Micheal Guider, a pedophile and child killer freed. It should never have happened!

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I was drugged, abused and photographed as a child by a man who was my babysitter. The monster that did this to me was charged with over 60 counts of child abuse related crimes against many victims. His name was Michael Guider. 

While in prison for these crimes he admitted to and was convicted of the killing of Bondi schoolgirl Samantha Knight. Guider has never admitted to the location of Samantha's body, robbing her family of any sense of closure. 

Now, Michael Guider has been released from prison and has walked free without having to reveal the location of Samantha's body. I think that's appalling. 

In the news, and every time I open up my Facebook, I am constantly faced with headline that reads "pedophile released into community" along with a long and horrific list of their crimes against children!!

Enough is enough!

We will change one law at a time to ensure NO pedophile or child killer is released!

That's why I am fighting to stop the release of child killers like Michael Guider who won't give the victims families closure by providing a body to lay to rest. I believe any child killer who is convicted, either of the murder or manslaughter of a child, should never be allowed freedom if they withhold the location of where they dumped the body of their victim. 

I want to pass this law to honour Samantha Knight by calling it Knights Law. Let's keep child killers out of our community and behind bars where they belong. In the case of child killers, there should be no question.

No body, no release.

Please, sign my petition and share it widely. Thank you.