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Re-Open Kitsilano Coast Guard Base

UPDATE AUGUST 19, 2015: Since the federal election has been called, the leaders of all 5 political parties are now potential decision makers and have been added to this petition.

In the wake of the recent oil spill in English Bay, it is more apparent than ever that the Kitsilano Coast Guard Base provided an essential service to Vancouver.  It was not just a rescue boat station, but  a command and control and response center, with the ability to aid in situations from oil spills, natural disasters, and even terrorism.

The closure of this base has saved the Federal Government a mere $700,000 per year.  That amount is a drop in an ocean of what the Federal Government spends on other things, including advertising. 

How can a price be put on a life, or on the environmental impact things like oil spills have on our waters and community?

The buildings are still standing, they haven't been torn down.  They could easily be re-staffed.  This is a resource that is not superfluous and redundant.  It must be re-opened.




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This petition was delivered to:
  • Prime Minister of Canada/Premier ministre du Canada
    Justin Trudeau
  • Member of Parliament Calgary Southwest
    Stephen Harper
  • Leader, New Democratic Party of Canada / Chef, Nouveau Parti démocratique du Canada
    Tom Mulcair
  • Leader, Green Party of Canada / Chef, Parti Vert du Canada
    Elizabeth May
  • Government of Canada
  • Gilles Duceppe
  • Minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard
    Hunter Tootoo

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