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Petitioning John Carney, Jack Markell

Mandate AED Machines in Stores to Save Lives!

On June 11, 2016 my grandfather had heart attack at his place of employment. CPR was administered, but it was just not enough to save his life. After a week in the hospital we lost my grandfather. Had his place of employment (which is a large store chain) had an AED (automated external defibrillator) my grandfather could still be here with us. My grandfather was only a 61 year old man who left behind a wife, 19 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.  So this got me thinking, what are the mandates in Delaware on where these life saving machines are available to be used? What I found was shocking! Delaware has no laws mandating any entity to carry a simple to use machine that could save so many lives! Delaware State AED Law So I took my research nationwide and see for yourself how minimal the laws in our country are for public entities to carry these machines that could save THOUSANDS! Us AED Mandates As I kept going with my research I came across The American Red Cross Educational page on these machines and the first thing I read at the top of their page was this: "The American Red Cross supports the position that improved training and access to AEDs could save 50,000 lives each year. The Red Cross believes that all Americans should be within four minutes of an AED and someone trained to use it." American Red Cross AED Education Information I know this is not just an issue in the State of Delaware but my goal is to get some laws and mandates here that public entities must be required to carry these life saving machines! I think that if we can set an example in our state than we will be able to take this nationwide! The lack of knowledge on these machines that are so simple to use is appalling in my opinion! Lets make this known and save some lives! Demonstration of the simplicity of the use. I am asking to get as many signatures as I can to get the attention of our governor to do something about this issue. This issue of the lack of access effects us all! Make your voice heard! Pass a law for all public entities to be mandated to carry AEDs and train staff on the use of them. It could be your life that is saved by one!

Sean Fierro
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Urge our Electors to Vote According to the Will of the People

Electors,  On behalf of 59,814,018 people (as of 2200 hours PST, November 9, 2016), I write this open letter to each voting member of the Electoral College of the United States of America. You have been tasked with the awesome responsibility to engage in a key part of our unique political process. With great respect, I ask those who are legally able, to vote in alignment with the will of the people. In this historic moment, you will have the incredible opportunity to look back at this moment in your life with pride or regret. I know that in some states, if you become a faithless elector, you may be replaced with an alternate elector. But keep this in mind; no elector has ever faced legal action for adjusting his or her vote and the Supreme Court has never specifically ruled on this matter. I will not use the candidate’s names in this letter because this is much bigger than any particular candidate.  This is an opportunity to faithfully support the democracy in which we all live and wish to thrive. In the case of the 2016 Presidential Election, the Democratic nominee earned 202,340 more votes than the Republican nominee. The person with the most individual earned votes shall be considered the will of the people. The will of the people, in majority, shall be elected president. I urge those who are individually able and willing, to vote according to the will of the people and vote with the person who has rightfully earned the popular vote. If this occurs, and the Electoral College still chooses the losing candidate, the people shall accept their decision and our democratic process. It is our right and our responsibility to challenge our system, check our system and right any wrongs as they emerge. Your vote has the power to correct this glitch in our electorate. Sincerely, 59,814,018 American Citizens

Chris Garlington
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Petitioning Delaware Office of Child Care Licensing

Do not require Lullaby House Inc. to have an "Open Door Policy"

There is a situation that Lullaby House Inc. is asking for your help with. The office of Child Care Licensing (OCCL) is giving Lullaby House Inc. an issue with their security policy that if they are to follow what OCCL is telling them to do can result in a danger to the children. OCCL is stating that Lullaby House Inc. must have an "open door policy" meaning that Lullaby Inc. must allow anyone who wants, the ability to walk through the building unescorted and unimpeded. Lullaby House Inc.'s policy has always been that if and when a parent wants to see their child in their classroom they will be escorted by a member of the administration to their child's classroom where they can observe or interact if they wish. Lullaby House Inc. has never asked for prior notice, just the courtesy of asking at the time you show up and wish to walk through, so that Lullaby House Inc. knows who is in the building. The safety and security of the children and the staff at Lullaby House Inc. is the number one priority and Lullaby House Inc. not believe that anyone off the street should be allowed in the building and have unescorted access to the children. This is why Lullaby House Inc. has a code on the front door installed and several doors inside the building. The Office of Child Care Licensing (OCCL) then instructed Lullaby House Inc. that they were not allowed to have the indoor door coded and they must remove the coded lock. Lullaby House Inc. complied, however, they are still objecting to the additional security. Lullaby House Inc. has made several attempts to get this cleared up by contacting the Department of Homeland Security and the cabinet secretary for Division of Services for Children Youth and their Families, both stated that the policy in place is fine and complies with DSCYF's and OCCL's regulations, however Lullaby House Inc. is still being told by the OCCL that Lullaby House Inc. is not in compliance for security. Lullaby House Inc. is asking that everyone help by signing this petition and/or writing a letter to OCCL informing them that you want more security for the children not less. Thank you for your continued support and assistance.

Lullaby House Inc.
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Change mandatory minimum sentencing laws which keep non-violent offenders in jail for life without parole. Commute their sentences too!!!

I am starting this petition because I feel it is a gross injustice to keep people in prison their whole lives for non-violent offenses, without the possibility of parole. I came across the case of a Missouri man named Jeff Mizanskey due to petition started by his son. Jeff has been in jail for over 20 years for drug offenses related to Marijuana. Governor Nixon commuted his sentence, which allowed him a parole hearing. He is now set to be released from prison very soon. How can laws be so harsh toward offenders, such as Jeff and approximately 3,200 others who are serving life sentences, without parole for non-violent, victimless crimes?! I ask this question in respect to the hundreds upon thousands of people who are paroled and released from prison that committed violent offenses, including murder, rape, child abuse, etc. I am not saying that people who commit non-violent offenses should not be punished. What I am saying is that the punishment should fit the crime. It is definitely time to review and change laws which keep people in prison their whole lives for non-violent offenses, when others who commit much more heinous crimes are allowed a parole hearing and then maybe released. Please make a difference by signing and sharing this petition, urging the governors of the 50 United States to change mandatory minimum sentencing laws as well as to commute the sentences of those non-violent offenders who have served enough time but are not eligible for parole.They can at least be given a chance to show they are rehabilitated and not a threat to society. Let's help to try to send them home to their families and loved ones where they belong, instead of rotting in prison for a lifetime. It is my hope that others who have committed non-violent, victimless offenses, like Jeff Mizanskey, can be afforded the same fortunate opportunity that he was to at least be granted a parole hearing. 

Regina G
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Students Demand Sexual Education/ Rape Prevention

Lily Marks and Sami Rosenblatt  We are the future: Teach us, Shape us, Send us out better. In 2011, the New York City Department Of Education mandated that middle and high school students are required to learn about sexual health as part of a “comprehensive health education.” They defined “comprehensive health education” as including lessons on: violence, injury prevention, emotional/mental health, physical activity/nutrition, alcohol, tobacco, drug use prevention, HIV/AIDS, and sexual health. This sounds quite in-depth and progressive. In fact, it is one of the most comprehensive sexual education curriculums currently in place in the country. However, a major focus point of the course revolved around their fact that “Abstaining from sexual intercourse is the best and most effective way to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.” This catch-all statement that holds factually true has been the root of sexual education in the United States and is a lesson that schools and parents feel comfortable teaching. However, it is a lesson lost on students who have already engaged in sexual behaviors and leaves these students all but ashamed of their actions. No matter what teachers say in the classroom, students will still tend to engage in sexual behavior starting at high-school age. The abstinence philosophy ignores the unfortunate fact that many high schooler’s first sexual experiences are non-consensual and that these students will remain feeling demonized unless properly educated about the parameters of sexual assault. This curriculum is a very non-realistic approach to real-life issues that high school face, not only personally but also through the experiences of their peers. 1-in-5 high school girls say they have been sexually assaulted in school, 1-in-8 high school girls say they have been raped, 18 percent of teenagers claim they have been sexually abused in relationships, and a staggering, horrifying 60% of high school males claim it is “acceptable to force sex on a girl in some circumstances.” With proper education, facts like this would not exist. Kids are left misinformed and are left to fend for themselves, which many of them are not capable of as teenagers constantly surrounded by peers who are equally as unaware. There seems to be a gap in the amount of sexual assault awareness in high schools more than any other educational setting. Under the Clery Act, all colleges funded by the government are required to report sexual assault, however, no such requirement exists for high schools. Take this, along with the fact that 20 percent of girls between the ages of 14 and 17 have been victims of sexual assault, and we have a recipe for disaster. Students often feel scared and judged by others for coming forward with assault because they fear the public shame associated with it. Let this resonate. People often don’t treat rape and sexual assault as a legitimate crime. Many are scared of the outcome as a victim of rape, and feel ashamed of themselves by a society that lacks knowledge on the matter and how to act towards victims. Only 20 states in the US require that if provided, sex and/or HIV education must be medically, factually or technically accurate. How can sex ed be taught when it doesn’t have to be accurate? These are the pitfalls of our nation. This is how our children fall through the cracks and make crucial mistakes that could be so easily prevented with proper education. In a nation plagued with the effects of rape culture caused by the sea of misinformation and unanswered questions, it leaves no doubt in our minds that the cause of our deviant, criminal sexual behaviors is rooted in the lack of education. Here is how we take action. 1.) Nationally mandate a minimum of 100 hours per year in middle school and high school be dedicated to Reproductive Health Education in all states in all NYC public schools. Courses must cover: violence prevention, emotional/mental health, physical activity/nutrition, alcohol/tobacco/drug use prevention and addiction, HIV/AIDS and other STD prevention and information, sexual health relevant to all ssexualitiesand gender identities. and sexual health.  2.) Require education about rape prevention and rape as a criminal offense. Move the discussion around rape away from glamorized terms such as “sex” and towards legal terms such as “felony.”Require that NYC students be taught how to acknowledge rape culture in daily life, and that they learn its definition. This will create a relatable and more personal lesson for students so that they can identify and stop perpetrators of rape culture around them and in their own minds. 3.)Demand that the government requires high schools to report accounts of rape in their entirety, as is required for colleges. 4.)Provide students with extensive knowledge of help hotlines such as: Safe Horizon ( 212-227-3000) , the Crime Victims/Stalking Hotline: (866-689-4357), Domestic Violence Hotline: (800-621-4673), the National Sexual Assault Hotline: (1.800.656.HOPE (4673)) PLEASE SEE OUR PRESENTATION HERE:

Sami Rosenblatt
170 supporters
Petitioning Delaware Governor, Jack Markell

Clemency for Kenneth Smith

Governor Markell,  We the undersigned petition for clemency for Kenneth M Smith SbI#193906 . Mr. Smith has served 18 yrs of a life sentence under the 3 strike law. We feel this is harsh for the non violent offenses on Mr. Smith's record. We feel the 3 strike life sentence is or should be for habitual, violent offenders, who pose a danger and risk to society. Mr Smiths 1st felony was for a non violent marijuana charge for aprox. 2 grams in 1988, for which he served 2 years of probation.  This should not be a basis for a life sentence. Mr Smiths 2 other strikes where non violent, with no weapons involved. Please see in his words below the details of these strikes. Please show Mr. Smith the Clemency that Justice should allow. Release Mr.Smith to the love and Support of his Mother, Siblings, and Children.    this is an exert from the letter our 420 Pow rep received from Mr. Smith 1-20-2016   "I've served (18) years of a natural life sentence under the 3 strikes law (habitual Offender Act). In 1988, I was arrested and charged for possession for attempting to sell (4) five dollar bags of marijuana. I plead guilty to the charge and received {2} years probation. The weed charge was my first 1994 I was arrested for shoplifting. In my possession, I had a small contain of mace attached to my car keys. Officers charged me with first degree robbery instead of shoplifting because i possessed the mace. I NEVER used the mace as a weapon. I served 2 years prison time for that. In 1997, I was arrested in a second shoplifting charge. During the course of the theft I was approached by store security I stated to security guard "back off" And I had my hand in my pocket. My statement elevated the shoplifting charge to first degree armed robbery. I had no firearm or weapon in my possession. exert from Delaware online 12/28/2015  Kenneth Smith hasn't been home for Christmas in 18 years. On Dec. 22, 1998, he was arrested for stealing two winter coats from a rack in a discount store in Claymont. When a security guard confronted him outside, Smith stuck his hand in his pocket, acting as if he had a handgun, even though he didn't. The gesture elevated what would have been a shoplifting charge to first-degree robbery. Then, because of tough-on-crime strategies sweeping the nation, he was sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of parole. "I'm not saying I don't deserve time. I don't want to downplay it or say I'm an angel. But some murders get life with the possibility of parole," Smith said while sitting in a visitor's room at the James T. Vaughn Correctional Center near Smyrna. Smith, now 50, was sentenced under Delaware's "three strikes and you're out" law. Prosecutors use it to put offenders who have at least three violent felonies away on mandatory life terms. But, because the list of felonies considered violent have grown over the years, a handful of inmates in Delaware are serving life sentences for burglaries, robberies or drug offenses. Smith, for example, had two prior felonies. One for marijuana possession in 1988; the other for first-degree robbery (a charge he picked up when he was caught shoplifting with a canister of pepper spray hanging from a keychain in his pocket). Now, Smith has a renewed hope that he will eventually walk out of prison and spend the holidays with his four children and eight grandchildren. "    

theresa d
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Petitioning Jack Markell

Petition To Remove Judge Aida Wasserstein

Judge Aida Wasserstein has exhibited a pattern of inconsistency and extreme judicial prejudice in rendering final decisions in child custody and show cause cases. More often than not her decisions are based on personal biases and false premises while ignoring the concrete facts presented. It is the child(ren) who are most affected by her decisions that can have some long term negative impacts. We ask that Aida Wasserstein be forced to step down as a Family Court Judge and have all finals orders reviewed and reversed for those desiring to have their cases retried. My interest in having her removed is she has stripped me of time with my son due to as she puts it being in contempt of court for me not taking part in a "voluntary" joint parent session with my ex wife and childs therapist. She also found me in contempt for not appearing for a Show Cause hearing on August 11th despite calling the court in advance to indicate I could not make it due to a work situation, that I could not get out of. It was portrayed by her as I chose just to go to work over appearing in court, which was a total fabrication. For those reasons cited I lost a day per week with my son. Not due to any abuse or negligence, but for simply not allowing her to bully me with the power of the court. Also she has elected to believe verbal unsupported lies from my ex wife over the indisputable written evidence I provided to the court. There are many who can share their experiences in her court room, who have fallen victim to her abuse of power. She is making decisions with no legal precedent as a baseline and as a result causing very damaging long term effects to the relationship between parent and child(ren). The time to put an end to her abusive authority is now. Sincerely, Dominic L Williams

Dominic Williams
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Protect privacy of high-risk professionals - Create "Caroline's Law"

As the Director of the Delaware Division of Professional Regulation, I am providing a response and clarification regarding licensee privacy protection. The Division of Professional Regulation recognizes that licensed human service professionals are a valuable asset to the people of this State. Moreover, the privacy of all licensees is recognized by Delaware State law and respected by the Division. Personally identifying information such as the home addresses of professional licensees have never been available for public view on the Division's website. The Division makes publically available on its website or in response to Freedom of Information requests for licensee information only the city, state, and zip code where a licensee has indicated he or she may be contacted by the Division. This may or may not be the city or state where the professional resides. David Mangler, Director

6 years ago