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Every Day helpless endangered animals are being murdered for trophies and pictures. There is a genocide happening against beautiful life. They didn't ask to die for fun and to be paraded around as trophied lifeless bodies shown on images as victims of murder. I ask LinkedIn to remove and restrict such images from being posted and to ban members who continue to post such atrocities for promoting such activity. The majority of these activities are illegal, inhumane. We have enough evil taking place in the world, so let's speak up for these animals who are unable to advocate for themselves and their rights. Please sign this petition to give animals a voice and it would be very much appreciated if PETA will also support this cause. LinkedIn, please do the right thing and help stop this! Even if it saves only one animal's life in the future, it is worth it.  Christina Kitova

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Petitioning NEW YORK TIMES, Washington Post, News Corp., LinkedIn, FOX News, CNN, Yahoo, William K Rashbaum, Jose Pagliery, Bill Hutchinson, Aruna Viswanatha, Bob Van Voris

LinkedIn must immediately take action, close fake accounts, stop anonymous browsing, prevent harassment and enforce strict penalties on violations.

If LinkedIn acts to form reasonable protections for its members they will increase member's safety worldwide.  Is this issue important to LinkedIn? With so many loopholes that enable predators and make victims more vulnerable the answer appears to be no.  The consequences of fake accounts harm LinkedIn and its members.  LinkedIn's solution was to allow members to block up to 50 accounts.  This has not abated problems. LinkedIn can not prevent every single fake account from being formed on its platform but it must do much more. LinkedIn must end anonymous browsing in its current form and allow members choices, like the option, "Block all anonymous browsing."  For example a premium subscription add on that allows members the freedom to select what type of searches can be performed on their profiles would dramatically help members who are victims of stalkers.  The add on premium blocking selections could vary from anyone searching your profile, to only your network, to verified recruiters, to no one private or semi-private.  A new premium tool, even if it is fee based, would be a good faith effort to make a reasonable solution to a growing problem. The blocking add on would likely result in curtailing fraud, impersonation and stalking.  Moreover this could be measured and quantifiable through the year over year data of recorded complaints for trolling and stalking.    LinkedIn's success is actually part of the problem. With incredible growth comes higher levels of danger.  When this petition was first created LinkedIn was 259+ million member platform, it is now a 414+ million member platform.  The number 1 non-violent crime is identity theft.  414 million is a treasure trove of temptations for criminals.  This petition is not seeking the elimination of every single fake account.  Nevertheless LinkedIn is not aggressive enough in deterring fake accounts, and finding existing ones to shut down.  LinkedIn needs to do much more to locate and eliminate existing fake accounts thus stopping a means for a predator to use LinkedIn for nefarious purposes.  LinkedIn must allow members the choice to block searches of their profiles from private (anonymous) and semi-private viewing.  Members have the ability to make their own profile private however a fake account need only to be a 2nd connection and will still be able to view your profile regardless if it is private or public.  Let's remember if you need to make your profile private it means you are letting the stalker win as those looking to potentially hire you may not find your profile.   See the link to the article below about a NJ woman who made a fake Facebook profile.  That the act alone could be illegal as a form of impersonation. Fake accounts have gotten out of hand.  LinkedIn filed suit against 1000's of fake accounts in an effort to attain the fake account holder’s true identity. LinkedIn’s policies towards stopping fake accounts are not strong enough nor proactive enough or they would not have filed a lawsuit complaining about 1000’s of fake accounts created by bots on their own platform.  The suit stand as an admission of LinkedIn’s failure with our safety as 1000's of fake accounts should have been prevented from being created.  A blocking feature of anonymous (private) profile searches would act as a deterrent to stalking, trolling and fake accounts. There is a need a for LinkedIn to at least offer this feature and allow members the right to choose.  Don't you deserve the right to choose?  Apple has made a stance for individual's privacy why can't LinkedIn stand for our right to choose?  Nearly all other social media platforms offer expanded blocking.  Why is it that LinkedIn does not care about such an important issue? In the suit LinkedIn filed it indicated that it was harmed by fake accounts through the act of trespass (on page 15 of the complaint, Count 5, Case No. CV 14-0068 filed in U.S. District Court, Northern District of California (San Francisco)).  If this allegation is true every member that had a fake or anonymous account view their profile has been trespassed against. LinkedIn claims in their complaint that through these trespasses it has suffered irreparable harm.  That sounds very serious. If this is true then the same has occurred for millions of other LinkedIn members on its platform.   Even if the new blocking feature was a paid option, how can LinkedIn deny the blocking of anonymous viewing?  Can LI demonstrate that there has never been an instance when anonymous viewing caused harm to a member?  Never!  LI's market cap is $15 billion with around $3 billion in cash on hand.  LI should have dedicated teams working around the clock to shut down fake accounts and stalking issues. The cost benefit analysis is clear, investing in the protection of its members and platform vs doing nothing and witness the erosion of member's trust and the loss of LI's platform integrity. Can LI afford to lose your trust?  LI's most valuable asset is its platform.  Why doesn't LI identify the number of fake accounts it closes.   The explosion of fake accounts on the LI platform demonstrates a lack of due diligence in the verification process when a LinkedIn account is created.  All new accounts should require a verified email, phone number and credit card even for a free account.  If no credit card exist a viable secondary option should be available like providing a driver's license number or refundable PayPal account payment of $1. We can all do something about fake accounts today!  If you see an account that is fake you have the ability to report it on LinkedIn.  LinkedIn will close accounts from these reports. LinkedIn must take massive action now.  Many individuals enjoy LinkedIn and find it helpful in their lives and have landed amazing jobs using LI.  It has value that transcends the power of the resume and is what makes LI a great tool. At the same time a dark cloud is hovering over the platform through a rising number of bad apples trolling LI. Bolstered detection systems, to deter, prevent and eliminate fake accounts must be implemented. Is it fair for that the majority of fake account closings to come from member's complaints?  Is it fair that members do more to locate and alert LinkedIn of active fake accounts then LinkedIn does on its own? LI should create a Committee of experienced LI members solely to make suggestions and report on safety solutions that could enhance and protect its member's experience.  LinkedIn has a great product unlike anything else out there.  Fake accounts and anonymous browsing are on the rise and stand to stifle LI's growth and progress. It's time we all take back control of our LI profile and platform, please sign and share the petition on all your social media feed.  Please let as many people as possible know of the changes we are trying to bring about.  Together we can make a difference and change things for the better!!!  Carpe Diem

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Place Republic of Kosovo on the Country List

The initiative is important for people of Republic of Kosovo, so they are able to best represent themselves and their correct location ,and also for the LinkedIn platform since this correction would improve communication and help business community identify potential leads for Kosovo.

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Petitioning Facebook, Twitter, Inc, LinkedIn

We need to get lifeguards at Carmel Beach CA

A lot of people want to have lifeguards at the major swimming beaches. I think we need lifeguards on Carmel beach. We need them there because people swim at that beach because it is the safest beach around. Even though it is, no beach is safe. I have a friend whose name is Lance. We were at Carmel Beach together, and we were paddling out on an average day. I paddled out on a surfboard, but Lance paddled out with no board. He just swam out to body surf. We were out and I noticed that we were drifting away from our parents, and we were in a pretty strong rip current. I told Lance to swim to the left (the direction our parents were), but he couldn’t. I told him a few more times but he still didn’t paddle to the left. My mom was signaling for us to come into shore. I started paddling not looking back, but I didn’t see that Lance couldn’t get back to shore. My mom saw that Lance couldn’t get back to shore, so she told me to paddle back out and bring the board to him. I started running but then she stopped me. She told me not to go in. I asked why, but she didn’t answer. My mom started calling 911. Two junior lifeguard graduates dove into the water and swam out to save Lance. I sprinted down the beach and told a surfer getting out of the water, about our situation. Everything was going crazy! People were crowding around where Lance was stuck. We heard the sirens of the ambulances and coastal emergency people’s cars. As soon as the people got there Lance, the surfer, and the Junior Lifeguard graduates came, dragging themselves out of the water. Lance was in a spring suit and he had been in the water for almost 15 minutes, so he was really cold. He couldn’t stand out in the water either. His mom was surprisingly calm, and so was Lance. He came out fine, but scarred for life. He was very shaken by this occasion. The worst part was it was two days before his beach birthday party. Plus he and I are only eleven. More reasons I think we should get a lifeguard at Carmel Beach are that waves can go from two feet, to six feet in minutes. There are also a lot of kids and tourists that have no clue how to recognize or get out of a riptide. If people start swimming, in six foot waves,breaking a hundred yards out, in a strong riptide without a board. That is basically a recipe for death!  I think we need a full time lifeguard, or lifeguards. I think Carmel Beach needs a lifeguard station like at Banzai Pipeline in Oahu Hawaii. We need a little lifeguard station with multiple lifeguards, and surfboards so they can paddle out and save people. There are starting to be a lot of surfers at Carmel Beach too. More people, means more danger.   Now, I’m not saying close the beach down or anything. I’m just saying people would be much more comfortable if there were lifeguards at Carmel Beach. I know that because I’m an avid surfer and bodyboarder. I know I'm only eleven, but I think this petition could work. Thank you, and please consider this petition. 

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LinkedIn:allow all users to block people from viewing profiles whenever in private mode

"I think LinkedIn should allow all users to block people from viewing profiles if they are in private mode . It isn't fair that they can conceal their identity and yet I can't choose to let someone like that review my profile. The idea behind LinkedIn is so that we can network, if we are allowing people to go into stealth mode then I should have the ability to block those types of uses."  so far LinkedIn's solution is--- by upgrading to premium account.   shouldn't be so.  please vote for this to be changed in LinkedIn website. Thank you!  

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Petitioning Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Inc

Make CBI probe on mysterious death of IAS officer D K Ravi - JUSTICE FOR DK RAVI

A person was born in 1979 He became IAS in 2009 Appointed as DC for Kolar Who proved as eminent and honest person He was against Land mafia and Sand mafia Who gained people trust Simple man who used to stay in common man's home and have food irrespective of caste or status Who was transferred to banglore as commissioner for tax But KOLAR people opposed the transfer He has lakhs of fans in Kolar.. The Sad news came that this guy has comitted suicide in Prestige apartments near to Kormangala Which is Shocking and very much disturbing.... He is none other than i would call him a TIGER Mr. D.K. RAVI He has trained many IAS aspirants free of cost We miss u sir, u r our great inspiration, may ur soul rest in peace Ravi DK - IAS.............. A murder not suicideClick the below link and invite all your friends to like this page to make its presence felt all over globe. Lets us together raise our voice against this; Let us urge the state government to hand over the case to CBI for the further investigation. The culprits should be arrested at the earliest. Lets us urge the central government to interfere in the case and make sure the justice is not denied. DK Ravi was born in 1979 He became IAS in 2009 Appointed as DC for Kolar Who proved as eminent and honest person He was against Land mafia and Sand mafia Who gained people trust Simple man who used to stay in common man's home and have food irrespective of caste or status Who was transferred to Bengaluru as commissioner for tax But KOLAR people opposed the transfer He has lakhs of fans in Kolar and all over the state. He has collected 129 crores tax within span of 4 months in Bengaluru against MANTRI, DS MAX, CONFIDENT, RAJESH JEWELS, List goes on. But on 16th March a Sad news came that this Brave Lion has committed suicide in Prestige apartments near to Koramangala, Bengaluru, which smells fishy. So we request you to make probe on his mysterious death and give justice to him and his fellow followers. Ravi DK - IAS.............. A murder not suicideClick the below link and invite all your friends to like this page to make its presence felt all over globe. Courtesy :- "HAMARA BIDAR" Join us on facebook here:- Like us on facebook here:- Follow us on twitter here :-  

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Petitioning Google, Cisco, Facebook, LinkedIn, And other companies that are looking to buy land in the silicon valley and build there

Companies: Go Somewhere Else

One of the most tech influential place in the US is the Silicon Valley. This area includes most of the South Bay. This area stretches from San Mateo to the lower regions of Sunnyvale. In this place, tech companies and other major companies dominate the market. Companies like Google, Amazon, Netflix, HP, Dell, Microsoft,  Cisco, Apple, LinkedIn and Adobe are just some of the big towering giants in this area. Having these companies has created some benefits like raising money for schools, higher education, more money for the city, and most of all, the fundraising and tech benefits coming from donations of big companies like Apple and Google. Big companies like them are easily able to make time for some presentations and demonstrations at local schools. However, over a period of time, people started to see the drawbacks. Before the major companies arrived in the Silicon valley, there were lots of Orchards and farmland. We owe a huge favor to the tech industry for making this place booming with inventions, but we cannot allow more companies to come into this area and establish their headquarters. One of the main consequences of having more companies coming into the Silicon Valley is that it creates a rising market (meaning that it increases in prices). Houses and other apartments have been affected by this huge increase in prices. In Los Altos average looking home values have gone up to around 3 or 4 million dollars, where in other areas, the same house would have gone for under $500,000. Financially, most people cannot support themselves if they moved from other states. That's why people have been pushed away from living in this area. The comment sections of many articles about the Silicon Valley have interesting points of views. For example in the comment section of an article titling "Silicon Valley Housing Prices are so Insane That These Teardowns All Cost More Than $1 Million", East Bay says "My wife and I spent a solid three months looking at properties on the Peninsula. We couldn't find anything that was move-in ready for less than 1.2 million, and for that money you were getting a very modest 2 or 3 bedroom that still needed some work. We spent one week-end looking in the East Bay, and looked at multiple properties that sat on half an acre of land or more, and had 3 to 4 bedrooms, and were overall nicer homes for under a million. We wound up buying one of these homes, and couldn't be happier. This limits our future ability to work at companies on the Peninsula, but our overall quality of life should be higher". More and more people are unable to afford the cost of living in this area because of the rising markets created by companies that migrate into the Silicon Valley. People being pushed away is not the only consequence of having these companies moving in. Another consequence is that there has been a wealth discontinuity created by the aggressive and overly competitive companies that separates the people working in the Silicon Valley and the people outside of the Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley's average household income is $94,572 while it towers over the whole country average which is $52,000 annually. Although this doesn't seem like much, but take into consideration that this was the average of all the people living in the area with about 5% unemployment. The average income for a particular city in the Silicon Valley IE. Los Altos has an average household income of about $160,000. As you can see the competition in this area is too crazy, families that cannot afford this are either forced to leave or find another way to live. There have been many stories reported in the local news about people in this area that are forced to live in tiny garages raising their family because of the harsh pressures of not having a high paying tech job. For most people, its not too easy living in this area thinking that someday you will be pushed out by the rising markets and the companies that have destroyed your life. Instead of creating a society where the rich only get richer and the poor only get poorer, we should be helping the poor and equalizing the rich. San Jose has the largest unsheltered homeless people living in this area.  About 8000 people are homeless.  The problem with these companies coming here is that they dont realize the long term consequence for all the people living in the area. We need to be raising awareness of this issue. Pressuring City Council to stand up for the people and say no to companies looking to build here. Companies should be expanding the Silicon Valley to all parts of the country, not just be focused on one specific location.

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Petitioning LinkedIn

LinkedIn Needs to Add a Feature to Allow Users to Remove Themselves From a Mass Message

Since LinkedIn has began to allow LinkedIn users to send a message to hundreds of people and anyone can add more connections to a conversation, LinkedIn has failed to provide a way to LEAVE THE CONVERSATION. Everytime someone responds to the mass conversation I get a notification of a new message in my LinkedIn mailbox. I can "mute" a conversation but it's not really muted. I get a notification of a new response to a conversation that has hundreds of people in it and anyone can add more people to the conversation. It's an UNWANTED message and most of the messages are people getting mad that they're getting more messages. LinkedIn, you need to make a way to allow people to remove themselves from a conversation just like you allow anyone to add a connection to a conversation. You need to make this change ASAP because people are taking advantage and abusing the functions of adding people to a conversation.

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  • Hi everyone, my name is Paul Rockwell, and I head up Trust & Safety at LinkedIn. We know members have requested a blocking feature on LinkedIn. I come to you today to assure you that your concerns were heard loud and clear. We built this feature not only because it was a feature our members requested, but because we also knew it was the right thing to do. I’m pleased to share that we are rolling out a new Member Blocking feature today to all LinkedIn members. While on the surface this may seem like a simple feature to develop, it was not. There were many different use cases to consider, products and features to integrate, as well as a user interface we had to create. In addition to Member Blocking, there are also a number of other LinkedIn settings that you may want to consider such as: • Disconnecting - This provides you with the ability to remove any existing connection to another member in your network. • Customize Your Public Profile - This provides you with control over the profile content that's discoverable by search engines. • Activity Broadcasts - This provides you with control whether others can see updates to your profile, recommendations made and companies followed. • Photo Visibility - This provides you with control over who can see your profile photo. • Profile Viewing – This alters what others see when you visit their profile. Before you decide to block another member, we recommend you enable anonymous profile viewing (the last bullet listed above). For an overview of our new Member Blocking feature, which includes a link to the instructions on how to block, visit our Safety Center here: We remain committed to providing our members with a safe experience, and welcome any feedback you would like to share with us. Thanks again, Paul

    — LinkedIn