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UGG IS AUSTRALIAN Just like Fetta is Greek, Champaign is French, Ferrari is Italian By signing this petition we are asking the Australian Government to STAND UP for Australians and assist in fighting the case of Deckers v’s Australian Leather Pty Ltd Australian Leather should not be taking this on alone! Where is our mateship? Where is standing up for Australia? My name is Eddie Oygur. I started making Ugg boots 34 years ago, and this is my story.   Since 1986, together with a team of dedicated staff, we’ve proudly made hundreds of thousands of pairs of Australian made Ugg boots – which we all know are sheepskin leather boots that are super comfortable and were created in Australia in the 1960’s from the surf scene here.   They were a proudly Australian invention that found their way to other parts of the world by the later 1960’s, including the United States, where they were sold as ‘Ugg’ boots and became a hit in surfing communities across the US, from coast to coast. So, there is no doubt in my mind that ‘Ugg’ is an Australian term and creation, made by lots of local Aussie manufacturers, exported to the world.   Then something very strange, and terrible, happened.   In 1985, Brian Smith, an expatriate Australian, applied to trademark the word ‘Ugg’ in the US, claiming that the word was not a generic term.  You can only trademark a name if it has not been commonly used before, and the evidence is that it was, which makes it very strange that a trademark was granted.  In fact, there are claims that the trademark should never have been granted in the first place.   But somehow the trademark was granted, and that meant that the owner of the trademark could prevent the term Ugg being used by anybody else around the world – except for Australia and New Zealand where the term Ugg was in common usage from the 1960’s.   In 1995 the US multi-national Deckers Brands bought the ‘Ugg’ trademark and since then they have sold billions and billions of dollars of Ugg boots around the world, and have stopped anybody else using the term ‘Ugg’ – even though it is a name that I believe belongs to Australia.   To add insult to injury Deckers sold their Ugg boots as being ‘Australian’, even though they were made in China and Vietnam!  How is that fair?   Then in 2016 things got really ugly for me.   Thirteen pairs of Ugg boots (yes 13 pairs) and two pairs of socks were sold into the US in between 2011 and 2016 valued at about $2300, and as it turned out that four of those pairs of Ugg boots were bought by private investigators hired by Deckers! Then, without notice, Deckers sued me for alleging breaching their intellectual property.  They initially sought to freeze my assets, confiscate my boots, and they took me to Court in the US in Chicago 14,867 kms away.   Most people who have been sued by Deckers before have simply rolled over and done what Deckers has wanted them to do – basically accept without question that Deckers owns the trademark and that Ugg belongs to them around the world.   I thought that was wrong.  So, I fought back. I have spent everything I own, everything I have worked for in my entire life, to fight Deckers in the US Courts.  Everything that belongs to me has gone into this fight – over $1 million spent in legal fees fighting this case. My case eventually went before a jury in Chicago in May of last year.  I really did not stand a chance. Because of the way US laws are structured, the odds were stacked against me.  The jury found that I had breached Deckers intellectual property and I was hit with a penalty of $US450,000 (about $A640,000).   I have appealed against the decision as being wrong in law, and wrong on the facts, and my US lawyers have told me that I have got a good chance of winning on appeal. But Deckers continues to come at me, and they have got cost orders against me of $US2 million which means that all up they are now claiming $AUD 3.4 million.   Through their Australian lawyers they have recently threatened to sue me for that.  They gave a deadline to pay up the $AUD 3.4 million dollars by this week, or else they would take me to court in Australia to enforce the judgment – even though I am appealing the decision.  In Australia, the other side normally waits until an appeal has been heard.  Not here, not with Deckers, not with the US legal system. I have put everything I own into this case because I am a proud Australian that believes Ugg belongs in Australia, not just for me to use, but for every other Ugg bootmaker to be able to sell Australian made Ugg boots to the world.   · Getting the name Ugg back to Australia could be a multi-billion-dollar export industry for dozens of Ugg boot makers · Create over 4,000 well paid jobs right here.   · Tell Deckers Aussie battlers WILL NOT BE BULLIED by anyone. Please support UGG boots Fight Unfortunately, the Australian Government, which has a Fund to help cases such as this, decided previously that they didn’t want to help. Maybe they consider that their relationship with the US is too important to upset over a small battling Aussie company in this David v Goliath battle. I hope that is not what you think.   Yours Sincerely, EDDIE OYGUR Founder & Managing Director of Australian Leather Pty Ltd

Eddie Oygur
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Petitioning Scott Morrison, Dan Tehan, Hon. Dan Tehan MP

COVID-19: Lower the fees for International Students in Australia

International education is the 3rd largest exporter for Australia generating more than 30 billion dollars in revenue each year. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, like many Australians, international students in Australia are getting impacted as well. Many universities, TAFEs and colleges are now planning or already delivering the classes online which make sense due to the current situation. While student visa holders are required to demonstrate enough funds to support the study, this unprecedented times has put the pressure on these students also as their families back home can't support them due to the worldwide spread of the virus.  Since many students work in hospitality, retail and travel industry, it has become really challenging for these students to find a part time job or keep the existing one as well. And since most of the classes are delivered online, students don't get to experience the uni culture and lifestyle that they came here for.  So, we at Overseas Students Australia are requesting PM Scott Morrison to help these students by asking the educational providers to lower down the fees until the situation gets back to normal. While federal government is doing an amazing job for helping the community at large by providing information, financial assistance and stimulus, we believe that helping these international students will not only go a long way in preserving our reputation as top international education provider in the world but rather further improve students interest studying in Australia that look after students well. We look forward to get your signature.

Sam Sam
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Petitioning Prime Minister of Australia

Prime Minister: please bring home the 25 Australian soldiers killed in Vietnam but remain in a lonely grave, halfway home on Foreign soil.

"My mother never got closure for her little brother's death. It ruined her life not being able to go and sit by a gravesite, that he was never honoured like other killed soldiers. Disgustingly, they're still stuck half-way home. We just want Reg brought home." He was an Australian soldier killed in Vietnam – but our government has never repatriated Reg Hillier home. Shockingly, he's among 25 soldiers killed in Vietnam who still remain in a lonely grave, half-way home. 521 Australian Vietnam Veterans were killed or died of wounds in the Vietnam War, 496 are buried back home in Australia, let's bring the remaining 25 home, to Australia where they belong. Relatives and the Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia are asking for your help to finally right this wrong, and bring our mates home to be with us. We've found out that for many of these soldiers, they weren't brought home because their family couldn't afford the huge costs of repatriation. It cost nearly half a year's wage 500 pounds, at the time ($30,000 today). And they'd just lost their loved one.These Soldiers fought for their Country and made the Supreme Sacrifice and the Government of the Day wanted the NOK and Families to pay for their repatriation back to Australia. These families had no choice, either pay up or be buried in Malaysia, this is a terrible way to treat bereaved families, and it caused further heartache as these relatives had the extra burden of that huge guilt of not being able to afford to bring their loved ones home. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME. The first one killed in Vietnam, was WO2 William Hacking on the 1st June 1963, was brought home at Government (public) expense. The second was WO2 Kevin Conway killed 6th July 1964, was buried in a Cemetery in Siagon, then exhumed and removed to Ulu Pandan Cemetery in Singapore, then to allow for Singapores expansion was again exhumed and reburied in Kranji Cemetery Singapore. This poor Vietnam Veteran has been exhumed twice and buried three times and is still not home. It was just wrong. We'd never do this to our boys currently serving. Keith Payne, VC, our living legend Vietnam Veteran has given his full support, saying "I agree with you, where the relatives want the bodies brought home - Bring the Bodies Home." For years, this injustice has been ignored. Last year, we were again given a clinical and heartless response from the government to our plea for our fellow soldiers to be brought home.  The Prime Minister can finally give these soldiers the dignity and honour they deserve, and lay them to rest here at home in Australia with the rest of our Vietnam war dead. He went to great lengths to bring home the victims of the recent Malaysia airlines downing – we just want the same respect given to our diggers. Those soldiers buried in Malaysia, are NOT buried in a war grave but are buried in a General Christian Cemetery on a Military base in Malaysia. It's been the dying wish for many of our relatives, to Bring Them Home. It's time for the government to have the heart to help us close this unfinished business for the NOK, widows, relatives, and veterans, and Bring Them Home. Please sign our petition asking Prime Minister Tony Abbott to bring the remaining 25 soliders killed in Vietnam home. We need your help to assist us - Please donate to help us achieve this goal by going to:  

Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia
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Petitioning Scott Morrison

Change the ECEC Relief Package to support Family Day Care

The Early Childhood Education Care Relief Package (CRP) has proven in less than 24 hours to be nothing more than a marketing ploy by the Government to gain some extra votes and appear to be doing the right thing by Aussie families. But what is hidden behind this blanket “Free Child Care for Everyone” banner is the disturbing truth that Early Childhood Educators, without consultation, have been told to continue working despite isolation and social distancing rules and to do so while taking a minimum of a 50% pay cut. While there will be larger Child Care Centres who will find relief in the offer of free child care, the Family Day Care Sector will collapse. Family Day Care provides childcare in smaller ratios, with flexible hours catering to those much needed essential workers such a nurses etc. who work shifts, nights and weekends. As such Family Day Care has seen a surge in enrolments since the start of March as essential workers sought flexible childcare options for their primary aged children, no longer going to school and their pre-school aged children. The industry was bolstered by Educators who were willing to support these essential workers at their own personal risk, and they were receiving the financial benefit of doing so. On Thursday 2nd April Our Prime Minister announced from his grandstand that he was providing universal free childcare and the hearts of everyone lifted. But the reality soon sunk in that that still comes at a cost and the cost is to those who are providing the care, opening their homes to families and risking their health and that of their own families. The Government will now pay all educators based on the attendance in their Family Day Cares between 17th February and 2nd March 2020. The government will only pay 50% of the capped hourly rate of $11.10/hour/child, that equates to $5.55/hour/child. This means a reduction of income greater than 50% and families who had previously taken their children out of care for health and safety reasons, deciding to come back in droves as child care is now free. And the real kicker is that none of these new enrolments will be paid for. And all the new enrolments that educators were receiving income for between 2nd March and 5th April will not be paid for either as these apparently don’t factor in the new CRP. And still Educators are expected to work, provide care and open their homes to families during a global pandemic. To supplement this, the government is expecting Educators to apply for JobKeeper payments as a sole trader. To date no one can actually apply for JobKeeper, you can only express your interest in applying. Information on who is eligible is scarce and the fear that many Educators will not be eligible for this payment is very real. How on earth can this work? What about Educators who started their business after 2nd March, or those who were sick or away on holidays between 17th of February and 2nd March? What about those who started their business in January as a new start, who find themselves full now, but were nearly empty in their first couple of months? Or those educators who want to change services as they are uncomfortable with the support they are currently receiving? I could go on and on… As approved Service Providers within Family Day Care (one of 454 FDC Service Providers across the country), we have been advised not to charge our educators the fees that keep our Service running, the service which they need to legally operate their businesses. We are now operating a business with zero income, unable to pay the rent or draw any income personally as business owners in our attempts to keep our educators operating for as long as possible. We have been advised to apply for JobKeeper to keep the business operating. The problem is JobKeeper needs to be paid to employees, but again this income from JobKeeper will not go to our own pockets to support our own families, it will have to be used to keep the business operational as without the service, our educators cannot legally operate. In addition, the Community Child Care Fund (CCCF) that was in place to support Services and Educators who experienced a loss of 30% or greater in their business, was very quietly closed at 9am Friday 3rd April, just as we were all waking up to the fact we have lost so much overnight. This lifeline that is now so desperately needed in the Family Day Care Sector was right as we all needed it most. CRP is applicable to Child Care Centres aka Long Day Care and can support those centres who have experienced mass loss of enrolments and can use the JobKeeper payments to support staff wages, but it is not in any way applicable or relevant to Family Day Care. FDC needs to be viewed on its own, as a separate entity that supports approximately 170,000 children across Australia. At a time when our government is preaching that we must all come together and look after one another, they have hung Family Day Care services and educators out to dry, while expecting them to still open their arms and homes to the public at a time when that is one of the most dangerous things you can do. Please share and help us spread the word. West Coast Family Day Care Services

West Coast Family Day Care Services
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Petitioning Dan Tehan, Hon. Dan Tehan MP, Josh Frydenberg, Scott Morrison

Extend JobKeeper For The Travel Industry Beyond March 28

It's been a year since the first case of COVID-19 reached our shores and began an extraordinary and tragic series of events for our nation and the world. For the Australian travel industry, the continued closure of international borders, combined with the uncertainty of last-minute domestic border closures, has had a devastating impact with revenue down between 60% and 99% since March 2020. From travel agencies to airlines, tour and ground operators, cruise lines, hotels and attractions all over Australia, COVID-19 has already left the travel industry reeling through the loss of thousands of jobs and taken an enormous emotional impact on operators that have had business decimated through no fault of their own. The fate of the travel industry is now on a knife-edge as we hurtle towards the end of JobKeeper on March 28, 2021 – and any further government support. The travel industry is now urgently calling on the Australian Government to extend a rescue package from April 1, 2021, until 2022 and we need your help. As an industry, we are extremely grateful for the government support to date; however, we must highlight the critical nature of our concerns to ensure support continues well into 2022 as other industries start to recover from the impacts of COVID. Thank you for taking the time to understand our position and help us by adding your name to the petition.

Matt Leedham
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Petitioning Hon. Dan Tehan MP, Hon. Michael Keenan MP, Queensland Health

Fix the issues with accessing the Disability Support Pension

The current process for people suffering from chronic illness and disability to access social services is flawed in Australia. With waiting times exceeding 9 months for people to be assessed for the Disability Support Pension (DSP) it is forcing those living with a disability in some cases to live a lifestyle that puts them below the poverty line and is causing immense emotional hardship. My name is Jake Bailey. I am 23, I have completed a university degree straight out of high school and after that I begun my hairdressing apprenticeship. I always prided myself on being an outgoing and hard working individual. Last year, however, I was forced into an early forced retirement due to the genetic chronic illness Cystic Fibrosis. Cystic Fibrosis is primarily a lung disease, however, it also affects most of the other major organs in the body. As it stands, Cystic Fibrosis (CF) is the most common genetic life threatening illness in the country, double lung transplants are a common prognosis and those who have CF have a mean life expectancy of 39 years old. As a result of my CF I have a predicted lung capacity of 40% which requires me to perform daily physio and antibiotic therapy. The decreased capacity furthermore limits me to the amount of physical activity that I can do. Further complications from CF has resulted in my pancreas being damaged to a point where I have to consume 30+ tablets a day (pancreatic enzyme replacements) and adhere to a strict diet in order to gain any nutrients out of food. The health regime that I have to follow in order to maintain my health leaves me as a time poor person, with these treatments taking hours out of my day, and weeks out of my year when hospitalization becomes a necessity. Living with these extra responsibilities did make work a more arduous task and it did take a toll on my body with my lung capacity taking a hit of around 15% in the two years where I was working full time and my time spent hospitalized increased. With these statistics in mind under the advisement of the team of medical professionals who look after me at the Prince Charles Hospital Brisbane I was recommended to apply for the DSP in order to prolong my health. At this time, armed with 23 years of medical evidence from a range of professionals across all fields of medicine (Thoracic specialists, Mental health professionals, Dieticians etc.) I applied for the DSP with Centrelink. My claim was left sitting for over 4 months before I was contacted; albeit after I checked up on the process of my claim multiple times, by the department. In this time, my interim payment (newstart allowance) had been cancelled or suspended 4 times, due to a lack of communications between departments because I had exceeded the allotted exemption period for those applying for DSP. In my communications with the department I have been made to feel embarrassed and frustrated over the phone and in person numerous times. From being asked asinine questions such as if my “degenerative lung disease” will improve over the next 24 months and being told that I should work until the point where hospital outweighs all other aspects of my life I became very despondent with the situation at hand. Upon the presentation of my medical history to Centrelink the statistical evidence that I, and my medical team had provided which proves the degradation of my lungs has been continually ignored. Instead a rubric based upon anecdotal evidence is preferred by the assessors with questions regarding my gardening capabilities and whether I can walk home from the shops used to assess my health issues. This is incredibly embarrassing and demeaning as it questions my integrity as a disabled person. To add further salt to the wound all associated issues that come from living with a chronic illness such as the emotional ramifications are ignored and not treated to be part of the holistic wellbeing of a person to the point where I was questioned if my documented mental health issues were real and genuine. Putting already disabled people, people dealing with losing their jobs under this stress and forcing them to justify their illness beyond reasonable measures is sadistic and this has to change. As it stands, I am still in the process of being approved for the DSP and am waiting upon further contact to notify me of my claim. Yes, I have received interim payments, and for this I am thankful, however, the associated costs of living with a chronic illness such as medications, transportation and diet specific foods has left me in an incredibly vulnerable and uncomfortable financial position. When you add to that the emotional stress, and the overarching feeling of being undervalued and dehumanized by a seemingly sadistic system has left me, my family and loved ones in a depressed state. A change has to be made to make these social systems more accessible for all disabled people. I speak from my perspective of having CF, but, I am aware that there are hundreds if not thousands of people in our nation who live with their own afflictions who have been compromised and made to navigate this hard to access system. I urge the Minister for Health The Hon. Greg Hunt and the minister for human services The Hon. Michael Keenan to discus this matter and meet with disabled people; young, old, inherited or accident to gauge how the system makes us feel and live. Please work with us, so we can be proud and active members of our communities. EDIT: I have received contact from my local member for Brisbane Hon. Trevor Evans to arrange a meeting to discus my petition and to start talking about the issues at hand with the hard to access DSP. EDIT: In light of so many sharing their stories of how they have struggled to access the DSP I have made a dedicated email address, for you to bravely share your stories. I am going to collect these so when I meet with decision makers I have a strong portfolio covering a wide range of illness and impairments in order to show how these issues with access affect many people from all walks of life. EDIT: Upon receiving communication back from The Hon. Dan Tehan I have been advised to address this petition to The Hon. Michael Keenan MP also as this is an issue which falls under the Minister for Human Resources.  Thank you for reading.  Regards,  Jake Bailey

Jake Bailey
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Petitioning Minister for Social Service, Hon. Dan Tehan MP

Change of Assurance of Support Legislation of contributory Parent Visa petition

The amendment  On 26 March 2018, the Minister for Social Service Dan Tehan has introduced a legislative instrument to amendment the financial criteria for Assurance of Support in which all Australian Citizens and permanent residents who wish to sponsor their overseas parents to come to Australia under 143 Contributory Parent visa program have to meet. Under current new requirement, the taxable income for sponsor will almost double compared with previous one, and the years required to meet the requirement has increased from 2 years to 3 years.Such as 1 adult assurer to provide assurance for 1 parent has to be at least $58,860.94 annually(previous required amount only a little bit over $30000). And assurer has married or has a de facto partner the income requirement will be significantly increased to $88,291.41 annually regardless of whether or not this partner or spouse is willing to be jointly included into the assurance of support.  Who will be affected by this amendment?  All Australian Citizens and Permanent Residents who have parents overseas are or will be affected in following ways: You will be required for higher taxable income, different from assessable income, which means you cannot exercise your legitimate rights to claim a tax deduction to legally minimise your taxation burden You will face much more higher taxable income requirements if you have a spouse or de facto partner, especially when you have at least one child and your spouse or partner is resigned and taking care of your child at home You will be affected if you have already lodged a 143 visa application for your parents and you may not satisfy the new income requirements as it almost doubled up the previous requirement   Our demands  We demand that the new amendment to AoS income requirement to strike down by the Federal Parliament We demand that the AoS income requirement to be restored to the previous standard in which is calculated base on the Newstart allowance payment amount instead of Newstars income cut-off amount Or at least, we demand a transitional policy to be imposed which allow all  AoS Assurer for 143/864 visa applicants that have lodged their application for a 143/864 visa before 1 April 2018 to be subject to the previous income requirement criteria for AoS.

NewStars Education & Migration
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Prime Minister: please bring home the 25 Australian soldiers killed in Vietnam but remain in a lonely grave, halfway home on Foreign soil.

Media statement from the Minister for Veterans' Affairs, Dan Tehan: Australia will welcome home 33 Australian service personnel and dependents, including 22 Vietnam War veterans, on Thursday, 2 June in one of the largest, single military repatriations in this country’s history. The returning Australians, 21 Vietnam veterans, three servicemen and eight dependents, had been interred at Terendak Military Cemetery in Malaysia, with the single other casualty of the Vietnam War still interred overseas returning from the Kranji Military Cemetery in Singapore. A military repatriation ceremony and private memorial service will be held at RAAF Richmond in Sydney on June 2, after two Royal Australian Air Force Aircraft C-17 Globemaster aircraft bearing the Australians land at about 10:30am. Minister for Veterans’ Affairs Dan Tehan said bringing the Australians home was an important moment for the families and for the country. “The return of these Australians will bring closure to their families who have grieved for lost loved ones,” Mr Tehan said. “They will be welcomed home with a respectful and dignified return to this country. “For every Australian this will be an opportunity to acknowledge the sacrifice of all those who have died in service to their country. “Representatives of our Vietnam Veteran community will attend and for some of them this will be a particularly moving occasion as they served with the returning servicemen.” Mr Tehan said the Australian Government last year made an offer of repatriation to 36 families of Australians buried and Terendak and Kranji. “Several families made the decision not to bring their loved ones home, and I am sure Australians will respect that decision and appreciate it was not made lightly,” he said. At the conclusion of the private memorial service for the families, 33 hearses bearing the returning Australians will depart RAAF Base Richmond in a funeral procession at about 12.15pm and travel to the centre of Parramatta, arriving about 1pm. The funeral procession will proceed via a green light corridor and under escort of the NSW Police Traffic and Highway Patrol Command, with assistance from the Transport Management Centre. Mr Tehan encouraged members of the public wanting to pay their respects to line the route of the procession. It will travel from RAAF Richmond to Parramatta CBD via Church Street - George Street - Smith Street - Station Street - Parkes Street, where the public will be welcome to view the procession and pay their respects. Motorists using these roads at that time may experience some delays. Reinterment services will then take place in every State and Territory, except Tasmania, over the following few weeks, in accordance with the families’ wishes.

6 years ago