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Petitioning Brian Chesky, Airbnb, Belinda Johnson, Greg Greeley

Airbnb: Restore Judea and Samaria Jewish Listings

To: Greg Greeley, President of Homes Belinda Johnson, Chief Operating OfficerBrian Chesky, CEO We are in shock over Airbnb's decision to ban only Jewish owned listings from the disputed regions of Judea and Samaria (West Bank.) Meanwhile, the company has not removed the Arab-owned listings from the same areas, thus deepening the injustice and revealing a blatantly discriminatory policy.  On Airbnb's webpage titled "Diversity at Airbnb", Brian Chesky CEO, Co-founder of Airbnb writes: "At the heart of our mission is the idea that people are fundamentally good and every community is a place where you can belong. I sincerely believe that [discrimination] is the greatest challenge we face as a company. It cuts to the core of who we are and the values that we stand for." As you may know, the regions of Judea and Samaria (West Bank) are home to over 750,000 Jewish people spread out in 200 communities, including those located in the east side of Jerusalem, Israel's Eternal Capital City.  We hope that Airbnb will leave politics in the hands of the politicians and continue to allow the law-abiding Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria region to take part in the wonderful project that is Airbnb. Please hold your own words true by fighting discrimination wherever it may be found and continue to believe that "every community is a place where you can belong."

Yosef Rabin
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Airbnb, put back IDR (Indonesian Rupiah) in the supported payment currency!

I have done many airbnb bookings while travelling abroad, all these bookings were done with the local currencies. I also hosted my own airbnb listing in my hometown. Lately, several people are complaining about why booking my listing cannot be done in rupiah. They asked, I have no clue, and those bookings are mostly lost. Then I want to travel to Surabaya, this time I tried to book an airbnb listing. And the same thing happened to me. All prices are shown in rupiah, and as I progressed to payment, it can't be finished using rupiah. I was told to change currency or change my payment method. I tried the later and was not succesful. Then I saw that the currency setting on the bottom right corner was IDR, I changed that to USD, and I can complete the payment. The funny thing is that after I changed to USD, IDR was no longer in the option, it's gone. I contacted Airbnb support about this. They replied that IDR was no longer supported since October 20th, 2017. I don't understand, why it's no longer supported, but many people still has their currency set to IDR, including me. I bet many other people have the same problem booking listings in Indonesia because of this issue. So Airbnb, you owe us an explanation why IDR is no longer supported. I saw you supported many other local currencies. And if there is a valid reason behind that, why did you still put IDR as default setting, still show the prices in rupiah, but then throw error saying booking cannot be done in rupiah during payment. That's ridiculous, as if you want to make it harder for us to use your service unnecessarily. I think this change is not well thought and was put in a hurry without much consideration. But most importantly, I think it's fair to ask you to put back IDR as supported payment. Why should we as Indonesian do our booking in USD or any other foreign currency for booking an Indonesian listings. Think as if you as a US resident would book listing in New York, but at the end you're shown that USD is not supported, and you have to change your currency setting to IDR. Ridiculous I think, and I think many others will agree.

Awi Prayitno
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Petitioning Luigi Di Maio, Airbnb,

Stop agli abusivi e alla concorrenza sleale! Controlli nel settore delle locazioni a breve

Il settore delle locazioni turistiche extralberghiere è un settore cresciuto in maniera vertiginosa negli ultimi anni e, come a volte accade in questi settori che vedono un'esplosione della propria espansione, controllare e regolamentare la crescita del mercato può risultare difficile. Il numero di utenti che hanno iniziato ad affittare alloggi per soggiorni brevi attraverso portali come o, ha registrato un trend di crescita costante che ha portato ad una proliferazione selvaggia di strutture ricettive, molte delle quali abusive. Per rendere l'idea della dimensione del fenomeno abusivo riporto il caso di Roma. In un articolo del 16 settembre 2018 cita la situazione attuale delle strutture ricettive nel solo comune di Roma 'Il sito open data del Comune di Roma ne censisce 9.803, le iscrizioni alle Camere di Commercio parlano invece di 2.865 unità, mentre sui portali online l'offerta raggiunge le 41.403 strutture, di cui 27.213 gestite dal colosso Airbnb'. Il mercato delle locazioni extralberghiere è un mercato da tutelare, normare e controllare, ma in questo momento la situazione nazionale vede pochi 'host' che agiscono secondo le regole, che offrono locazioni a norma e che pagano le tasse, contro una sempre crescente platea di abusivi che inquina il mercato con locazioni invisibili, non a norma, evadendo sistematicamente le imposte. Io sono un host che opera su Roma, mi impegno per seguire le regole, e con questa petizione chiedo a nome mio e di tutti gli operatori regolari di questo settore una stretta sui controlli (su chi ospita abusivamente ma anche sui portali come Booking o Airbnb che non richiedono alcun requisito ai propri iscritti, come ad esempio un codice attività). Un cambiamento in questa direzione renderebbe giustizia a chi rispetta le regole e lo tutelerebbe dalla concorrenza sleale fino ad oggi subita dagli abusivi, non dimenticando che regolarizzare le strutture e il mercato significa anche tutelare i turisti ed il turismo in generale. Mi auguro di raggiungere i destinatari di questo appello e spero che possano intervenire al più presto per correggere le anomalie del settore. Ringrazio inoltre tutte le persone che decideranno di sottoscrivere questa petizione, gli host che come me vivono questo problema e decideranno di firmare, ma più in generale tutti coloro che sosterranno quest'appello pensando che legalità significa civiltà. Vincenzo Musci

vincenzo musci
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Stop wiping! Start washing #InstallShattaf in bathrooms around the world in 2019

Arabic / English You might want to take a seat while reading this.  There’s an issue that has been in headlines all over the world this year and needs to be addressed immediately - Do you #WashVsWipe? Join our campaign that demands that major hotel chains, airports, restaurants, gas stations and retail outlets across the world to #InstallShattaf Pronounced, Shat-taf, it is a hose with a nozzle that sprays water for post-toilet usage.  Think of it as a shower head, but upside down. You wash your hands with water, you wash your feet with water, and you wash your food with water - why would you not wash “that” area with water?! Using water to wash up after using the restroom is common culture habit in Eastern countries from the Middle East to parts of the greater Asian nations including India, Indonesia, Japan and Korea.  The usage of toilet paper alone is inefficient and simply not enough to sanitize yourself. Populations that collectively make up almost 1/3 of the world use a form of water to clean up, whether it be a sprayer connected to a toilet seat, a jug of water, a hose or more commonly a separate bidet basin.  The production of toilet paper is killing the environment as it takes 37 gallons of water to manufacture a single roll. We need to change that! But we need your help. Watch the video and sign this petition.  We need to get major hotel chains and airlines to acknowledge this as a huge hygienic problem and #installshattaf before the end of the year!   We need your votes to activate this petition.   

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While Sahrawis are suffering in refugee camps, AirBnB profits from their stolen homes

We, the undersigned, demand that AirBnB removes its home rental listings in the occupied territories of Western Sahara. Airbnb currently listing properties for rent in Moroccan occupied territories of Western Sahara in a clear violation of the international law, supporting a brutal occupation furthermore undermining the United Nations-led peace process put in place to bring an end to the suffering of people. In 1975, at least 200,000 Sahrawis were forced to flee their homes in Western Sahara, after Morocco invaded their country. Today they live in Refugee camps in one of the harshest living conditions e.g. extreme heat, lack of access to water or electricity and the reliance on humanitarian food aid for their survival. Over the course of four decades of a brutal occupation, Morocco has facilitated a settlement program, moving over 300,000 Moroccan citizens into Western Sahara. Moroccan settlers now count for the majority populations of the occupied territories. The Moroccan settlement enterprise violates several international laws such as exercising control over a territory those indigenous populations are entitled, under international human rights law, to self-determination keep in mind that Morocco occupied the territory using force, therefore, violating the international humanitarian law. Airbnb is adding to their suffering by listing their stolen homes for rent for the sole benefit of the settlers. In doing so, Airbnb too violates many international laws. We were encouraged by Airbnb recent progress and step in the right direction by pulling out of the illegal Israeli settlements in West Bank Palestine and we demand that you do the same in Western Sahara. This petition was started by the Sahrawi Advocacy Campaign, Sahrawi Association in Canada, and Sahrawi Association in USA. ______ For more information visit:

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