Stop online sellers cashing in on hand sanitizer amidst Covid-19 crisis.

Stop online sellers cashing in on hand sanitizer amidst Covid-19 crisis.

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Started by Tricia Astley

Please help stop the ridiculous and selfish greed of online sellers in particular on Amazon, Ebay and even on social media such as Facebook from cashing in on selling hand sanitizers and gels at massively elevated prices.

There are so many listed on Ebay and Amazon for 8 or 10 times the price and some even more than that. In our local supermarkets a 50ml bottle of hand sanitizer gel will cost approximately £1.00 Ebay and Amazon sellers have these listed as high as £24.99 each!

Some stores have limited their sales to 2 per customer which is a fair move but customers are just going in repeatedly throughout the day to buy more to sell. Some stores have no limits and people are waiting for the stores to open and completely emptying the shelves before anyone else can buy any. These are clearly the people wanting to cash in by selling them online.

The average family cannot afford to pay these extortionate prices and neither should they need to. I fear that the elderly and disabled are going to be impacted hard due to this selfish act. Soap and water is the best way to try and protect yourself but this is not always possible if you're out and about so these gels are needed by everyone and these sellers know this and know people are going to get desperate.

Shame on you greedy sellers profiting on a worldwide crisis where people are losing their lives! Amazon and Ebay and any other private selling websites should be forced to cap the selling price on these products to a reasonable amount during this deadly virus outbreak.

123,237 have signed. Let’s get to 150,000!