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Please pay my income protection insurance, my policy was accepted by you and completed by and under the advice of your Commonwealth Bank financial planner.

In July, 2013, my daughter was diagnosed with a bone infection.  After several months of hospital visits and alot of fighting with doctors and nurses to get my daughter the care she needed (we were turned away from our local hospital 3 times without seeing a doctor and the one time we did I was told she was making up not being able to walk because I was a single mother who worked full time, we had to travel 2 and a half hours to the next town so that I could get her admitted to the hospital there) I was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  My employer made me redundant due to 'business operational issues'.  My Income Protection insurer (CommInsure) said that my claim was accepted via phone and sent me paperwork, a few months later when I still had no money coming through I discovered they were attempting to find medical history to cancel my policy.  After another few months they found something and accused me of lying on my form, later they agreed that I wasn't aware and understood I acted on advice from my financial planner when completing the form (he advised what was and what was not relevent) and so called it 'innocent non-disclosure' - and still cancelled my policy.  I have attempted to discus this with CBA on numerous occasions and have been told that since I have nothing in writing from my financial planner when I set up the claim I can not fight this descision.  My question is how and why would I have anything in writing when the process is that the paid financial planner does all of that?  How many other clients of his are in the same position as me or don't know that they are paying for a policy that would only be cancelled if they made a claim?  And why do CBA staff keep apologising to me for what happened but do nothing to help? During my battle with PTSD I was also battling with CBA, unable to focus wholelly on my own recovery.  My daughter and I had to move out of our home and I sold alot of our personal possessions.  I have since (almost a year after my diagnoses) moved us back into our home and returned to work.  I am now battling to catch up financially.  I am faced with the horrible reality that selling our home may be the best option for my daughter and I.  I attempted to survive off a single parent pension and begging creditors to give me financial hardship.  I can not discuss my hardship with a CBA financial planner (despite paying a premium which covers the cost of one) as CBA advised my financial planner to cease any contact with me.   I would like CBA to review their duty of care, to check all of my financial planner's client files and to pay the income protection insurance payments they advised me they would pay before cancelling the policy. If they were to pay out this claim (approx $25,000 - a very small amount considering their annual profit margins!) I would be able to stop the ongoing calls from creditors and pay the arrears on my mortgage, ensuring that my little girl and I can stay settled after an already very rough time.   Thank you for taking the time to read my petition.  Please help me keep our home and raise awareness of CBA's terrible duty of care and poor practices.

Rebecca Wolfe
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Namibian police, stop assaulting people. End police brutality NOW. #Help_me_find_Michael!

I was a assaulted and kicked by a group of police officers and thus almost lost an eye on Saturday the 11th of August 2018 for taking pics of a police officer by the name Michael who assaulted me before the severe attack with his colleagues on and threatened him of posting his pictures on social media. They confiscated my phone and handcuffed me and thus kicked me in the abdomen and face. They demanded for the pics to be deleted for them to hide their identity. I know one of the Police officers that was present at the scene and she works at Katutura Police station. I opened a cased against Michael for perpetrating violence but the Police officers refused to help me. I explained everything to the station commander and later they agreed that I can open a case. I opened a case. Police officers are now threatening me on Facebook that my docket will be lost coz they will never investigate their colleagues for assaulting people. Some of these are officers that were present when I opened the case. I want the police to investigate this case urgently and help identify Michael, a member of the City police . Michael must apologize and compensate for the damages and misery he caused.  I want the police to investigate and bring Michael to order. I want justice. We are tired of docket getting lost when it's police officers involved but they keep locking up taxi drivers each an everyday struggling to put bread on the table. I want JUSTICE.

Moses Ndeshipanda
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Stand up - Protect Australian Steel Industry, return Arrium to it's legitimate owners

An unjust and disgraceful administration in Australia corporation history is in the making! We request that you get involved in this important matter with the qualifier that whatever happens with Arrium will be remembered for generations. Returning the company back to its shareholders is the only just decision rather than selling it off in pieces to non-vested parties only to create uncertainties to the workers and all other stakeholders. Arrium Steel (previously known as OneSteel) with local steelmaking heritage dated over 100 years ago, together with the Middleback Ranges iron ore mining, ports and distribution network are the strategic assets that empower Australia economy activities, collectively help building the nation and have provided employments to large numbers of workers with moderate skills, providing them with stable jobs and good benefits. The overall Australian steel industry employs 90,000 workers in 2014-15. Despite the manufacturing industry in Australia has declined from 30% of GDP in the 1960s to 6.8% of GDP in 2014, manufacturing products such as structural and reinforced steel continued to represent a core source of economic prosperity for Australia. Without these vital businesses, roads, rails, building construction and many infrastructure initiatives could not have been developed as they are today. It's a national imperative to keep the steel manufacturing industry strong, sustainable and in Australian hands. Arrium is the 4th lowest cost iron ore producer in the world + with its ports, rails, integrated steel manufacturing and world class distribution makes it a remarkable long term sustainable Australian business. Granted, it had a heavy debt burden albeit with the recent sale of Moly Cop this has now been rectified. As a reminder, liquidators only do one thing well “liquidate” with absolutely no consideration whatsoever for medium and/or long term legacy nor for any consideration to any other stakeholders other than their clients and their own fee generation situation. We simply are absolutely convinced that all stakeholders can be made 100% whole and Australia will be a better place afterwards when returned to shareholders than the current process conducted by a liquidator. It’s important for us to clarify to you what has changed since administration! 1) - Moly-Cop has now been sold for AUD 1.6 billion to reduce debt to a manageable level, 2) - Iron Ore Division Iron Ore prices have been more than doubled since its lows December last year and it is now trading at multi-years high at USD83, The announced washing plant technology improvement with loan supported by the federal government will add another $50 million per year over the next 5 years by improving the grade of iron ore mined, The expiration of higher rate shipping contracts in September 2016 will reduce the mining cost for around AUD 5 per ton. Which will add another AUD 50 million per year to the bottom-line, Partnership with CDE Mining to process and convert 17 million tons of low grade iron ore fines in waste dumps into saleable product, 3) - Steel Division Steel prices have surged over 50% since its lows, Anti-dumping policies Australian federal government announced few months ago will further support the recovery of steel prices over the longer term horizon, Potential deals with Oz-Mineral and others in the pipeline regarding the Whyalla port facilities,  In addition to the fact that the company is now in very good shape, if the company continues to be liquidated the negative consequences include: All the unsecured creditors will only get back between 50 to 70 cents in a dollar of unsecured debts as reported, Shareholders including many employees will get nothing and the accumulated tax losses of the company will be lost forever, If the buyer is a foreign entity, the Arrium Australia steel and mining businesses will operate as subsidiaries of the foreign company. Foreign company generally has an appetite to maximize profits by shifting some parts of the business offshore including back office, customer services and technology causing more jobs losses in Australia. The purpose of voluntary administration is to attempt to turn an essentially insolvent company around to maximise its chances of continuing. This is now the best opportunity for all stakeholders putting their self-interest aside to work together to return the company back to its legitimate owners and to keep the national important assets in Australian hands. From Arrium Shareholders United (ASU) ASU Website: ASU Email:

Arrium Shareholders United
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‘DAMO’S LAW©’ PETITION: SAVING THE LIVES OF LOVED ONES WHO ARE AT IMMINENT RISK OF SUICIDE AND/OR PERCEIVED HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION WITHIN THE HEALTH SYSTEM!Please sign ‘Damo’s Law©’ petition to introduce a new mental health law named ‘Damo’s Law©’ that will immediately support our loved ones at ‘risk of suicide.’ ‘Damo’s Law©’ will be initiated when a person with a mental health issue, their family members, carers or advocates are not satisfied with decisions made by the responding mental health staff, and they still believe that the person’s life is in imminent danger. By evoking ‘Damo’s Law©,’ an unbiased clinical assessment escalation process will begin, and the person at risk, and/or their family members, advocates and carers will be seen within 24 hours of a complaint being lodged. ‘Damo’s Law©’ has been created by Tessa Sarich, in response to the tragic death of Damian Sarich who lived with paranoid schizophrenia, and died by suicide on December 5th, 2016. Prior to Damian’s death in Maryborough Qld, he had attempted suicide approximately 30 times in 5 years, and reported numerous times to his family, that he was feeling less and less heard, and cared for within the mental health system. Toward the end of his life, he stated that “he didn’t think that they worried about him anymore.” Damian’s family members tried desperately to get him the help that he needed to save his life. Unfortunately, the family felt that their desperate pleas for help fell on deaf ears, and Damian is no longer with us. We are now asking for The Department of Health to make a commitment to introduce an escalation process that enables a person with a mental health condition, their family, carer or advocate to bring in a non-biased third party to provide a clinical review within a 24 hour period after the complaint, to revaluate the seriousness of the situation and minimise the possibility of another person dying by suicide. We are requesting that ‘Damo’s Laws©’ be evoked when the following situation is unfolding: 1. A person with an escalating mental/medical health condition, their family member/s, carer’s or an advocate is not satisfied with the decision of the attending community mental health emergency team, or the decisions of the general practitioners, and mental health doctors and nurses.2. A person with an escalating mental health condition, their family member/s, carer’s, an advocate is fearing that the person is at risk of dying by suicide if they are not admitted to hospital for their own safety, and/or are stating that they may hurt another person. We envision that once the ‘Damo’s Law©’ rule is enacted, a full clinical review of the person living with a mental health condition, and the treatment they are receiving be undertaken within 24 hours. WHAT WILL HAPPEN WHEN DAMO'S LAW© IS PASSED. D. Directly assess the situation. A. Acknowledge and Analyse the situation. M. Make them feel heard. O. Offer support. S. Seek appropriate treatment plan.       ie. Admitted if need.            Counceller.            Support groups.            Give them care package.     (Contents of care package below) L. Liasson with the treatment plan. A. Arrange support for family and carersto help with thier loved ones in need. W. Wellness of the patient follow ups.               CARE PACKAGES Suicide Hotline Numbers.(for wall and pocket size for wallets.) How to prevent anxiety/panic attack. (With ways to help when having an attack.)(For wall and pocket size for wallets.) Emergency wall cards.(What to have close by to help.) Panic/Anxiety Dairy.(To record there attacks to help pointout triggers of attacks and combat them.) Stress ball.(Combat stress.) Scented object for sensory.(Scents can calm the nervous system.) Positive Selfcare Cards.(To help positive thinking.) Here is Damo’s story....My name is Damian Sarich (Damo). I was born on May 14th, 1984. I died sadly died by SUICIDE. I HUNG myself December 5th 2016. My mum found me. I was 32 years old. I was diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia, and I suffered for 5 yearswith the demons inside my head...I thought people were going to kill me on a daily basis...I even thought my own family was going to kill sometimes... I just wanted it to stop... I wanted to kill myself before they tortured me. MENTAL HEALTH  SYSTEM LET ME DIE.Community Mental Health had seen me regularly. I had about 30 attempts at suicide with my mental state of mind. I was in and out of the wards. It was needles, pills, more needles, and more pills.I don’t think they worried about me anymore. At the time of my death I had been off my medication for a while as I was trying to stabilise. I had gone away for 2 months, but I was not doing so well. I was not with reality.Things happened and I was no longer with reality at all. I had 2 visits with the Community Mental Health workersin the couple of weeks I stayed with my sister. I told the workers I was going to kill myself.I told my sister I was going to kill myself. I was not with reality, to the point I thought I had not seen my sister in 10 years. It had only be 8 weeks. Community Mental Health walked away and left me there twice. My mum returned from hospital so I went to be with my mum. My mum rang and tried to get me admitted in the last 5 days I was here on earth, but Community Mental Health was still not listening. I think my family members would know me a lot better than them, but they weren’t listened to. Community Mental Health only came to give me more pills or needles. You didn’t actually care that I was lost, broken, torn, confused, scared, or alone. My mind shredded into millions of fears all coming at me at once and I couldn’t stop them. The thoughts were telling me how they’re going to torture me and how they will kill me. I didn’t want to be here anymore. Make them stop! Why won’t you make them stop Mental Health? Why won’t you help me? Why do you think it’s just in my head? Why is it not real? It’s as real to me as my coffin was to you.Now do you see how real it was? Now do you see I couldn’t stop it? I needed to be kept safe.I needed to leave before they hurt me. I told you I was going to 'KILL MYSELF' and you let me. You knew I wasn’t OK but you walked away anyway because I’m not your son, brother, dad, daughter, or sisterso you didn’t care if I DIED. One less case for you to worry about. Well guess what? I DID DIE.I HUNG myself where my mum was left to find me lifeless. You could have prevented this from happening if you had just listened to my family! You didn’t listen to me because of my mentalstate of mind. Even in those last 5 days, if you had listened to my family, I could possibly stillbe ALIVE as I would have been kept safe where I couldn’t hurt myself. Why didn’t you listen? Will you listen now that I’m gone? Please help save our loved ones.... Please sign our ‘Damo's Law©’ (Suicide Prevention) petition Hi, my name is Tessa Sarich. I am Damian’s sister. Please sign our petition to help bring in a new law that helps prevent the loss of our loved ones. Please get behind my family and me, and help us to create ‘Damo’s Law©,’ to protect our family members who are at risk of suicide, so that Damian’s death is not in vain. Your support would be greatly appreciated!Thank you so much for your support. Tessa Sarich and family. Damo's Law© Petition:'s Law© Damo's Law© Blog: Linkedin: Damo's Law© Petition Twitter: Damo's Law© Instagram: Damo's Law© Facebook Group: Damo's Law© Facebook Page: Damo's Law© Suicide Video:'sLaw@DamosLaw#fightforlife#FightForLife#SuicidePrevention #SuicideAwareness#MentalHealthAwareness#ItsOkNotToBeOk#humanrightsviolation     @alysetobler #sempi #howsyoursempi #2019yearofsempiconversation #meetmeatthesempitable #ruok #areyouok #sempisocialcommunicationmodel #SEMPI Model @AlyseTobler    Know what to do if someone is NOT OK, and you want to help right now!'SEMPI Social Communication Model©!' The SEMPI SCM teaches THE NEXT STEP to the 'ARE YOU OK?' question, if this question feels too hard to sit with, feels confusing, or just doesn't feel right for the person saying 'NO.' • The SEMPI SCM teaches community members, deeper level empathetic conversation skills, (in under 20 minutes), to instigate when someone is NOT OK and needs to talk straightaway. • The SEMPI SCM is written to teach community empowerment, reduce stigma and loneliness, and to save lives. • This SEMPI SCM has a ‘pay it forward' philosophy, so that is can get out into the community faster. • The SEMPI SCM works by having two people sit together, (a Listener, and a Sharer). The 'Sharer' asks the 'Listener' to run through the SEMPI SCM with them, and together they can speak about exactly what is happening in the 'Sharers' life, for them right now, then they can swap roles, and pay it forward!• The SEMPI SCM teaches 'Social and Emotional Learning' activities (SEL). • The SEMPI SCM promotes a broader 'needs' and personal insight vocabulary. • The SEMPI SCM strengthens the skills of communication, so that all parties feel heard, validated, and understood, while teaching practical listening skills, which are crucial to allowing community members to feel truly heard. Learning these skills may lead to a more equal social class power balance, while CROSSING RACE, CREED, AGE, COLOUR AND RELIGION.• The 'SSCM' gives an immediate snapshot into a persons mental and physical health, right at that moment, so that a concise, and accurate plan can be devised if needed, by the 'Listener' and the 'Sharer', and then shared with a health care professional, when necessary. • The 'SEMPI SCM,' is designed to stop the loneliness, silence, stigma, and isolation, that exists within our communities AND CAN BE USED intergenerationally!• The SEMPI SCM is helping to create a world where people do not simply survive, but engage in a way that works to achieve invigorating internal and interpersonal satisfaction. • The SEMPI SCM is currently being used within community to allow all members, no matter their story, to learn to have an empowered voice, while gaining insight into their own story. • PLEASE NOTE, THE SEMPI SCM IS NOT a counselling model.• The SEMPI SCM community model version is FREE FOR EVERYONE!• Please go to for more information to help others, @AlyseTobler Need Help in Australia?• Suicide Awareness 1-800-273-8255• The Exodus Foundation (02) 8752 4600• The Wayside Chapel (02) 9581 9100• Lifeline Counselling 13 11 14• Family drug support 1300 368 186• Alcohol and drug information (ADIS) 1800 422 599• AIDS HIV Information service 1800 063 060• Hepatitis C Information and support 1800 803 990• Nar Anon (02) 9418 8728• Narcotics Anonymous 1300 652 820• Cannibas Information and help line 1800 304 050• NSW Users and Aids Association 1800 653 203• Parent Line 13 20 55• Ted Noffs foundation 1800 151 045• Housing NSW Head office (02) 8753 8000• Domestic violence 24 hour line 1800 737 732• Mental Health Hotline 1800011511• Women's and girls’ emergency centre- 9360 5388• Emergency Youth accommodation: (02) 9267 5918• Hope hostel Parramatta (men only) : 9683 1630s• Kendal house Parramatta( men only) : 9891 5234• Lifeline 13 11 14• Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia [PANDA] 1300 726 306 • Beyond Blue 1300 22 46 36• One Door Mental Health - 1800 843 539• DoCS Helpline - 132 111• Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Helpline - 1800 200 526• Healthdirect Australia - 1800 022 222• Kids Helpline - 1800 55 1800• Lifeline - 131 114• NSW Rape Crisis Centre - 02 9819 7357 24/7 Counselling 1800 424 017• Surgery Access Line - 1800 053 456• Victims Support Line - 1800 633 063• Youth line - 02 9633 3666• Alcohol and Drug Information Service Sydney 02 9361 8000 or 1800 422 599.• NSW Poisons Information Centre 131 126.• Public Health Units• Methadone Advice and Conciliation Service (MACS) 1800 642 428• Matthew Talbot Hostel (02) 9358 8102• Crisis Accommodation for Women LINK 2 HOME: 1800 152 152 • St Jude's: Bankstown(men only) : 9796 8416• A woman's place Phone: (02) 9358 6222 • City Woman's hostel Phone: (02) 9360 4881• Lou’s Place for women. Potts Point (02) 9358 4553 • CANA Community #mentalhealth #reducementalhealthstigma #anxiety #depression #thoughts #freeresource #bpd #ocd #payitforward #sharethelove #suicideprevention #actsofkindness #spreadpositivity #randomactsofkindness #dogood #bekind #helpinghand #justwait #itgetsbetter#changetheworld #charity #socialcampaign #freestuff #giveaways #beinspired #community #aussie #psychotherapist #turndreamsintoreality #sempisocialcommunicationmodel #endhomelessness #empathy #endloneliness #love #care #children #adults #freetheworld #altruism #sharing #mentalhealthawareness #happy#helpothers #changetheworld #lonelinessnomore #hope #heardme #listen #endstigmaofmentalillness#selfcare #emotionalintelligence #journeytohappiness #psychologyonthestreets#friendship #community #caregiver #burnout #depression #nojudgement #speakup #mentalillness #schizophrenia #mentalhealthunits #hospital #savealife #disability #advocates #gamechangers Your sincerely Tessa Alyse Damo xx  

Teresa Sarich
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Petitioning Commonwealth Bank of Australia


The Boort Business & Tourism Council, along with the Boort community, are extremely concerned by the recent announcement of the proposed closure and downgrade of services by the Commonwealth Bank Boort branch. The closure will have a significant impact on local businesses and members of our community.   By forcing our local residents and business people out of town to complete their basic banking needs, it would also, undoubtedly, encourage out of town shopping.  This will have a massive effect on the patronage in our local businesses, an issue which this committee has been successfully striving to improve over the past few years. Access to banking is a vital service which must remain in Boort to ensure our viability in the future.  Our town boasts a strong community, well established and successful local agricultural businesses, more than 50 small businesses servicing our community, large companies investing in our area and a brand new school with more than 200 students.  Not only will our residents, tourists and businesses have no access to the local branch, but our students will also lose access to the school banking program. We understand the current trend towards electronic banking, but there is ALWAYS going to be the need for face-to-face banking in our community.  The CBA should remember that they are in a service industry and the customer should be treated as a priority. Please don't close our local CBA Boort branch........

Boort Business & Tourism Council
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