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Petition to Florida Governor

Grant Nicholas Rivet clemency

Nicholas Rivet was convicted of second degree murder on June 5th in Jacksonville, FL. In September he was sentenced to life in prison. The crime was against a two year old boy whose mother and older brother had recently moved in with Nicholas. Nicholas passed two polygraph tests but the detectives didn't consider them because they were done with an independent polygraph expert and the mothers polygraph came back inconclusive. The mother gave numerous accounts of the night and continuously changed her story from the police interview saying she put E to bed. During deposition she said Nick put E to bed and then at trial she said she laid E down and Nick came and offered to put E to bed. Now at this time Nicholas is on the phone with his mom. During the trial the mother BW indirectly confessed on the stand twice by saying "the injuries he sustained when I put him to bed" and "the injuries he sustained when I pulled his pajamas down" referring to the rug burn on his back. BW is known to have abused her kids before this incident and there are many witnesses to this fact. Nicholas has never been known to be violent, raise his voice, he has never spanked his children and has always been loving and caring toward not only his kids but other people's kids. The detective admitted on the stand they never investigated BW. We had a juror that knew BW, a states witness, and two of our witnesses. Nicholas has spent fifteen years in the navy and has never been in trouble with the military or the civilian police. He has received numerous medals and awards for his outstanding conduct in the navy. Nick has a wonderful family and has four wonderful children that miss him very much. We are asking that he be granted clemency based on the fact that he has never been in trouble before, the evidence is circumstantial against him in this case, and the mother has told numerous stories to distance herself from her child that night. We don't the exact way the baby was hurt but we do know for a fact BW was the only one ever alone with E and Nicholas can account for every minute of his time that evening. Please help bring this man that committed his life to his country and his family home where he belongs.

Andrea Rivet
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Petition to Douglas A. Silliman, John Kerry, Barack Obama, Joey Hood

Father and Disabled U.S Veteran wrongfully Sentenced to Death by Hanging in Kuwait

My name is Karina Mateo and my fiancé is Jermaine Rogers. We have a beautiful six-year-old daughter, Kiahuren. Kiahuren adores her daddy. In her eyes, he’s more than a father; he is a hero. Her daddy bravely served his country and after his enlistment became an expat in Kuwait to aid our U.S. Troops. Each night my daughter tearfully asks why her daddy has not called and when is he coming home. How do I explain to our daughter that the love of our lives has been sentenced to death by hanging? How do I break my daughter’s heart? How do I tell her that her hero saved others, but nobody’s willing to save him? My heart breaks to think of him in such a horrible predicament and it breaks even more to think that one day I may have to tell our child a story that will break her heart, too. You’ll never hear Daddy’s voice again and Daddy isn’t coming home. Please read and share the story below. We need your help to bring Jermaine home! We cannot survive this nightmare without your help!  We cannot sit by quietly while Jermaine, a devoted father and a loving man is murdered.       On October 6, 2015 Jermaine Rogers was arrested in his apartment in Mahabula Kuwait, the warrant the CID had was issued for an individual named Mohamed not Jermaine, also the address on the warrant was issued for Block 1 street 1, Mahboula (Jermaine's Address was Block 1 street 2, Plaza bldg. 18 Mahboula) different from Jermaine’s address. The CID officers gathered evidence from Jermaine’s apartment and sent them to the Kuwait drug testing laboratory the first test resulted in seventeen (17) different items all tested and all seventeen (17) items came back without drugs found or detected. When Jermaine’s lawyer presented the court the test result from the laboratory than two days later a second lab report was requested by CID and instead of seventeen items it contain eighteen (18) items adding seven (7) grams of cocaine. This was a direct indication that the investigation is flawed also the CID tried to hide the first lab results as indicated by the lawyer.     On September 18, 2016 Jermaine attended his sentencing court hearing; his lawyer provided evidence as well as testimony from the arresting officer proving he was not caught selling drugs, importing drugs or even having drugs in his possession proving without any doubt his innocence.  Seven days later he was found guilty and sentenced to death by hanging for importing and manufacturing 7 grams of cocaine. The Death Penalty is carry out in Kuwait by public hanging.     After sentencing, his lawyer sent me multiple audio messages (in Arabic) which were translated to English. Per the Lawyer: “I felt so confident Jermaine would be found innocent and released the day of the hearing I sent my Paralegal in my place. I was shocked by the verdict. The substances did not convict Jermaine as the substances were not illegal substances. A bag of cocaine was planted in the police files while at the CID office after initial test showed no drugs or illegal substances found so a second lab report was sent 2 days later with now a bag containing the 7 grams of cocaine. completely new charge was given instead of possession it became manufacturing cocaine...Jermaine’s conviction is unjust as well as a travesty to the laws of Kuwait”. (Audio messages available upon request)         Jermaine Rogers is a United States Citizen and Military Disabled Veteran who has worked as a contractor in Kuwait-Camp Arifjan. For over 11 years he has worked diligently to support our United States Military. The United States Embassy in Kuwait has no legal jurisdiction over Kuwaiti legal system therefor they can’t assist.      Jermaine's; family, his children, myself and friends, we implore you to support our efforts to FREE Jermaine Rogers.      Jermaine has spent over 13 months in Kuwait prison and despite all evidence and the laws of Kuwait showing his innocence, he has been sentenced to death by hanging, Jermaine has suffered both mental and physical abuse at the hands of Kuwaiti authorities. He has not been allowed phone calls or visitation; and his family especially in regards to Kiki I am unable to explain to her, why the phone call she anticipated each Saturday morning no longer arrives. Jermaine needs medication for multiple, combat related medical condition which he is not being provided. This has resulted in his health conditions deteriorating and requiring multiple emergency medical treatments at a Kuwait hospital.      Kuwaiti prisons refuse to provide adequate food or clothing for Jermaine. Everything he needs fall on the support from family just so he's able to have proper drinking water or soap, to bath with and the living conditions are unsanitary. Jermaine Rogers is a U.S. Army Veteran unjustly being held as a prisoner in Kuwait's central Prison in the Death Row Ward. The same prison that recently had one death and 55 injuries due to a fire cause by negligence’s.      I beg you to support us in this fight with a sense of urgency. Jermaine Rogers is not a criminal. He is a victim of the Kuwaiti justice system, policies and procedures that twist and change the laws as they see fit.  If we do not fight to save his life, then he will become a victim of the United States policies as well.     Even though this is a legal matter we ask that you help us focus on Jermaine’s human rights and the rights of all people unjustly prosecuted and left to die. A United States Citizen, Military Veteran, and above all a “father’s life” depend on YOUR immediate action!   The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Kuwaiti Constitution (articles 5, 10, 11); Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment of 1984; and the Geneva Conventions of 1949—empty promises or promises to be kept? All tyranny needs, is for people of good conscience to remain silent. (Thomas Jefferson)   

Karina Mateo
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Petition to Barack Obama

Send Aaron Glasscock Home: An Innocent Man Who was Given a Harsh Sentence

In the Spring of 1999, at the age of 22, Aaron Glasscock was just 2 months from graduating a pre-med program in preparation for medical school, in a quest to fulfill his childhood dream of becoming a pediatrician. His father had given him an opportunity for a final spring break. All that was required of Aaron was to drive his father's friend, Walter, to Florida to look at a potential "flip" house. Aaron & Walter made it to their hotel late at night and slept late the next morning. Not long after a hot shower and the beginning of a cup of coffee, DEA agents were knocking at the door, throwing Aaron to the ground and questioning him about things of which he knew nothing. What Aaron didn't know was that the truck he had been driving had a false tank containing $900,000 in cash; cash that was presumed to be used in a drug deal. The truck was also registered in Aaron's name, though the signature was shown at trial not to be his. After a mistrial and 2 hung juries, Aaron was found guilty and ultimately sentenced to 30 years in federal prison, where parole is not an option. In 3 of Aaron's 4 trials Walter testified, for the prosecution, that Aaron was never around drugs or money, or even any conversations dealing with such. His father remained silent in defense of his son for fear of an even larger sentence. At this time Aaron has served nearly 16 years of his sentence. He is now 37 years old. He has been a model prisoner, works a full time job in Prison Industries (UNICOR), teaches fitness classes and bible studies and has a tremendous faith in God. He is not bitter, in fact he is incredibly inspirational to all who know him. In March he submitted a request for clemency in the hopes of being released early. We ask for President Obama to consider the time he has served as enough. Even if Aaron were guilty, this sentence is extremely harsh for a non-violent offense. Especially considering Aaron had no record prior to this. At the very least, Aaron is a waste of tax payers dollars. At the most, he is an incredibly gifted, hard working and giving human being who should be given a chance to see his family again, start a family of his own, have a career and experience life outside of those walls. He has been there long enough. Let's bring him home!    

Mary McDonald
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Petition to Oklahoma County District Court, District Attorney David Prater

Free Glynn Simmons

Glynn Simmons has been languishing in an Oklahoma prison for 42 years, since being convicted of a robbery/murder in 1974. There is no evidence linking Glynn to the crime. The prosecutor in his case has expressed regrets over how he tried the case, and the victim’s own sister has written multiple letters to Glynn’s parole board begging for his release on the grounds that he is an innocent man.  Several witnesses came forward at Glynn’s trial to testify that Glynn was not on the scene, or even in the state, at the time of the shooting. He was in Louisiana, where he’s from, and didn’t fly into Oklahoma until after the crime had been committed. But Glynn was still convicted, based on the testimony of one witness, a woman who was also shot and injured during the store robbery in question. She had already picked a handful of different suspects in as many as nine prior police line-ups, and the state had admitted that she was most likely confused and a “dead-end” witness. Glynn’s public defender failed him miserably, and made no move to disprove her testimony against him (this lawyer was later disbarred for his incompetence). Another eyewitness to the crime refused to point the finger at Glynn, and Glynn’s attorney did not bother to call her to the stand. Glynn was sentenced to death. Oklahoma's death penalty mechanism was later declared unconstitutional, and all death sentences were converted to Life. Had it not been for this decision, Glynn would be dead today. As it is, he has not been allowed to truly live. He was just 22 years old when he was convicted. He’s now over 60, and is still forced to beg parole board members and attorneys to reexamine the evidence. Despite this, he says he believes in the system and has hope that he will receive mercy before it’s too late. Society's awareness concerning wrongful convictions is evolving. Citizens are starting to realize that police and prosecutors, like all humans, make errors.  What is absolutely stunning is that our state government seems to feel it has no duty to correct its errors --- even errors that cost citizens their freedom and their lives. Fighting for Glynn's freedom can be a first step we take toward true justice for all. Please take a moment to watch the video, which gives you a good sense of the staggering amount of evidence supporting his innocence. Then, please sign this petition calling on the Oklahoma County District Court and Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater to grant Glynn Simmons’ application for post-conviction relief. For information on how you can get involved with this campaign, email Gwendolyn Fields at View video statements from former prosecutors and victim's sister expressing concern that Glynn was wrongfully convicted: KFOR News Video

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