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IKEA offers a wide range of well-designed, functional home furnishing products at prices so low that as many people as possible will be able to afford them.

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Petitioning IKEA

Make the IKEA shopping experience accessible for people with disabilities

I am a person with a physical disability who uses a cane to get around in public. When I am shopping, I typically use one of the complimentary electric carts available to customers at most stores. The only store where I shop that does not provide customers with an independent means to shop their store is IKEA. IKEA stores are huge. These sprawling stores easily take up the length of a football field. For the considerable size of IKEA, having a few electric powered carts with baskets on them would not only make it easier for customers like me to get around, they would also increase their business by giving people with disabilities a way to comfortably shop. IKEA does provide manual wheelchairs, but they are hardly an accommodation. The manual wheelchairs have no shopping basket or cart attached. So I either have to push myself and only be able to carry a couple items on my lap, or be forced to walk the store and end up bedridden and in pain the next day. Shopping might be a chore, but shopping at IKEA shouldn’t be a chore for people with disabilities. Please join me in asking IKEA to provide customers with electric carts and an independent means of visiting their stores. It’s a win-win for IKEA and its customers!

Deanna Kepler
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Petitioning Nescafe, tschibo , Ikea, eskişehir belediyesi

Türünün tek örneği Cafe de Kedi yaşatılsın

Eskişehir'de yer alan bir grup iyi insanın projesi Cafe de Kedi ekonomik sıkıntılarla boğuşmakta... Gelin bu konseptte dünyada birçok örneği olan ama Türkiye'deki tek kedi cafeyi beraber yaşatalım. Sizler kampanyamıza destek olun, kampanya katılımcılarımız da size... İyilik bulaşıcıdır, unutmayın...

gokce celik
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Petitioning Ikea

İkea'nın gerçek inek postu kullanmasını engellemek için bir imza da siz atın

İkea ürünü olan ve hem mağazasında hem de internet satışında görebileceğiniz KOLDBY ürününde İnek derisi kullanıyor.  Mağaza ve internet mağazasında görebileceğiniz üzere ürün ile ilgili yapılan açıklamada : "İnek derisi doğal olarak dayanıklıdır, yıllarca kullanabilirsiniz.Deri üzerindeki izler, renk ve ölçü farklılıkları derinin karakteristik özelliğidir ve bu da inek derisi halıların her birini farklı kılar.” İfadeleri bulunuyor.  Ürünün malzeme açıklamalarında ise SIĞIR DERİSİNDEN başka herhangi bir açıklama yok. Hiçbir insanın dekor için derisi yüzülerek kürkü çalınan hayvanların postuna ihtiyacı yoktur.  Kampanyaya imza atarak bu suça ortak olmayabilir ve İKEA’NIN ilgili üründen elde etmiş olduğu kârı barınaklara bağışlamasına katkı sağlayabilirsin. İLGİLİ ÜRÜN:

kadir demiray
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Petitioning IKEA

Make IKEA provide double trolleys

IKEA UK has so many great facilities for children HOWEVER IKEA does not provide double trolleys. As a mum of twins, this means I cannot shop in IKEA by myself as I'd have nowhere to put one of the babies. It's hard enough getting out with twins but it doesn't need to be made harder. I've challenged IKEA and received the response that double trolleys are not provided, "for safety reasons." My local supermarkets all provide double trolleys and have lifts/travelators - does this mean our supermarkets are putting us at risk? IKEA doesn't care to resolve this - can we make them listen? This issue affects all families with two small children of a similar/same age.

rosalind ireland
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Petitioning We the People, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Avegalio Aigamaua, Atalina Asifoa, Angel Arce, Anthony D'Amelio, Ako Abdul-Samad, Andy Anders, Alma Allen, Alfred Adinolfi, Alex A...

Close Cincinnati Zoo

After the recent incident in the Cincinnati zoo, it is clear they do not have the capabilities in running a safe functional zoo. Simple goal here. Close the zoo for good.

We the World
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Petitioning IKEA

Indemnités pour le non respect des livraisons IKEA France

"IKEA sait vendre des meubles... Mais pas les livrer" Je reprends l'un des nombreux titres des forums sur internet qui racontent les nombreuses expériences de consommateur comme moi. Je trouve cela incroyable que IKEA France ne prenne pas au sérieux ses offres de livraison, cela démontre un grand manque de respect envers ses clients. Sous-traiter les livraisons est une chose, mais veiller au respect des engagements c'est le minimum professionnel. A chaque livraison, je pose une journée de congé et à chaque fois ils ne respectent pas leur horaires ou tout simplement annulent le jour même. Sans aucune proposition de compensation ou de dédommagement. Je lance cette pétition afin que IKEA France respect ses clients et propose un réel changement dans sa politique de vente en ligne, qui semble rendre le client impuissant lorsqu'il demande des comptes.

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Petitioning IKEA

Bring back Tombo glass door for besta display

give us back the simplicity of displaying with style !

lewis leary
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Petitioning IKEA

Build an IKEA in Omaha, NE!

We are asking IKEA to build a store to service the midwest in Omaha, NE. Currently, the nearest store is 200 miles away. In order to support IKEA, you have to pay high shipping rates or travel over a 3 hour commute. A store in Omaha would also service the cities of Lincoln, Council Bluffs, Des Moines and many others that are currently being overlooked. By signing this petition you are asking that IKEA build a store in the greater Omaha area.

Christina Musgrave
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Petitioning IKEA

Have Ikea build a store in Defreestville, NY

Everyone I know LOVES Ikea yet the closest store in 2.5 hours away! There is a new plaza now signing leases, that was highly disputed by the residential neighbors in the past, at the very busy intersection of Rt 4 and Rt 43 in Defreestville, NY. I really feel that being that everyone loves Ikea it would allay any fears and tensions as well as bringing a beloved store to us all. This area is perfect for Ikea and I believe they would agree if only though knew we existed. the following link is from the local newspaper giving more details on this site.  Please sign my petition! 

Citizens For Ikea
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Petitioning Bring It To Tulsa

Bring IKEA to Tulsa,OK!

Love IKEA? Who doesn't! Let's get IKEA to Tulsa and stop sending our hard earned money and tax revenue to Texas! I know of some perfect spots in town that would fit IKEA well, specifically 71st St, near Tulsa Hills- just for one idea. Let's sign this petition, share this petition, and let's let IKEA know Tulsa wants them!

Logan Bellew
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Support LGBT people in Russia

At IKEA, we believe in people In the latest issue of our customer magazine IKEA FAMILY LIVE we ran a feature about two women, Kirsty and Clara, living in England with their child. The article appeared in 24 countries but not in Russia where a law prevents us from publishing it. It is a law that has been widely criticized but one that we have to comply with. However, we wanted to take the opportunity to speak about what the IKEA values mean and what we stand for. This is why the current online version of the magazine in 25 countries, including Russia, contains this letter from IKEA Group: "At IKEA, we believe in people. We are guided by our vision – to help create a better everyday life for the many people. We also believe you can be yourself as an IKEA co-worker, an IKEA customer or in your home. We do our best to stand for equal opportunities and support the human rights of all people. And every co-worker can expect fair treatment and equal opportunities whatever their ethnicity, religion, gender, physical ability, sexual orientation or age. This guides us and inspires us when we work together with our colleagues and the people in our value chain. After all, it’s our differences that make us great! Petra Hesser, Human Resources, & Steve Howard, Sustainability, IKEA Group" As an employer, we work purposefully and in a structured way to promote equal rights and equal opportunities. It is part of our code of conduct for everyone working for the IKEA Group and it is also a part of our diversity and inclusion approach. We want the way we communicate our offer in different commercial channels to mirror the world around us and we believe that publishing an article featuring a lesbian couple in 24 countries is a good example of that. In some of these countries the subject is still considered to be controversial. In the long term, we believe that we can have a positive influence on societies in the countries where we operate by constantly working based on our values. Best regards, Greg Priest, Policy & Compliance Manager, IKEA Group

3 years ago