Remove Amber Heard as L'Oreal Spokesperson

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Amber Heard, for years now has been claiming to be the victim of abuse from her husband Johnny Depp. In light of recently leaked recorded sessions between Ms. Heard and Mr. Depp, it has come to the attention of many that it was in fact the other way around. 

Ms. Heard has no behaviours common with those of a person who has been the victim of domestic abuse. She is known to be an ambassador for women's rights and for speaking against domestic violence, but has ultimately committed "me too" fraud. 

If roles were reversed, Mr. Depp would have (and has had) many of his, if not all of his roles, and sponsorships taken away. Why should this be any different in the case of Ms. Heard, as it now known who the true abuser is?

L'Oreal, it is time to remove Amber Heard as a spokesperson for your products. She has misrepresented herself, the "me too" movement, and should in no way be in a leadership position, or viewed as a role model for girls and women.