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Petitioning Maneka Gandhi

Make it mandatory for all hospitals to declare number of Caesarean deliveries #SafeBirth

Caesarean deliveries have become a business. The hospitals and doctors are making money off unsuspecting women and pushing them towards surgical deliveries. Even though serious complications were not detected, I was cut open to deliver my baby. I wanted to have a natural birth but had to undergo a C-section as it was presented to be more ’scientific, modern and risk-free’. I was misled, manipulated, confused and my choice was overriden. For many of us, the right to informed-refusal or consent during childbirth is hardly an option either due to lack of awareness or the high-handed attitude of doctors. It was a long, painful, depressing recovery for me and when I looked into this issue, what I found was alarming. India’s C-section rate is growing exponentially. The fact that private hospitals have a much higher rate of C-sections than public hospitals has a direct correlation to the fact that surgical deliveries cost so much more than normal ones in these facilities. Recent studies show that C-sections lead to a higher risk of post-partum depression and lower breastfeeding rate in women and diseases like obesity and diabetes in children. Despite its adverse effects on maternal and child health, hospitals and doctors are indiscriminately conducting C-sections to make more money. To discourage this trend, women need to be made aware of the C-section rates of different hospitals and maternity homes, so that they can choose their hospitals carefully. That’s why I, with support of the NGO Birth India, started this petition asking the Women and Child Development ministry to issue an advisory to the Medical Council of India to Make it mandatory for all doctors and hospitals to declare the percentage of Caesarean delivery rates to patients. Conduct enquiry against those with abnormally high C-section rate. Frame clear guidelines for conducting Caesarean to safeguard the health and rights of women and children World Health Organisation (WHO) norms prescribe that C-section deliveries should be ideally 10-15 per cent of the total number of deliveries in the country. However, in urban Telengana, 74.8% of the private sector deliveries are by C-section and it is as high as 41% in Kerala and it is 58% in Tamil Nadu, according to a report by the ICMR School of Public Health. It is important that even women are made aware of the impact of Caesarean sections, which truly is an emergency recourse and not a routine medical procedure. The fact is that only 10% of births should be via C-section, however, in Indian private hospitals that rate is close to 50%. This is a serious health risk and the government has to take action NOW! Sign my petition and ask the Women and Child Development ministry to end this harmful practice by hospitals. Image Courtesy:

Subarna Ghosh
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Petitioning Rajeev Chandrasekhar, Sushmita Dev, Narendra Modi, Ravi Shankar Prasad, Rahul Gandhi, Maneka Gandhi, Supriya Sule, Prof M.V. Rajeev Gowda

#SwiftJusticeForKids : More Fast-track Courts for Cases of Violence against Children

A person whom I used to call Bhaiyya (brother) out of respect, forced himself on me. I was 16 years old. He had offered to walk me home late one evening after Navratri celebrations. I was grateful as I was scared to walk alone in the dark.But what happened next is something I haven’t been able to forget all these years. The way he grabbed me. The way I struggled and luckily managed to escape. Even after so many years, I still remember every detail of that horrifying night. I went into a shell after that, blamed myself and stopped going out after dark. I can only imagine what young survivors and innocent children go through after sexual assault. Many of them go into depression, some also experience PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Trust me when I say it is very difficult for children to lead a normal life after facing sexual assault. One way to give them back their right to a happy, trauma-free life is to put the culprit behind bars. Repeated court appearances make survivors relive the trauma. And this often stops survivors and their families from seeking justice. I don’t want any child to go through the trauma I did.  I’ve started this campaign asking all political parties to commit to setting up more fast-track courts to ensure swift justice in cases registered under the POCSO (Protection of Children from Sexual Offences) Act. Sign and share my petition Ironically this pro-children act was framed in 2012 to ensure speedy trial and swift justice to children but data suggests that in reality these cases go on for years. Maharashtra has 17,300 cases pending trial; UP has 15,900 and Madhya Pradesh 10,950. Kerala, Odisha, Karnataka, Rajasthan, West Bengal and Gujarat have cases ranging between 3,500 to 5,000 pending. Even our Supreme Court agrees that children should get speedy justice. Because justice delayed is justice denied! Sign and share my petition. Raise our collective voice for voiceless children so that our lawmakers hear our call for #SwiftJusticeForKidsClick here if you want to sign my petition in Hindi #SheVotes2019

Geeta J.
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Petitioning Rajeev Chandrasekhar, Sushmita Dev, Piyush Goyal, Narendra Modi, Shashi Tharoor, Rahul Gandhi, Maneka Gandhi, Supriya Sule, Akhilesh Yadav, Prof M.V. Rajeev Gowda

#WomenFriendlyTrains : Provide Sanitary Pads and Separate Toilets for Women on All Trains

Didi aapke paas pad hoga kya?” (Sister, do you have a pad?) “Mere paas to nahin hai, tumhen lekar chalna chahiye na!” (I don’t have it, you should carry it yourself!) “Lekar chalti hun par…” (I carry it but…) “Train me pad kahan milega tumhen! Ye tissue paper le lo.” (You won’t get pads on a train. Take these tissue papers.) I still remember that small conversation and that journey which to me felt like--was never going to end. I have never felt so helpless in my entire life. My periods started unexpectedly during a 14-hour long train journey. I was annoyed and completely distraught as I wasn’t carrying a pad with me. I didn’t want to stain my pants. There wasn’t any sanitary pad vending machine in the train either, that could rescue me in that dreadful situation. I somehow managed to stop the blood with my handkerchief and those few tissue papers. I spent the rest of my journey, sitting like a stone in the corner of the seat, praying that the terrifying journey ends soon. I wish our periods didn’t come uninvited and I am sure lakhs of women who are reading this are nodding their heads in agreement. Women can’t control their periods, but they can be prepared for it. Indian Railways can help millions of travelling women breathe a sigh of relief with just a few women-friendly measures I am asking Indian Railways to empower millions of women like me by taking the following measures. Sign my petition and join me in asking the current railway ministry or the upcoming one to: 1. Install Sanitary Pad vending machines in all trains.2. Provide women’s toilet in trains.3. Ensure that toilets on trains have proper pad disposal mechanism.4. Advertise about these facilities for awareness on menstrual hygiene. Imagine calling out for help without making a noise, without moving because that would draw attention. Isn’t this strange or rather sad that periods are still a taboo. A taboo that makes even full-grown adults shy away from even saying the word. It’s a no-brainer that, as a passenger, the situation becomes worse. We can not get down on any station to buy pad nor we are supplied with the sanitary napkin on the train itself. The condition of toilets on trains is another major problem that we women face. They are understandably inconvenient and unclean to use. A separate toilet for women traveler will give us a sense of comfort, privacy, and safety.  I know a lot of women would relate to my story but it’s time to not just relate but change these stories. It’s time to change the narrative on menstruation so that women don’t feel helpless but empowered. The 2019 elections are on our heads, almost all political parties will talk about women empowerment and the rights of women. And you know what will happen to this topic after elections.  Let’s join hands together so that women’s issues are given priority in the next election. It becomes a priority for the next government. I’ve started this petition because I feel that it’s the right of every Indian woman to have basic menstrual hygiene facilities on trains. Sign my petition if you want women to travel without fear of staining their clothes. The problem is that nobody even talks about these issues. The problem is that these things are not even considered an issue. But when you ask a woman if she wants these facilities on trains, she’ll respond in a loud voice-Yes! I don’t want any woman to go through the situation that I went through.  Sign and share my petition and ask the Indian railways and leader of all political parties to commit to this women-friendly cause for the well-being of millions of women travelling on trains. Join me in making getting #WomenFriendlyTrains Let's get #PadsOnRail Click here if you want to sign my petition in Hindi #SheVotes2019 Image for representation Image Credit: Mihaela Noroc

Tanvi Mishra
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Petitioning Devendra Fadnavis, Ms. Maneka Gandhi, Mr. Jagat Prakash Nadda, Ms. Pankaja Gopinath Munde, Dr. Deepak Sawant, Ms. Vidya Thakur, Ms. Vinita Vaid Singal, Supriya Sule

Stop feeding formula milk to newborns without the parent's consent #MyBabyMyDecision

During the nine months of my pregnancy, all I was waiting for the day that I could hold my baby in my arms. There is no better feeling in the world for a mother than the first time you feed your baby. All I wished for was to have a healthy baby whom I could hold in my arms and feed. But my wish was not respected by the hospital where I delivered my baby. When my baby was born, he was kept in the NICU for observing his sugar levels. During the time he spent in the NICU, he was fed formula milk. I was not informed of this and my consent was not taken by the hospital. If I knew that my baby was being given formula milk, I would have never allowed for that to happen. There was a milk bank in the hospital and my baby could have been fed human milk during the early stages of his life. I later realized that what happened to me is a very rampant practice across the country. Especially when a mother is recovering after a C-section, or when a baby is in the NICU, many hospitals just go ahead and feed the baby formula milk, without informing the mother. Our government has spent crores of rupees in advertising about the importance of breastfeeding. Many of you may have heard radio and TV ads about the thick yellow milk that a lactating mother produces is crucial for the baby’s long term health. But the hospitals, especially the private ones, make tonnes of money because they get discounted formula milk dabbas from the pharmaceutical companies that manufacture them. The moment the baby is born, they open a new dabba and start feeding the baby. That dabba is then given to the new mothers to take home with them and the cost is added to the bill. And all of this is done without the consent of the unsuspecting mother who is tired after delivering the baby.I know quite a few mothers who’ve had a tough time switching from formula to breast milk. That’s why I want the government to tell all the hospitals to get prior consent of the mother before feeding a newborn formula milk. The hospitals ask for the patient’s consent for every small thing. They make you sign so many documents before and after the delivery. And yet the doctors chose to give my baby formula over human milk. Without my consent! Why? Luckily, my baby was in the NICU only for a day. Had he been there for a longer time, I cannot even imagine how hard it would have been for me to wean him off formula. Join me and sign this petition to make it mandatory for doctors to educate new parents about the benefits of breastfeeding and breast milk and ask for their consent if at all, formula needs to be given to their baby. Breast is not just the best, but also the biological norm! #MyBabyMyDecision  

Jincy Varghese
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Petitioning Bhavish Aggarwal, Ankit Bhati, Supriya Sule, Anand Subramanian, Prashant Kumar

Ola: Commit to train 200 women in Mumbai to become cab drivers by Women’s Day, 2020

Ola: Commit to train 200 women in Mumbai to become cab drivers by Women’s Day, 2020 Every time that I have to book a cab and travel late at night, memories of the horrific rape of a young girl by the cab driver in Delhi flash before my eyes and the thought of ending up with the same fate as her sends shivers run down my spine. As a student who travels frequently, I wish I had an option of choosing a woman cab driver; I would have felt a lot more comfortable and safer, but the harsh reality is that there are hardly any commercial cab drivers who are women. I strongly feel that women drivers would make women passengers, like me, feel much safer.   Training and hiring women as drivers will also benefit cab companies as this will boost their public image and profit as studies show that- women are less rash on the road, pay more heed to the traffic rules and that they are also less likely to drink and drive. Sign my petition asking Ola to commit to training and hiring 200 women in Mumbai as commercial cab drivers by Women’s Day,2020. #sheOla #OlaLeadTheTrend Five amazing changes that will benefit all of society are sure to be sparked off when Ola Cabs rolls out cabs by women, for women. They are  1. More demand for cleaner public toilets2. Cleaner, less smelly cities, 3. Better lit roads 4. Lower crime rate 5. Gender-friendly RTO and government offices. With Ola being the fastest growing new-age cab aggregators and with millions of dollars being pumped in by investors into Ola it is clearly the most capable company to get more women drivers on board and empower them financially.  Of course, there have been many other initiatives such as She Cabs in Hyderabad, She Taxi in Kerala, Women Cabs in Bengaluru, Priyadarshini cabs and Viira Cabs in Mumbai, but these women-only cab companies find it a tough going due to lack of funding. Ola had proposed the idea of women-driven taxis across India after the horrific rape case in Delhi in December 2014. but today, even after nearly 4 years there is no significant visibility of women cab drivers in Ola. They did start Ola Pink in Bangalore but there is no such initiative in Mumbai which has gained any momentum. There are only 2 well-known stories of women drivers in Mumbai that Ola proudly owns, one of which is a cab driver and the other one being an autorickshaw driver, working for Ola. Therefore, Mumbai being one of the biggest users of Ola and Ola Share, Ola should commit to training 200 women to become commercial can drivers and provide them the necessary funds required to become a cab driver and work for Ola  and hence turning the previously mentioned 2 stories to 200 stories of how Ola took the first step to help these women become independent cab drivers so that people across India acknowledge that driving skills are truly gender-agnostic. Please sign my petition and take the first step to make the dream of seeing more women become cab drivers, turn into a reality by asking Ola to commit to training and hiring 200 women in Mumbai as commercial cab drivers by Women’s Day,2020. #Turn2To200(Image credit: Buzzfeed)

Anushree Vaidya
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Petitioning Narendra Modi, Smriti Irani, Arun Kumar, Subodh Kumar Jaiswal, Piyush Goyal, Supriya Sule, G. Kishan Reddy

Launch High Priority Search to Find Tarun - My Disabled Autistic Son

Should I kill myself to wake up this system and government? It’s been over 50 days since I last saw my son and I am losing hope. Tarun is a 16 year old autistic child with speech impairment and low vision. He had been playing near a balloon shop near our home in Colaba market, Mumbai on October 1st, 2019. An election rally went past with drums and music and my son got pulled along by the crowd. CCTV footage showed him dancing too. The rally ended near the CST railway station. My son does not even cross a road by himself, I can’t imagine how scared he must be.. I went to a police station and lodged an FIR reporting him missing on that very day. Local police and common people have been helping me with CCTV footage but we have still not found Tarun. CCTV footage showed him crying, begging people for food and water. Two dreaded days after my child went missing, I was informed that he was seen at Panvel Railway Station. Tarun had been wandering there for two whole days in-front of Railway Police authorities and none of them tried to help him! I reached the station to hear more shocking news. A Railway Police Officer got irritated with Tarun for asking for water every few hours so he forced him to get onto a train headed for Goa! How could a police officer be so insensitive? Instead of notifying ChildLine about a lost child, he sent my helpless son away! I’ve searched everywhere in Mumbai, I’ve searched everywhere in Goa, I’ve put up signs and posters, I’ve put ads in print and digital media...and I’m starting to feel helpless. I live in fear – every second of every day, not knowing where my son is. He cannot even ask for help! I have tweeted to the Prime Minister to intervene because every passing day puts my child at risk Only parents will know what a nightmare this is. Please sign my petition asking the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Women & Child Development & the Maharashtra Police Department to launch a high-priority search for Tarun. Only pressure from us common citizens will make those in authority act. Please sign and share this petition to spread the news to everyone you know. Maybe someone you send this to will spot Tarun and #BringTarunHome News reports say that the RPF has initiated an inquiry against its officer for putting my son’s life in danger. But what we need is sensitivity training for RPF personnel on handling cases involving special needs individuals, especially children. Help me bring my son back. He’s my world. I cannot live without him. Please help me. #FindTarun  #BringTarunHome

Vinod Gupta
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Petitioning Prof M.V. Rajeev Gowda, Rahul Gandhi, Amit Shah, President , Atishi, Sushmita Dev, Rajeev Chandrasekhar, Supriya Sule

Commit to increase secondary and senior secondary girls schools in 2019 election manifesto

It seems like the popular 'Beti Padhao, Beti Bachao' slogan that we all love to chant doesn’t cover all the young girls that need it. There is a serious shortage of secondary (Class 9 and 10) and senior secondary schools (Class 11 and 12) for girls in India. Data shows that in 2015-16, for every 100 primary schools (Class 1 to 8) there are only 14 secondary and 6 senior secondary schools. This shortage of schools ruins the future of lakhs of girls in India. They are forced to dropout and become child brides or teenage mothers, with a host of health problems. As a self-confident, educated woman who got to go to college, I want to ensure that every girl in India has a school to go to. Sign my petition asking the Congress and the BJP to make this a priority in their 2019 election manifestos. #MoreSchoolsForGirls When we’re in a position to help someone less privileged than us, the first instinct for many of us is to ask two questions: If the person has children, and if those children go to school. Because we know that education is important. Especially to break cycles of poverty and disadvantage. The Right to Education (RTE) Act made it compulsory for children between the age of 6 and 14 to get free education. But after 14 years of age, which is usually class 8 or 9, the dropout rates begin to increase. Especially for girls. Aside from the lack of senior secondary and secondary schools, girls also dropout because schools don’t have separate toilets for boys and girls and by the age of 14, most of them hit puberty. Another reason for higher dropout rates of girls is safety. All of these issues can be addressed by more schools for girls! Sign my petition to make the political parties contesting in the 2019 General Elections commit in their manifestos to increasing the number of secondary and senior secondary schools for girls in the country. The RTE Act was a huge step forward in making sure girls got equal educational opportunities to boys. But when girls reach secondary education levels, the dropout rate of girls increases to about 30% and by class 11, it’s around 57%. The number of schools also reduce sharply beyond primary school. In 2015-16, for every 100 schools offering classes 1 to 7, only 14 offered secondary level classes 9 and 10 and - even less -  6 offered senior secondary level classes 11 and 12. When we understand how important education is, how can we stand by and watch the future women leaders of our country fall by the wayside because of inadequate schools? Sign my petition and together, we can convince our politicians that this is the time to prioritize the education of girls. In 2019, whoever comes to power, school-age girls must win! #SheVotes2019#MoreSchoolsForGirls

Aditi Rindani
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Petitioning Girish Mahajan , Dr MadhukarG Gaikwad, Devendra Fadnavis, Sanjay Deshmukh, Dr. Mukund Tayade, Girish Mahajan, Dr. Pravin Shingare, Subhash Desai Guardian Minister for Maharashtra, Supriya Sule

Stop treating a Morgue like a Butchers shop! #DignityinDeath

10 bodies stacked one on top of the other in a dimly lit, tiny room with no windows and a leaky roof! That’s the morgue in Mumbai’s St George’s hospital. In the Maximum city, the underprivileged don’t even have dignity in death. I saw these horrible conditions with my own eyes when my driver of 42 years, Manoj died in April last year. He died suddenly of Septicemia within 24 hours of admission at the St George's hospital in Mumbai. Manoj was a hardworking father of two young girls. He does not deserve this mistreatment after his death. That’s why I started this petition to revamp the morgue and post-mortem centre at the St. George’s hospital immediately. The morgue is currently housed behind the hospital near the staff quarters, next to the dhobi ghat. It is a dilapidated broken roofed shed. The autopsy centre has two marble platforms for keeping bodies. The administrative work of the autopsy centre is carried in the same room. But infrastructure is not the only problem. The post-mortems are performed by untrained staff. I saw a man sweating profusely in a torn vest and doubled up lungi with some instrument in his hand when I went to look for Manoj’s body. I later found out through a media report that the post- mortem procedures are being conducted since several years by a peon who has no medical training.St George’s Hospital Mumbai is a public, government run hospital. It is supposed to cater to the medical needs of persons who can’t afford the shiny and expensive private hospitals.A media report that came out in 2016 stated that "The dilapidated structure of St George Hospital’s post-mortem centre is set to undergo much-needed redevelopment, with the hospital finally approving a ground-storey building at a new location in its backyard.“ It has been two years since but nothing has changed! Join me in asking for dignity in death for every citizen in the city! Ask the Minister of Family Welfare of Maharashtra to immediately revamp the morgue and autopsy centre of St. George’s hospital. #Dignityindeath

Renu Kapoor
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Petitioning Ms Pankaja Munde

Launch A Helpline for New Mothers Battling Depression in Maharashtra

29 May 2017 - "Post-partum depression: "I used to contemplate ways to kill me""14 Oct 2018 - "Mother throws newborn into lake: Postpartum depression to be blamed?". Childbirth is an important milestone in every woman's life. Post child-birth, a mother is expected to be happy and on cloud nine. But for many it can be too overwhelming, and brings anxiety and fear. This type of mental state is called Post-partum depression (PPD). As per WHO report 2017, 1 in 5 moms in India go through PPD. This can vary from baby blues (a transient phase of mood disorder that can last for about a couple of weeks) to post-partum psychosis, a more severe form of PPD that needs immediate medical attention. I recently delivered a baby girl. For the first 8-10 days, I had experienced a brief period of anxiety and a sense of loss of control and perspective. There were times when I felt a sense of irritation and self-doubt. However, in my case, my family and I were aware of PPD and sensitised about this, much before childbirth by my brother who is a doctor. So everyone around me were really supportive and my post-pregnancy blues were extremely short-lived.As I cuddle with my 5-month old daughter, I often think about mothers who have no awareness about PPD nor a strong support system around them. What about mothers who are scared to show their anxieties for the fear of being judged? They are forced to slap on a fake smile and pretend to be happy, while ignoring their mental health.A mother's well-being is not just for herself, but also for the new born who is completely dependent on her. Maharashtra has a birth rate of 1.8 births per woman. I wish that every new mother in my state has knowledge about PPD and the support of her family, and the support of family, so that can be better prepared if the blues hit. The Government of Maharashtra can do its bit to ensure that every new mother is made aware of what is PPD and knows how and where to seek help. Sign my petition and join me in asking Minister for Women and Child Development, Maharashtra to create awareness on PPD for all the new mothers of Maharashtra.This should entail1) Running an awareness campaign on Post-partum Depression (PPD) in all major districts of Maharashtra for women who are currently pregnant, on or before 12th May 2019 (International Mother's Day)2) Creating toll-free helpline number for the new mothers who are in distress or need immediate medical help3) Displaying the toll-free number in all hospitals of Maharashtra, and publishing and broadcasting it in all print, television and digital adsI believe my campaign will ensure a safe, happy and healthy motherhood experience for all new mothers. And this will lay the foundation for a stronger future generation and, in turn, a strong nation.#SupportForNewMoms #IndiaForStrongerMoms #SwasthaBharath #MaternalMHealthMatters #TransformHealthPicture credit: Asia Media International

Dharshana Ramachandran
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Petitioning CM Devendra Fadanvis, PMO-Govt of India, Ministry of Urban development, Shri. Nitin Gadakari, Shri Girish Bapat, Guardian Minister, IAS Kiran Gitte, Chief PMRDA, Supriya Sule MP

#Free-Up-Hinjawadi 2.0

FREE UP HINJAWADI 2.0 Dear CM Devendra Fadnavis Sir, We the petitioners & affected parties demand immediate solutions to the increasing Traffic problems of Hinjawadi area. The traffic chaos has reached its peak due to the continued negligence and lethargy of concerned government authorities.Commute on each side is taking to 2/3 hours just to travel a distance of 6km . Loss of productivity to the nation and the ill effects to the personal well being of over 3 lakh professionals and residents is a very serious matter and deserves your intervention.  Each time we are been pointed to futuristic solutions, like Hyperloop and Metro , No doubt we need to be future ready but " What about today ? " ,  Why can't your government implement immediate measures like - - Filling the potholes of all main roads & internal arterial roads - Removing the illegal encroachments from the roads and footpaths - Making sure all alternative entry points are made ready before digging up existing heart-line for Metro work ( Wakad Chowk to Phase 3 Road) We demand that the authorities complete the following pending projects within one month  Wakad Bhumkar Chowk redevelopment Alternate roads : a )  Sus - Nande Chande to Hinjawadi road to be widened and made pot hole free . b ) Mahalunge road and bridge to Hinjawadi to be completed . c ) Phase 1 Infosys Circle to Maan village section of 100 meters to be made pot hole free d) Phase 1 Shivaji Chowk - PMPML Bus stop towards Wakad should be moved ahead by 200 meters  e) Road widening at "Pumpkin Patch school bottleneck" at Bhumkar Chowk - Phase 2 road f) Phase  3 : Maan to Ghotawade Phata road to be widened and repairedNHAI to remove bus stops on both sides of flyover on highway at Wakad Chowk and shift them to Octroi post land DEPARTMENTAL ACTIONS Needed -  Merge Hinjawadi IT Park and 9 villages into Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation - PMRDA should work on the complete Development plan on top priority. - PMRDA and MIDC to have full time task force deployed to remove all the encroachments from the entire IT Park and villages - Increase Police personnel for Hinjawadi . Full time police patrols and mobile Traffic Police Van with public address system to monitor and control the traffic situation in real-time  We are begging your mercy for managing our work life balance and help retain the IT hub tag for Hinjawadi. Thanks & Regards, Sudhir Deshmukh Convener - #Free-up-HinjawadiE-mail : freeuphinjawadi@gmail.comTwitter: Facebook: #FREE-UP-HINJAWADI 1.0 (Year 2017) Petitioners and Affected Parties Day care infants and School Children aged as low as 6 months and onwards Workers in the Hinjawadi IT Park Owners of the IT, Biotech, Manufacturing industries and local factories in Hinjawadi-MIDC Cluster Residents of the Hinjawadi, Maan, Marunji, Wakad, Pimpale Nilakh, Saudagar and nearby Pimpri Chinchwad & Pune Local Business nearby Hinjawadi Transporters & Drivers Patients and emergency vehicles Police and Traffic police personnel   Petition to CMO-Maharastra Government, PMO, Ministry of Urban Development, Transport Ministry - Govt. Of India, Local council, MIDC, PMRDA and PCMC We the #FREE-UP-HINJAWADI movement undersigned petition to the CMO-Maharastra Government, PMO, Ministry of Urban Development, Transport Ministry - Govt. Of India, Local council, MIDC, PMRDA and PCMC ,PMC To Invest in substantial improvements to the current road network in and around Hijawadi Provide better traffic management facilities and infrastructure for IT hub. Please re-visit the idea of a direct grade separated roads to Phase 1, Phase 2 and Phase 3 Consider Subway, Underpass and small flyovers in major junctions in Hinjawadi, consider the separate service road for the local traffic The commuters in Hinjawadi from this IT hub of Maharastra are completely fed up with the extremely fragile road network around the town and daily traffic snarls. The population has increased massively over the last few years, the business and industry had also grown rapidly. But the road network has not changed for current and future needs or demands. Traffic infrastructure can no longer cope with the volume of traffic. Rush hour is always a nightmare, a minor incident on any of the main roads brings the entire town grinding to a halt. We request that on topic of Transport For Hinjawadi Ph1, Ph2 and Ph3 authorities puts some serious investment into improving the current road network, public transport, and formulates a plan to manage traffic effectively whenever there is an incident on any of the roads into or out of the town. A distance of 2.3 km takes close to 40-55 minutes in rush hours, commuters have to spend 1.5 hours to 3 hours based on origin of travel. This area is 2800+ acre industrial park second home or workplace for close to 7 lakh to 10 lakh workers, these workers daily travel to and from this area. Hinjawadi also embodies the local population close to 100,000 + and also establishment of well-known schools & institutes in the vicinity. The crumbling road network currently have only 2 major entry points 1. Wakad Junction to Ph1  and 2. Bhumkar Chawk to Ph1/Ph2. This bottleneck not only causing trouble to commuters but also compelling small businesses to run away from the area, this does not showcase as a good investment destination. Leaving bad impression with thousands of foreigners visiting the place daily basis. The traffic snarls are affecting many lives daily, this includes A small kid have to inhale the polluted air for longer, same goes for the traffic cops, commuters and volunteers Mental and Physical stress to be born by each commuter Daily 1.2 Million precious productive hours lost daily, causing productivity drop for business owners resulting in business loss 30% to 65% excessive fuel consumption and environment damages  We would like to see the idea of a direct pass thru/grade separated road around Hinjawadi, kindly seriously looked into it once again. Kindly consider having the following things implemented at soon as possible Grade separated road with direct pass-thru from Wakad junction to Phase 1, Phase 1 to Phase 2/3 (May be a part toll/epass way) Provide necessary subway, underpass or flyovers at punctures to avoid traffic jams Separate Service road for Local traffic Side-walkways, cycleways & Green cover Widening of Phase 3 to Nande Chande Road Widening of the Phase 3 to Maan gaon to Phase 1 road New connectivity from Balewadi to Phase1/Phase2 Functioning public transport e.g. PMPML Effective, Better and non intruding Metro transport from Hinjawadi-Wakad-Pimpale Saudagar-Kasarwadi-Bhosari-Chakan (Connecting Manufacturing Hub with IT hub) Working Signals at all major junctions Remove unwarranted circles and/or speed-breakers Empower police to take action against unruly commuters More importantly removing all encroachments from the footpaths and walkways Provide ample parking spaces i.e Multi level parking at the Toll collection space Wakad Chawk etc. Create the Multi mass transit route spanning across all three phases i.e. Consider the time boxed unidirectional transport ways combined with the mass transport like Tram.   To achieve everything above we will need government authorities, the traffic police and all of us together need to help our city. Please do something before it is too late. Our generation and next generation is going to suffer if we don't wake-up and do our duty as we should!! Potential Savings  1. Cars 100,000 wasting 2 hours per day Equals to normal travel to 120 kms, Add vehicle average 12 km/liter 100000*10*72= Rs72 Lacs/day-Rs720/day Rs.216 crores per annum. 2. Time Value and social cost of 5lacs employeesRs50000/month=2000/day=250/hr. or Rs500/dayRs 7500/- crores per annum 3. Buses/Trucks plying on road 5000 i.e. 5000*10*72=3.5 lacks /dayRs 100 crores per annum 4. Two Wheelers = 2000000 potential saving 2000000*2*72=2.88 crores per dayRs.90 crores per annum Total Potential Saving per annum if smooth transport and transit is planned = Rs7906 crores per annum  Note: The cost of medical expenditure and mental stress and productivity loss is not factored in   For, Organizer & Convenor, #Free-Up-Hinjawadi Campaign

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मेरे लापता ऑटिस्टिक बच्चे को घर लाने के लिए उच्च प्राथमिकता वाला सर्च ऑपरेशन शुरू किया जाए

मैं तरुण के पिताजी और उनकी पेटीशन का समर्थन करने वाले 70,000 लोगों को बताना चाहती हूँ कि मैंने तरुण को ढूंढने के लिए इस मुद्दे को लोकसभा में उठाया है। मैंने केंद्र सरकार से निवेदन किया है कि इस केस का तुरंत संज्ञान लिया जाए और ठोस कदम उठाए जाएं ताकि तरुण अपने परिवार से दुबारा मिल सके। 3 दिसंबर को लोकसभा के प्रश्नकाल के दौरान मैंने तरुण के लापता होने का मुद्दा गृह राज्य मंत्री, श्री किशन रेड्डी जी के सामने रखा। मैंने सदन को सूचित किया कि तरुण ऑटिस्टिक है और वो बड़ी मुश्किल से देख और बोल पाता है। मैंने उनसे कहा कि तरुण हम सबका है और सरकार को तुरंत उसे ढूंढने के लिए कदम उठाना चाहिए। गृह राज्य मंत्री जी ने मेरी बात का संज्ञान लिया और कहा, “सरकार के तरफ़ से जो भी मदद की जा सकती है वो ज़रूर वो करेंगे।”

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Launch High Priority Search to Find Tarun - My Disabled Autistic Son

मैं तरुण के पिताजी और उनकी पेटीशन का समर्थन करने वाले 70,000 लोगों को बताना चाहती हूँ कि मैंने तरुण को ढूंढने के लिए इस मुद्दे को लोकसभा में उठाया है। मैंने केंद्र सरकार से निवेदन किया है कि इस केस का तुरंत संज्ञान लिया जाए और ठोस कदम उठाए जाएं ताकि तरुण अपने परिवार से दुबारा मिल सके। 3 दिसंबर को लोकसभा के प्रश्नकाल के दौरान मैंने तरुण के लापता होने का मुद्दा गृह राज्य मंत्री, श्री किशन रेड्डी जी के सामने रखा। मैंने सदन को सूचित किया कि तरुण ऑटिस्टिक है और वो बड़ी मुश्किल से देख और बोल पाता है। मैंने उनसे कहा कि तरुण हम सबका है और सरकार को तुरंत उसे ढूंढने के लिए कदम उठाना चाहिए। गृह राज्य मंत्री जी ने मेरी बात का संज्ञान लिया और कहा, “सरकार के तरफ़ से जो भी मदद की जा सकती है वो ज़रूर वो करेंगे।”

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Launch High Priority Search to Find Tarun - My Disabled Autistic Son

I would like to inform Tarun’s father and the 70,000 supporters of his petition that I raised the issue of finding Tarun in the Lok Sabha. I requested the Centre to urgently look into the case and to take steps to ensure his safe return to his family. On the 3rd of December, during the Question Hour in the Lok Sabha I raised the issue of Tarun’s disappearance to Union Minister of State for Home Affairs, Shri G Kishan Reddy ji. I informed the floor of the House that the child is autistic, has low vision and is speech impaired. I told him that Tarun belongs to all of us and the government must take swift action to find him. The Minister took note of my question and responded to me saying, “The government would be ready to provide any help that is required.”

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India's Support to the United Nation mandate on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity.

Dear citizens, I truly believe in the Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by United Nations that begins with - ‘All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights’. Each individual deserves to be treated equally in the eyes of the law and in the eyes of our society. Being a part of the LGBT Community doesn’t make one less human. Queer Rights are human rights and human rights are Queer Rights. No matter who you are, what your orientation is or what gender you identify as - you deserve to be valued and loved for who you are. I have always called for the country to pledge to include the members of the LGBT community in the mainstream and end discrimination against them. At this crucial juncture of the vote at the UNHRC, I request Hon'ble Prime Minister of India to vote progressively in support of the LGBT Community as the SOGI resolution comes for vote. The Hon’ble Supreme Court has decriminalised Section 377 and it is now time for India to upheld the LGBT rights. Supriya Sule, Member of Parliament, Baramati

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