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Stop Banning Dukes Of Hazzard

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For over 35 years, the Confederate flag has adorned the roof of the General Lee from The Dukes of Hazzard tv show. The Dukes of Hazzard was a show about family values, morals and principles - not about racism and hate!!! Fans of the show know what the show is all, about and what the Confederate flag really stands for: southern pride and values - not racism or hate!! Since the Dukes of Hazzard aired in the late '70s, there has never been a controversy about the Confederate flag on Dukes of Hazzard merchandise or having it air on tv, until now, because of some psychopath who killed 9 people in a South Carolina church,  that had a Confederate flag in a few photos. The killer is the one responsible for the racism and hate he has shown - not the flag or the citizens who live in the south!!! Do not give in to the political correctness over reactions. "The Dukes" was about family values, fighting corruption, helping friends, neighbors and even strangers... no matter what color they were. There were multiple epiosdes where they helped people of colors other then "white", and it even had a black sheriff that appeared often, who was respected and feared more then the sheriff of Hazzard. Yes.. the General Lee had a confederate battle flag on it's roof... but remember, the KKK and other hate groups also carried American flags, and crosses.. and so far nobody is trying to ban those from TV.  It's time to draw the line in the sand and say "enough is enough", and Political Correctness has gone too far...  Bring back this TV show that had family values, a family that prayed before dinner, went to church on Sunday, and that was always willing to help ANYONE in need... even their enemy, when the need arose... and their trusty indestructible car that was almost always there to help them help others, when needed... the General Lee. 

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