulation and Renae’s kind hearted nature always saw them reconnect. For almost 2 years of their friendship, Camila simultaneously emotionally catfished Renae, luring her into an online relationship with ‘Brayden’. Yet Renae never discovered the deception. During the time Renae was being catfished, Camila maintained her control over the friendship. She monopolised Renae’s time and mental and emotional energy, both as herself and also as Brayden. There was no escape. When Renae decided to end the friendship for good, Camila responded by having ‘Brayden’ end the relationship. She wanted to punish Renae by crushing her spirit and destroying her emotionally. To date, Renae’s body has never been found.  NSW Police were unable to charge Camila with any offence under existing laws, despite her actions directly influencing Renae to take her own life. Catfishing is not criminalised anywhere in Australia. It took nearly 7 years for Renae’s story to be heard in the NSW Coroners Court to try to find the truth. Despite being granted legal immunity, Camila refused to accept any responsibility. She continued to lie and denied any involvement, all to protect herself. The Deputy Coroner concluded that Renae took her own life, openly declaring Camila's story to be “a pack of lies”. Despite this damning assessment, Camila still lives freely. She goes shopping and frequents the same areas as our family despite totally destroying Renae’s life, and ours. It’s a total slap in the face. Camila’s despicable actions didn’t rip only our world apart. Her behaviour has permanently impacted the lives of other people she used to perpetuate her ruse. She systematically ingratiated herself with us and others as long as we were useful to her. Every step of the way, Camila had choices about whether to continue the deception or to stop. She chose not to, and even drove around with us while we frantically searched for Renae.  Our laws are here to hold people accountable and enforce consequences. We made a promise to our daughter that we will do everything we can to have catfishing criminalised to try to protect others from falling victim to the same fate as Renae. In this digital age, the internet has unfortunately simultaneously opened the doors to online fraud, deception and cyber bullying. These scams usually entail extorting money and obtaining personal information from individuals for financial gain. In Renae’s case, it resulted in the loss of an innocent life. There is currently no legislation that specifically prohibits the use of intentional catfishing to cause sustained pain and suffering. Renae had a beautiful heart that radiated love to anyone who knew her. Ultimately, her amazing personal qualities left her vulnerable to someone with malicious intent. You would never suspect that your own best friend would catfish you into suicide. Renae was lured into a trap set by someone who knew her best, and she’s not alone. With social media dominating people’s lives today, we find many others in similar situations as Renae.  We will not let Renae leave us in vain. Help us make a change in our community to stop others suffering the loss of their loved-ones like our family has. Innocent people need to know they are protected by the law from the cruelty of catfishers. Please join our fight; make a difference and sign this petition. Help to share Renae’s story. We never want another family to suffer the same torment that our young daughter endured and the pain we feel every day. With one click, you can be the change. Nae home video -

Teresa Marsden
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Petitioning Gladys Berejiklian, Scott Morrison, Andrew Constance, Barnaby Joyce, Mark Speakman

Justice for victims of road trauma

Over 1,000 people are killed on the road and over 40,000 people admitted to hospital annually in Australia*. The numbers are getting worse, not better. It’s time for change. This is an open letter to the NSW Government, the Australian Federal Government, The Director of Public Prosecutions NSW and the Insurance Council of Australia. As the voice of families who have experienced road trauma we are seeking change. Too many people die on the roads through the criminal act of another. It is our vision that no more families will ever experience the death of a loved one in this way. The Road Trauma Support Group NSW Australia petition for the following 7 reforms: 1. New language: We seek a new language for reporting road crime. Firstly, the term ‘accident’, risks making crashes seem inevitable and unavoidable. Most often these are NOT accidents but collisions that could have been avoided. Secondly, call it what it is consistently - road deaths caused by a criminal act of another should be called Vehicular Manslaughter or in extreme cases Vehicular Homicide. 2. Stronger deterrent: Stop being soft on road killers and repeat offenders. When a person is killed by a criminal act of another on the road a recommended sentence of at least 5 years with an increase of the maximum sentence to 25 years consistent with the current maximum penalty for manslaughter. Licences are a privilege not a right. People who cause death on the road or have been proven unfit to drive should lose their license for a minimum of 10 years and then they should have to prove they have not committed any offences and have completed traffic offender courses/Victim impact panels. 3. Reform legislation: Urgent Change is needed to the legislative system to ensure justice is served. Greater emphasis should be made to ensure that the judiciary is NOT to give greater weight to the impact on or welfare of the offender over the victims. The Judiciary must consider in their judgement in detail the impact upon the living victims. 4. Support for victims: Formal recognition that every road death leaves behind many living victims. These victims need to be recognised and supported in their grief and assisted through their trauma. Currently perpetrators of road crime get treated better than victims of road crime. The impacts of their illegal acts not only cause death but also a tidal wave of trauma and destruction through families and our community. The knock on ripple effect is widespread and costly. 5. Overhaul of CTP Insurance system: The current CTP system is ineffective, outdated and cruel for people undergoing a traumatic event. We propose a review of current mechanisms in place to support all victims of road crime.  6. Victim Impact Panels: Mandatory attendance for all DUI and repeat road offenders at Victim Impact Panels. The purpose of the Victim Impact Panel (VIP) program is to help drunk and drugged and repeat driving offenders to recognise and internalise the lasting and long-term effects of dangerous and substance-impaired driving. The objective is to create an empathy and understanding of the tragedy, leave a permanent impression that leads to changes in thinking and behaviour and prevents future offences. The right ripple effect. 7. Education: More needs to be done to prevent and manage road crime. Firstly, this means better educating internal stakeholders such as the Police, DPP and Judiciary regarding managing road crime and road trauma victims.  Secondly, making road responsibilities and the impact of road crime a formal part of the education process of our youth, driver’s licence applicants and repeat traffic offenders.  Contact Road Trauma Support NSW @  * 1,125 deaths in last 12 months to May 2021, 2.4% up on previous 12 months. Source: Australian Government Department of Infrastructure, Transport Regional Development and Communications. Australian Road Deaths Database.

Road Trauma Support Group (NSW)
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A female nurse took a photo of my naked body while I slept - and it's completely legal

Dear Brieana, From today, the Crimes Act 1900 (NSW) has new criminal offences punishing intimate image abuse. It is now a crime in NSW to record, distribute, or threaten to record or distribute, an intimate image without the consent of the person depicted. I want to acknowledge your work advocating for this reform and for attending Parliament House in support of the Bill. What happened to you was wrong and caused you significant harm. I hope that these new offences will deter others from engaging in similar conduct and that today’s reform, together with the knowledge of your contribution towards them, will help to heal some of the hurt you have suffered. Kind regards, Mark Speakman Attorney General

5 years ago