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Kelly O'Dwyer: don’t allow paedophiles to avoid paying victims compensation

The ex-Bega Cheese CEO, Maurice Van Ryn, sexually assaulted my children over a number of years. This predator was sentenced to 18 years jail — but now he may successfully avoid paying compensation to his 9 victims. My children need constant psychological care to heal the wounds caused by this man. And all his victims need to be able to access ongoing, specialist support. But the former multi-millionaire CEO is using an absurd law that means he can avoid paying victims compensation from money sitting in his self-managed superannuation account. Under current Australian Superannuation Legislation, a person cannot be forced to draw down upon their superannuation. Even if a court orders Van Ryn to compensate his victims, he can legally refuse to use his superannuation to do so. It means he’s able to protect his fortune while leaving his victims to suffer further without compensation. Surely those who wrote the Superannuation Act and the politicians that voted on it never expected it be used as a mechanism for paedophiles to hide their money and avoid compensating their victims? These laws can be changed to deal with such injustices; in recent years laws were changed to give access to superannuation in divorce settlements. We need your help. My children and other victims of this predator need on-going care and compensation — I’m asking Kelly O’Dwyer to change the law so the rights of child sexual offenders aren’t put ahead of their victims. Please sign and share our petition today to help get justice for our families. Thank you. Ken (pseudonym required due to court non-publication orders)Father of Van Ryn Victims

Ken Steele
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Kelly O'Dwyer: Protect Aussies against ludicrous insurance fees with price comparison site

Lack of price transparency in home and car insurance is seeing rates soar eight times faster than wages. It’s time for the Government to give people a chance – by ending the ludicrous pricing systems leaving consumers vulnerable and unprotected. I'm the Public Defender at the Daily Telegraph, and today I'm launching this petition to demand action for consumers. The power is currently in the hands of insurers and not the consumer — we need a national, Government-run, public price comparison site to put an end to this. Aussies can compare energy and health insurance pricing online, but not home and car. Private price comparison websites compare only a fraction of the market because of the refusal of many insurers to release pricing data - but a Government-run site would end this. A government minister has even proposed this change in the past, but now needs to be adopted by Kelly O'Dwyer. Every Aussie needs home and care insurance — but soaring prices are leaving them under insured. It’s dangerous and unfair. Please add your signature and SHARE — Federal Government put an end to price gouging for home and car insurance industry, launch a national government comparison website.

John Rolfe
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Help us help Will Cookesley

Most of you who are reading this will be aware of the hardships Will has faced in the last 22 months, that's 691 days.  Our story is long. It began on 01.01.2016 when a 27-year-old fit, healthy, ambitious, hardworking, happy, successful bloke had a tragic accident. He fell from a balcony of over 4 metres in height directly on to his head. He suffered a diffuse, axonal, severe traumatic brain injury. He required immediate surgery to release the swelling of his brain, where they remove the skull. And at the same time, they attempted to repair the numerous facial and head fractures which took over 8 hours. At the end of the surgery, they gave him a 50/50 chance of survival. He spent 3 weeks in ICU in a coma of which he remained in a vegetative state for 9 months on the neurological ward at the Alfred Hospital. 9 months of hell. 9 months of surgeries, infections, admissions to the ICU, spasticity casting on his legs, arms and fingers for contractures, many many invasive procedures and operations to try and save his life. Followed by 10 months of tireless, painful, arduous therapy at the Acquired Brain Injury Unit at the Caulfield Hospital, and most recently, relentless, continuous, and progressive rehab in the Transitional Living Service that is affiliated with the Caulfield Hospital. Now, as if he hasn't gone through enough we face one of our biggest battles yet.  The Australian Government is in the process of changing their disability funding from The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). But due to the enormity of the transition, they are rolling it out in stages for different councils. Stonnington Council has not yet rolled out to the NDIS. Residents in the Stonnington Council, who were not already funded through the DHHS and have since suffered an injury or illness that has resulted in permanent disability, WILL NOT BE FUNDED until after April 2018. After April 2018, those waiting for funds will wait months to be given a care plan meeting date. Then after the meeting date, a care plan meeting will then take time to process, funds will be then be allocated and we will then wait for the funds to be cleared. This could take us until late 2018. 12 months of waiting.  Our battle? Will is waiting for discharge from his current accommodation at the Transitional Living Service into the community. But we have no access to funding for his next step. As we all know Will has made such incredible progress living in this type of supported accommodation and it has been recommended by all of his Doctors and Allied Health Professionals that Will must progress on to similar support in order for his recovery and rehabilitation to continue.  In order to get funding prior to the NDIS rolling out late next year, you can apply to the DHHS for Disability Support Register to fund will in advance. But, as you can imagine, this in itself is a long and arduous procedure so, therefore, we need our local MP Kelly O'Dwyer to advocate for Will and contact any necessary party involved in the DSR and DHHS so that we can get funding for Will.  WHY WE NEED FUNDING? - ACCOMMODATIONCurrently, Will has no funding for any accommodation for people with disabilities. He cannot return to his apartment as there is no rental assistance to pay his mortgage (as he cannot work) and there is no funding to fund attendant carers to care for him in that environment. It is highly recommended that patients like Will don't return to their parent's house after brain injuries as it inhibits rehab progression and it also makes future accommodation funding requests harder to get (Specialist Disability Accommodation, SDA) - CARE We have no access to care funding whatsoever. The only option is that Mum; Jane, becomes FULL TIME carer with no assistance. - THERAPYWill will have no access to any therapy funding in order to participate in physio, OT, speech therapy, neuropsych, hydrotherapy, etc all necessary at this critical stage in his recovery WHAT CAN YOU DO? You can sign this petition!!! You can contact Kelly O'Dwyer on behalf of our family.OrYou could put us in contact with anyone you may know within our Local Council or anyone you may know in the DHHS WHY? So that Kelly O'Dwyer and the DHHS can see the rally of support behind Will and advocate on behalf of him to grant him DSR funding through the DHHS whilst we wait for the NDIS roll out. Will and the Cookesley's have not tirelessly faught for over 691 days, 22 months, to end up at our critical stage in recovery, like this. If you are in the position to donate financially please visit our GoFundMe page we have set up for Will. Please also note that by donating directly to it is not a donation to Will. It is a donation to to promote our petition to wider communities. If you would like to donate directly to Will please use the link above. Many thanks.  

Luci Cookesley
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Amend egg production laws in Australia - put an end to the horrific killing of baby chicks

Did you know that every year in Australia, around 12 million baby chicks are killed in the first day of their lives, as waste products of the Australian egg industry? Did you know that since only female chickens lay eggs, male chicks who have no commercial value to the egg industry are routinely gassed or - horrifically - placed on a conveyor belt and ground up alive in mass killings? While many of us nowadays are aware of varying hen housing conditions and aim to buy free-range eggs from supermarkets, the inhumane treatment of chicks is something rarely made known. As a result, few of us in society are aware that even the most well-intentioned purchase of ethically endorsed eggs contributes to the cruel and torturous slaughter of these little chicks. Our egg systems are faced with a universal 'problem' when it comes to the hatching of chicks raised for egg laying. Put simply, current demand for eggs in Australia can only be met by factory farming and because of this, chicks are considered only as a means for profit. If they are not of value, they are killed in these brutal ways. Please  take a stand now - sign this petition and plead with our government to amend the current legislation that exists. We not only need to eliminate these cruel practices but enforce change that holds farmers ethically accountable as well as allows consumers to clearly be aware of what happens behind closed doors.  For more information about how to make ethical choices and be more informed, please visit:

Jamie Pantsaras
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Pass Australian Glass-Steagall Bill to break up the banks

To the Commonwealth Parliament: Pass Australian Glass-Steagall Bill to break up the banks The Financial Services Royal Commission’s exposure of banking misconduct and crimes proves that the banks must be broken up. Traditional commercial banking, of taking deposits and making loans, should not mix with investment banking, insurance, stock broking, funds management, financial advice, superannuation, hedge funds and private equity funds. These activities expose banks and their deposits to risks, and their cross-promotion by banks is a conflict of interest that makes customers vulnerable to exploitation. Australia needs a Glass-Steagall separation of commercial banks from all other financial activities. The USA’s Glass-Steagall Act protected Americans from financial crises for the 66 years it was in force, from 1933 to 1999. Parliament must pass the Australian Glass-Steagall legislation drafted by CEC Australia, the Banking System Reform (Separation of Banks) Bill 2018, which Bob Katter MP has announced he will introduce as a Private Member’s Bill, to break up the banks and protect bank customers and their savings.  

Citizens Electoral Council of Australia
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Stop the attack on Australians' citizenship! Scrap the [Un]Australian Citizenship Amendment Bill. Don’t trade our liberty for so-called 'security'.

Michael Lucy from The Monthly describes the situation succinctly: Legislation that will allow the government to effectively cancel the citizenship of dual passport-holders who have committed certain terrorism-related offences has returned to Parliament. This is a considerably revised form of the Australian Citizenship Amendment (Allegiance to Australia) Bill 2015 that Tony Abbott proposed in May. Some of the quirkier parts of the bill – such as including vandalism of Commonwealth property among the offences that could lead to revocation of citizenship – have been removed, though it will still apply retrospectively, and can apply to people who have not been convicted of any crime. Labor has indicated that it will support the legislation. One important question still hasn’t really been answered: what’s the point? What does it achieve that existing legislation can’t? Will Australians fighting for Islamic State in Syria really be bothered by losing the right to the passports they have already burned? Are there people in Australia who haven’t been convicted of any offence that the government is planning to exile? And if we do start banishing people, where will they go? Is this anything more than a way of washing our hands of Australians we don’t want to deal with any more? On this issue, as with refugees, the government is pretending that shipping a problem offshore is the same as solving it. The law is also liable to set a bad precedent. A citizenship that can be cancelled is not really citizenship; it is a temporary privilege that can be demolished in a moment at the whim of a minister. No matter how great the crimes our citizens commit, they are still Australian. As the Bill’s explanatory memorandum notes, “Australian citizenship gives full and formal membership of the Australian community and is a common bond … uniting all Australians”. At the same time, it says “The Bill only applies to persons who are a national or citizen of a country other than Australia, that is, dual citizens”. Both of these can’t be true at once. Either all of us get equal treatment in the law, or dual nationals become literal second-class citizens. The Australian Citizenship Amendment Bill 2015 should be scrapped. It is time for us as a nation to face up to our real security problems and start solving them, rather than off-shoring them. Australia should rely on its courts to prosecute and punish criminal behaviour by terrorists.  Alice Hill Melbourne @backseatdriverz

Alice Hill
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Allow nurses to use all their skills to save lives in all states and territories

Depending on which state or territory that the patient becomes ill in, leads to their nurse being able to give them different life saving interventions. For example,if you fall ill on the south side of the NSW/Qld border, an appropriately trained nurse may not be accredited to insert an advanced airway - the gold standard intervention. They may not allowed to use a manual defibrillator to treat your critical heart rhythm - so your treatment is delayed. Both of these examples increase the likelihood of your death. The same nurse, 1 km north in Queensland, with the same qualification can intervene, as long as you have fallen on the north side of the border.  A nurse can be fully trained and qualified in South Australia to use the National Immunisation Handbook, to identify the correct vaccination to give a person, then give it, without a doctor's order.  However, should the step across the border out of South Australia, they cannot access the same Australian Immunisation Handbook,  identify the correct vaccination to give the same child, and cannot give it.  Why, because  the South Australian training is not recognised outside of SA and the NT The training in Victoria is not accepted outside Victoria, and so on.  When a nurse changes state or territory, every qualification except their basic degree must either be repeated, at a cost to them, or different parts of their training is recognised in different states and territories.  The Advance Life Support Level 2 training is the same qualification undertaken by doctors and nurses.  They do the same study, the same exams and must meet the same standards.  However, the nurse can only use different parts of their training in different parts of Australia.  Same nurse, same patient, different location results in different care standards. Immunisation training is on a national handbook, but if you do not pay and train in state, you cannot protect a person from vaccine preventable illnesses.   Australia has a healthcare lottery, that results in the same nurse with the same giving different standards of care because our qualifications are not fully recognised nationally.  Make all qualifications undertaken by nurses nationally recognised, and allow them to use all their skills to improve the health outcomes of all patients, regardless of where they are. 

Frank Morris
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Amend egg production laws in Australia - put an end to the horrific killing of baby chicks

Did you know that every year in Australia, around 12 million baby chicks are killed in the first day of their lives, as waste products of the Australian egg industry? Did you know that since only female chickens lay eggs, male chicks who have no commercial value to the egg industry are routinely gassed or - horrifically - placed on a conveyor belt and ground up alive in mass killings? While many of us nowadays are aware of varying hen housing conditions and aim to buy free-range eggs from supermarkets, the inhumane treatment of chicks is something rarely made known. As a result, few of us in society are aware that even the most well-intentioned purchase of ethically endorsed eggs contributes to the cruel and torturous slaughter of these little chicks. Our egg systems are faced with a universal 'problem' when it comes to the hatching of chicks raised for egg laying. Put simply, current demand for eggs in Australia can only be met by factory farming and because of this, chicks are considered only as a means for profit. If they are not of value, they are killed in brutal ways. Please take a stand now - sign this petition and plead with our government to amend current inconsistent regulations that exist for egg production systems in Australia. These cruel practices need to be eliminated and change must be enforced to not only hold farmers accountable for their ethical practices but ensures consumers are clearly aware of what happens behind closed doors.  For more information about how to make ethical choices and be more informed, please visit:   Source:

Jamie Pantsaras
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Petitioning Kelly O'Dwyer, Malcolm Turnbull

Make the specific act of Domestic Violence a criminal offence in every state of Australia

The specific act of Domestic Violence is NOT a criminal offence in any state of Australia....I bet you are thinking “no, that can’t possibly be right” .... but I assure you - as of this moment, there is not one person sitting in any jail in Australia convicted of committing the crime of domestic violence..... because they can’t be, as it is not a crime in our country. With 2 women being murdered every 11 days in Australia by current or ex partners ... the problem is not going away and why would it? What message does it send when we as a country have more of a penalty for catching a fish that is too small than we have for terrorising and destroying your own family or loved ones life? It says we don’t give a damn and we don’t .... and that’s why women are still dying and DV is costing our economy billions each year.... its because we don’t take it seriously. Violence is violence - it should not matter who the victim is to the perpetrator, why should one act of violence have police take action and arrest and the courts convict while another gets pushed into family court?! What has Violence got to do with family? Nothing - Violence is violence. Assault is a crime.Sexual assault is a crime.But what comes before these with Domestic Violence? .... Psychological, emotional and financial abuse nearly always comes before physical abuse and without any law recognising this pattern of behaviour women (and some men) are trapped ....... unable to go as there is no way to stop the unrelenting torment..... I DO NOT WANT TO COUNT THE NUMBER OF DEAD WOMEN EACH YEAR .... one day one of them could be my daughter and that’s not good enough! - I don’t want a free call number to talk about it.- I don’t want counselling so I can live with it.- I don’t want 10 days paid DV leave so I can deal with it - And I don’t want a shelter where I can run and hide from it! I WANT A LAW TO STOP IT, THE FIRST TIME. And you can take the VROs or AVOs or FVOs and shove them as frankly, I’m pretty sure a person has been told more than once to STOP what they are doing before it gets to a court - a piece of paper isn’t going to magically make them listen and it provides zero protection!We don’t give bank robbers written warnings are tell them “now don’t rob that bank again and stay 100m away from it please” .... WE WANT TO GET SERIOUS ABOUT STOPPING DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AUSTRALIA? �� MAKE IT DOMESTIC VIOLENCE A CRIME �� It will end a cold day in hell before my 5 year old daughter grows up and gets asked to sign an employment agreement that gives her ten days paid DV leave, right next to maternity and bereavement leave - are we saying as a country we are going to accept DV occurs just like birth and death?! No! ....... it’s not supposed to be this way .... it’s not the lucky country until we are all lucky and equal and we are not, as women are being killed and lives are being destroyed and it’s not a “relationship issue” or “lovers tiff” and it’s nothing to do what to family and everything to do with control and hurt and abuse ........ LETS MAKE DV A CRIMINAL OFFENCE IN EVERY STATE OF AUSTRALIA BY THE END OF 2018...... Nothing else has worked - this is working in the UK and USA ..... one life saved is worth it ........ let’s do this! Info: Domestic Violence is rates a mention in the Commonwealth Family Law Act ..... ..... then it’s up to the States to legislate and make laws .... and if anyone can make sense of them you’ll be the only one as they make NO SENSE and are totally ineffective: In the UK and USA the specific act of Domestic Violence is a crime. The USA has the “violence against women act” In the UK coercive and controlling behaviour (emotional and psychological abuse) is also now a crime: Coercive or controlling behaviour offence: A coercive or controlling behaviour offence came into force in December 2015. It carries a maximum 5 years’ imprisonment, a fine or both. Victims who experience coercive and controlling behaviour that stops short of serious physical violence, but amounts to extreme psychological and emotional abuse, can bring their perpetrators to justice.The offence closes a gap in the law around patterns of controlling or coercive behaviour that occurs during a relationship between intimate partners, former partners who still live together or family members”

Linda Howard
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The Australian People DEMAND Government Transparency Re Plebiscite Funds

The upcoming plebiscite vote for gay marriage to be implemented, aka human rights and general equality, is dear to my heart. As a gay women in media, I of course want nothing more than equality for all humans. Honestly, the fact humans are still fighting over things like race, gender and sexuality in 2017 baffles me. Wake up. My fiance is a lovely French lady and we would like to marry one day, in our own style, not under any suppressive institution, and not with a piece of paper, but as a simple love party; BUT I stand for and fight with everyone who wants and deserves this. It should be a done thing. Truth be told, Gov't could simply change the legislation using their better judgement, fix up their PDF, get the Governor General to sign it an bobs your uncle, we have new law. But no, the Gov't need our tax payer money to pay people they owe - so they're using us, the gays, as an excuse to steal from you, the people of Australia. Please use large perspective and see that $122mill -$500mill is an exorbindant amount of money, that would go to much better use in aged care, education and Indigenous funding - and this is all just a cover story for the Aust Gov't to steal from us. Here's how it works. Big dogs like foreign superpower, Adani, give campaign money to the Liberals to fund their campaign to get into power in the first place. Eg pay for their advertising etc. This money just doesn't come out of thin air. They little boys in men's suits, shake hands and make an agreement, something like, "Hey thanks for lending us $122million to get into power. Now we are in power, we will pay you back by allowing you to dig a mine in our Earth, and rape her, so you can sell coal back in India."  - THEN the people power stop such a project, (GOOD JOB!) no banks will touch it, and protests across the country mean such a mine can't go ahead. THEN WHAT!? What happens to the $122 mill the Liberals borrowed off these big dogs? Now they're in debt! How ever will they pay them back? They'll pick something the masses of Australia will get distracted by, and make their hearts flutter, like Gay Marriage. They will get everything thinking they're going to be doing a good thing by supporting such a vote. YES, to LOVE, and YES to gay marriage. BUT NO TO PUBLICLY STEALING TAX PAYER MONEY!  Nothing costs $122-500million. There was a bullshit excuse floating around from someone saying that the money would be used to pay a private company to distribute the postal votes. NO. Just no. And who owns this 'private company' who will profit from this paper vote? Are they too investors and backers of the Libs who funded them in the first place and are now owed millions?! We see through all this bullshit. No more tricking the people, we are awake, government. WE DEMAND A TRANSPARENT BREAKDOWN OF FIGURES and NAMES / EMAILS / PHONE NUMBERS of everyone and every company involved. Where and who is this money going to exactly? Until this is shown and made PUBLIC knowledge, no vote should go ahead. I am gay, but I will not let my fellow Australian's be ROBBED of millions of dollars for some little boys in suits to play power games. No thanks. That old paradigm has fallen. We need you to be transparent now.  PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION so we get a TRUTHFUL answer off the Gov't. Not some made up numbers. Some REAL ones. And all the contact details of each and every company and umbrella company involved who will benefit from this 'postal vote'. - I sincerely hope you see what we see, and demand answers. You are not sheep. Do not follow. Speak up, and don't let your hard earned money be stolen!  Lots of love, with the deepest respect for this land and it's original inhabitants,  Justine McInerney    *** IF YOU WANT TO DO MORE, READ ON! *** You can write to the PM and read up on the Law around Freedom of Information. Please by all means, so contact and write to your local member; and always keep a paper trail ; emails, record phone calls etc. WE have the power, we are MILLIONS, they are but a few. REMEMBER YOUR POWER. Australia, now is the time to speak up. You were given a mouth and a voice for a reason. Please see below for further info also: Here’s the number for The Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet: Phone: 02 6271 5111 Call up Turnbull’s PA. It’s just like calling up your local fish and chip shop to make an order, only with this call you’re demanding transparency and speaking up for yourself and neighbours. Here’s how you can directly email Turnbull’s secretary: FREEDOM OF INFORMATION REQUESTS: Requests to access documents must be in writing and must provide enough information about the documents sought to enable the department to identify them. Requests should be sent to: The FOI Coordinator Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet PO Box 6500 CANBERRA ACT 2600 Requests can also be lodged by email: A link is provided on the Departmental FoI DIsclosure log if the information can be downloaded from this website or another website. There may be documents in the disclosure log that are currently not available in HTML format. If you are unable to read the format provided please contact the FoI Coordinator at the above address or via email. Fees and charges:There is no fee for making a request but the Freedom of Information Act 1982 provides that charges may be imposed for processing requests. A charge may be imposed to reimburse PM&C for the cost incurred in copying or reproducing the information or sending it to you. We will try to meet all reasonable requests for an alternative format of the document in a timely manner and at the lowest reasonable cost to you. Freedom of Information: The broad objective of the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (FOI Act) [ ] is to give the Australian community access to information held by the Government of the Commonwealth.  In order to do this, agencies are required to publish the information and members of the public are provided with a general right of access to documents. Requests made under the FOI Act must: ·       be in writing; ·       state that the request is an application for the purposes of the FOI Act; ·       provide such information concerning the document that will allow the Department to identify it; and ·       provide detail of how notices provided by the Department in relation to the FOI request can be sent to the applicant. FOI requests made to the Department on or after 1 November 2010 no longer require an application fee. The FOI Act provides that charges may be imposed for processing requests. FOI requests should be sent to: The FOI Coordinator Legal Services Branch Department of Finance One Canberra Avenue FORREST ACT 2603 FOI requests may also be lodged by email to The FOI Coordinator can be contacted on 02) 6215 1783 to discuss any prospective request to the Department. Public Interest Disclosure  The Secretary for Finance has established Procedures for dealing with Public Interest Disclosures. Disclosures can be directed to an Authorised Officer, appointed under the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2013 [ ](PID Act), via email to The PID Act prescribes a framework for the disclosure and investigation of wrongdoing and maladministration in the Australian public sector (APS).  Finance encourages and supports the reporting of wrongdoings in the APS so that they can be investigated and addressed. THANK YOU AGAIN. YOU HAVE THE POWER. ALWAYS. HUMANS. WE ARE ONE MEGA UNIT. REMEMBER?! WE CONTROL THIS GAME.       

Justine McInerney
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Kelly O'Dwyer: don’t allow paedophiles to avoid paying victims compensation

GOVERNMENT TO REVIEW RULES FOR EARLY RELEASE OF SUPERANNUATION, INCLUDING VICTIMS OF CRIME COMPENSATION The Turnbull Government has announced that Treasury will review the current rules governing early release of superannuation on grounds of severe financial hardship and compassionate grounds. It will also review whether, and the circumstances in which, superannuation assets should be available to pay compensation or restitution to victims of crime. The Minister for Revenue and Financial Services, the Hon Kelly O’Dwyer MP, said the rules governing early release of superannuation have not changed substantially since 1997. “The superannuation system has come a long way since then. It is time to review the current arrangements as they relate to severe financial hardship and compassionate grounds to ensure they remain fit for purpose,” Minister O’Dwyer said. “This review is one of a range of measures the Government is progressing to ensure that the rules governing superannuation serve the interests of consumers.” An issues paper will be released before the end of this year and the review will make recommendations to Government early in 2018. Terms of Reference for a review of the provisions governing the early release of superannuation benefits Treasury will review whether the current rules governing the early release of superannuation benefits on compassionate grounds and in cases of severe financial hardship (regulations 6.19A and 6.01 of the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Regulations 1994, respectively) remain fit for purpose. In making recommendations, it will consider whether these rules appropriately balance the need to: • Preserve superannuation benefits to meet the objective of providing income in retirement to substitute or supplement the Age Pension; • Ensure that superannuation is available for current consumption in certain, limited cases of genuine hardship or where warranted for compassionate reasons; and • Ensure the rules can be administered fairly and effectively. The review will also consider and make recommendations on whether a perpetrator’s superannuation should be accessible to pay compensation or restitution to a victim of crime; and, if so, the circumstances in which this may be appropriate. The review will not examine other general conditions of release for superannuation. Treasury will report to the Government in March 2018.

6 months ago
Stop the Backpacker Tax

We have listened to you. The Turnbull Government will be undertaking a comprehensive review of seasonal workers, including working holiday maker visa holders. We have also announced that under a re-elected Turnbull Government we will defer the start of the changes to treat all working holiday makers as non-residents for tax purposes from July 1 for six months, pending the outcome of the review process. We recognise that working holiday makers are an important source of labour, and the review of working holiday makers will ensure our labour supply is adequate and Australia remains competitive globally. Following feedback from you and industry experts, the review will consider agricultural and seasonal labour needs, overseas wages and taxes, and opportunities in agriculture and tourism. In contrast Labor has said that they will implement the changes if they are elected, as outlined in the Shadow Treasurer’s speech at the National Press Club last year. For full details of the Turnbull Government’s announcement, including the terms of reference, please follow the link: Kind regards, Kelly

2 years ago