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The L'Oréal Group is a French cosmetics and beauty company, headquartered in Clichy, Hauts-de-Seine. It is the world's largest cosmetics company, and has a registered office in Paris.

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Petitioning Vodafone España

Pide a los anunciantes de Telecinco que retiren su publicidad #TodosconPablo

Pablo Herreros se mojó para evitar el pago a criminales y sus familiares en la televisión. Ahora Telecinco sorprendentemente quiere hacérselo pagar. Telecinco ha puesto una querella por amenazas y coacciones contra Pablo Herreros por la campaña que lanzó para pedir a los anunciantes del programa La Noria que retirasen su publicidad, tras ver en ese programa a la madre del Cuco, uno de los implicados en el asesinato de Marta del Castillo, a la que pagaron 10.000 por esa entrevista. Además de su progenitora, Rosalía García era responsable civil de su hijo, que en aquel momento era menor. Pablo fue valiente y dio la cara para denunciar ese hecho, para evitar el dolor de familias como la de Marta, para conseguir un poco de ética en los contenidos de la televisión. Muchas personas le secundamos y avalamos. Y ahora Telecinco, parte de uno de los mayores grupos de comunicación de Europa, parece querer vengarse contra una persona que simplemente denunció lo que le pareció injusto. Conozco a Pablo desde hace muchos años. Sé que un hombre bueno, y como su padre, es un luchador por la justicia. Telecinco quiere acallar su voz y no debemos permitírselo. Por eso quiero pedirte que firmes esta petición y pidas a las principales marcas que se anuncian en la cadena -L'Oreal, P&G, Ferrero, García Carrión, Carrefour etc -que hagan ver a Telecinco lo terriblemente injusto de esta acción y que retiren su publicidad hasta que Telecinco retire la querella contra Pablo. Estas marcas no pueden contribuir a financiar a una cadena que acosa a los ciudadanos que luchan por un mundo mejor, no pueden dar ni un euro más a quienes quieren poner el dinero por delante de la moral, no pueden contribuir con su publicidad al linchamiento de una persona buena como Pablo. Firma esta petición y difunde la campaña. El año pasado, 30.000 personas conseguimos que todas las marcas se retirasen de La Noria. Ahora necesitamos una ola aún mayor, cientos de miles de personas que hagan entender a las marcas que no deben financiar una gran cadena que quiere aplastar a la persona que se rebeló contra ella.

Mario Tascón
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Make all products made by L'Oreal, Maybelline, and it's partners CRUELTY-FREE

 "L'oreal has been included on PETA’s list of companies that test on animals for many years because it refused to adopt a company-wide policy against tests on animals for both its ingredients and finished products, and because it sells cosmetics products in China that are required by law to be tested on animals by government agencies. In order to be listed as “cruelty-free” with PETA (and be included on our list of companies that do not test on animals) a company must agree that it does not and will not conduct, commission pay for, or allow tests on animals for any of their ingredients, formulations, and products, anywhere in the world. Over the years, L’Oreal has made positive progress and taken important steps towards ending tests on animals for its products. The company adopted a policy not to test its “finished products” on animals, and eventually adopted a policy not to test its products’ ingredients on animals. The company has also contributed significant resources to the research and development of non-animal test methods to replace some of the cruel and outdated animal test methods currently still in use. L’Oreal has also established a robust presence in China to advocate for the government to end its requirements for tests on animals for cosmetics sold there.  We applaud L’Oreal for its commitment to and progress in ending tests on animals and promoting non-animal test methods, yet L’Oreal is not eligible to be included on PETA’s cruelty-free list. L’Oreal still chooses to sell cosmetics in China that are required by law to be tested on animals. While the Chinese government has relaxed some of the provisions of their animal testing requirements for cosmetics, it still requires that cosmetics companies pay for painful and deadly tests on animals in order to sell certain types of cosmetics. Although some of L’Oreal’s products currently being sold in China may no longer be subject to the requirements for tests on animals, L’Oreal admits that some of the products it sells there are required by law to be tested on animals. L’Oreal’s carefully-worded policy statement only claims that the company itself does not conduct tests on animals; L’Oreal does not deny that it pays the Chinese government to test its products on animals.  We’ve worked with many compassionate companies that have either withdrawn from the Chinese market or refused to sell in China until the country’s requirements for tests on animals for cosmetics are lifted. We urge L’Oreal to join these companies by taking an uncompromising stance on this issue and withdrawing from the Chinese market until tests on animals for its products are no longer required." Via: "They sell their products in China, where animal testing is mandatory for foreign cosmetics. Because of this, Maybelline isn't considered to be a cruelty-free brand. Its parent company L'Oreal shares the same policy." Via : Crueltyfreekitty.com We would like to see these massive companies stop testing on animals and stop partners and suppliers from being involved as well.

Lyndie Salo
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Makeup Companies: Save Orangutans and Go Sustainable

The world today is becoming more eco-conscious and aware of climate change. One thing, however, is being hidden. Hidden behind food labels and morphed into different words, behind everything we own, is palm oil. It may seem harmless, but the extraction and production of this fruit is far from that. The problem is that how it is being extracted is accounting for species endangerment, deforestation, air and water pollution, and climate change. Changing the extraction of palm fruit to a more sustainable method is crucial in saving species, forests, and the Earth. To create a palm oil plantation, hundreds of thousands of acres of Rainforest land is burned down contributing to climate change through the adding of CO2 into the atmosphere. Species of orangutans, Sumatran, Bornean, and the newly discovered Tapanuli, are all endangered and critically endangered at just 104,700 Bornean’s, 7,500 Sumatran’s, and 800 Tapanuli’s in the world due partly to the Palm Oil Industry. Even with orangutans’ critical status, according to the Orangutan Foundation International, “every year it is estimated that between 1,000 to 5,000 orangutans are killed in Palm Oil concessions." Additionally, it is stated that “approximately 2,000-3,000 Bornean orangutans were killed every year in the past four decades alone, representing a loss of more than 50% of the original population in just 40 years” (Orangutan Foundation). The simple solution to the crisis of palm oil is not to eradicate the practice completely because this avoidance might cause more harm than good. If a transition from palm oil to a different oil were to occur, individuals might see the same detrimental effects on the environment and new species that is seen with palm oil. The most effective solution is to make this practice 100% sustainable and ensure that the palm oil is coming from a company that is not committing deforestation and not harming the well being of wildlife. Essentially, sustainable palm oil will produce a harmonic balance between meeting the needs of humans while also taking the needs of the environment and its species into account. The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) is one of the leading organizations that push countries and other businesses to go sustainable. Actions like signing this petition will grow the voice of orangutan's and endangered species everywhere due to palm oil. It is said that by 2050, half of the Earth's species will go extinct. Half. That's a scary thought to think one day the last orangutan will give its last breath along with millions of other species. You can stop this by taking action now. The orangutans and other species are counting on us. We've created the problem, now it's time to fix it.  

Angela West
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Second Step In Abolishing Child Slavery & Carbon Emitting Deforestation in Palm Oil Farms

I request, no I Demand that the production of palm oil be free of child slavery and slash and burn . . . or illegal. As a youth of this generation, I want to hand down to my kids a cleaner earth than was handed down to me. I do not want my kids to know that every minute, 5 football field sized swaths of rainforest are burned to the ground due to palm oil. I do not want my kids to know that the reason their PB&J sandwich is creamy is that 25% of that peanut butter is made from an ingredient that drives orangutangs to extinction. I do not want the today's supermarket to be full of this cancerous ingredient, causing a health hazard to all that digest it. This petition is demanding that all products that use palm oil either 1: Find a replacement 2: Abolish slavery and slash and burn during the production and processing of their palm oil.  This is "step two" in helping take palm oil out of our products. As of January 1st, 2017, I have received almost two thousand signatures against palm oil in step one that demands that palm oil products list this clearly on all packaging. If you want to protect beautiful species that are on the brink of extinction, protect you and your family from harmful products in your food, stop child slavery, and help save our planet, this is one step towards that goal.

Tal D
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