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Shut Down Pornhub and Hold Its Executives Accountable for Aiding Trafficking

(This petition has migrated to where over 2.2 million people have signed from 192 countries.) As featured in the NY Times' "Children of Pornhub" Sign and share the petition today to SHUT DOWN PORNHUB AND HOLD ITS EXECUTIVES ACCOUNTABLE for enabling, distributing, and profiting from the child abuse, rape, sex trafficking, and criminal image-based abuse of countless victims worldwide. You can stay up to date on the progress of the petition by following #Traffickinghub founder Laila Mickelwait on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Media inquiries can be directed to If you have been victimized on Pornhub or any MindGeek owned website and want help, click here. #Traffickinghub is a decentralized global movement of individuals, survivors, organizations, and advocates from across a broad spectrum of political, faith and non-faith, economic, and ideological backgrounds, all uniting together for the single purpose of shutting down Pornhub and holding its executives accountable for enabling, distributing and profiting from rape, child abuse, sex trafficking and criminal image-based sexual abuse. The movement was founded in February, 2020 by anti-trafficking activist Laila Mickelwait. Over 600 organizations, hundreds of survivors, and millions of individuals from 192 countries have joined forces through #Traffickinghub to call for criminal and civil accountability for Pornhub and its parent company MindGeek. In a relatively short amount of time, the #Traffickinghub movement has made enormous progress thanks to the work and participation of all involved. At the beginning of 2020, with 130 million daily visits, Pornhub was the largest and most popular porn website in the world, the 10th most visited website across the Internet (more than Netflix, Amazon, or Yahoo), and the third most influential tech company on society only surpassed by Facebook and Google. They were making hundreds of millions of dollars annually, primarily by selling 4.6 billion ad impressions daily on millions of videos live on the site at any given time. By the end of 2022, thousands of media articles had been written exposing Pornhub’s involvement in monetizing sexual crime, Pornhub had taken down 80% of the entire site, totaling 10 million videos, and MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and PayPal had all cut ties with the site. Grant Thornton, Comcast-Xfinity, Roku, Heinz-Unilever joined the credit card giants in shutting down their business relationships with Pornhub and all major mainstream advertisers pulled their ads. TikTok and YouTube removed Pornhub’s accounts and Meta/Instagram permanently shut down Pornhub’s 13 million follower account. 194 victims sued Pornhub/MindGeek in 8 major individual and class action lawsuits across the United States and Canada. Lawsuit damages could potentially reach billions of dollars. Laila Mickelwait continues to lead the #Traffickinghub movement today and is determined to keep the petition open and to keep fighting for justice until the goals of the movement are accomplished. ### ORIGINAL PETITION TEXT February, 2020 In recent news there have been numerous shocking cases of sex trafficking and child rape films that were hosted on Pornhub. A 15-year-old girl who had been missing for a year was finally found after her mother was tipped off that her daughter was being featured in videos on the site — 58 such videos of her rape and sexual abuse were discovered on Pornhub.  Her trafficker, who was seen in the videos raping the child, was identified using surveillance footage of him at a 7-Eleven where he was spotted with his victim. He is now facing a felony charge. Also in recent news was the case of 22 women who were deceived and coerced by Michael Pratt, owner of GirlsDoPorn, into performing sex acts on film that were subsequently uploaded to Pornhub. These women sued GirlsDoPorn and won a $12.7 million lawsuit against the company. According to a federal indictment, Pratt and his co-conspirators produced filmed child rape and sexual abuse content and trafficked a minor. Pratt reportedly fled the United States for New Zealand and is currently wanted on a federal warrant. But there are other individuals who should also be wanted by law enforcement — CEO Feras Antoon and COO David Tassillo of Mindgeek, the company that owns Pornhub. You see, Pornhub is complicit in the trafficking of these women and minors and probably thousands more like them. Pornhub is generating millions in advertising and membership revenue with 42 billion visits and 6 million videos uploaded per year. Yet it has no system in place to verify reliably the age or consent of those featured in the pornographic content it hosts and profits from. In fact, all that is needed to upload pornography onto Pornhub is an email address. No government-issued ID is required, not even to become “verified” with its trusty blue checkmark that makes everything seem a-OK. I know this, because I tried it. It took me under 10 minutes to create a user account and upload blank test content to the site, which went live instantly. I could have then gone on to become Pornhub-verified, and all I would need to do is send a photo of myself holding a paper with my username. That’s it. It is no surprise that Pornhub admitted to verifying the trafficked 15-year-old girl who was sexually abused in 58 videos on its site. The official Twitter account for Pornhub wrote in response to the breaking story that the 15-year-old girl had been a verified member. After quickly realizing it had just admitted to assisting in her being trafficked, the account deleted the tweets, but the evidence of the admission was cached and still exists. One of the most-searched terms on Pornhub is “teen” pornography, in fact it has been a top search term on the site for years. The search will result in videos that are constantly being added faster than any individual could watch them. Many feature girls who look 13 years old at best — girls with braces, pigtails, flat chests, no makeup, extremely young faces, holding teddy bears and licking lollipops, all while being aggressively penetrated. A quick search for the word “teen” turns up titles such as “Young Girl Tricked,” “Innocent Brace Faced Tiny Teen F---ed,” “Tiny Petite Thai Teen,” “Teen Little Girl First Time,” on and on ad infinitum. Pornhub has no reliable system in place to verify that those in the videos it hosts are not trafficked children being raped on film in order to line the pockets of its executives. What all of this means is that at this very moment, there could be hundreds, if not thousands, of videos of underage sex trafficking victims on Pornhub. We already have evidence, and it is just the tip of the iceberg. It’s time to shut down super-predator site Pornhub and hold the executives behind it accountable.  

Laila Mickelwait and
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Petitioning Superior Court Justice Nancy Spies

Intoxication is not a valid defence for sexual assault

People accused of sexual assault in Ontario are once again allowed to use excessive intoxication as a defence against criminal charges. A judge’s ruling found that a federal law preventing such an argument is unconstitutional, that it’s a violation of the rights of the accused. As a survivor of sexual assault, I feel the ruling is an insult and a slap in the face to anyone who has ever been abused. When you drink and drive, you are guilty of driving under the influence (DUI) and it’s your fault if you hurt or kill someone. Why is it any different in sexual assault cases? The ruling comes in a case in which a man voluntarily took a substance commonly known as a the date-rape drug, then said he didn’t know what he was doing when he had sexual intercourse with a woman who was waking up. He must now prove he was intoxicated to the point of automatism, a state in which he was not aware of his actions.  This sets dangerous precedents for all future cases, as abusers will be able to use intoxication as a valid defence. We ask Judge Nancy Spies to repeal her decision and to uphold section 33.1 of the Criminal Code that states extreme intoxication cannot be used as a defence in any type of assault case. Let’s get as many signatures as possible before proceedings continue on September 12th, to send a clear message that “I didn’t know what I was doing” does not make rape acceptable. Think of your loved ones and how it will affect survivors, any future victims and our culture. We don’t need more barriers to justice in sexual assault cases. You can sign and share this petition to say loud and clear that voluntary intoxication is not an excuse for abuse. More information on the case: Globe & Mail: Ontario judge restores defence of extreme drunkenness in sexual assaults. CBC: Judge rules excessive intoxication can be defence against criminal charges. Justice Laws Website: Criminal fault by reason of intoxication.

Fiorita Coppola
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Petitioning Angela Merkel (CDU)

World leaders: Please act to save our lives in Aleppo

I am one of the very last doctors serving the remaining 300,000 citizens of eastern Aleppo. Atrocities are being committed every day. The Syrian regime and Russian aircraft are systematically targeting civilians and hospitals across the city. We have seen no real effort from President Trump, Chancellor Merkel or Prime Minister May to prevent the criminal attacks against civilians and our hospitals. That is why I've started this petition. World leaders are not listening to my voice alone. Will you join me and make a call so loud they can’t ignore us? For five years, we have borne witness as countless patients, friends and colleagues suffered violent, tormented deaths. For five years, the world has stood by and remarked how ‘complicated’ Syria is, while doing little to protect us. Last month there were 42 attacks on medical facilities in Syria, 15 of which were hospitals in which my colleagues and I work. At this rate, our medical services in Aleppo could be completely destroyed in a month, leaving 300,000 people to die. What pains me and my fellow doctors the most is choosing who will live and who will die. Young children are sometimes brought into our emergency rooms so badly injured that we have to prioritise those with better chances, or simply don’t have the equipment to help them. A few weeks ago, four newborn babies gasping for air suffocated to death after a blast cut the oxygen supply to their incubators. Their lives ended before they had really begun. Despite the horror, we choose to be here. We took a pledge to help those in need. We have a duty to remain and help. All we ask now is for Trump, Merkel, May and other world leaders to do their duty, too. We do not need their tears or sympathy or even prayers, we need them to act. We need them to prove that they are the friends of Syrians. Please join us in our call. Ask world leaders to save the people of Aleppo.

Dr. Hamza Al Khatib
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Petitioning Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Brenda Lucki, Colin Basran, Justin Trudeau, Jennifer Strachan, Kelowna RCMP


On January 20th, 2020, a nursing student named Mona Wang was assaulted by Officer Lacey Browning after the former's boyfriend called the RCMP to request a wellness check for her. Browning claims that when she entered the apartment, Wang was lying on the floor next to empty wine and pill bottles, holding a box cutter and bearing self-harm cuts. She claims that Wang soon became violent and was subdued when Browning "struck [Wang] several times with an open palm". Video footage from Wang's apartment building shows Browning dragging Wang's semi-conscious body by the arms down the hallway and over to the entrance of the building. She can then be seen lifting Wang's head and upper body by her hair and stepping on her head as she lies on the floor before lifting her up and pulling her out of the building. It is also alleged that Browning attempted to mislead the medical professionals once they reached the hospital and lied that Wang had taken methamphetamine. Toxicologists at the hospital later proved that Wang never had any illegal drugs in her system. It is believed that this lie was told to justify the abusive actions of Browning. Although Wang filed a civil suit against the RCMP, the legal response stated that "the limited use of force by the defendant Browning was no more than was reasonable and necessary in the circumstances to both direct compliance as well as protect the plaintiff from further harm", despite the abuse shown in the video.  I'm sure we can all agree that the use of force that Wang was subjected to was definitely neither "limited" nor "reasonable" or "necessary". Browning's job was to de-escalate a situation and help someone in a mental health crisis. Not only did she fail to do her job correctly, she also physically abused Wang and lied about her using drugs as an excuse.  We need to do better for our citizens struggling with their mental health. They should be met with trained professionals, not uniformed officers. The most vulnerable people in our communities should not be dragged down hallways, pulled by the hair, and stepped on in their times of need. We are calling on the RCMP and the Canadian Government to fire Officer Lacey Browning and charge her with assault. She must not be allowed to hurt an already struggling person ever again.  Thank you for reading this petition. Please sign and share to help get justice for Mona Wang and prevent more cases of police brutality in Canada. Interviews with Mona and updates on her case are posted on her Instagram, @vampyrie, as well as mine, @anti_bigotry_club. Let's give her some love and help support her through this! -Teo

Teo D
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Petitioning Justin Trudeau, Carolyn Bennett, Marc Miller

Call for a National Day of Mourning for the Lost Children of Residential School

FrançaisCall for a National Day of Mourning Tk’emlúps te Secwépemc confirmed on Thursday May 27, 2021 the remains of 215 lost loved ones, children, had been found on the site of the Kamloops Indian Residential School. The tragedy is unimaginable. Survivors of residential schools and their families carry the burden of this tragedy and it is due time that Canada as a whole also share this burden . These deaths impact every person in this land and so it’s important that we all come together to mourn.  That’s why we are asking Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Minister Marc Miller, and Minister Carolyn Bennett to call for a National Day of Mourning. The legacy and history of residential schools is lived each day by mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers of the loved ones lost. All Canadians should take time to reflect on this dark chapter in history and extend a hand of support, understanding and love to all those that need it at this time. To mourn together is to heal together. Let us all come together to remember all those impacted by the horrors of the genocide committed on these young souls, and let’s do so in the spirit of true reconciliation. Reconciliation is rooted in a collective recognition of the terrible truths about the lost children of residential schools, and in a broad awareness of the responsibility we all bear to never forget or allow it to happen again to anyone, anywhere. I respectfully ask Prime Minster Justin Trudeau to call for a National Day of Mourning for the lost children of residential school and the 215 lost loved ones found by the Tk’emlúps te Secwépemc community at the Kamloops Indian Residential School, and ask Minister Marc Miller and Minister Carolyn Bennett to support the community in their healing, and care for the lost children of this genocide.  Please email or tweet this call to: The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada Email: Twitter:  @JustinTrudeau The Honourable Marc Miller, Minister of Indigenous Services Email: Twitter: @MarcMillerVM The Honourable Carolyn Bennett, Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations Email: Twitter: @Carolyn_Bennett

#215children National Day of Mourning
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Petitioning Justin Trudeau, Sean Fraser, Mélanie Joly

Compassion and Action for Yemen Crisis Refugees - YemenCrisis​.​com

Although the media hasn’t given the conflict in Yemen its fair share of coverage, the conflict is not any less violent than the war in Iraq or Syria. The UN has declared the state of humanitarian emergency in Yemen. Around 80% of the population is in dire need of assistance: food, medical supply, fuel, and access to safe zones. Other conflicts in regions of interest to super powers have taken the spotlight and attracted world sympathy and foreign aid. Civilians are caught in a war, amnesty International has documented human rights violations by both fighting parties against civilians. Those violations include random bombardment of residential areas, kidnapping, and sieges around highly dense cities. ​On behalf of Yemeni Canadian citizens in Canada, we ask that the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Sean Fraser and Minister of Foreign Affairs Mélanie Joly to accept Yemeni citizens as refugees by applying the same support granted to Ukrainians, Afghans, Syrians and Iraqis. On October 19, 2012 the Government of Canada has temporarily exempted Syrians and Iraqis fleeing the current conflict from the requirement of refugee status with the UNHCR.  The stance of our Canadian government towards refugees from Ukraine, Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq is a world example of compassion and humanity. Canadians of Yemeni and Middle Eastern roots are seeking your help to accept Yemeni citizens as refugees by applying the same support granted to Ukrainians, Afghans, Syrians and Iraqis. Stand with us and ask our government to do what is right and address the Yemen Crisis with compassion and humanity. For more information:  YemeniCanadian.Club

Adil Awdah
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Re-Open Kitsilano Coast Guard Base

The Conservatives’ sudden closure of the Kitsilano search and rescue station – despite widespread opposition from the Premier of British Columbia, the Mayor of Vancouver, many local safety experts, and the public – is appalling and completely disregards the safety and lives of Metro Vancouver’s marine community. The Kitsilano station is the focal point for safety, both on the waters of British Columbia’s lower mainland and at Canada’s busiest marine port, Vancouver Harbour, which reports over 350 incidents a year. By moving search and rescue responders 17 nautical miles away to Richmond, the Conservatives are forcing longer emergency response times with potentially dangerous consequences. We cannot wait for disaster to strike before acknowledging its grave error and the serious need for highly skilled search and rescue responders at the Kitsilano station. That is why Liberals have been clear: we will re-open a full service Coast Guard station in Vancouver, and reinvest in marine safety and oil spill response capacity on the BC coast. The Liberal Party of Canada is emphatically opposed to the Kitsilano Coast Guard closure and will continue to fight for the safety and security of our coastal communities.

8 years ago
Open Canada to Syrian refugees!

The devastating humanitarian crisis in Syria and Iraq has rightly broken the hearts of Canadians across the country, and international society at large. In Canada, municipal and provincial leaders have already taken concrete action, as have many Canadians in a private capacity. It is time for federal leaders to step up, expand current refugee targets, and do more to alleviate the suffering of the Syrian refugees who are so desperately seeking safety. We must put partisanship aside in addressing this crisis. Justin Trudeau has proposed a meeting with Stephen Harper, Thomas Mulcair, and Elizabeth May – in order to sit down in collaboration to discuss the best course of action for Canada going forward. Unfortunately, neither Harper nor Mulcair showed any interest. If elected, a Liberal government will expand Canada’s intake of refugees from Syria by 25,000 – by January 1, 2016 – through immediate, direct sponsorship by the Government of Canada. The Liberal plan is ambitious, yet attainable, and will do more to help more Syrian refugees than either Mr. Harper or Mr. Mulcair’s plan. A Liberal government will also invest at least $100 million this fiscal year to increase – without reducing standards – refugee processing, as well as sponsorship and settlement services capacity in Canada. Finally, we will immediately contribute $100 million to the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, to support critical relief activities in Syria and the surrounding region. Canadians know that our country can – and must – do more to offer safe haven to the men, women, and children who are currently fleeing persecution in Syria and Iraq.

8 years ago
Pass A Federal Act to End Violence Against Aboriginal Women in Canada

The disappearance and death of nearly 1,200 Indigenous women and girls, including those from the Highway of Tears, is an ongoing national tragedy that must come to an end. Despite repeated appeals from the families of victims, provincial governments, Indigenous communities, and international organizations, the Prime Minister has repeatedly refused to call a public inquiry. Mr. Harper is on the wrong side of history. This issue requires national leadership and action to put an end to this violence. A Liberal government will immediately launch a national public inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls in Canada, to seek recommendations on concrete actions that governments, law enforcement, and others can take to solve these crimes and prevent future ones. Working together with experts and advocates, we will develop and implement a comprehensive federal gender violence strategy and action plan. We will give more support to survivors of sexual assault and ensure that more perpetrators are brought to justice.  We will also review current gender and culturally sensitive training policies for federal front-line law enforcement officers to ensure that they are strong, effective, and able to encourage more survivors to report incidents to police.

8 years ago
End Solitary Confinement in Canadian Prisons

Liberals understand that solitary confinement has serious psychological effects on inmates, who will be returned not just to the general prison population – but to society – at some point. The Conservatives’ “tough on crime” agenda is focused on punitive measures and ideological posturing rather than measures to keep Canadians safe. While solitary confinement is supposed to be used as a last resort, former Liberal Member of Parliament and Justice Minister, Irwin Cotler, obtained figures from the government that indicate that over 20 percent of prisoners spend time in solitary. Moreover, correctional investigator Howard Sapers has found that solitary confinement is now “a default population management strategy.” Disturbingly, the Conservative government has relied on stigma, myths, and stereotypes to develop legislation that is unlikely to have a significant impact on crime. The Liberal Party is committed to addressing mental health issues by working with victims’ advocates, provincial governments, and members of the legal and mental health communities to further modernize our system. Whether this comes through investments in early detection or the support of mental health courts, progress can be made that actually helps prevent such crimes from occurring in the first place. A Liberal government will focus on protecting Canadians and making our communities safer by pursuing evidence-based policies that reduce crime and prevent re-offending, such as rehabilitative programs that are proven to limit repeat offences.

8 years ago
Federal Legalization of Cannabis in Canada

Canada’s current system of marijuana prohibition does not work. It does not prevent young people from using marijuana, and too many Canadians end up with criminal records for possessing small amounts of the drug. To ensure that we keep marijuana out of the hands of children, and the profits out of the hands of criminals, the Liberal Party of Canada will legalize, regulate, and restrict access to marijuana. We will remove marijuana consumption and incidental possession from the Criminal Code, and create new, stronger laws to punish more severely those who provide it to minors, those who operate a motor vehicle while under its influence, and those who sell it outside of the new regulatory framework. We will also create a federal/provincial/territorial task force, and with input from experts in public health, substance abuse, and law enforcement, will design a new system of strict marijuana sales and distribution, with appropriate federal and provincial excise taxes applied. The NDP’s decriminalization-only program will keep production and distribution in the hands of gangs, will do nothing to keep it out of the hands of children or protect Canadians’ public safety concerns, and will allows gangs to collect the proceeds. A Liberal government will act responsibly and swiftly on this issue. You can find more information here:

8 years ago
Chefs de partis: Engagez-vous à participer à un débat sur les enjeux qui affectent les femmes

Je suis heureux d’avoir accepté de participer à « Place au débat », et j’ai hâte d’y prendre part. J’espère que Stephen Harper et Thomas Mulcair confirmeront eux aussi leur participation à cette initiative importante. Il est crucial de veiller à ce que les intérêts des femmes soient mis en avant lors de cette campagne électorale. En tant que père, je tiens à savoir que ma fille aura les mêmes opportunités que mes garçons, recevra un salaire égal pour un travail égal et pourra prendre ses propres décisions relativement à son corps. Je tiens à savoir qu’elle aura autant d’occasions de prendre part à notre économie et au processus décisionnel que ses collègues masculins, et qu’elle bénéficiera du même respect et des mêmes droits. Les défis auxquels les femmes font face sont notre affaire à tous et, à ce titre, nous avons tous un intérêt manifeste à obtenir l’égalité pleine et entière pour les femmes dans tous les aspects de la société. Nous savons que la pleine participation des femmes au marché du travail est cruciale pour notre croissance économique. Selon Recherche économique RBC, l’augmentation du nombre de travailleuses au cours des trois dernières décennies a résulté en une contribution de l’ordre de 130 milliards de dollars à l’activité économique. Nous devons mener des débats de fond sur des questions comme le renforcement de la participation des femmes dans l’économie, les services de garde, la violence domestique, la santé et l’environnement, ainsi que l’équité salariale, entre autres choses. En ma qualité de législateur et chef du Parti libéral du Canada, je suis résolument engagé envers l’évolution des politiques qui feront du Canada un pays plus équitable pour les deux sexes. Je suis fier que notre parti ait fermement soutenu le droit des femmes au libre choix. Nous voulons que les Canadiennes et les Canadiens sachent qu’en votant pour les libéraux, ils éliront un représentant qui soutiendra et défendra les droits des femmes. De même, je suis fier d’avoir annoncé qu’un gouvernement libéral veillera à ce qu’un nombre égal de femmes et d’hommes accèdent au cabinet et au processus de nomination du gouvernement fédéral, et que nous intégrerons concrètement l’analyse comparative entre les sexes dans le processus décisionnel du cabinet et des ministères fédéraux. En outre, un gouvernement libéral prendra des mesures constructives pour lutter contre la violence faite aux femmes, y compris en lançant une enquête immédiate sur les femmes et les filles autochtones portées disparues et assassinées. Je suis fermement convaincu que notre société fonctionne le mieux quand les femmes sont à l’avant-plan, réussissant dans tous les aspects de l’économie et de la vie publique. Cela signifie également que nous devons trouver des moyens d’éliminer les obstacles qui entravent encore la pleine participation des femmes dans la société, que ce soit ici ou à l’étranger.

8 years ago
Federal Party Leaders: Join an Election Debate that Speaks to Women

I am pleased to have accepted – and look forward to taking part in – “Up For Debate”, and I hope that Stephen Harper and Thomas Mulcair will confirm their participation in this important initiative as well. Ensuring that women’s interests are at the forefront of this election campaign is essential. As a father, I want to know that my daughter will have the same opportunities as my sons, receive equal pay for equal work, and be able to make decisions about her own body. I want to know that she will be just as likely to be involved in our economy and in the decision-making as her male counterparts, and that she will be afforded the same respect and rights. Women’s issues affect us all, and as such, we all have a vested interest in achieving full and substantive equality for women in all facets of society. We know that women’s full participation in the workforce is crucial to our economic growth. According to RBC Economics, the increase in female labour force participation over the past three decades has resulted in a $130 billion contribution to economic activity. We need to have substantive discussions about issues like increasing women’s participation in the economy, child care, domestic violence, health and the environment, and pay equity, among others. As a legislator and Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, I am deeply committed to advancing policies that will make Canada a more gender-equitable country. I am proud that our party has taken a strong stance in support of women’s right to choose. We want Canadians to know that when they vote Liberal they will get a representative who supports and defends women’s rights. Equally, I am proud to have announced that a Liberal government will ensure an equal number of women and men in Cabinet and in the federal government’s appointment process, and that meaningful gender-based analysis will be a key part of the decision-making process in Cabinet and across federal departments. Furthermore, a Liberal government will take meaningful steps to address violence against women, including by launching an immediate inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls. I fundamentally believe that our society works best when women are at the forefront – successful in all parts of the economy and public life. But this means we have to find ways to break down the barriers that still stand in the way of women’s full participation in society, both here at home and abroad.

8 years ago