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Launch High Priority Search to Find Tarun - My Disabled Autistic Son

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Should I kill myself to wake up this system and government? It’s been over a year since I last saw my son and I am losing hope. Tarun is a now a 17-year old autistic child with speech impairment and low vision.

He had been playing near a balloon shop near our home in Colaba market, Mumbai on October 1st, 2019. An election rally went past with drums and music and my son got pulled along by the crowd. CCTV footage showed him dancing too. The rally ended near the CST railway station. My son does not even cross a road by himself, I can’t imagine how scared he must be..

I went to a police station and lodged an FIR reporting him missing on that very day. Local police and common people have been helping me with CCTV footage but we have still not found Tarun. CCTV footage showed him crying, begging people for food and water.

Two dreaded days after my child went missing, I was informed that he was seen at Panvel Railway Station. Tarun had been wandering there for two whole days in-front of Railway Police authorities and none of them tried to help him! I reached the station to hear more shocking news. A Railway Police Officer got irritated with Tarun for asking for water every few hours so he forced him to get onto a train headed for Goa! How could a police officer be so insensitive? Instead of notifying ChildLine about a lost child, he sent my helpless son away!

I’ve searched everywhere in Mumbai, I’ve searched everywhere in Goa, Gujarat, UP. I’ve put up signs and posters, I’ve put ads in print and digital media...and I’m starting to feel helpless. I live in fear – every second of every day, not knowing where my son is. He cannot even ask for help!

I have tweeted to the Prime Minister to intervene because every passing day puts my child at risk

Only parents will know what a nightmare this is.

Please sign my petition asking the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Women & Child Development & the Maharashtra Police Department to launch a high-priority search for Tarun.

Only pressure from us common citizens will make those in authority act.

Please sign and share this petition to spread the news to everyone you know. Maybe someone you send this to will spot Tarun and #BringTarunHome

News reports say that the RPF has initiated an inquiry against its officer for putting my son’s life in danger. But what we need is sensitivity training for RPF personnel on handling cases involving special needs individuals, especially children.

Help me bring my son back. He’s my world. I cannot live without him. Please help me.