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Denounce racist attacks on Asian-Australians. #UnityOverFear during Covid-19

Choose unity over fear and hatred during COVID-19 During this coronavirus pandemic, we urge you to stand beside your fellow Australians to call for national unity and say no to racism against Asian Australians. We are Australians who love this country. However, we are deeply disturbed by the recent rise of racial abuse and vilification of Australians of Asian heritage. In a number of cities across Australia, we've seen Asian Australians violently attacked on the street, abused on public transport, spat on, and more. There's ugly racist graffiti scrawled on the walls of our cities, towns and just the other day a Nazi flag was again publicly hoisted together with the Chinese flag on a cell tower. We need our political leaders to lead by example and unequivocally condemn this abuse. The rising anti-Chinese sentiment brought on by the coronavirus pandemic poses a serious threat to Australia’s national unity. These concerns are backed by the latest data from the Australian Human Rights Commission, which showed one in four people who lodged racial discrimination complaints in the past two months say they were targeted due to COVID-19. To allow abuse of any group to occur jeopardises our social cohesion at a time when we need it most. This is a time for us all to come together. Add your name to stand in solidarity with the Asian community in Australia and send a clear message that you choose #UnityOverFear. This petition will be sent to the Prime Minister, the Opposition Leader and all members of Parliament for tabling in Parliament as a clear message that Australians are united against racism. The petition supports an open letter penned by 16 prominent Chinese Australians including businessman Jason Yat-Sen Li, GP and author Dr Cindy Pan, celebrity chef Adam Liaw, journalist Benjamin Law and former Australian of the Year Dr John Yu, where they express their concern about the rising escalation in racial abuse towards Australians of Asian heritage. See our full letter here, and please sign and share this petition. #UnityOverFear

Chinese Australian Forum
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Petitioning David Coleman, Hon Peter Dutton MP, Hon David Coleman MP, Peter Dutton, Scott Morrison, Kristina Keneally

Please let our 3-year-old son stay in Australia!

We are a happy and settled family living in Seymour, Victoria. Our son Darragh was born in Australia on 18 August 2015. Australia is the only home our son knows. On 3 August 2015 we applied for our family to become permanent residents of Australia. A few weeks later our son was born and soon after he was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. Our family’s application for permanent residency was then refused by the Australian Department of Home Affairs because they assessed him as having a condition which make him a burden on the Australian community. Despite appealing the decision to the Administrative Review Tribunal, the Tribunal does not have the power to overturn the health assessment and as such unless the Hon David Coleman MP or Hon Peter Dutton MP can help us, we will be forced to leave our friends, family, and the life we have built for ourselves in Australia. The Administrative Review Tribunal has made a recommendation for our case to be referred to the minister.  Darragh has been doing extremely well considering his condition, and we have positive letters from his doctors and specialist stating that he should live a full life and that his disease progression will be much slower than average. His condition has no effect on his cognitive ability and should he wish to finish school and go to University, he has every chance at being successful in a career path of his choosing. Darragh is a bright boy with a positive future ahead of him. We have always felt extremely grateful to live in Australia. I studied here gaining my Masters in Special Education. I have worked full-time as a school teacher and now as an Acting Assistant Principal and my husband works part-time as a bus driver and also volunteer for SES. We have been living in Australia for almost 10 years and have a strong support network here with our friends and family and we are well settled in regional Victoria. Darragh has the support of his inherited Australian family, our large support network in Seymour and the wider Australian community. By signing this petition, you are showing your support for Darragh and his life in Australia and you believe that he should be allowed to stay in Australia and have the opportunity to contribute to our community. Please sign and help us ask the Minister to let our son stay in Australia.

Christine Hyde
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Stop us from leaving home

My family and I are being forced to leave Australia in the next 28 days. Currently, I’m on my 13th day while writing this plea to stay in Australia. We have been residing in Australia for 7 years.  I am a school captain at Brauer College in Year 12 and have only 3 more months till finishing my VCE, and my brother is 8 years old. My brother was only one and a half years old when we came to Australia. To him, this is his home. This is our home. Our plea to stay comes from the disapproval of immigration because of my father's health condition. However, my family and I have so much more to offer as we are genuine contributors to our community in country Victoria, Warrnambool. My father is so much more than his health condition however no considerations have been taken as to my father doing his best to improve his condition and even to the extent opting out medical treatments to avoid burdening the healthcare system. He shouldn't have to do that just to keep his family in Australia.  We have built a life here and we give back to the community. I have been a proud Victorian representing Victoria on national grounds in leadership competitions. My mother contributing significantly to the community through her role as an early years coordinator with the local council. My dad who goes beyond his duty of care to make the senior citizens final moments a meaningful ones a lifestyle coordinator. My brother who only knows the Australian way of life, his friends and school all here in Australia.  This is a very stressful time for my family, and it is utterly disappointing that our contribution and participation in the wider community has not been considered. It is hurtful that of 18 and 8 years of age my brother and I lead clueless futures when really at this age we shouldn’t be made to feel this way. It is upsetting that my father, who is the reason behind my success, is being penalised for carrying a condition when really, no one should be made to feel this way. My family and I although not yet citizens see ourselves calling this place our home regardless of our status. By signing this petition you will be fighting to help my family and I to stay in Australia and most importantly complete my VCE. Currently, we are pursuing a ministerial intervention and it would be great for the immigration minister to know that we deserve to stay through your support. Everyone is my kith and kin and I have much faith in this last fight. We all have the power to change this. I have hope in humanity. Please help me by signing and sharing this petition. Lots of Love, Vanisre Rajasegaran (on behalf of my family) 

Vanisre Rajasegaran
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Petitioning David Coleman, The Hon David Coleman MP, Peter Dutton

No Violent Extremism. Gavin McInnes Should Not be Allowed into Australia

Gavin McInnes is coming to Australia on a "comedy tour". Gavin McInnes is no “provocateur". He is not a comedian. This is not satire. It is not about free speech. He is dangerous and should not be allowed in Australia. McInnes is an alt-right leader and founder of the far-right “gang” (his description), the Proud Boys. In a video describing Proud Boys, McInnes says: “We will kill you, that is the Proud boys in a nutshell. We will kill you. We look nice, we seem soft, we have “boys” in our name but... we will assassinate you.” McInnes has also said: “Fighting solves everything. We need more violence from the Trump people, Trump supporters. Choke a m*therf**ker. Choke a b**ch. Choke a tr**ny. Get your fingers around a windpipe.” “Beating the sh*t out of people? I think it's our job to do it and the cops turn a blind eye.” “I want violence." McInnes’ "gang" is true to their own description: they have serially engaged in street violence since they began in 2016, and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has listed the Proud Boys as a hate group. I arrived in Australia as a refugee in 2005. I was born in a refugee camp and spent some of my childhood in another refugee camp. I am passionate about social justice and a fairer society. I have found safety and security in Australia.  It is my home, the only place I have ever felt safe.   The thought of Gavin McInnes coming to this country to spread hate is extremely concerning. The fact that his hate speech is often accompanied by violence which is extremely concerning.  A man who encourages violence, who formed a gang labelled a hate group and that serially engages in violence should not be allowed into Australia. We should not allow Australia to become the last hope of such a group. I believe any Australians who care about a fair and just society should not accept this as the norm. We should make it clear that: No, Australia is not the last hope for a violent extremist.  Please join my call by signing and sharing this petition, and send a message: Gavin McInnes is not welcome here. Australia is not, and will not be, the last hope for this violent extremist.

Nyadol Nyuon
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Petitioning David Coleman, Department of Home Affairs Australia, Minister for Immigration, Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs The Hon David Coleman MP, Sussan Ley, Scott Morrison, Peter Dutton

Make the Great Barrier Reef an Australian citizen and protect her right to live.

You may not know it, but the world’s largest living organism, the Great Barrier Reef, has been looking out for you your entire life. She’s been protecting your coastlines, preventing tidal waves & tropical storms from washing away your cities. She’s regulating the carbon dioxide levels of the ocean to combat climate change and keep your air and beaches clean. She’s created a nursery to more than 10% of the planet’s fish species, helping to maintain the world’s fish populations. She’s even contributing to the Australian economy by generating $6.4 billion every year, supporting over 64,000 jobs and holding a modest net worth of $56 billion. (That’s about twice the worth of Aussie bazillionaire, Rupert Murdoch). But despite her massive contribution to Australia, she’s still denied the one basic right of every Australian citizen – the right to live. Coal mining, greenhouse gas emissions, the continued growth of the fossil fuel industry and lack of action against climate change are all threatening the life of the Great Barrier Reef. In fact, more than half of the shallow water corals of the GBR have been bleached to death since 2016 – all due to increasing ocean temperatures that force her to starve herself.  And with the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority approving the dumping of more than 1 million tonnes of dredge spoil within the marine park boundaries, things aren't looking to improve. ( But not all is lost. We at LADBible Australia have a plan. On May 8, 2019 (Australia’s unofficial day to be thankful for your Aussie mates) we contacted the Australian Department of Home Affairs to make the living, breathing Great Barrier Reef, an Aussie citizen. WHY WOULD WE DO THAT? Well, by making the Great Barrier Reef an Australian citizen she’ll then be protected by FOUR key Australian rights and freedoms: Article 12.3 The right to the highest attainable standard of physical health. Article 7.1 Freedom from torture or inhuman treatment and punishment. Article 1.2 The right to maintain your own means of subsistence. Article 6.1 The right to life.  Put simply, if we recognise her contribution to Australia and rightfully make her an Aussie citizen, then the Australian government is obliged to make decisions in the interest of her health and safety (and in turn take real action against the one thing that’s really killing her – Climate Change!) BUT YOU CAN’T MAKE A REEF A CITIZEN, CAN YOU? SURE, YOU CAN: To become an Australian Citizen you simply need to tick the following boxes: 1) Be a permanent resident ✔ (She’s permanently residing across 344,400 sqm of Australia) 2) Be in Australia when a decision is made ✔ (She’s certainly not taking any holidays abroad) 3) Have spent time in Australia and know about the country ✔ (How does 500,000+ years and literally being a good chunk of the country sound?) 4) Intend to stay in Australia or maintain a lasting link ✔ (Links don’t get much more lasting than this) But seeing as we don’t have the power to grant her citizenship on our own (as much as we’d like to), we’re calling for power in numbers. More specifically your numbers. Every vote of support you contribute will directly notify the Australian Government, to let them know we are a unified voice who believe this living, breathing Aussie icon, should become a living, breathing Aussie citizen. So join us and let's help get the Great Barrier Reef her citizenship to give her the same rights that every living being on this planet deserves – the right to life.

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Petitioning Christian Porter, David Coleman, Alan Tudge, Minister Alex Hawke, Foreign Correspondent, Michaelia Cash

Australian Government, stop Aiding and Abetting a wanted fugitive.

Welcome to my Petition for Justice More than 39,500 Australians who are supporting me have signed this Petition for the Australian Government to act. I am an Australian child and seeking Justice for two attempts on my life.  In 2008 my father attempted to separate from my mother due too her extreme jealousy. My father packed his things and was trying to leave, and my mother was threatening him with a sharp knife and blocking him when he tried to come down the stairs with his bags. My father used the bags to block the knife, and then my mother picked me up (I was around 18 months old) and ran outside with me. She then ran down the street screaming while she was running with me "I am going to kill her, I am going to kill her, I will throw her from the bridge". My father and my nanny chased after her and to rescue me and caught up to her about 200 meters from our house where there was a bridge. Just as my mother was throwing me, my father snatched me from her. She has admitted in writing in public she was going to commit suicide, but it was me the one stopping her from doing it. Yes that is true, as my father stopped her killing me, and she wanted to kill me before committing suicide. My father immediately took my mother to the hospital as he believed she had a mental condition, but the doctors said there was nothing wrong with her. My father took her to another doctor, who prescribed Stress Tabs because of her constant extreme jealousy. She was never diagnosed with Post Natal Depression which she uses as an excuse in public. I have her doctors report and prescription from the doctor, Stress.  There were many other incidents after this, chasing my father with knives and threatening to jump from a 5th story window in a Hotel. While my father was away at work in 2009, my mother had an affair with a minor child who was related to her, and the result was she had Criminal Charges filed against her in 2010. These Charges she did not disclose on an Australian Visa Application -  Visa Fraud.  In August 2011, my mother tried to kill me again, and again over jealousy. My fathers dirty shirt in the washing basket apparently had a fragrant smell. She placed me on her lap while she was sitting on the bed, and stuck two big chopping knives into my stomach and said she was going to kill me. My nanny called the Police who had to negotiate with my mother and convince her to let me go. I was nearly 5 years old and remember this clearly, and it traumatized me, and I have had flashbacks and nightmares' every night since. Many of the events she has admitted under oath in courts in Queensland, like the Police attended and she was using knives and cut herself.  My father believed she had a mental condition, even though doctors in the Philippines said there was nothing wrong with her, only stress because of her extreme jealousy. My father believed he could get her medical help in Australia, but his belief was proven wrong in 2015 when she was assessed by Mental Health in Queensland, and they said there was nothing wrong with her and she had no mental condition, only bad behavior, like most that kill or attempt to kill.  She a Filipino who is taking refuge in Australia on a Visa to hide from her crimes. She fled to Australia in November 2011 to avoid prosecution after having sex with her minor relative, and being Charged in Dumaguete City Philippines on the 2nd day of August 2010. I have been physically abused for as long as I remember, and the Authorities have failed me. On the 18th February 2015, my mother went into a violent rage in our home in Caroval Drive in Mackay, Queensland. She was smashing things in the house and throwing things in front of myself and my sisters, which made us all very scared. She destroyed and office chair she threw across the room, ripping a big hole in the new carpet where it hit, smashed the large stand mirror which shattered all over the floor in front of us and smashed the vacuum cleaner pipe. The Queensland Police were called as she would not stop, and she admitted all what she had done to the Police, which is contained in the Police Domestic Violence Order Application. POLICE APPLICATION DV Why was the Application not filled out correctly? Why are we not on the Application? The DULUTH MODEL!!!! I was there, I witnessed it, and it affected all of us, and put us all in fear, which is actually STALKING, yet nothing done. No protection. This was Stalking under Queensland Law, yet no Charges were made by the Queensland Police, because she is a Female. The Police applied for a Domestic Violence Order only, and did not even put our names on it to be protected, even though she just went psycho destroying the house in front of us and putting us in extreme fear again. STALKING. She then tried to take Revenge (her words) and get a Domestic Violence Order on my father, and went about this by Stalking him and keeping him under Surveillance, while she was the Respondent to a Domestic Violence Order.  She copied private communications between my father and my step-sister, and used a private message obtained by Stalking and Breaching the Domestic Violence Order issued against her, to say she was “in fear” to get the Police to issue and Order against my father. It even states in the Police Application that she was keeping my father under Surveillance and reading Private Correspondents. This is how it works in Australia, the victims will be made the perpetrators, so the woman is the victim, and they are allowed to breach Domestic Violence Orders with no repercussions. On the 23rd July 2015, Child Community Service Queensland came to our house and interviewed me. I told them about getting hit in the head most days by my mother and about the two Attempts on my life in the Philippines, and they took no action to protect me. My father obtained Sole Custody through the Family Law Court, with my mother only to have supervised contact. My father also had my sisters and I added to the Domestic Violence Order to be protected from my mother. FAMILY COURT SOLE CUSTODY QUEENSLAND DV ORDER On the 7th of August 2015, my mother detained me in a car at the Beaconsfield State Primary School, in Breach of the Family Law Court Sole Custody and Supervised Contact Only Order, and in Breach of the Domestic Violence Order I was named on. The Police were called and I was trying to escape from her, but she was holding me in the car. My father who was outside the car, showed the Queensland Police both Court, State and Federal Orders, and the Police told him he had to leave or they would arrest him. The Police were an Accessory to Child Stealing – period There were numerous other Breaches of her Domestic Violence Order, most video recorded, and the Queensland Police took no action, as she was Female. My parents reconciled briefly, and then when my father said he did not want to continue the relationship, my mother threatened him that she was going to kill herself and said she was going to jump from the car while my father was driving at 80km/ph, and she opened the door. My father dropped her at the Police Station at Sydney Street Mackay, where she ran in screaming “I want to die”.  Nothing was done by the Police about yet another Breach of the Order. She then continued her psychological abuse on my father, and he was diagnosed with moderate to severe depression, and he attempted to take his life a week later. So what did the Queensland Police do? They Charged him because he is a male, yet when she did the exact same thing a week earlier, nothing. After my mother found out that my father was contacting witnesses and gathering the evidence to have her Charged for my Attempted Murders that happened in 2008 and 2011, my mother wanted to reconcile.  Her nice attitude lasted from October 2015 until about March 2016, when she commenced hitting me in the head again most days. She then started to do the same to my younger sister Sinead (4) in early 2016. A series of events occurred around the same time in August 2016. Besides the daily screaming and abuse every morning from my mother, my father caught her withdrawing the rent money and sending it to an unknown male, allegedly used to pay for the user’s name and password to a Facebook game of a player that had advanced in the game, so she could use his Profile. My father also caught her communicating with a male and the messages were sexually related and inappropriate. She had also sung a love song and recorded it and sent it to this male. At the same time, I also witnessed her hit Sinead in the head one morning very hard, and I got ready to hit my mother to defend Sinead. After my father had caught her cheating, we had just been for dinner at the Southport Yacht Club, and arrived home. My father was sitting on the lounge in shock, not saying anything, and she was screaming at my father (angry she had been caught, and best defense, offense). There was an unexpected knock at the door and my father answered, to find two Police officers, who said they had been called for a Domestic Disturbance. My father said he did not call them, so it must have been my mother, and one officer went into the bedroom where my mother was to talk with her. The other talked with my father, and he told them the truth, that he was sitting on the lounge in silence, and she was screaming at him. We (Sinead and I) could hear my mother telling lies to the Police, and saying that my father had hit her. My father said the Police did not believe him, and were going to arrest him, so he told them to talk with Sinead and I as we witnessed it all. The Police came into our bedroom, and told them exactly what happened, that dad was sitting on the lounge silently, and my mother was standing up, and yelling in his face. The Police then went back outside to the lounge, and said there does not seem to be any Domestic Violence Occurrence here, and left. Really, is this how you protect people? The next day my father talked in secret to me and said he could no longer stay with our mother, as it is to much now, and she is reversing everything and using the Police against my father with manufactured statements. We both decided to leave her and devised a plan that he would pick us up from School early on Tuesday, and he would pack our things while she was out of the house, to stop confrontation. When my father has tried to leave her in the past, she has chased him with knives, and also tried to murder me and throw me from a bridge in the Philippines. We left her on the 16th August 2016, and stayed with a friend for a few days, as my father had to finish jobs he had started at the Complex where we stayed, as he did the maintenance. We went with my father in the car to the underground car park at the Complex where he was fixing the Security Gate. My mother walked past the entrance and saw us, and she told us, “go with your father”. “I will talk to you Kisha when you have menstruation” (I was 9) and she said to Sinead, “I will call you on your birthday” (4 months’ time). We left to Mackay where we were from and then decided to go back to the Philippines to file the Charges against my mother. These are not allegations after separation like she tries to make out, these crimes were documented at the time, and since talked about between my mother and father in emails. The second attempt on my life when my mother tried to kill me with knives, there are eight witnesses. Charges after separation, yes, serious charges like these will end any relationship, and my father and I already decided there was no going back, and it was time to get justice. We left for the Philippines on the 26th August 2016, after checking with the Australian Federal Police if it was ok. On the 30th August my grandfather (my mothers father) was apprehended in the Philippines on an outstanding Warrant for Rape of a lesbian in 2007, and my mother blamed my father for the apprehension of her father. My mother sent Death Threats to my father on the 30th August “You better start praying, your time is counted”. My mother was Charged on the 8th day of September 2016 in Dipolog City Philippines for the first count of my Attempted Murder, for trying to throw me from a bridge when I was an infant because my father wanted to leave her. Some of her relatives talked my father into going back to Australia to talk with my mother, and on the 16th of September 2016, he returned to Australia. Facts there were no charges against my father, and no crimes committed when her returned, and my mother had been Charged for my Attempted Murder. My father by accident saw her in the Surfers Paradise Mall on the 17th September but was afraid to talk with her, as he knows her attitude, and had the relatives on the phone telling him to. She got on a Tram and so did my father and after 10 minutes the Tram stopped and my mother got off, so my father did and attempted to talk. She was silent for, then started yelling, “You are going to kill me”, what she had been told to say. My father asked can they go somewhere more public, and sit and have a drink and talk, and she called the Police, and they Charged my father with Stalking her. Really Queensland Police, what about all the times she Stalked us? Pathetic Sexually Biased Criminals. What happened between when we left her until the 17th September to make her so scared? Nothing, oh except the Death Threat Text Messages by her the Queensland Police have, again in Breach of the Order on her. Of course, they let her off. I can’t wait to turn 18 and charge all these people. DEATH THREATS The second Warrant for the second count of my Attempted Murder was issued in January 2017, and shortly after an INTERPOL Red Notice. SOME WITNESS TESTIMONIES WARRANTS I am sick of my mother continually Posting lies on Facebook, saying my father ran away from his crimes and went to the Philippines. How can that be, when there were no crimes? Saying he is too scared to return to Australia because of his crime of Stalking. Important dates; She sent Death Threats on the 30th August 2016, She was Charged with Attempted Murder on the 8th September 2016 from when she tried to throw me from the Quezon Bridge on the 28th September 2008, then out of Revenge, she Charged him with Stalking on the 17th September 2016 for an occurrence the same day, 17th September 2016 when he tried to talk with her, so it is her that is hiding from her crimes, not the other way around!! Do explain you psychopath. Look at the dates, face what you have done to me and stop Posting lies on Facebook. The Department of Justice here started Extradition Proceedings in May 2018, and since then it has been blocked by the Australian Attorney General’s office, because she is a woman. I now find out though documents that the Australian Attorney Generals Office has been inciting and Conspiring with the Philippine Attorney General, requesting the Philippine Attorney General to break the law, and secretly approach the Judge in my Attempted Murder Case, which the Australian Authorities are not a Party too. These are serious offences in the Philippines, and all involved will pay the price, I swear. OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTCE Quote from Australian Immigration Minister, David Coleman 2019; "Wherever the offence occurred, whatever the sentence, Australia will have no tolerance for domestic violence perpetrators." Since the second attempt on my life I have suffered traumatic nightmares every night and I need Justice. These nightmares ceased when I returned to the Philippines as I thought I was finally going to get Justice. The nightmares have returned, and my sleepwalking, waking up in different places crying as somebody is chasing me with knives. Cancelling her Visa will force her to face her crimes in the Philippines, but Australian Immigration have not acted and are ignoring an INTERPOL International Red Notice and the Australian Migration Act, and are Aiding and Abetting. Besides the many Witnesses to the crimes that Australian Immigration have been sent through Diplomatic channels their Affidavits, Australian Immigration have her written admission that she Posted in Public last year on the Internet that she tried to kill me.  I was abused on a near daily basis while living in Queensland, getting hit in the head, having my ears twisted until I was in a lot of pain, and had my things thrown around and damaged. Of course, the Torture I experienced was ignored by the Queensland Police, not to upset the Narrative on Domestic Violence.  I filed an Official Complaint with the Queensland Police, and they did not even contact the witnesses as they are Aiding the Perpetrator as they know she is on a Visa. All MONIQUE COLEMAN of Surfers Paradise Queensland Police did was ask the Perpetrator was it true, and of course she said no - case closed. Domestic Violence against a child not even investigated, and waiting for Commissioner Katarina Carroll to explain.  This is smelling rather fishy and seems she is being illegally protected. A favor for a friend perhaps?  Queensland Police have her admission in an Affidavit she has been committing several serious crimes in Queensland. Minister Peter Dutton used his discretionary powers under the Australian Migration Act Section 501, to deport New Zealand teenager Caleb Maraku for hitting another teenager on the Gold Coast, yet an adult can hit a young child in the head and torture her in Australia, commit many other crimes in Australia, be wanted abroad for Attempted Murder of a child, have an INTERPOL Red Notice in force against her for Attempted Murder of a child, and be a Perpetrator of Domestic Violence in Australia under the Migration Act, and you take no action! Protecting someone to evade the law without a lawful excuse is Aiding and Abetting and Obstructing Justice, and makes the person an Accessory after the Fact to my Attempted Murder. You have no lawful excuse as you have her public written admission, she tried to kill me You have the INTERPOL Red Notice that is in force You have a Domestic Violence Protection Order issued in Queensland that I am named on to be protected You have a Domestic Violence Protection Order issued in Philippines that is in-force until I am 18 You not only have evidence; you have her admission in an Affidavit Sworn under Oath and filed in Court in Brisbane that she is Harassing and Stalking me while hiding in Australia from her crimes in the Philippines You have her admission in an Affidavit Sworn under Oath and filed in Court in Brisbane that she committed the crime of Child Stealing in Queensland You have her admission in an Affidavit Sworn under Oath and filed in Court in Brisbane that she has been committing Domestic Violence in the Philippines You have an Affidavit sent to DFA Sydney that contains statements that are manufactured by her, and you have evidence they are manufactured, which is a crime in N.S.W. In addition, you have evidence her Visa Application was Fraudulent as she did not declare her crimes in the Philippines as required on the Application which is a serious Commonwealth Offense. In 2014 the Minister for Immigration was given Super Powers to personally Cancel Visa's under Character Grounds, and I request you use your powers and be compassionate with me like the Au Pairs so I can have Justice. Being discriminatory or having selective Justice, is no Justice at all. You need to have the same rules for all, not just against Kiwi's and bikies. I am waiting for you to show your compassion before I surrender and cut a little deeper. The perpetrator submitted a Report from a Sydney Psychologist to Australian Immigration in July 2018 to evade Visa Cancellation, which was no more than an obstruction of justice and against Immigration Regulation as an alleged Expert Witness. We were not Served of even made aware of the Report that was based on Hearsay, lies and factual errors which I have documentary evidence to prove. Under the Regulations, the Report is inadmissible as it was not Served on me to respond. In January this year, 2021, my final witness gave Testimony about the Attempt on my life in 2011. When my mother found out she Harassed, Intimidated and Threatened my Witness in writing, from the same Facebook account she has been using to Harass, Intimidate and Threaten us, the same Facebook account she admitted was hers under oath in the Brisbane Magistrates Court, the same URL, so the evidence is undeniable. So what have the Australian Authorities done? Absolutely nothing, she has been and is being permitted to Harass, Intimidate and Threaten the victim and witnesses of Attempted Murder by Australian Authorities, while on a Visa in Australia. Name of Accused was withheld on this Petition until she went onto this Petition and admitted it was her, and harassed us and committed further Domestic Violence and crimes! Stop protecting a criminal because she is Female and ignoring a Child Victim

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Allow Dimas, a child with autism, to stay in Australia

Dimas and his family arrived in Australia when he was just three years old. His mother, Dr Yuli Rindyawati, brought her family to pursue a Doctor of Philosophy in Economics at the University of Canberra. I, Cameron Gordon, was Yuli Rindyawati’s primary doctoral supervisor when I was Associate Professor of Economics at the Faculty of Business, Government and Law at the University of Canberra. Yuli was one of my most responsible and capable doctoral students and already had deep ties to the local community. They have since built their life in Australia for more than ten years. Dimas is Yuli’s youngest child. He is 14 years old and has autism. He received his first education in Australia, at Malkara (special) school in Canberra. Dimas currently goes to Woden (special) School. His family have seen Dimas evolve from being completely non-verbal, to comfortably verbal with a basic vocabulary. He adheres to any verbal instructions and tasks given to him, and he fluently understands both English and Indonesian. Dimas never presents any tantrum or aggression towards his family, his peers or others. He is also not on any medications. Because of this, he has received an employment offer letter to work as a shop assistant which is a paid job. He will commence his work after his graduation in 2021. He is already being taught job related skills to empower him and increase his potential for his future employment so he can earn his own income. This shows that Dimas will not be depending on government support; rather he will be contributing by becoming part of the labour force and being a taxpayer. Yuli lodged her permanent visa application only to have it rejected by the Department of Immigration. Dimas’s autism condition did not satisfy on the Public Interest Criteria (PIC) of the Immigration Regulation, noting his condition will bring a “a significant cost to the Australian community in terms of health and community services”. But from his recent medical report his autism spectrum was downgraded from Severe to Moderate due to his significant improvements. His communication skills improved from non-verbal to having speech delay. As a result of this the health and community services he needs to receive have been reduced considerably. Despite all this the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) continues to maintain that Dimas is still not eligible to be a member of Australian society only because of his congenital condition and despite the fact that the family has contributed financially to Dimas’s health and community services without any government assistance; financially supported his needed services for a paediatrician, psychologist, therapist, and speech pathologist over the decade; and that there has been significant improvement in and adaptation to his condition over that time. If allowed to stay in Australia, the family will continue to financially support those services for Dimas alone. Unfortunately, unless given consideration by David Coleman MP, the Minister for Immigration, Citizenship & Multicultural Affairs, Dimas and his family will be facing deportation. Dimas will cease to receive the support, care, and schooling that so greatly improves his development and significantly decreases the severity of his disorder. His progress will regress without the support that he is receiving right now. Deportation will impose an immense burden due to the loss of opportunity and social integration for Dimas. Deportation will split the family and hurt the child. Dimas’s family have a long standing aims to open an Indonesian café in Canberra. Their goals are not only to employ Dimas as a kitchen assistant but to employ others with disabilities so that they too can be given a chance to earn income and experience. Dimas’s family, including his mother, father and their siblings are currently employed and contribute actively in the Australian community taxpayers, employees and community members with well developed ties. Their life is here, their home is here, and that should not be stripped away simply because Dimas was born with autism and despite the fact of both significant adaptation and improvement in Dimas' condition and the putting down of significant and demonstrable roots by his family.

Cameron Gordon
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Stop Deportation of Hard-working Single Mother and Aussie Boy.

I came to Australia from Vietnam in 2009 with my boy, Billy, when he was just a baby. I tailored my studies to fit the needs of Australian society so I could contribute my skills to the community. I studied early childhood education and moved to a regional area to fill the shortfall of childcare workers in the region. Unfortunately, this is where my problems began - an outdated, and now amended rule stopped regional workers with Hepatitis B from applying for permanent residence. Little Billy has grown up an Aussie through and through. He doesn’t speak Vietnamese. This is the only life he has ever known. Now we are being deported from the country we call home. I am very concerned about Billy’s future. There are no provisions in the Vietnamese education system to support native English speakers. My son deserves to grow up as an Australian because that is who he is. I arrived in Australia with dreams of being part of a fair country where hard work is rewarded. I have invested over a decade in Australia, working extremely hard and immersing myself in the Australian community. Yet, my case was dismissed by the ministers’ office, despite positive recommendations from the Administrative Appeals Tribunal and over 50 personal letters of community support!  This is the most frustrating part of our ordeal: as of July 1, the government has changed immigration health rules for migrants with medical conditions. This transforms the way a visa applicant’s potential burden on the health system would be calculated. If I applied today, my condition would be assessed differently. Sadly, this change has come too late for me and my son and they refuse to re-open my case. The immigration minister still has the power to intervene. David Coleman can save Billy from being deported to a country he doesn’t know, filled with people speaking a language he won’t understand.  With less than a month until we are deported, I feel like Billy and I are vulnerable birds. Australia is our nest, our home, our shelter. Let us stay where we belong. Please help me and my son by signing and sharing this petition. You can see my interview with Studio10 here. Thank you, Sidney    

Sidney Vo
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Disability is no reason for deportation. Let our little Adyan stay in Australia.

Our son Adyan was born in Geelong on 26 December 2013, our own Boxing Day miracle. Due to a mild stroke that he suffered during delivery, Adyan lives with a minor disability, mainly in his left hand. Because of this, the Government is trying to deport our entire family to Bangladesh. In December 2016, our family’s application for permanent residency was refused by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection  - because Adyan was assessed as having a condition that made him a burden on the Australian taxpayer. We appealed this decision to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, but the tribunal does not have the power to overturn the health assessment. Our final hope rests with a ministerial intervention by Immigration Minister David Coleman to support our case. Meanwhile, according to reports from his specialist, Adyan is cognitively developing like any other normal child. He is independent in his physical movement - Adyan loves to run, jump and play like any other 5 year old, carefree kid. His teachers at kindergarten are happy with him and think he is a delight. He only requires limited physiotherapy and occupational therapy services, which we pay for ourselves. We are afraid that if Adyan is deported to my old home of Bangladesh, his development-related therapy will stop.  We are also afraid of the severe social discrimination that Adyan might face in Bangladesh because of his mild disability. It is so important to us that Adyan continues to develop as a normal kid in Australia, the only home he has ever known. We love Australia and think of it as our home. I have completed my PhD in engineering here, and my wife is becoming a registered GP here. We are hardworking, self-sufficient parents who have built a life for our son in this beautiful country. Now we are under immense stress and are counting each day that passes, fearing possible deportation. Please sign this petition if you believe Adyan has the right to grow and live a healthy life in Australia. A child’s disability is no reason to deport them from the only life they have ever known. Please, support us as we fight for the opportunity to contribute to our community, and give our little miracle the life he deserves.

Md Mahedi Hasan Bhuiyan
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Get Jen PR

I am a 29 year old British Citizen. I came to Australia in January 2015 on a Subclass 417 Working Holiday Visa to reunite with my father and brother, both of whom are Australian citizens, serving in the Australian Regular Army. My father is a proud Australian War Veteran. Throughout this time I have had continuous employment and multiple offers of sponsorship from employers, which are undoubtedly a positive reflection of my capabilities and work ethic. It also indicates that there is a demand for my skills, knowledge and experience which are not available locally. Unfortunately, due to current migration law, more specifically the skilled occupations list, none of my employers were able to sponsor me, regardless of their strong desire to do so. I commenced study in February 2017 at the Canberra Institute of Technology on a Subclass 500 Student Visa, completing a Certificate III in Business, Certificate III in Accounts Administration and a Certificate IV in Accounting. This decision has allowed me to invest further in my future, by achieving qualifications that are recognized within Australia. In June 2018, I submitted a request for Ministerial Intervention, asking the minister to grant me permanent residency so I could remain in Australia with my family. This request was declined by Minister David Coleman on the 28 February 2019, almost 8 months later. The letter received simply cited 'that it would not be in the public interest to intervene'. I am now in a position where I will have to leave my life here in Australia and am asking for support from the Australian public by signing this petition. It goes without saying that each individual signature is incredibly valuable and cherished. My story will be aired on A Current Affair in the following few weeks and I will keep everyone updated along the way. Love to you all x

Jen Hall
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