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Stop Ebay to selling Leopardus Geoffroy fur and All items made from animals !!!

Geoffroy's cat (Leopardus Geoffroy) is wild cat endemic areas of central and southern South America which has been declared almost threatened by the International Union for Conservation Nature. How many cats should be slaughtered and skinned alive to make a coat only to fulfill a prestige of a man ?This is really so cruel and should be stopped. We demand Ebay to stop selling fur and all items made from animals. Please take a stand for the innocent animals! Thank you!  

Gama Leong
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Petitioning eBay

Stop ebay selling bird traps and mist nets

Ebay currently have over 1,400 listings for bird traps and over 500 for mist nets. This is in the UK alone. Ebay in all other European countries as well as Australia, NZ and the USA all have similar items on sale. This situation has been allowed to go unchecked for at least ten years. Despite attempts to bring this to the attention of ebay, there are more spring traps,mist nets and all-weather remote-operated bird call recording devices designed to entrap birds, than at any time in the past. There is only one legitimate reason for mist nets and that's for licensed bird-ringers to gain valuable data about bird populations and migration.  Spring traps have only one purpose and it's the illegal trapping of wild birds. Legitimate bird ringers don't source mist nets from ebay!  Birds are in trouble worldwide and the UK in particular has seen massive recent declines of small songbirds for many well-understood reasons including habitat loss, insecticides and climate change but trapping, whether with mist nets or spring-loaded traps, is a hidden problem that apart from the cruelty involved isn't helping with any recovery. Please sign the petition and help to bring this to an end-all it may take is enough signatures to present this petition directly to ebay to shame them into banning all listings for these worldwide. Apart from signing, please could you also share this and help to get it out to as many potential supporters as possible.  Thankyou.   

andrew robinson
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Petitioning eBay, Devin Wenig

Fentanyl is killing our kids and eBay is contributing by selling the products to do it.

The increasing number of overdose deaths is greatly attributed to Fentanyl. Already we have had over 20 thousand deaths this year. Fentanyl is being shipped from China and Mexico to the states and then sold alone as powder or laced into other drugs. Fentanyl is 50 times stronger than heroin and can kill within minutes with a dose as small as two grains of salt. Fentanyl is being used to make counterfiet pills. Dealers are getting rich and we are losing a generation of kids. And eBay is making it easy for dealers to do so, by selling pill presses, powder base and die stamps to mark the counterfeit pills. With these tools anyone can make Xanax, Percocet, Oxy and more. These pills are then presented as the real thing to those suffering from an addiction to opioid medications. Kids are dying. At least, 174 people die everyday from an opioid overdose. That number rose from 129 a day in 2015.  "More Americans die from opioid drugs than gun fatalities or vehicle-related deaths. A staggering new report shows that opioids killed more Americans in 2016 than the entire 19-year Vietnam War and the AIDS crisis" "Latest figures by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that deaths from synthetic opioids such as fentanyl rose by over 72 percent since last year." We have to stop eBay from making a profit and contributing to an already raging epidemic. No one needs a pill press...NO ONE! Nor the stamps to mark them as pharmaceutical medication.

Fentanyl Legislation Nationwide
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Petitioning General Mills, Kellogg, Coca-Cola, Mars, Nestlé, PepsiCo,, eBay, Walmart, DuPont, Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble, Walgreens, NIKE, Adidas, Dean Foods, Dole Food, Land O'Lakes, Kroge...

Urge Companies to Ditch Plastic and Find Alternatives

Plastic is the number one trash problem we have been faced with in our generation. It is in our oceans, landfills, lakes, it blows around our land and is being found in almost all living creatures. It is nearly impossible to go shopping and not buy plastic of some sort. It is time for things to change on a corporate level, it is time for companies to start switching over to other alternatives. There is technology that exists that give us alternatives and it is time for these large companies to start utilizing these technologies. In signing this petition you are making a stand to demand that companies find new solutions and stop being part of the problem. You are also stating that you yourself are going to look for alternatives to plastic and try to work toward a solution as well. We are all affected by the over use of plastic in our world. In a study commissioned by data journalism outlet Orb, 83% of tap water samples collected from over a dozen countries on five continents tested positive for microplastic. In a US study they found microplastic in 94% of tap water.  There are about 300 million tons of plastic produced annually. There are studies that are researching the effect on marine life and birds like this one, Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization. They said "So much plastic trash is flowing into the oceans that 90 percent of seabirds eat it now and virtually every one will be consuming it by 2050." In 1960 plastic was found in only 5% of birds. During this study the plastic found inside birds includes bags, bottle caps, synthetic fibers from clothing, and tiny rice-sized bits that have been broken down by the sun and waves. Tipa is an Israeli company that produce plastic alternative packaging. Nature works a company in Nebraska creates a plastic alternative made from corn. Biome Bioplastics is one of the UK’s leading developers of natural plastics. We are demanding change! Big companies, its time to get on board and ditch the plastic!  

keila theiss
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Petitioning eBay, Devin Wenig, CEO

STOP the selling of murdered bats for decoration!

Worldwide, bat numbers have been decimated by disease, poaching, habitat loss, and fear and hatred due to years of persecution and ignorance. Now bats face a new peril- being killed for macabre decorations and horrific taxidermy. If you take a look at the faces of these beautiful creatures, you can see the pain and torture they have suffered before they were dried out or stuffed and mounted for these bizarre decorations. People often defend this practice by saying these bats were found dead naturally. This is nonsense and it is also a lie, and most of the time it is illegal poaching practices. Do not buy into this lie. These bats are killed for this purpose and this purpose only. Thousands of bats die each year for this illegal purpose. Please sign this petition and let Ebay and these dealers know that we are not okay with this practice and that bats are needed in the environment-so crucially so that in most environments that bats inhabit, they are protected by law. Most of the countries where these disgusting displays of death are coming out of are too poor to afford wildlife and game wardens to protect their caves. I have been a bat specialist and expert for over 22 years and I can count on 2 fingers how many times I have found a bat in the wild that died naturally. When an animal dies it is usually eaten by predators very soon thereafter. So any company online or otherwise that is offering these on a constant regular basis, is obtaining them from poaching and the illegal killing of protected animal species. Show your love and support for bats by protecting them from this disturbing trade and business practice.

Joseph D'Angeli
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Petitioning eBay

Stop Genuine Fur Blankets on eBay

Please help stop this outrageous practice. I am sickened and saddened, eBay is allowing fur companies to sell multiple pelts and furs made into blankets out of innocent animals. master-furrier-com is one such seller on eBay selling these items. It's not just one pelt, but the pelts of many animals to cover the floor or lounge of one selfish person. please sign this petition and pass it on. The prices are massive, so it is obviously very lucrative for eBay. As a regular user of eBay for many years, I am truly horrified at this.  There is a reporting mechanism on eBay site to report items. The process as follows: choose report, then prohibited and restricted items, articles, then animal pelts, then animal, plants and wildlife, then animals, animal parts, pelts or skins. This should cover the terms and conditions of eBay's own rules and ethics.  I suggest to eBay to ban sellers who engage in this barbaric and cruel trade. Liz O'Neill 

Liz O'Neill
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Petitioning Amazon, eBay, Jeff Bezos, socity6, Walmart

Religiously Offensive Products on Amazon, Walmart, cafepress, socity6, eBay

All Brothers and Sisters, Amazon, Walmart,, and eBay is allowing seller(s) "Emvency" and possible others (Gzhihine) to sell religiously offensive products like shower curtains, bath mats, toilet seat covers, etc., with Quranic verses and Islamic religious images.    for example:  "Emvency Waterproof Fabric Shower Curtain Hooks Besmele is Phrase Muslims Says at Start of Every Act As Blessing It Means God Name 72"X72" Bathroom Odorless Eco Friendly Anti Bacterialby Emvency" Please call and send emails to these retailers to immediately ban these sellers and request continuous monitoring, provide fast, and effective solutions to prevent this from happening in the future. Amazon Customer Care: 1-888-280-4331 Thank you very much

Faisal Ali
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Petitioning eBay

EBAY: Stop selling clothing supporting republican terrorists

EBay has listings of clothing and apparel glorifying convicted terrorists and terrorist groups namely the IRA, or Irish Republican Army. Over a period of nearly 4 decades, the IRA cowardly murdered and maimed men, women and children who did not support their “cause”, mainly those of the Protestant faith and those who chose to uphold law and order in Northern Ireland.  These images portray them as heroes, fighting a noble and just cause, when instead they resorted to bombing, torture and executions

James Smith
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Petitioning Apple, Electronic Arts, Walt Disney, Bank Of America, Emmanuel Macron, EA Games, eBay, European Parliament

Luttons contre l'esclavage en Lybie

Luttons contre l'esclavage en Lybie !

Jennifer KOUASSI
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Petitioning Nectar , Aimia Loyalty, eBay, argos, BP

Petition Nectar/Aimia Loyalty to drop their partnership with the Daily Mail.

We call upon Nectar, Aimia Loyalty, and Sainsbury's to drop this ill-informed partnership with the hate filled rag the Daily Mail (DM). The DM has a horrendous track record of right wing hate speech from recommending the machine gunning of refugees, calling for the dismissal of gay judges, even back to the 30's when they openly supported Nazi Germany! I hope that the companies mentioned above will agree to #StopFundingHate

Sam Ashton
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