Dr who advocates for the rape and murder of women to have his medical licence revoked!

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Dr Christopher Kwan Chen Lee, a practising Doctor in Australia is on record as having made the following statements in an online chat room:

"Some women deserve to be raped, and that supercillious little bitch fits the bill in every way"

"She needs to be abandoned in India and repeatedly raped in order for her to wake up her idea"

"If my marriage fell apart, it would not end in divorce. It would end in murder."

"I can easily condemn your mother for a whore"

Dr Lee also accessed a patient's medical records on 21 occasions 'without consent or clinical need'

Dr Lee was found guilty of professional misconduct by the Tasmanian Health Practitioners Tribunal last week but only received a 6-week suspension (holiday?) as a result. Dr Lee was employed by the Tasmanian Health Service at the time but is now an emergency registrar at Box Hill Hospital in Victoria.

As the CEO of the North and North West Tasmania Sexual Assault Support Service, Laurel House, I find these comments from a registered Doctor to be outrageous and unacceptable, and I feel compelled to challenge Dr Lee's right to practice medicine in Australia. Australian Doctors are bound by the AMA Principles of Medical Ethics which can be summarised simply as 'do no harm' ( Nonmaleficence). The harm Dr Lee is suggesting in the above messages gives us some clear insight into the way he feels about and treats women.

Make no mistake, domestic and sexual violence is now a national crisis. On average, a woman is killed by her partner every week in Australia however as I write this, there have been two deaths this week already because those partners, just like Dr Lee,  consider murdering their partner more appropriate than getting divorced. Fresh in my mind from yesterday, a Perth man was charged with not only the death of his wife but also of his three young daughters and his mother in law.

As a Nation, we seem to be more alarmed by shark attacks than we do the violent death of a woman. I wonder if this is because we have become so desensitised due to the frequency of events, or, is it because a shark attack could happen to anyone and suddenly the whole population is potentially affected? Or, maybe, the cold hard unacceptable truth is, we simply do not value the life of a woman?

Dr Lee certainly does not and for this reason, I seek assistance with this petition to have Dr Lee's Australian medical licence revoked.