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Ban Ki-moon

  • Secretary-General of the United Nations

Ban Ki-moon is the eighth and current Secretary-General of the United Nations. Before becoming Secretary-General, Ban was a career diplomat in South Korea's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and in the United Nations.

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Petitioning Ban Ki-moon (Secretary-General of the United Nations)

STOP Philippine President's Extrajudicial and Vigilante Killings

We, the petitioners, are urgently calling the help of the international community to make a stand against the on-going illegal and inhumane "purging" of alleged drug addicts happening in the Philippines today. The new president, Rodrigo Duterte, made marching orders commanding the Philippine National Police (PNP) to "shoot-to-kill" drug offenders. He urged as well the armed, communist rebel/terrorist group CPP-NPA and other rebel moro groups to do vigilante killings. He made public pronouncements for all the people to take arms and kill drug suspects themselves. He vowed to kill at least 100,000 in 3-6 months. As of July 6, 2016, or just six days since assuming his post, 61 deaths were recorded. Or 150 deaths since election in May 9. As of posting time, the death toll was doubled to more than 300. That's 10 deaths per day according to the country's Commission on Human Rights (CHR). Fifty one (51) were killed by "unidentified" hitmen wearing masks. Eighty-five (85) were killed by "police operations" with a general pattern of either victims "allegedly" fought or resisted arrests. But majority of victims' families say otherwise. The rest of the victims were found dead in streets and rivers, bodies mutilated with bullets, mummified in duct tapes, and with "card-board" labels: "drug user/pusher, wag tularan" (don't emulate). Almost all victims were from low-income, poor families. The PNP carried out "Oplan Tokhang" or (toktok-hangyo or knock and plead) which is a house-to-house warrantless search and interrogation by the police, with forced confessions of alleged drug offenders from a master list. Those who resisted were killed in their own homes in front of their begging families. Those who surrendered were made to take an oath and sign self-incriminating documents, admitting guilt as a drug user/pusher. Thousands surrendered so far in fear of their lives. They're not sent for rehab, instead sent home making them legitimate targets of vigilantes to be executed. Obvious inequalities are apparent, because again, only poor, legally-defenseless suspects living in slums or villages were visited. Well-to-do personalities living in posh areas are untouched or given due process. There are also those who died who were victims of false accusations or mistaken identity, and those other innocent children, minors, women, and elderly people who were killed by stray bullets. There's a growing fear as well among innocent, law-abiding Filipino citizens of being falsely accused, be murdered by vigilantes anytime, be dumped anywhere, and be labelled as a "drug user/pusher". The president has continuously discredited and made intimidating pronouncements against the CHR, Senate/Congress, human rights advocates, media, UN, and other world leaders not to stand in his killing sprees or suffer consequenses. The majority of Filipinos who oppose are now maimed, voiceless, and powerless against this impending mass massacre. Therefore, we humbly ask all people worldwide, not only Filipinos, to support this cause. Your single signature screams a thousand words against violence, human rights violations, fascism, against destruction of democracy and due process, and lawlessness. Our collective voices must press hard the Philippine President to re-consider his plans, that although meant to wipe out crime, his methods are illegal and are crimes against humanity.  May he realize that this "war on drugs" was proven time and again, to be a failure, unsuccessful, unending, drains the economy, and a fight in vain among various countries who tried it for long years. That it leads to more violence, disorder, and destabilised government and society. May he be more receptive to the new "harm-reduction" strategies in tackling drug addiction based on science and evidence-based research. To focus more of the government funds and effort in education, treatment, and prevention. Scientific studies proved that drug addiction is a chronic, relapsing brain disease and ill-treatment of addicts lead to high chances of relapses and high incidence of HIVs. He should keep in mind that only small percentage of crimes are drug-induced and butchering addicts won't reduce criminality, instead worsen it.  May he retract his orders and call for public restraint in vigilantism and extrajudicial killings. MAY HE GIVE DUE PROCESS NOT ONLY TO THE RICH, BUT TO THE POOR DRUG SUSPECTS AS WELL.  May this petition reach the world leaders, famous personalities, the United Nations, human rights groups and all concerned citizens to stand up and BE OUR VOICE IN CONDEMNING THESE ATROCIOUS ACTS. PLEASE, WE NEED YOUR HELP.   Thank you.     Relevant Articles: MAP, CHARTS: The Death Toll of the War on Drugs: The Kill List:  PNP DATA ON THE DRUG WAR by The Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism: More than 300 dead in drug-related killings:  Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte urges people to kill drug addicts: Rodrigo Duterte: Shoot a drug dealer, get a medal: Body count rises as new Philippines president calls for drug addicts to be killed: Philippines police boast of 30 drug killings since Duterte was sworn in on Thursday:

Jeremiah Emet
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Petitioning Secretario General de Naciones Unidas, Ban Ki-moon


El Día Mundial de la Asistencia Humanitaria 19 de agosto, es un momento para reconocer a quienes afrontan el peligro y la adversidad para ayudar a los otros. El Día fue designado por la Asamblea General de Naciones Unidas. El Día Mundial de la Asistencia Humanitaria es también una oportunidad para celebrar el espíritu que inspira este trabajo en todo el mundo. En este Día también celebramos la humanidad que nos une. Las familias y comunidades que luchan por sobrevivir en las emergencias de hoy lo hacen con resiliencia y dignidad. Necesitan y merecen que sigamos poniendo empeño en hacer todo lo posible a fin de proporcionarles los medios para un futuro mejor. Todos y cada uno de nosotros podemos cambiar las cosas. En un mundo cada vez más conectado digitalmente, cada uno de nosotros tiene la capacidad y la responsabilidad de inspirar a otros seres humanos a ayudar a los demás y crear un mundo más humanitario. Por la solidaridad,  actitudes y valores, por  preocupación por los demás demostrada por los ciudadanos ecuatorianos: NICOLAS ALBERTO RICAURTE ARCE RODRIGO ALBERTO RICAURTE NUÑEZ SANDY JANETH ANDAGAMA CADENA DAVID ALEJANDRO  HERDOIZA ARIAS KARLA MORALES ROSALES   Nicolas Ricaurte,  Rodrigo Ricaurte, Sandy Andagama , Alex Herdoiza, Karla Morales incansablemente, dejando a un lado sus seres queridos por semanas, en grandes y agotadoras  jornadas, lluvia, sol, dia, noche,  han paliado el hambre, la sed, la enfermedad de nuestros hermanos afectados por el cruento terremoto que afecto a la zona costera. han sido victimas de los trolls center que amenazan con impuestos, vejados, simplemente porque la lentitud estatal no pudo estar presente primero, pretendiendo opacar sus acciones. Su ejemplo de solidaridad y entrega tiene que ser premiado y quien mas que nosotros los ecuatorianos para hacer realidad este justo reconocimiento.   SE SOLIDARIO CON QUIENES SON SOLIDARIOS FIRMA ESTA PETICIÓN ECUATORIANO Y QUE ESTO SIRVA DE INSPIRACIÓN A OTROS PARA ESTAR EN EL LUGAR MENOS INDICIADO A LA HORA MENOS INDICADA , PERO CON TODO LO NECESARIO PARA AYUDAR AL PRÓJIMO.    

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Petitioning Ban Ki-moon

Support Iranian Women’s struggle for Freedom and Gender Equality

                Español   Français    Italiano   Deutsch  العربيّة   فارسي   Shqip  Polski   Urgent call for the security of women in Camp Liberty and the release of the 7 abducted Ashraf residents (6 women and one man) Condemn execution of Reyhaneh Jabbari and acid attacks against freedom loving Iranian women For the past 35 years since the Iranian people’s revolution was hijacked by the mullahs in February 1979, women of Iran have been the foremost victims of a religious and misogynous dictatorship ruling Iran. They are totally deprived of their most basic rights in every field. Amongst the 1000 executed under Rouhani, the current president of the regime, over 34 were women. The heinous execution of 26-year-old Reyhaneh Jabbari, who defended herself to rape and was executed on the morning of October 25, 2014, despite frequent calls by international organizations and human rights and women's rights activists, is yet another example. Thugs affiliated to the Iranian regime have thrown acid on the faces of innocent women to create an atmosphere of fear in the society and to counter women who do not abide by the regime’s dress-code. Some of the victims who are still getting treated after last month’s acid attacks in Isfahan and Tehran, have lost their sight and their faces have been distorted. The regime has stabbed women with knives in streets with utmost brutality and cruelty to scare women and force them to remain in their homes. The Iranian regime is not a signatory to the Convention on the Elimination of all forms of discriminations against women (CEDAW) thus allowing systematic violation of women's rights through its constitutional laws and other rulings. For the last three decades, sexual abuse of prisoners, particularly female prisoners has been the most important method for the regime to crush their will. From the onset of the regime’s rule, its so-called religious decrees (fatwas) ordering its revolutionary guards to rape girls before executions have been methods used by torturers and henchmen in the intelligence and security systems, which is unprecedented in modern history. Under these circumstances, Iranian women have had a prominent presence in the resistance movement. In the ongoing struggle for the past 36 years, tens of thousands of brave Iranian women have lost their lives for freedom. 52 percent of the members of the NCRI are women. Ashraf City, the home to members of the main Iranian opposition in Iraq, was administered by women through its harshest times. The PMOI is also led by women who are vanguards in the fight against fundamentalism. Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance’s 10-point platform for a future Iran includes complete gender equality and abolishment of all forms of discrimination against women. As the Iranian regime is the first fundamentalist and misogynist government, it has had widespread influence of spreading its evil phenomenon to the region and the globe. Its opposition, the PMOI, is the anti-thesis to such fundamentalism, as it believes in a true, democratic and tolerant Islam. As a humanitarian crisis, Iranian dissidents in Camp Ashraf and Liberty, including nearly a thousand women, have been repeatedly attacked in the last six years by Iraqi forces at the behest of the Iranian regime. 116 people have been killed in 6 deadly massacres and 6 women and one man were abducted. Also, 22 Camp Liberty residents have been tormented to death as a result of the ongoing inhuman siege against members of the Iranian Resistance in Iraq. The refugees, who are protected persons under the Fourth Geneva Convention, have been denied access to food and medicine despite international calls to end the inhumane blockade. In view of the above facts: 1. We call on the UN, US and the EU to take immediate action to end the inhuman food and medical blockade and to ensure security in Camp Liberty particularly for women and to take urgent action to release the 7 residents of Ashraf abducted by the Iraqi government; 2. Considering the history of the Iranian regime’s overall appalling situation of human rights, particularly women's rights, we call on the United Nations Security Council to examine Iran's systematic violation of human rights and to take punitive action; 3. We support the 10-point platform of Mrs. Rajavi as a practical step for the establishment of peace, democracy and women's rights in Iran.

NCRI Women's Committee
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Petitioning UN Women

Call to protest new wave of recent acid attacks against women and girls in Iran

We condemn the recent wave of acid attacks against Iranian girls and women for the sole crime of being women, being beautiful and not succumbed to the clerical regime’s misogynist laws. Courageous women in Iran have been targets of attacks by plain-cloths agents and we support the Iranian women who are in the forefront of the movement to establish freedom and democracy against the mullahs’ ruling Iran and their misogynist laws. We urge the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Mr. Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein, UN Women Executive Director Ms. Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka, chairperson of CEDAW Ms. Nicole Ameline and other women's rights activists to impose political pressure against the Iranian regime and immediately intervene to stop such brutal and misogynistic organized acts against women in Iran. The crime of splashing acid on the faces of girls and women in Iran is a clear sign of the fundamentalist nature of the regime whose president, Rouhani promised more freedoms for women in the sham elections. However the crimes committed under his tenure have exceeded 1000 executions, including 32 women. The most recent was Reyhaneh Jabbari, a 26 year-old decorator who defended herself to rape and was executed on the morning of October 25, 2014, despite frequent calls by international organizations and human rights and women's rights activists. Iranian women have paid a heavy price in the front line of the battle against the Iranian regime. Tens of thousands of women have fallen for freedom and democracy and continue to counter various restrictions and repressive systematic laws. There is no doubt the women will never give in to the Iranian regime’s organized crimes.   We, the undersigned, call on all supporters of the global equality movement, particularly equality commissions in parliaments and democratic ministers as well heads of women’s organizations around the world to join the statement to express solidarity with protests particularly in Tehran, Isfahan and Kermanshah to condemn the series of acid attacks against women in Iran under the pretext of “bad hijab” and to support the 25 victims of this cruel crime.

NCRI Women's Committee
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Petitioning Ban Ki-moon, Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka

Apel o natychmiastowe zapewnienie bezpieczeństwa kobiet w obozie Liberty

Apel o natychmiastowe zapewnienie bezpieczeństwa kobiet w obozie Liberty        i uwolnienie 7 porwanych mieszkańców Ashraf (sześciu kobiet i jednego mężczyzny)       Potępmy stracenie Reyhaneh Jabbari oraz ataki kwasem na miłujące wolność Iranki  Przez ostatnie 35 lat, odkąd w lutym 1979 roku kontrolę nad narodową rewolucją Irańczyków przejęli mułłowie, kobiety były pierwszymi ofiarami religijnej i mizoginicznej dyktatury rządzącej Iranem. Są one całkowicie pozbawione swych najbardziej podstawowych praw w każdej sferze życia. Wśród 1000 straconych w okresie prezydencji Rouhaniego, co najmniej 34 to kobiety. Haniebna egzekucja 26-letniej Reyhaneh Jabbari, która broniła się przed gwałtem i została stracona rankiem 25 października 2014 roku, mimo licznych  apeli organizacji międzynarodowych  oraz działaczy praw człowieka i organizacji kobiecych, to jeden z przykładów. Bandyci związani z reżimem irańskim oblewają kwasem niewinne kobiety, aby wywołać atmosferę strachu w społeczeństwie i powstrzymać kobiety, które nie podporządkowują się reżimowym, przepisom dotyczącym ubioru. Niektóre z ofiar, które wciąż pozostają w leczeniu po ostatnich atakach w Teheranie i Isfahanie, utraciły wzrok, a ich twarze zostały trwale zdeformowane. Reżim brutalnie i okrutnie sztyletuje kobiety na ulicy, aby zastraszyć je i zmusić do pozostawania w domach...  Rząd irański nie jest sygnatariuszem Konwencji  ws. eliminacji wszelkich form dyskryminacji kobiet (CEDAW), dopuszczając tym samym do systematycznego naruszania praw kobiet poprzez realizowanie prawa konstytucyjnego i innego rodzaju przepisów. W ostatnim trzydziestoleciu najpowszechniejszą metodą łamania woli więźniów, zwłaszcza kobiet, było seksualne wykorzystywanie. Od początku reżimowe prawo, tzw. religijne dekrety (fatwy), nakazujące strażnikom rewolucji gwałcenie dziewcząt przed egzekucją, były metodą stosowaną przez oprawców i katów działających w organach wywiadu i bezpieczeństwa, co nie ma precedensu w historii nowożytnej.  W tych warunkach Iranki odegrały wybitną rolę w ruchu oporu. W toczącej się przez ostatnie 36 lat walce dziesiątki tysięcy z nich oddało życie za wolność. 52% członków NCRI (Irańskiej Narodowej Rady Oporu) to kobiety. Aszraf w Iraku, siedziba głównej irańskiej grupy opozycyjnej, był zarządzany przez kobiety w najcięższych czasach. PMOI (Organizacji Mudżahedinów Narodu Irańskiego) jest również kierowana przez kobiety, które są awangardą walki z fundamentalizmem. Dziesięciopunktowa platforma dla przyszłego Iranu pani Mariam Radżawi, prezydent-elekt irańskiego Ruchu Oporu obejmuje całkowite zrównanie płci i zniesienie wszelkich form dyskryminacji kobiet. Ponieważ reżim irański jest przodującym rządem fundamentalistycznym i mizoginicznym, ma szerokie możliwości szerzenia tego zła w regionie i na świecie. Opozycja, PMOI, stanowi antytezę takiego fundamentalizmu, gdyż wierzy w prawdziwie demokratyczny i tolerancyjny islam.  Irańscy dysydenci w obozach Aszraf i Liberty, w tym blisko tysiąc kobiet, są w sytuacji kryzysu humanitarnego: wielokrotnie byli atakowaniu przez wojska irackie na polecenie reżimu irańskiego. 116 z nich zginęło w 6 masakrach, a 6 kobiet i jednego mężczyznę uprowadzono. Ponadto 22 mieszkańców obozu Liberty  zmarło w mękach z powodu trwającego nieludzkiego oblężenia wymierzonego w irański Ruch Oporu w Iraku. Uchodźcy, będący osobami chronionymi na mocy IV Konwencji Genewskiej, nie mają dostępu do żywności i leków mimo międzynarodowych apeli o zakończenie niehumanitarnej blokady.   Z uwagi na powyższe fakty:  ·Wzywamy ONZ, USA i UE  do podjęcia natychmiastowych kroków w celu zakończenia nieludzkiej blokady żywnościowej i medycznej oraz zapewnienia bezpieczeństwa w obozie Liberty, szczególnie kobiet, a także do podjęcia pilnego działania w celu uwolnienia 7 mieszkańców obozu Aszraf porwanych przez rząd iracki. ·Biorąc pod uwagę historię systematycznego łamania praw człowieka w Iranie, w szczególności praw kobiet, wzywamy Radę Bezpieczeństwa ONZ do zbadania przerażającej sytuacji panującej w Iranie i wprowadzenia sankcji karnych. ·Popieramy dziesięciopunktową platformę pani Radżawi jako praktyczna droga ustanowienia pokoju, demokracji i praw kobiet w Iranie.

NCRI Women's Committee
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Petitioning Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Ban Ki-moon, Ministry of National Education (Turkey)

Académicos/as chilenos/as solidarizamos con nuestros pares turcos por purga educacional

Como académicos/as chilenos/as manifestamos nuestra mayor preocupación y condena por los hechos ocurridos en Turquía tras el intento fallido de golpe y que afectan directamente a la comunidad científica y universitaria. La libertad de expresión y de cátedra son derechos esenciales a respetar en un Estado de Derecho Democrático. Las informaciones (oficiales y no oficiales) que llegan desde Turquía en que se da cuenta de despidos y detenciones de rectores, decanos y académicos, el cierre de escuelas, Universidades y centros así como otras medidas que van más allá del ámbito académico, nos preocupan enormemente. Solidarizamos con nuestros colegas turcos y deseamos que la comunidad internacional haga todos los esfuerzos necesarios para que la paz, convivencia democrática y respeto por los derechos humanos se impongan en Turquía. We, Chilean scholars, professors, lecturers and researchers, would like to manifest our deep concern for, and condemn, the official decisions that have followed the coup d’ etat attempt that directly affect the university and scientific community. Both Freedom of expression and academic freedom are fundamental rights that every democratic state must respect. Reports from Turkey show that numerous disciplinary investigations, suspensions, dismissals, and imprisonments affecting the academic community, as well as the closing of universities and other higher education schools, have been officially ordered. We would like to express our solidarity with our Turkish colleagues and call the international community to take all the necessary steps to achieve peace, democratic coexistence and respect for human rights in Turkey. Nous, professeur(e)s, enseignant(e)s et chercheur(se)s chilien(ne)s, souhaitons manifester notre profonde préoccupation et condamnation pour les évènements survenus en Turquie à l’issue du coup d’Etat manqué et qui touchent directement la communauté scientifique et universitaire. La liberté d’expression et la liberté d’enseignement constituent des droits essentiels qu’un Etat de droit et démocratique se doit de respecter. Les informations officielles (et non-officielles) qui nous proviennent de Turquie et qui font état de révocations et de détentions de recteurs, doyens et professeurs mais également de fermeture d’écoles, d’universités et de centres d’enseignements ainsi que d’autres mesures prises qui vont au-delà du monde universitaire nous préoccupent fortement. Nous exprimons notre solidarité à nos collègues turcs et nous souhaitons que la communauté internationale fasse tous les efforts nécessaires afin que la paix, la démocratie et le respect pour les droits humains s’imposent en Turquie.

Académicos por la libertad de cátedra
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