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Petition to Kim Foxx

Investigate the wrongful conviction and life sentence of Matthew Sopron. Update the findings of the Conviction Integrity Unit.

Matt Sopron could prove his innocence with a new trial.  In 1998, he was convicted of two murders based on the Illinois accountability law.  He received a life sentence for a crime he had no involvement with, while two others who admitted their involvement at the scene of the murders will be paroled in 2020. 5 boys were charged the day after the crime.  9 months later, Matt and another were charged, based on the lie of one who admitted his guilt.  This guy was given a deal of 25 years instead of the life sentence he deserved. The other 2 "witnesses" recanted telling horror stories of how they were coerced and threatened into lying by the States Attorney Scott Cassidy.  In April 2012, Sopron's lawyer received a letter from Celeste Stack of the Cook County's newly formed Conviction Integrity Unit whose purpose was to look into cases where there could be doubt. She said they would be looking into Matt's conviction.  Since then, there have been no updates.  We would like Kim Fox, the new Cook Co. SA to look into this case and give the family updates.  No person should be given a life sentence when there is no evidence and only one remaining "witness" who had so much to gain by lying. Matt has served 18 years already in a maximum security prison for a crime he did not commit.  Help Matt end this nightmare. For all the facts of this case, read the timeline on  The Chicago Tribune, Chicago Lawyer Magazine and NBC Chicago have all covered this case.  The links are on the website.

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Petition to Governor Terry McAuliffe

Decriminalize Autism and Save Drew

Our son, Drew Harrison, has Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and is currently serving three active years of a 50-year prison sentence. Drew’s Autism was not taken into consideration at trial or sentencing. We are petitioning Governor McAuliffe to grant Drew a pardon. Drew reconnected with a woman he had dated in high school. The evening before inviting him to her apartment she shared her interest in BDSM, submissive sex. She told Drew that her boyfriend was too tired after work to please her sexually. Upon arrival she laid a blanket on the floor, she allowed him to massage her shoulders and feet, she showed him her semi-nude, erotic photos of herself and engaged in sexualized talk. In the bedroom he easily removed her shirt and pants. Drew gave the woman oral sex and put a finger in her vagina. When she told him to stop he stopped. The two of them texted and emailed back and forth hundreds of times post event. They even got together a few times. On one occasion they went to a bookstore where she pointed out an erotic BDSM book for Drew to buy. Six months after the evening in her apartment she reported to the police that the contact in her bedroom was nonconsensual. Those with ASD typically have a strike or two against them when entering a courtroom. The pace of questioning often exceeds their ability to process everything that is heard. Their high anxiety and repetitive statements can be mistaken as indicators of deception or guilt. Without an understanding of their unique way of processing information and their difficulty expressing anger appropriately a court can easily question credibility and reach a faulty conclusion.  Drew’s therapist testified that Drew has a strong desire to please, that he has learned to fake well in order to fit in. The judge interpreted this as our son’s ability to be deceitful and he used it as part of the reason for convicting Drew. He never asked the autism experts in the courtroom for clarification regarding Drew’s social and communication deficits.  In a letter presented to the judge Drew’s probation officer noted that Drew complied with all probation conditions for over two years. She stated that if this were a regular case without the appeal process she would request early release from probation. She added that Drew passed the state-issued polygraph without deception. Results were consistent with the not guilty plea Drew has maintained from the beginning.      The judge stated that he didn’t view Drew as a threat to the community or the woman. He emphasized that he was sending Drew to prison as a general deterrence to others because that is what the community would want him to do. Drew’s therapists are convinced that Drew is innocent of the crime for which he was convicted. They warned the court that incarceration would be torture for our son. In prison Drew suffered a break down after abrupt medication changes and being moved from isolation into general population. To deaden his senses from loud clanging doors, the bright buzzing lights and the chatter of inmates Drew often wears ear plugs and wraps a shirt around his head. He struggles to navigate the unwritten rules of inmates. Drew lives in fear and overwhelm. He begs us, “Please get me out of here”. Prison visits are bittersweet. We are grateful to spend time with our son, but heartbroken as we see him deteriorate. We are asking Governor McAuliffe to grant Drew a pardon. We ask for your support by signing this petition. My blog gives additional details and excerpts from transcripts. It shows the considerable reasonable doubt and injustice.  Thank you, Judy and John Harrison       

Judy Harrison
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Petition to John Kasich, John Kasich

Free Tyra Patterson

Tyra Patterson has been incarcerated for 21 years for crimes she did not commit. I was one of the jurors who voted to convict her of a robbery that ended in the shooting death of Michelle Lai in 1994. But new evidence surfaced that shows me the verdict was wrong. Tyra is innocent and Ohio Governor Kasich should take action to release her from prison immediately.I had serious doubts about Tyra's guilt at the time I voted to convict her. I could tell she wasn't really a part of the group that committed the crimes -- she had just found herself at the wrong place at the wrong time. But we didn't have the proof to back up my instinct.It turned out the evidence existed -- it just wasn't presented at trial. For example, as a juror I did not know that Tyra called 911 after the shooting to get help or that one of the victims had testified at an earlier trial that a co-defendant -- not Tyra -- had committed the robbery that Tyra had confessed to. Knowing that now makes me believe that the “confession” Tyra made was false.Her lawyers never told us about the concept of false confessions. I wish they had.I have lost many nights of sleep over Tyra’s case. I started this petition two years ago and with public pressure, the persistence of Tyra, and the work of her legal team, there are now Republican lawmakers, the former Ohio Attorney General, and former correctional officers who worked with Tyra, all advocating for her release.If I had known about the evidence that supports Tyra’s innocence at trial, I never would have voted to convict her. All four of Tyra's co-defendants, a witness and Tyra herself passed polygraphs supporting Tyra's innocence claim. She has now spent 21 years, almost half her life, behind bars. She initially received a longer sentence than even the shooter herself.The Ohio Parole Board heard Tyra's case, where all of the evidence and all the great things Tyra's done to transform herself were presented. I was there. The majority of board members made it clear that they resented the public support Tyra was receiving, particularly from elected officials. They would not even let her speak, even though she had a right to do so.In a split vote, the Parole Board unjustly recommended that Tyra not be released.But, the final decision is still made by Governor Kasich. I believe that if enough people sign this petition, Governor Kasich will see that the public supports Tyra’s release and will do the right thing and allow her to come home.Please sign this petition and help begin to right this wrong.

Nancy Day
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Petition to John Kasich, Edward Emmett O'Farrell, Judge, Ohio State Bar Association, Tim Young, Mike DeWine

Requesting an Emergency Review of court case injustice

I need my case to be reviewed again, because my attorney did not file appeal in time and I have documents submitted that would have made a difference on the outcome, but were not given to the court by the court appointed defense attorney given me. In short, my family has already suffered enough trauma and the last decision made from the judge in this case, does not know all the facts.  This "protection order" actually gave these people a new found power over my family.  As they continued to harass me by submitting false reports, which made me return to court time after time to prove my innocence.  Now I know I am not a doctor, but I do believe these people must suffer from some type of mental illness?  It's either like some type of "Paranoid Delusion" or something they have experience doing to other people in the past, because after months of returning to court and sometimes twice a month, it finally donned on me that they would do anything or go to any length to cover-up any criminal activity.   The bottom line is that I was given a court appointed defense attorney,  who did a very poor job in representing me.  He did not turn over police reports, pictures, or subpoena sheriff deputies into court on my behalf. I never once was allowed to speak in my defense. I couldn't even flee from this State if I wanted to, by returning home on the West Coast, because all they have to do is say something I did to bring me back to court.  If I then didn't travel the 1,700 miles to be back here in court, I'd be in contempt once again and a warrant would be issued for my arrest!  Apparently I am guilty of everything on their Word alone, their proof is deceit.  No investigation was ever done, and I am guilty until  proven innocent as far as this court is concerned?   All I would like to do is have the Governor of Ohio, or the State Bar for Attorneys to order a full review in this case, by allowing evidence that was never turned on by my court appointed attorney,  so that an appeal on my behalf could bring true justice in this case. Court Case No 2016 PO 11 0805Court of Common PleasTuscarawas County, OhioGeneral Trial Division David L. English - Respondent In response to the "MOTION TO EXTEND THE CIVIL STALKING PROTECTION ORDER" set for November 14th, 2017, and the letter received from the Petitioner's attorney, Steven A. Anderson. (Exhibit A). Strictly Confidential Documents under WIC 827 & 108.10 submitted from the County of Santa Clara, California. (To be maintained as Confidential by the Court, in regards to this case). I would like to address the twisting of facts in Steven Anderson's memorandum as follows: It is states that I admitted to the following of the Petitioner on two separate gas stations, in two towns. I did not admit to this as he claims, as the records should show; I only said to the Magistrate if a restraining order works both ways, I'd agree to that. On the day in question I was contracted to drive an Amish couple, Wayne & Leah Miller to the Akron Children's Hospital that morning, leaving Akron at noon. It is a two hour drive from Akron to Strasburg, where I exited and I arrived at the Bell store gas station in Strasburg with our timeline being around 2:05 PM. (Exhibit B). I had stopped there to purchase a pack of cigarettes while my wife waited inside the car, and upon coming out of the gas station my wife informed me she saw the Petitioner at the gas pumps. Because my wife suffers from a medical condition known as "Anxiety" and “Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome,” she has been very afraid of Stacy for some time now, as we have had many documented experiences in the past with her strange behavior. (Reference CPS Report, Exhibit C). I left this gas station and got on I-77 South and went to the very next exit, where another Bell store gas station is located to purchase fuel. As I walked out after pre-paying for fuel, I saw the Petitioner had drove in and parked by the fuel pumps next to us. As I pumped gas, the Petitioner got out of her vehicle and went inside the store and I could see her talking to the cashiers and pointing out the window at our vehicle. After pumping fuel I walked back to the store to see what the commotion she was making, as other customers were still in line behind her. Stacy ran out as I approached the store again, pushing another customer out of the way. She looked totally angry as I passed her and I entered the store and the asked employees behind the counter if there was a problem. The clerk said Stacy came in and screamed at them to dial 911 and saying a lot of other things they could not understand as she pointed out the window saying I was following her. They said she pushed a customer out of the way as she exited the store and ran to her vehicle, commenting she was strange and acting rude. Yes I am aware this is “Hearsay” but hopefully it will help the court understand the situation better. Now as a reminder to court, an officer was called into court who testified he responded to a called made by Stacy to report this incident. He said under oath that he never bothered to looked at any of the recorded surveillance video from either cameras located at the stores, which a thorough investigation would have proved what really had taken place. 2I realize now my mistake for not having an attorney present, but I could not afford a $2,000 retainer on such short notice. I should have made an objection at this point, as no real proof was submitted in the testimony given by officer, only he had taken a report with no real investigation taking place. My question to the court is: Why someone would wait until 21:51 military time (of police report submitted from the Petitioner, which is 9:51 PM), almost nine hours to even file a report! I believe any person who was so afraid as Petitioner claimed, would have reported something like this immediately without having to first speak with her husband and would have dialed 911. In regards to the memorandum that was submitted by Steven Anderson recently claiming I was up at Timken Steelworks in Stark County, saying I was there watching the Petitioner's business property with binoculars. I did some research by contacting an engineer I know that works at a different site, for information on how hard it would be for me to gain entry as described by Petitioner in court. What I understand is unless you have a photo ID badge or visitor badge issued to you when you reach the security guard booth, basically it would be impossible for me or anyone else to do what they claim, as the area is off limits. (Exhibit D) Security guards doing their rounds would have apprehended any suspicious person on their property. Also I do not even own a pair of binoculars. This is just another blatant example of another attempt to make me look bad in the court's eyes, that should be viewed as deceit by the Petitioner. It was also stated in court audio recording that a person resembling me was alleged to have driven onto their property, observed by their camera technician who was working on their property. The Petitioner had even brought him outside the court room, and in a conversation Steven Anderson had attorney Eric Bauer at the time, that this individual was going to be used as a witness against me that day. Why wasn't this incident made into a police report, or a new motion of contempt regarding this incident not filed? A time and date would also help prove my case in defense, since court should take notice of all the original stalking allegations, dates are not mentioned or included in the Petitioner's original statement. No sheriff deputy has ever come out to my home or talked to me about these so-called incidents to investigate them or any formal charges been reported to this court, except verbally in court. I have spoken with Deputy A. Fisher, Unit 7927 in various conversations regarding many of the so called incidents that have occurred in the past with the Petitioner. He suggested I could have him subpoenaed into court at any time, as he is willing to to elaborate with details of encounters he himself has had with the Petitioner. Example: Many new allegations were mentioned to Judge O' Farrell per the court appearance in October, 2017 (Per court CD audio recording made and obtained, this should be considered evidence for deceit the Petitioner continues to demonstrate in this case). Take the reasoning for example in the alleged camera technician incident cited several times by attorney Steven Anderson for the Petitioner. If an actual Sheriff report has been made and this person taken the witness stand under oath, I could prove beyond any doubt that perjury would have been committed if they used him as a witness. What the Court is unaware of that took place when this witness showed up outside of the court room that day, is I informed attorney Eric Bauer who had a conversation with attorney Steven Anderson to give me a date or time of this incident, or description of the vehicle. 3 Please note that no motion has ever filed after it was mentioned that day. It is because the Petitioner and her husband know what type of vehicle I own since they had given the vehicle to me, and related they related to seeing it in this incident as the same vehicle witness claimed to have seen. I now submit a letter regarding this, noted as (Exhibit E). Which shows unknown to Petitioner is the fact I drive an entirely different vehicle and Color, belonging to Mark Weaver who sometimes employs me. I showed pictures of this vehicle on my phone to attorney Eric Bauer, along with dates and times of photos showing my whereabouts, before he had his conversation with attorney Steven Anderson. This incident still isn't even mentioned in the new memorandum by attorney Steven Anderson, but it is being repeated verbally in court, as a means to make me appear to court I am a stalker. I believe the Petitioner's counsel also may have changed their minds in filing any motion in court using this as a tactic against me, because I could present proof that I was in the State of Kansas during the time in question, or can produce several witnesses to verify being with me at the time of the alleged incident. So they have not willingly given a time or date because it is not a true incident, however they continue to cite many other so-called incidents by openly declaring them as truth, then having these claims submitted to this court as evidence against me. Let it be known that I was given a dash-cam camera, having it mounted in my own vehicle like the work vans I drive. For my own protection in offering recorded proof of where I travel, with Time and Date, along with an outside camera installed outside of my home. I keep a daily photo log on my phone and a written account. I also try to never travel alone so that I can have a witness appear in court or evidence be needed. I have been doing this now for the past year for myself and family's protection from the Petitioner and her husband who we fear very much. I would now like to draw the court's attention of some examples unknown to the court that have occurred over the past few months, and offer an explanation to why any request being made by the Petitioner should be denied. (CAD Report: Exhibit F). Sheriff's Call Record, Tuscarwas County Case Number 16-11586 Date: 11/28/2016 Time: 18:58 Deputy A. Fisher. Used in a motion filed against for me, to appear in court for this incident. However a meeting took place outside the court room on the appointed date between attorney Eric Bauer and attorney Steven Anderson, and I was told I didn't have to go into court if I agreed to not make any type of contact, not engage in any conversations with persons connected to the Petitioner or otherwise I would face 10 days in jail for contempt. I now see I made the mistake by not proceeding and appearing into court on that day, due to I had brought my son Ezekiel English with me to appear in court to provide testimony that contact was accidental. If the court will please note (Exhibit G) the contact was made indirectly to Petitioner, as my son was trying to recover a password to his email account. So in deputy A. Fisher's own words on the report: "When attempts were made to explain to Stacy the process of unlocking an email address and how this message not an attempt to gain information, she became upset, demanding it was.” In short, my son Ezekiel was trying to gain access to a new computer device he owns, and in the process of setting it up, he pressed a button requesting a new password to be sent to his email account, not knowing I had forgotten to update his account to my new phone number. It inadvertently went to the old business phone I used to carry when I worked for Stacy and Jeff Harvey. 4The person known as “Edward Gladis” who had the cell phone in his possession at the time of event, (See Exhibit H) worked for the Harvey's. However I did not know this or who he even was at the time. What he did was, he posted the password of my son Ezekiel, (who was a minor at the time). In this post he made, he displayed a photo screen shot of his phone that anyone in the public could easily see and gain access to my son's private information over the internet by what was displayed in the post he made. The contact was made when he reported the photo on my public website, stating he was going to tell the Harvey's I hacked into their phone, and have them report it to the police so I was going to jail in his comment with the photo displayed. That is why having my son Ezekiel there as a witness in court that day, I believe attorney Steven Anderson decided to withdraw the motion. Then referring to (CAD Report: Exhibit I). On Jan 7th, 2017 08:31am CAD Operations Report by L Fleming: In short, I had been contracted by Linda Weaver, my Amish employer's wife, to be driven down to Buehler's in Dover, to do some grocery shopping. The Petitioner showed up with her son Uhriah in the parking lot of Buehler's about 5 minutes later and I immediately contacted the Tuscarawas County Sheriff's department regarding my situation, asking dispatch in how I should proceed and was told not to get out of my vehicle or enter the store. My vehicle dash-cam recorded the event and I was told by sheriff dispatcher, after she contacted her supervisor on the phone to take a photograph from where I was parked. While the deputy guided me through steps for my protection in dealing with this incident during the whole time I was there, the Petitioner upon leaving the store stopped in the parking lot and starred at me, then got in her vehicle. She then drove directly towards me within 5 feet of me coming up next to my window, then driving off. (Referenced photos: Exhibit J). I ask the court why would a person that is supposedly afraid and fears me, drive directly towards me in such close proximity, rather than going to the farthest exit to reach the street thus avoiding me and keeping as much distance as they could? While I myself sought help from the sheriff's department. Does this make sense to the court, in just who is trying to prove the truth of these matters? (Exhibit K). On Feb, 15th, 2017 05:31pm I had been contracted by Kenneth Hester that day to drive him up to Menard's, located in Stark County, to purchase 4x8 sheets of plywood for a job. While I was loading plywood sheets on a cart inside the store, my wife had went to use the restroom also located within the same store. My wife can attest and witness to this account, along with Mr. Hester can verify my account of this incident as follows: When my wife Teresa English left the restroom she saw Stacy Harvey in the same isle as the restrooms are located inside the store, with the Petitioner recognizing her. My wife panicked due to sever anxiety disorder and fear she has of the Petitioner upon seeing her. The Petitioner then began to follow my wife across the store to where I was at in the lumber department, still loading the plywood on a cart. When Kenneth Hester & I looked up and noticed my wife was in a state of panic with a look of fear on her face, we both noticed the Petitioner was standing directly behind my wife. Without ever exchanging any words, Teresa, Ken & I all began to move the loaded cart directly towards the nearest check out. The Petitioner proceeded to block us by standing in our way several times, which seemed like at attempt to either provoke or try to get us to confront her by causing some type of a commotion inside the store, to draw attention to herself and the awkward situation. My wife shielded the cart by walking in front of it, so that Petitioner could not walk in front of it or so it could bump Petitioner in any manner. As we maneuvered it by calmly walking to the closest cash register, the Petitioner then ran to the courtesy clerk booth situated in front of the check out stands, waving her arms and shouting for a manager for help, that she needed protection from us to call 911. (They did not interfere at all). 5 We paid for our merchandise, walked outside and loaded it onto a truck. Then left the store parking lot, returning home 11 miles away without further incident. (As Photos Noted in Exhibit K). Again my question to the court would be: Why would someone who has a protection order and fears for their safety again as claimed by the Petitioner, follow a stalker, or walk directly up to the person she wants protection from and not first seek help or leave in the opposite direction? (CAD Report: Exhibit L): Sheriff's Call Record, Tuscarwas County CAD Number: D#17-16858 D13 Dated: 05/05/2017 Time 11:16 Here is some background information for the court to take note regarding this incident: A written contract had been made in August of 2014, between the Petitioner, her husband, and myself in regards to a Recreational Vehicle which was given to my family and myself to live in. This was in exchange for work I preformed for them on their business property located in Stark County. I had it registered under my name, for new plates in order to drive it to a different location in Tuscarawas County at that time. But to present date I have not been able to change the title over into my name. This is because Petitioners continue to never provide me with the correct paperwork needed to make title change. I had attempted to place the said vehicle up for sale, at a broker for used vehicles located on SR 516 in Dundee, Ohio. This was done several days before I made a trip out of State to Wichita, Kansas. (My mother-in-law was not expected to live, after being removed from life support). Upon my return to Ohio I learned in a conversation with the property owner where the vehicle was moved to sale, said that Petitioner's husband, Jeff Harvey had found the vehicle's location and called sheriff's deputies to come assist him in removing the license plates. (The information of the vehicle's location, was only known at the time to attorney Steven Anderson). The property owner of where the vehicle was, told me in a phone conversation that Jeff Harvey trespassed without owner's knowledge by entering the said vehicle while on his property without asking permission first. Furthermore, Jeff Harvey then called the sheriff's department to come out to the location he was at, not knowing the property owner's relationship with the deputies responding. Details are noted in the sheriff report, but property owner told to me what happened when he went outside to see why the sheriff was on his property. He said he could see Jeff Harvey, the Petitioner's husband was quite upset over not being able to convince the deputies about his claim of the vehicle belonging to his father. Jeff was visibly angry about deputies not believing the paperwork Jeff found inside the vehicle had been somehow altered. Both deputies seemed bothered by whatever Jeff was trying to convince them of, and said Jeff Harvey refused at first to leave the area afterwards, even when he was told to go several times. Several days later one of my neighbors said a White vehicle matching the Harvey's, had been seen driving up and down the road where we live. This I assume, was the Petitioner's attempt in looking for the RV's location after the sheriff report had been made. I had the vehicle moved to a new location. Attorney Steven Anderson suggested at the next court appearance to attorney Erick Bauer, that I consider allowing Jeff Harvey come onto our property to tow it away, instead of paying for a new title. I would like to draw to the court's attention of a meeting that took place outside of the courtroom, just after attorney Erick Bauer came to represent me. The first meeting between attorney Steven Anderson & Erick Bauer in which Steve asked on behalf of his clients, expressing to me to change the title out of their names as soon as possible. 6Steve Anderson said he would have a new copy of the title mailed out, in order for me to complete the request within a few days. Which I did agree to this. Then Steve Anderson requested if I would provide my social security number to his clients. Which I would have never agreed to. (This is key evidence in order to help a Labor Board investigation, that I was never properly paid in accordance with the State law). From that date and in the following months since, every time I went down to the title office to make the transfer, I was told I could not do so, because of Jeff Harvey 's interference by obtaining a new title each time shortly after giving one to me, voids any of my attempts in doing so. The last time I asked for a verification letter from the title office to as why I was unable to complete the title transfer. They gave printed out a notice that basically states every time Jeff Harvey keeps requesting new title, by returning to the office a few days later and pays for new copy, it in effect nullifies the title I hold in my hand, being unable to complete the transaction requested of me. Per a letter and copy of the notice from the title office, sent from attorney Erick Bauer to attorney Steven Anderson stating why I have not been able to get the new title. I want the court to please take note that attorney Steven Anderson has never replied to Erick's request. I believe since the court has no knowledge of this even taking place over the course of several months, I use it to illustrate as further evidence how far the Petitioner will go along with her husband to any length in order to find something to use against me or to find a way to place me in jail. I would now like to bring to the attention of the court of the matter of the audio recording from Oct, 16th, 2017 that took place in the court room Judge O'Farrell: In which attorney Steve Anderson questioned the signature on my community hours and made a point of disbelief in who signed it off, then further stated that the Pastor of my church was belligerent to him outside of the court room. For an attorney to say this in a court room, knowing there was no witnesses present after Pastor Chet was called upon the witness stand to testify on my behalf, other than myself when I first made an appearance in court a year ago. Attorney Steve Anderson demonstrates his willingness to deceive a judge, in order to help his clients case. (If there are cameras outside of the courtroom, they should be reviewed). I know for a fact I was warned not to communicate by the Magistrate in any form, which included anyone like Pastor Chet to speak on my behalf to Petitioner or their counsel, before we walked out of that courtroom. (Please note: A complaint being submitted to Ohio State Attorney's Bar Association regarding this along with Steven Anderson not properly filing page 2 of evidence he submitted in the original contempt case, which the information he provided in the motion would have shown the internet post he referred to, was a link that was already disabled at the time. Furthermore he presented the post as something I had posted, when in fact it was proved it was an internet bot capturing information of a post that was made months prior to any case against me. And that the attorney fees he requested from me for all the time spent in court, should have never been allowed to go forward in the first place). Why I believe a total fabrication of the truth was presented in court by attorney Steve Anderson when he told Judge O' Farrell Pastor Chet was belligerent to him outside the courtroom, is because the Magistrate had just warned us regarding any communication taking place would be considered contempt of the court. 7 Both Pastor Chet and I left the courtroom and walked down the stairs afterwards, making no contact with either Steven Anderson or his clients at that time. If there was indeed any truth to this, why was this not communicated to the Magistrate at the very next court appearance? Why wait until 10 months later to bring this up to the court, other than to voice dissatisfaction of the Judge's decision to except my community hours by attacking the Pastor's reputation. (Exhibit M): Is a recent letter from Pastor Chet, recuperating from a back surgery. Pastor Chet was the person to whom I first spoke to in arranging community hours by painting walls inside the church. However since he had a scheduled back surgery, it was his father who ended up having to figure out and oversee what work was needed to be done. He was the person who signed off my paperwork. Pastor Chet is a very meek person and I could never envision him confronting anyone, than out of a Christ like love of what he totally believes in. Jeff Harvey added to Steve Anderson's comment of the belligerent incident in the courtroom stating he saw pictures of people holding picketing signs posted on the internet, that old ladies and my church members were involved in boycotting his business. I have never seen any pictures or recall this ever being brought up before now, and I am certain there is no actual proof supporting any pictures showing people actually boycotting with picket signs as claimed. It never happened as related in court, and the only purpose would be to again to give the court a bad image of my character. In my opinion the Mayor of Dover would probably not only disapprove the comment Jeff made, but would be interested in helping clear such an accusation that targets our church behavior in such a manner described. In listening to the audio recording, these following accusations are made: 1). Citing the Respondent has felonies all over the United States, that I was evicted from a home in Wisconsin. 2). They have hired a private investigator. 3). I was watching them from 20ft away at their business with binoculars. 4). I'm flying a drone over them to observe them. 5). I own weapons. 6). I broke into their home and only stole their children's pictures off the walls. 7). Referenced a junk boat filled with beer cans on their property that belonged to me. 8). That they stated that I have cost them a substantial business loss. 9). Asked the judge to place a GPS tracking device on me. 10). They freely admit I worked for them, and he fired me. I'd like to address these allegations that were made in front of the judge, as he acknowledged they were being recorded.   1. My answer to these allegations are as follows: I was born in California and have only lived in 3 States my entire life, One of them being Ohio. I have never lived in the State of Wisconsin or even been there. The farthest East I have ever been is when the U.S. Army flew my family to Walter Reed Hospital located in Washington D.C. after my oldest son was injured in Iraq. If I had felonies all over the United States, I believe Law Enforcement here in Ohio would already be aware of this information.   8 2. If the Petitioner has hired a private investigator as claimed, I suggest the information be shared with the court, as I am confident it would help prove to the court that I have never been anywhere near Petitioner or their property, stalked them in any manner and would show I have a daily routine that involves many trips being made to take my wife and special needs son to doctor appointments, hospital trips and library. It would also show I avoid driving anywhere near their home or business and it would also show there is not much room for my wasting time or expending energy required to do the things they have alleged I have done. 3. As I have previously commented for watching them from behind a chain link fence from Timken Steel works in Canton, adjacent to their business property, it is highly unlikely that any individual could gain access to do what has been claimed, unless they worked there, or had identification badges to satisfy the heavy security program at that location. (Referenced in Exhibit D). 4. The claim of owning a drone, and the use of one in order to spy on them over their home. This topic was first brought up by the Petitioner herself, when I was employed by them and lived on their property. The Petitioner in a telephone conversation with husband and related to me, was that a neighbor or someone was doing this and she was complaining that it was flying directly overhead. She threatened to shoot it out of the sky with a shotgun. When I returned home that day from work, I received a call from the Petitioner asking if I could see the drone myself and it's flashing lights. As Petitioner said she was standing in the middle of the driveway, with the drone directly overhead. I let the Petitioner know at that time I saw nothing above her from where I was standing 30 yards away, and the only object that had lights flashing, was a disco pool light I had strung between 2 trees over my swimming pool. 5. As for owning weapons, I will reference (Exhibit N): A letter from Kenneth Hester. This information has already been relayed in reports to my wife's counselor at Dover Mental Health, Child Protective Services in 2 counties and the “ATF” Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms department. I state for the record that I do not own any firearms. (Confidential Information: Exhibit A) Due to the medical condition of my wife and the court system, I cannot own a weapon. But I also want it to be known that my family has lived in fear over some time now, knowing that not only have we seen both the Petition & her husband with many different types of weapons, but have witness them firing them many times on many occasions. My biggest concern is how the Petitioner's husband obtains weapons and probably keeps these weapons unregistered in his home and on business property. Furthermore it is most troubling that these weapons are kept loaded and around children, (as noted in the CPS report made). Our main concern is having been fired in close proximity in the direction of us, claiming it was accidental or just shooting at raccoons. Also in that a conversation with us relating how the Petition's husband used a handgun in a display by force, in warning on a person they suspected was a trespasser and accused of spying on the Petitioner taking photos. They justified the act by saying it was done because they felt felt the sheriff's department were not doing their job, so chasing down the person and confronting them at gunpoint was a better method. This frightens us. 96. Now in regards to the allegation suggesting I broke into their home, stealing only pictures of their children. I find this very odd. For one thing the Petitioner and family are all Jehovah Witnesses, and as I understand they have explained to me regarding their religious beliefs, I was instructed to never take any pictures of them in any of my photo documentations I made. That they themselves do not keep any photographs of family, nor pictures hung on the walls, they do not celebrate children's birthday or any holidays. If then what they say is true, why would there be pictures of the children in their home and why would I only take these things? I requested by Public Record over 2 years of sheriff calls made by the Petitioner, to see what types of calls were being made after I began to question the mental health of this individual, (Exhibit W). I have addressed these same issues with the Petitioner's husband after an incident in which the Petitioner claims she accidentally accelerated her vehicle towards me as I was preforming work on their property, that could have seriously injured me. These noted reports can be verified by Mental Health in Dover, after one such incident on Public Record was filed, involving a sheriff responding to a call of a trespasser on a horse on Petitioner's home property. The horse belonged to a neighbor who lives directly across the street, that had gotten loose and wandered onto their property. The Petitioner's husband argued with the responding deputy that there was a rider on the horse, and the neighbor “John Ashby's wife” was seen spying through the windows of their home. The Petitioners also tried to convince the deputy they suspected the neighbor had broken into their home, stole their social security numbers, Petitioner's underwear and the real motive was that the neighbor was looking for a way to get them to sale them their property. Because I was present and a witness to this the report when it was being made, the responding deputy commented to the Petitioner's husband, in reminding Jeff Harvey of a late night call made by the Petitioner in regards to a trespasser on the property similar to the many calls his department has received during the past. The deputy said when he responded to this call and in order to calm the Petitioner at that time, he ended up driving the full length of their driveway with his lights and siren on. He then told Jeff, “I see you have many security cameras located on the property and not one of them showed anything they claimed to have happened, other that a lone horse wandering up on their property.” “That photos of a horse hoof print in Snow was not the proof he needed, and they need to have a photo of an actual person or face would even be better.” “But without that type of proof and the many calls the department has already had to respond to, that next time someone came up to investigate, that they just might take the Petitioner away for a mental evaluation.” 7. Regarding the comment Petitioner herself made in Judge O'Farrell's court room regarding a photograph with a junk boat on their property, filled with beer cans and used as evidence against me in this case last year. Let it be known to the court that I have never owned a boat in my entire life, that the junk boat she is referring to belonged to the Petitioner's husband deceased father and they had dragged it to the bottom of the driveway to insure no one could drive up the driveway. Should the sheriff's department ever run the numbers of the license on the side of this boat, they would confirm that this boat belonged to the Petitioner husband's deceased father. It never belonged to me and I am in no way responsible for it being on their property. 10   8. In response to the substantial loss stated as caused by me as stated . When I heard this accusation on the audio been made, I called and left a message for the owner Kevin Mast, of Mast Trucking in Berlin asking him why he stopped doing business with the Harvey's. Since my adopted brother Kenneth Hester works as a driver for Mast Trucking. He had related to me a month after I dissolved my contract with Jeff and Stacy Harvey, that a memo was circulated to all the drivers at Mast of a new change, which might explain part of the allegation made about me. So I called Kevin Mast to verify the story. In a return telephone conversation from Kevin Mast @ 5:40pm on October 17th, 2017. Kevin told me that indeed a memo had went out to all Mast drivers that they would start having all their trailers washed out at facility on property Mast owned in Canton, as a company cost saving maneuver. Kevin Mast also said that he would prefer to stay out of being placed in the middle of any court proceeding, unless he was summons into court, to attest this information is true and correct. So any loss of business income the Harvey's claim to be because of any action I have done, is not true. It is an assumption, and only serves purpose to be used against me in this court case. The other explanation I for stating loss of income is their assumption of why their restaurant business venture failed with Edward Gladis, is assuming either the same type of behavior conflict happened like I endured throughout their relationship or it is well known that this type of business venture in trying to establish a foothold in the business world is difficult to begin with. Further information for the court to ponder is I have someone researching the two individuals who worked for the Harvey's before I did, because I have been led to believe they were terminated from work and a Restraining order was placed against them in another County as well. If this same technique is being used for the last person running the restaurant, then it would be interesting to point this out to the court of a pattern of behaviors to any individual that has had any business association with the Petitioners.   9. For the suggestion of a GPS tracking device to be placed on me, I would see this as a solution to satisfy any paranoid delusions the Harvey's have claimed in connection with the outrageous allegations they have already made and claimed to this court by the Petitioner. This would be something a judge might do in a criminal case, and I have not done anything that would warrant such an action to be taken as suggested. 10. As in response to the final comment being made. I want to address the claim that I actually worked for them, and the statement I was fired. I believe this is the key point in any of the accusations made. I believe it is the real reason behind the original request, in asking the court for a Civil Protection Order in the first place. 11 I will try to elaborate on this subject in as much detail, in order to help the court understand why placing a restraining order on me in the first place. In short it gives the Petitioner and her husband a pathway to continue operating in illegal practices without interference from the courts, Ohio State Agencies such as the Labor Board, Ohio State Taxation Board, Health department or the Internal Revenue Services. In my original objection to the Magistrate's first decision in regards to ordering me to remove everything from the internet. I want the court to understand that I did comply with what I was asked to do, by going down to the public library in Dover and deleted the Facebook Page, "David's Records of Trucker's Paradise Eatery." Please see (Exhibit O). Please note date of May 10th, 2016 in which the posting of the announcement made regarding my dissolution notice and not being “Fired” as claimed by Petitioners. (Since this was the only place where any information could have been posted by me). Please note the email that was also sent to “Kim Barros” as (Exhibit P). This person is of interest, as she also worked for the Harvey's in the same time-frame I was there. In which the Ohio State Labor Board was given information of her work being paid under the table. Kim was asked to put me through to her Church Overseers at the temple to Mediate the problem. For the record, the name of the company in which I worked, was called “Trucker's Paradise Eatery” and per legal advice given at that time, it was suggested I change the name to, David's Records of Trucker's Paradise.” As noted in the post of May 10th, 2016. (Exhibit P). In the court ordering me to delete the web site, in reality it helped the Harvey's in covering up key evidence. Until I was given legal counsel that all the information could be downloaded to a zip drive as proof needed for the Labor Board's investigation of this matter. Even though the site was taken down an no longer exists, this proof of pictures support my claim of wrong doing by the Petitioner's, as offered in part, on a Photo CD disc in, (Exhibit Q - Photo CD Disc). The contents show the Recreational Vehicle mentioned being repaired to make livable, work that was done on the business property in building the restaurant I was to operate, and restoration work of the cabin on the property the Petitioner's own in Dover. The cabin had no heat, water, sewer or electricity when I told to move my family to that location. To further the reason for the court to understand why the Petitioner would seek a restraining order to protect them from being discovered of criminal intent and to cover up their part in it. This evidence will be used in a different court case, along with the phone text transcriptions, photos and calls made that were on a cell phone in my possession at the time of the business dissolution. An example of one of the text exchanges between Jeff Harvey and I, is presented here: On June 10th, 2016 11:07am in a text message was transmitted as follows: “Jeff I would like to have an opportunity to speak with you on the phone without interruption from work if possible soon. If that cannot happen, I will communicate by alternate means June 20th.” At 11:35am, the following text was sent: “I want to be fair and give you heads up by being able to talk things out an avoid an attorney I consulted today.” “ I'm giving you the opportunity to avoid going to court, if we can communicate without Stacy's involvement would be best.” 12 At 1:22pm the same day, the following text was sent: “I do not have to sue you in court to recover what money you still owe me, I only need to report the violations in paying me under the table, then trying to tax me as a contractor later.” “You tried to get me to sign a new contract under duress making threats to my family and broke all the rules as far as I'm concerned that has given me no other options that benefited me or my family.” “You did not even offer us an option to continue paying monthly rent and I will report all the violations you committed as a landlord to the HUD and Housing Authorities that helped my family.” 1:27pm text: “You knowingly placed us on property that had no heat, no running water, sewer or even electric, plus a refrigerator that didn't work or a stove that was not hooked up to gas.” In evidence for the Ohio State Labor Board, the Petitioner and her husband traveled to a Jehovah Witness Convention in Chicago of 2014, and again in Cleveland of 2015. This key information is noted, because they left the business operating 24 hours a day by Kenneth Hester and myself. They will be unable to cover-up, hide or destroy bank records showing dates of charge cards, and checks deposited with dates verification stored electronically, or my handwriting on the receipts trucking companies keep. They might claim to authorities that their business was not even open during their absence, or someone else worked during that time. But I am confident that a through investigation will prove otherwise. I only bring this this matter up to illustrate to how the Petitioner and her husband skirt the laws in place, and how it relates to this case in regards to (CAD Report: Exhibit R). Brief background for the court to understand time frame and what is taking place, is in regards to dissolving my partnership, I was given 30 days to move from our home and off property. As I related in my first court appearance before the Magistrate last year. After making our initial report with CPS, we had made arrangements to stay at a friend's home while they were out of the Country on a missions trip to Columbia, (Letter: Exhibit S).The key evidence is in using information in the CAD Report of (Exhibit R), please note Jeff's explanation for not delivering an eviction notice in a legal accordance with the law. He states his attorney told him to do it this way. The main point of interest in relation to my objection to why this civil protection order should not be granted, is noted in the sheriff's report. I reference the comment, quoting in the report: “Jeff continued to state that the tenant has posted things regarding overall violence on the internet and his attorney has instructed him to have a sheriff deputy with him when he goes to serve a three day eviction notice.” I ask the court now, if the Petitioner and her husband were so afraid of violence at that time as stated in this report, why wasn't a “Civil Protection Order” filed at that time? Why wait until 4 months later? Also begging the question of, why not have an Eviction Notice served through the sheriff's office properly in the first place or by another legal means not done? (This information is also cited in complaint for Ohio State Attorney Bar Association to investigate and the Fair Housing Authority complaint being made). 13 As a reminder to the court in the first appearance of this matter, please note the date on (Exhibit R), as the date of July 1st, 2016. I have already provided in court with my rental agreement of the place I now reside at, was signed on June 18th, 2016. I was not even living on the Petitioner's property, as my family was already so in fear of the Petitioner and her husband Jeff's behavior at the time towards us! I hope I have satisfied the court in recognizing how the Petitioner and their attorney have manipulated the court system in obtaining a Civil Protection Order against me, and why I strongly object to any motion to continue a “Civil Protection Order” on the Petitioner's behalf. A Case Review Petition Order is in the works to be sent to Governor John Kasich; Ohio State Attorney General, Mike DeWine; Ohio State Public Defender, Tim Young. I have been working with renewed contacts in Columbus, Ohio. It was very frustrating to me that because of the length of time involved that passed since I first arrived in this State, it has taken much time to locate records and files, then to bring new people up to speed as many of the person s I dealt with are no longer employed there and in order for anyone to further assist me on these matters. The original government officials are not only aware of reasons we had come to be here, but assisted us with Federal, State and with local County agencies in our transition. At the time, even Congressman Jim Renacci, Representing the 16th District of Ohio helped me obtain my Ohio State Driver's License, (due to birth-date and name change, that the Internal Revenue Service issued a special Pin Code to identify myself). This is confidential information, but I would like the court to be aware of this. Also note before any court order in this case was made against me, I had previously been in contact with ABC's “Good Morning America” NBC's “Night-Line” legal departments. Along with discussion proceedings with leaders the Jehovah Witnesses Main Organization located in Wallkill, NY. Furthermore, the ACLU only became involved after I believed my “First Amendment Rights” were violated by attorney Steven Anderson demanding I remove a Face Book Post, which was made in October of 2016, well before any court case was ever established, as this particular post is a personal opinion to Boycott a business establishment. In Steven Anderson's arguments to fight this matter in court, the ACLU has informed me they have taken note of the event and will follow up, but have not yet determined if or when they may take action in regards to how this was handled. What I have found over the course of time in trying to combat all these issues the Petitioner has taken against me, is my final attempt last October of 2016, stands out in reviewing everything related to this case. It was in my asking Jeff Harvey to be fair and resolve our issues to settle out of court for unpaid labor, I believe he began to devise a plan to retaliate in hopes of finding a way to tarnish my character reference to work against me in any court of law. Seeing how this case against me began the following month afterwards, I do not believe it is a coincidence. 14 I do know it will still be up to the justice system, if and when all the different agencies involved or any investigation process is completed. When an opportunity to proceed and move forward in filing a court case against the Petitioner's involving some of the issues I have mentioned here. It still remains to be seen what will happen if anything, how justice will be served in either fines incurred or imprisonment. But I am confident that these matters will be dealt with in accordance with laws already established, and I will be satisfied by with any decision made. I only hope now my objections with explanations will clear up any misunderstandings of the past court appearances. The Petitioner's have raised the level of fear and anxiety in which my family has had to deal with. I have lost many sources of income opportunities due to I my being summoned repeatedly into court over the past year, planned surgery were disrupted and rescheduled, a death in the family has been added to the stress of constantly trying to prove my innocence in this matter . This has led me to a decision for my family in wishing to leave this State, to get as far away from the Petitioner's as possible. It would be a final relief to have knowledge that the Petitioner can no longer make any further attempts or displays of power over us. In which we have had to live in constant State of fear of hardship and harm caused by continuing to let them disrupt our lives, as they have been able to do so over these past 12 months in court. Thank you.

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