Airbnb Breach of Contract Class Action Lawsuit ( Violate cancellation policies)

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In the current delicate situation that the entire world is going through today, Airbnb, in the name of "Health security is affecting all its Hosts registered on the platform, and is refusing to bear the costs of cancellation by the guests, since in the last week through a statement announced that all their guests will be able to cancel the reservations made in a certain dates, receiving a full refund (Refund paid by the Hosts) evading their responsibility towards the hosts and breaching their contracts and cancellation policies worldwide.

We agree to take steps for not spreading the virus, like offering clients cancelation alternatives to encourage people not to travel in this delicate times, but Airbnb should reimburse guests directly, not the hosts. They are nothing without the thousands of properties that the hosts make available to their platform so that clients from all over the world can book.