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Keep Simon Monteiro, the man who attacked us, behind bars

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Simon Monteiro, a man described in court as a dangerous and vindictive rapist, has provisionally been granted parole. We, as victims of Simon's and advocates of rape victims, are urgently petitioning in the interests of the safety of women everywhere. The parole system needs to be reformed. Dangerous offenders should not be released.

Simon is serving a 12-year sentence for the violent rape of his girlfriend. He has previously been jailed for stalking and intimidating another partner, and for assault occasioning actual bodily harm and destroying property of another partner. He has been acquitted of other sexual and violent offences against women.

He is in jail for raping his then-partner while holding a pair of scissors because she wanted to leave him. He smashed a pair of glasses on her face, pulled a clump of her hair out, threatened her with iron bars and told her he would "gut her dad like a fish" if she ever went to the police.

In custody, prison staff and psychologists have described him as being "belligerent, agitated, self entitled, abusive", demanding and refusing to accept responsibility for his actions.

On August 17, the State Parole Authority signalled an intention to grant him parole. The final decision will be made after a public hearing on October 6.

We are calling for a reform of the parole system to ensure that offenders who are not truly reformed and continue to pose a risk to the community are not released, even if their sentence is up. We call for the safety of victims and future victims to be paramount.

We implore the State Parole Authority, the NSW Attorney-General Mark Speakman, the NSW Corrective Services Minister David Elliott and the NSW Commissioner Peter Severin to ensure Simon is not released. He is manipulative, vindictive and dangerous. Far too many women have been sexually assaulted and their lives put at risk by dangerous men released on parole. We fear Simon's release may result in the same outcome.