COVID-19 Awards

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How about that next year we don’t hear about the Brit or Soap awards, or Any other awards. We don’t want to see a single, actor, actress, singer, celebrity or sports person on any red carpet!!!
Next year let’s see Nurses, Doctors, Ambulance Crews, Scientists, Health Care Support Workers, Pharmacists, Doctors & Dentists, Community Volunteers, School Teachers, learning support assistants, reception staff, Teachers, Cleaners, Petrol attendants, Taxi Operators, Security Guards, Police officers, Fire Fighters, Soldiers, Armed Forces, Supply Chain, Financial Sector, Utility workers, phone and internet providers, Shop & Farm Workers, Prison officers, Social workers, Public Transport & Railway Workers, Truck Drivers, all Essential Workers, Refuse Collectors, Grocery Store Workers, Sailors and merchant mariners, Chefs, Funeral directors, morgue professionals, body preparers, grave diggers, Public transport drivers Construction & Factory workers, Payroll people, Vets, Engineers and Technicians having free red carpet parties with awards. If this doesn’t happen it will be the biggest injustice ever.

A massive thank you! All of you that are working hard to keep our families safe and allow us to have food on our table..