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Petitioning The Senate

The Liberal Party of Australia: Reconsider your plan for a 'FTTN' NBN in favour of a superior 'FTTH' NBN

A Petition Pertaining to the Future of Australian Broadband. To Tony Abbott, Malcolm Turnbull, the Liberal Party of Australia, the Senate and whom it may concern, This petition is designed to highlight Australia’s desire for a superior ‘Fibre to the Home’ (FTTH) broadband solution, rather than the Coalition’s proposed ‘Fibre to the Node’ (FTTN) solution. As currently proposed, the Coalition’s FTTN solution relies on the existing copper lines to supply individual premises access to the National Broadband Network (NBN) over the last mile or so. However, copper wiring solutions are rapidly approaching a century of implementation, with its inception dating back to the 1920’s. As such, its technological limits as well as associated weaknesses are rapidly developing. First and foremost are its bandwidth capabilities. While your government proudly boasts eventual (best case scenario) download speeds of 100Mbps (but will only guarantee between 25-50Mbps initially), this is unlikely to be sufficient for tomorrow’s technology centric society. A likely society in which data becomes ever more important, as a universal shift towards a total digital front approaches. A likely place where an expanding range of devices and services will become linked, cloud computing/processing becomes the norm and internet TV the main form of broadcast. In reality, there is no real way of knowing exactly what future technologies lie around the corner, but it is a safe bet that a FTTN solution will not contain them for long. Having lived abroad for several years I have witnessed first-hand how far behind Australia is in this respective infrastructure. Your party’s claim to the success of FTTN implementation in other countries such as the UK/USA are irrelevant with said nations already seeking options to move on from this out-dated technology. So why position Australia and our future generations behind the rest of the world’s leading nations with a technology that they themselves are already decommissioning? Secondly is the well-known fact that suggested speeds, in this instance 100Mbps/40Mbps, are more or less theoretical since actual speeds will be dependent upon the distance of an individual premises from the node. This in turn, accompanied by the spacious layout of Australian homes and businesses, even in inner city markets, will cause a significant variance in actual speeds received by paying customers. Further compounding the issue is the fact that the vast majority of Australia’s copper lines are well beyond their recommended lifespan and have already been affected, or are prone to environmental damages such as water. In addition to this, by implementing your proposed FTTN solution an unfair division will occur between those who are connected under the FTTN method and those who have already been connected to the superior FTTH method. Now it is understood that customers will have the choice to opt in to a FTTH solution, however, in saying this, if connection costs are even remotely reflective of overseas models, it will prove unaffordable for the majority of Australian households. Furthermore, this will continue to promote an inevitable division across Australian citizens; namely a division between the wealthy and the rest of us. Likewise, unless your government utilises a model in which cost subsidising occurs, such a division will become increasingly more apparent. This division will not prove healthy in the long run for our economy, or our society. It is important to note that the above model will only prove practical under an entirely government owned network; not a network at the mercy of private organisations. Moving on, it is disconcerting to find that your government is proudly quoting an approximate $30 billion cost, roughly 2/3rds of Labor’s approximate $45 billion cost, yet it will only manage 1/10th of the speed (with the deficiency in speed likely to continue to grow as time goes on). What's more these ‘savings’ figures do not factor in the cost of upgrading the FTTN network again when the time comes just a few quick decades down the road. These upgrade costs on top of your $30 billion estimated cost, combined with inflation rates will result in a budget blowout which will well exceed that of the Labor party’s existing NBN proposal. On the other hand a superior FTTH solution is able to alleviate all these shortcomings as well as provide a host of advantages. Fibre networks are not dependent/limited by the distance from the exchange, are far less susceptible to environmental hazards/interference, will provide the vast majority of Australian’s with an equal and unified service, are renowned in the industry as a viable method capable of delivering future broadband services, will prove to be an increasingly more cost effective option as time goes on. Building upon this, under a FTTH NBN, future upgrade costs will be next to nothing since all upgrades will take place at either end of the lines (i.e. at the exchange/premises), rather than replacing the lines themselves. Locations around the globe where FTTH technology exist have demonstrated that there is sufficient growth, market adoption and economic benefit to make this technology feasible, as well as justifiable in terms of cost. This is already apparent in Tasmania (its FTTH construction is approaching its completion) 44% of customers (and growing) are subscribing to its highest tier service of 100Mbps, suggesting a strong desire even on our own shores for gigabit services which are only capable on a FTTH solution. The strength of gigabit services, in places such as Kansas City (under Google’s Fibre project) are already witnessing a boost in economy via the creation of new jobs and services along with the garnering of international attention from global corporations alike. Broadband internet is an ‘infrastructure’ and should be considered in the same light as highways, water management, electricity and so forth; it should be a ‘right’ available ‘equally’ to all Australians. Broadband internet is one of many crucial building blocks which creates the underlying foundation for a successful nation. Superfast broadband is about more than connecting several family PCs, laptops, iPads, phones and other devices to the internet. It is about more than downloading ones favourite music, TV shows, movies or watching YouTube sensations. And yes, it is about more than being able to connect health and educational services, businesses and corporations. Having a well thought out, well implemented, and well maintained National Broadband Network is about ensuring the prosperity of Australians for generations to come. It is a vision shared by the Australian spirit and achievable through FTTH technology. It is due to this dream and the concern that it may not be met, that I and many Australians urge you to reconsider your proposal of a FTTN NBN in favour of a superior FTTH NBN. As your policy currently stands it is merely patch-work; a short term solution to a long term problem.    

NBN Defender
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Petitioning The Hon. Sussan Ley MP

Decriminalise the use of medicinal cannabis for people with terminal cancer like my son.

Our 24 year old son has a terminal cancer diagnosis. He is receiving great benefit from using medical cannabis to manage his nausea, vomiting and poor appetite.He is also using cannabis oil in a bid to halt the progression of his disease. We can see the changes in him and fully believe that cannabis is absolutely  the right path for him to go down as conventional treatments have failed him. The adoption of the 5 recommendations of the NSW Parliament Legislative General Purpose Standing Committee No. 4: The use of cannabis for medical purposes, is essential to Daniel and the thousands of terminally ill and debilitated Australians who would benefit from the use of Medicinal Cannabis. These patients and their carers (just like us) are being forced to break the law to obtain and to use cannabis, mostly without medical supervision because they are fearful to expose themselves. The medical evidence is available and opinions world wide are changing based on this evidence, yet the NSW Government is still sitting on it's hands and demonstrating a complete lack of compassion with it's disregard for these recommendations.  Adoption of these recommendations will afford the terminally ill and chronic pain suffers the right to choose a treatment which is beneficial to them, whilst being protected from arrest and prosecution under the current NSW legislation. Our son cannot afford to wait for the government to step up. We need help now!

Lucy Haslam
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Petitioning Health Minister Sussan Ley

Keep pap smears and pathology services free!

To Health Minister Sussan Ley, We demand pap smears and pathology services remain free of charge. It is disgusting that your government is cutting bulk billing incentives for pap smears, MRI's, urine/blood tests, X-rays and ultrasounds. According to the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia president Michael Harrison, the cuts will force patients to pay at least $30 for a pap smear, urine or blood test. The Australian Diagnostic Imaging Association claims people could pay up to $173 for an MRI scan. These cuts are unfair to the average Australian, but will especially hurt women. Free and accessible pathology tests are key to ensuring early detection of cervical cancer, STI's, UTI's and pregnancy. Late detection will lead to MORE cost to the taxpayer in the long run. These essential services are a backbone of our world class healthcare system. This is yet another attack by a Liberal government on Australia's already cash-starved Medicare system. Sussan Ley, stop trying to distance yourself from the inevitable outcome - by your cutting subsidies for practitioners and pathology companies, they’re forced to charge a fee to make up for the loss, which will fall unfairly on patients across the country. We won't stand for it. We demand the Liberal government scrap this policy and ensure that pap smears and pathology services remain free. Come along to a rally in your city on 20th February. Check specific Facebook event for details:Sydney event: event: event: event: event: event: event: Sources:

Brigitte G
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Petitioning Nick Xenophon

Stop payments for non-currently serving Politicians

You and I are not paid for jobs that we no longer carry out, make this the same for ALL Australians.  Stop ALL entitlements, payments, allowances, including travel allowances for politicians who are no longer currently serving the Australian public. The only way to change things is to make it happen for ourselves, this is something the politicians will NOT make happen, we have to insist on this happening.

Michelle Pedersen
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Petitioning Malcolm Turnbull

Remote Area Nurse Safety

Remote Area Nurses (RAN) are instrumental in delivering and improving access to healthcare in isolated communities across our expansive outback.  The role of the RAN encompasses the whole of life care, from antenate to end of life.  We operate far outside the metro area, which means we are on call after hours and usually expected to attend after hours emergencies as single responders. Since Christmas 2015 there have been two sexual assaults of RAN's and now the murder of our colleague in Fregon, South Australia. We are asking the Federal Health Minister, The Hon. Sussan Ley to abolish single nurse posts in Australia. And to assist in making it mandatory for two responders to attend all after hours call outs in Government, Indigenous Health Corporations and Not For Profit health centres across Australia.

RANs Safety - United We Stand
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Petitioning The Prime Minister of Australia, The Hon. Leader of The Opposition, The Hon. Clive Palmer, MHR, Malcolm Turnbull, Bill Shorten

Malcolm Turnbull: we lost our son to suicide while serving in the ADF – please change service contracts so next-of-kin can be notified of self-harm, suicide attempts

On the 22nd February 2012 we lost our son to suicide. No note was left. Stuart was 27 years old and a serving member of the Royal Australian Navy.  After his funeral, we visited his base – and left devastated to find out he'd tried to kill himself before. His shipmates told us that a year earlier while on missile practice in Hawaii he'd been found below deck with a noose around his neck searching for a place to tie off. Immediately I proposed an additional clause in the ADF contract of service that would give waiver to the Privacy Act in circumstances where self-harm is evident, and next of kin would be notified immediately.  Every civilian employer, as well as medical and mental health professionals accept this procedure. It seems like basic "Duty of Care". Tragically, the ADF hasn't acted.  Since our loss of Stuart – 2 of his shipmates have also lost their lives by suicide and yet there's been no action. At the time I criticized the Minister for Defense for letting this happen on his watch after clearly explaining what must be done. The pain of losing Stuart like this is still devastating. All we want is to prevent this happening to other families – so they don't suffer the daily regret of not having the opportunity to be there for our sons and daughters when they most need us.  Mr Minister, implement this clause to protect our sons, daughters, fathers and mothers from this bureaucratic stupidity that is killing the cream of our country. After all, The Privacy Act was never meant to do harm.

Mark Addison
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Petitioning Malcolm Turnbull

An online predator murdered my 15yr old daughter - introduce Carly's Law now

My 15yr old daughter was the first child murdered by an online predator in Australia – after a paedophile spent 18 months grooming her. But it’s still not a crime for monsters like this to pretend to be a minor online in Australia. Carly's killer masqueraded as a teenage boy before luring her to a secluded beach - he bashed and suffocated her face, then threw her into the water to drown. I could barely listen when I was read the court reports. This predator had 200 fake online identities to groom teenage girls for sex. My daughter had such a big heart and a bright future. She was so robbed of her life. It's a disgrace that Senators voted against a law to fix this in the past. I’m sickened by our legal system’s failure to recognise this crime, as well as the appallingly weak sentencing for child sex offenders. I’m calling on Malcolm Turnbull & Bill Shorten to immediately commit to ‘Carly’s Law’ – a law that would make it illegal for adults to misrepresent their age to minors online for the purpose of grooming with the intent to meet that child.

Sonya Ryan
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Petitioning Malcolm Turnbull, Bill Shorten

The Family Law System gave convicted sex offender access to my little girl– now she’s dead

My teenage daughter committed suicide after the Family Law System allowed her father, a convicted child sex offender, access to her when she was just a child. The Family Court System failed my little girl. And they failed me, a protective mother, who in my attempt to protect my children from contact with their abusive father, faced being dismissed as a ‘hysterical woman’ and a ‘vindictive wife’.   How can this happen? The legal system, designed to protect vulnerable children, is instead allowing them access to convicted sex offenders and exposing them to further assaults. The family law policy of wanting kids to have a “meaningful relationship with both parents” drove the decision making that would eventually lead to the death of my darling girl. I can’t describe the pain of losing her - it’s been 3 years since she died. She was just 17 and such a loving and caring daughter and friend. It makes me physically sick to imagine what she went through. In 2002, Abbey's father was charged with the sexual assault of her 8-year-old best friend and sent to jail for a pathetic two years. The abuse occurred at regular sleepovers.    I’m desperate to fight for children and parents who’ve been grossly let down by the dysfunction of the Family Court System. The Court restricts children from doctor and counselling visits during legal proceedings, discounts their word against a parent's, views reports of sexual assault as vindictive and favours the most financially stable parent. It’s shameful and dangerous. My darling daughter had her whole life ahead of her, but by adding your name to this petition, we can bring about change for other kids. I am supporting Bravehearts call for a Royal Commission into the Family Law System of Australia to examine their damaging failings in protecting our children. It follows a report by Bravehearts which  highlights the failings of the Family Law System. It’s called Abbey’s Project. This will be Abbey’s legacy.

Gill _
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Petitioning Malcolm Turnbull

Ban Live Export.

I started this petition because I have seen a lot of evidence involving incredibly cruel acts  on livestock that leave Australian Soil.  If we do not speak up and take action these horrendous acts will continue. The latest pictures I have seen involve cows being hit numerous times on the head with a sledgehammer. I have seen video footage of cows and sheep having their throat cut without being sedated before the slaughter. The look in the eyes of these animals is heartbreaking and WE need to make sure there is NO live export and animals that are to be slaughtered are sedated prior to the kill. I'm not going to post videos or pictures, because believe me they are something NO one should ever have to see. So PLEASE sign this petition, I'm not asking a lot and it will take 3-5 minutes out of your life   THANK YOU.

Lisa Elliott
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Petitioning Malcolm Turnbull

Malcolm Turnbull and Sussan Ley: Don't let me and other rare cancer sufferers die waiting for life-saving drugs

Getting sick wasn’t the plan. I’d just got married and now I’m 26 and battling an aggressive rare blood cancer. I’d been told the only treatment that’ll save my life is unavailable to me - despite being listed on the PBS for other Australian cancer patients. I’m being kept alive by a drug called Crizotinib - but it costs an impossible $7,500 per month. But the hardest thing to stomach is that I'd only be charged $37.70 if I didn’t have my particular “rare” type of cancer.  I’m worried - the tumours have crept back 4 times in 18 months, each more threatening than the last. I’m terrified for the future - Crizotinib’s the only drug that’s started to help but the crowd funding I’ve relied on from Rare Cancers Australia is about to run out.  I don't understand how two cancer sufferers could be prescribed the same miracle treatment - but because mine is "rare" I'm punished. It's just so cruel - my husband and I were meant to be starting an adventure together, now I'm just battling month by month to be here. Please, Sussan Ley, there are 42,000 Australians diagnosed with rare cancer every year. We are asking you to end the inequality of access to PBS lifesaving treatments for rare cancer patients so that the many others like me can have a shot at getting better.  Thank you  Jess Pereira PS – to find out more on how you can help me afford my life saving treatment each month please click here. 

Jess Pereira
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