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Petitioning eBay, Amazon​.​com, Facebook

Stop online sellers cashing in on hand sanitizer amidst Covid-19 crisis.

Please help stop the ridiculous and selfish greed of online sellers in particular on Amazon, Ebay and even on social media such as Facebook from cashing in on selling hand sanitizers and gels at massively elevated prices. There are so many listed on Ebay and Amazon for 8 or 10 times the price and some even more than that. In our local supermarkets a 50ml bottle of hand sanitizer gel will cost approximately £1.00 Ebay and Amazon sellers have these listed as high as £24.99 each! Some stores have limited their sales to 2 per customer which is a fair move but customers are just going in repeatedly throughout the day to buy more to sell. Some stores have no limits and people are waiting for the stores to open and completely emptying the shelves before anyone else can buy any. These are clearly the people wanting to cash in by selling them online. The average family cannot afford to pay these extortionate prices and neither should they need to. I fear that the elderly and disabled are going to be impacted hard due to this selfish act. Soap and water is the best way to try and protect yourself but this is not always possible if you're out and about so these gels are needed by everyone and these sellers know this and know people are going to get desperate. Shame on you greedy sellers profiting on a worldwide crisis where people are losing their lives! Amazon and Ebay and any other private selling websites should be forced to cap the selling price on these products to a reasonable amount during this deadly virus outbreak.

Tricia Astley
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Petitioning eBay, James Iannone

We're Asking eBay To Stop Selling Lies

Despite current events, eBay continues hosting items promoting empirically false slogans and ideas related to the 2020 election. This merchandise is dangerous  propaganda targeted to those who have already attacked the seat of our democracy and remain loyal to a single man at the expensive of civil society. eBay Global Impact has told us they consider these 'political items.'  Amazon has shown leadership in removing merchandise like this from its own site. Now Facebook has banned 'stop the steal' content, 69 days after the election.  We call on eBay to join major internet companies and do the same immediately. This merchandise includes t-shirts, hats, decals, signs, buttons, flags, books and more that are accessories for those supporting sedition and domestic terror.  Condoning the repetition of this lie has already led to violence and so violate eBay's own policy on prohibited items. Now especially, in this dangerous moment, these lies must not be given a pass.  Yet eBay continues to promote them even now, as our divided nation faces credible threats--clearly and presently--following the deadly attacks at the US Capitol on January 6th, 2021. The company writes in an email dated January 11, 2001: "At eBay, we have a strict policy against hate and discrimination to ensure our platform remains a safe, trusted and inclusive environment for our global community of buyers and sellers. While we are not removing politically affiliated merchandise from the site, we will remove any merchandise glorifying the violence incited on Capitol Hill." The time has come to stand up for the truth. The 2020 election was free and fair and has been duly certified by the United States Government.  Claims to the contrary fuel violence and hate.  We call on eBay to enforces it's own policies and protect it's good name by disassociating the brand from these lies.  

Michael Edmondson
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Petitioning Gumtree, Australian Government, animal justice party, eBay, Animal Liberation, RSPCA

Ban Animal Gumtree Sales

As a rescue group working to save abused, neglected and abandoned animals we see one major problem with our system. That problem is Gumtree. Used as a platform for easy personal sales you can find and buy pretty much anything, including animals, from Gumtree. Domestic dogs and cats, farm animals, reptiles, you name it! Some come at a fee, some labelled as “free to good home”. This form of sale is not only sad for the animals not being properly rehomed with families suited to their needs, but it is also dangerous and a huge access point for fighting rings, particularly for dogs. Dog fighting rings, whilst illegal in most countries, are still a prominent threat. Enforcement varies and underground dog fighting still happens far too often, with devastating results for the dogs. The most common outcome for dogs in these circumstances is a torturous death in the ring, those that make it out of the ring alive are kept in appalling conditions with no access to food, water or shelter, and many are left to suffer horrific injuries, likely dying slowly and alone. There are an estimated 150 illegal dog fighting rings in Australia, and that number could be much higher. In 2019, a Queensland man was sentenced to six months in jail, fined $800 for the neglect of 2 out of 20 dogs, and ordered to pay the RSPCA for the medical services they provided plus their legal fees. This man was breeding and supplying dogs to secret fighting rings and leaving injured dogs to suffer and die. He served 1 month of his sentence before being released on parole and had two dogs returned to his care. The result from this single case just isn’t enough to deter these criminals from having easy access to dogs and continuing to use them as bait for their fighting rings and training. Not even a puppy is safe from these tortuous events where they are slaughtered if they don’t ‘make the cut’. It’s evident that dog fighting is a brutal and a growing problem in Australia. In addition to dog fighting rings, there is also an increase in surrenders to the pound due to poor rehoming. Animals (especially domestic pets) need to be assessed and tested to best learn about their personality and behaviour. Abandoning this process greatly heightens the risk of placing an animal with the wrong owner and the surfacing of issues like fighting, escaping, destruction of property in the home etc. More often than not these less favourable behaviours result in the animal being surrendered again. The more animals that are rehomed by rescue groups, the less will be taken to the pounds for euthanasia. Not all people are fit to own pets, nor can afford to own pets. Rescue groups work tirelessly to sift through these types of people to ensure the highest level of safety and care is provided for every animal. Most neglect cases come from people that do not have the financial stability to care for their pets. Animals advertised on Gumtree as ‘free to a good home’ enable people that don’t have the income to support a pet to get one anyway, inevitably condemning them to a life of misery. Conclusion: Banning the sales of all animals on gumtree will dramatically change the future of our surrendered animals! It will ensure that all animal rehoming must go through a registered rescue group and will hopefully be a huge step in the right direction in ending the abuse and neglect of animals. If this doesn’t go ahead then the senseless rehoming continues, and more lives are at risk of inadequate care, neglect, and abuse.

The Hottes Foundation
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Petitioning eBay

Stop eBay and Amazon selling bird traps and mist nets

Ebay currently have over 1,400 listings for bird traps and over 500 for mist nets. This is in the UK alone. Ebay in all other European countries as well as Australia, NZ and the USA all have similar items on sale. This situation has been allowed to go unchecked for at least ten years. Despite attempts to bring this to the attention of ebay, there are more spring traps,mist nets and all-weather remote-operated bird call recording devices designed to entrap birds, than at any time in the past. There is only one legitimate reason for mist nets and that's for licensed bird-ringers to gain valuable data about bird populations and migration.  Spring traps have only one purpose and it's the illegal trapping of wild birds. Legitimate bird ringers don't source mist nets from ebay!  Birds are in trouble worldwide and the UK in particular has seen massive recent declines of small songbirds for many well-understood reasons including habitat loss, insecticides and climate change but trapping, whether with mist nets or spring-loaded traps, is a hidden problem that apart from the cruelty involved isn't helping with any recovery. Please sign the petition and help to bring this to an end-all it may take is enough signatures to present this petition directly to ebay to shame them into banning all listings for these worldwide. Apart from signing, please could you also share this and help to get it out to as many potential supporters as possible.  Thankyou.   

Andrew Robinson
21,577 supporters
Petitioning eBay, Devin Wenig

Fentanyl is killing our kids and eBay is contributing by selling the products to do it.

The increasing number of overdose deaths is greatly attributed to Fentanyl. Already we have had over 20 thousand deaths this year. Fentanyl is being shipped from China and Mexico to the states and then sold alone as powder or laced into other drugs. Fentanyl is 50 times stronger than heroin and can kill within minutes with a dose as small as two grains of salt. Fentanyl is being used to make counterfiet pills. Dealers are getting rich and we are losing a generation of kids. And eBay is making it easy for dealers to do so, by selling pill presses, powder base and die stamps to mark the counterfeit pills. With these tools anyone can make Xanax, Percocet, Oxy and more. These pills are then presented as the real thing to those suffering from an addiction to opioid medications. Kids are dying. At least, 174 people die everyday from an opioid overdose. That number rose from 129 a day in 2015.  "More Americans die from opioid drugs than gun fatalities or vehicle-related deaths. A staggering new report shows that opioids killed more Americans in 2016 than the entire 19-year Vietnam War and the AIDS crisis" "Latest figures by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that deaths from synthetic opioids such as fentanyl rose by over 72 percent since last year." We have to stop eBay from making a profit and contributing to an already raging epidemic. No one needs a pill press...NO ONE! Nor the stamps to mark them as pharmaceutical medication.

Fentanyl Legislation Nationwide
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Petitioning eBay, Devin Wenig, CEO, Jeff Bezos

STOP the selling of murdered bats for decoration!

Worldwide, bat numbers have been decimated by disease, poaching, habitat loss, and fear and hatred due to years of persecution and ignorance. Now bats face a new peril- being killed for macabre decorations and horrific taxidermy. If you take a look at the faces of these beautiful creatures, you can see the pain and torture they have suffered before they were dried out or stuffed and mounted for these bizarre decorations. People often defend this practice by saying these bats were found dead naturallY, or "sustainably or ethically" sourced. This is nonsense and it is also a lie, and most of the time it is illegal poaching practices. Do not buy into this lie. These bats are POACHED and killed for this purpose and this purpose only. Thousands of bats die each year for this illegal purpose. There’s also another problem: the threat of fatal illness. All bat shipments are also referred to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which requires an additional import permit for bats. The CDC says it regulates incoming bats because they are potential reservoirs for infectious diseases including rabies and Ebola. It requires that deceased bats are “properly processed” to render them safe, either with high heat, formaldehyde or another approved method. Viruses such as rabies and Ebola “can’t survive for very long outside of the host, but can survive longer in a dead animal,” Brian Amman, an ecologist with the CDC’s viral special pathogens branch, said in an email. “While the likelihood is low that something like Ebola would be transmitted via an imported bat carcass, even a small chance with a potentially deadly disease is too much.” Please sign this petition and let Ebay, AMAZON, and USF&W  and these dealers know that we are not okay with this practice and that bats are needed in the environment-so crucially so that in most environments that bats inhabit, they are protected by law. Most of the countries where these disgusting displays of death are coming out of are too poor to afford wildlife and game wardens to protect their caves. I have been a bat specialist and expert for over 25 years and I can count on 2 fingers how many times I have found a bat in the wild that died naturally. When an animal dies it is usually eaten by predators very soon thereafter. So any company online or otherwise that is offering these on a constant regular basis, is obtaining them from poaching and the illegal killing of protected animal species. Show your love and support for bats by protecting them from this disturbing trade and business practice.PLEASE help put an end to this and stop these products from coming into the United States. 

Joseph D'Angeli
14,547 supporters
Stop selling wolf pelts on eBay

Statement from eBay - Our commitment to fight wildlife trafficking : As a founding member of the Coalition to End Wildlife Trafficking Online, eBay is committed to the fight against wildlife trafficking. Under our animal products policy, eBay prohibits the sale of endangered or threatened species, including wolf pelts. In 2008, we introduced a global ban on ivory sales and have continued to work with government agencies, NGOs, industry peers and more to help us enforce our policy. In 2020, eBay blocked a total of 257,000 listings that violated our animal product policy globally. While we do not allow items in breach of our policies, eBay is one of the world’s largest online marketplaces with 1.7-billion listings. We encourage our community of buyers and sellers to report any activity that doesn't look right.

1 year ago