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Petition to Louisiana Governor, John Bel Edwards

Call Louisiana's Governor and tell him to FREE COREY MILLER. JOHN BEL EDWARDS

Call Louisiana's Governor and tell him to FREE COREY MILLER.JOHN BEL EDWARDSPhone: (985) 386-9525 The justice system should be to protect the innocent and to imprison the guilty. The justice system has done Corey Miller wrong. Corey Miller was wrongly convicted due to his rap personality. The Louisiana supreme court have denied Corey Miller's appeals and a retrial. The Louisiana supreme court did the same thing to: Glenn Ford, he was wrongfully convicted in a Louisiana murder case. Glenn Ford left the Louisiana State Penitentiary in Angola, La., in 2014. His conviction in a murder case was vacated after he spent more than 29 years on death row. He died less than two months after he was released. From untreated lung cancer while in prison in Angola!!! Corey Miller should not have to endure the same torture Glenn Ford went through. There are visible flaws in the Louisiana justice system. The death penalty need to be abolished. Errors, negligence and deliberate misconduct by prosecutors and criminal defense lawyers are the most pervasive cause of wrongful convictions in Louisiana. Court appointed lawyers caused, at least in part, 77% of the convictions in Louisiana . Please free a man that has been wrongfully convicted of a crime he did not commit. How can you convict a person of murder if there wasno evidence to convict Corey Miller. There was -NO GUN -NO D.N.A -NO EVIDENCE TO CONVICT But, this man is sitting in prison serving a life sentence while the real man who did this crime is out there running the streets free to commit other crimes. Please take a moment of your time and sign this petition and help Corey Miller be free. Corey need to come home to his family. So that he can enjoy his life with his family and be a father to his 3 daughters. Please overturn Corey Miller conviction he should not be locked up for a crime that he did not commit!!! What would you do if it was your family member was wrongfully convicted of a crime? Corey Miller need to be exonerated and released from prison and compensated for the wrongful conviction. He should not have to rot in prison like so many other men in Angola and like Glenn Ford. Corey Miller deserve to be heard and he should be released from prison!!!

Kimberly Fuqua
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Petition to Kim Foxx - Cook County States Attorney

Grant Ron Kliner a retrial for a Murder he didn't COMMIT

In 1996, Ron was convicted for the 1988 murder of Dana Rinaldi as part of a supposed murder for hire conspiracy between her husband Joe Rinaldi and Joe’s best man Mike Permanian.  Originally, he was sentenced to death, but his sentence was commuted to life in prison by ex-Governor George Ryan.  Ron has spent the last 24 years of his life in prison for a murder he did not commit.  He will turn 56 year old in 2017.  Ron has maintained and fought for his innocence since he was first charged in 1993.   On the night of Dana Rinaldi’s murder in Palatine Illinois, Ron Kliner was 24 miles away working in his Chicago real estate office.  Both phone records and alibi witness statements show that Ron was at his office for over an hour prior to and after the Dana Rinaldi’s murder.  These witnesses were not called to testify at Ron’s trial, as his attorney believed he would win the case without their testimony.   The phone records and alibi witnesses make it impossible for Ron to be in Palatine when an eye witnesses identified both Mike Permanian and his car with an unidentified passenger approximately 30 minutes prior to the murder in the parking lot where Dana Rinaldi was murdered. Forensic analysis at the scene found no murder weapon and no physical evidence linking Ron to the murder.   The victim was robbed of personal items after her murder and multiple hair follicles were found on her body.  At the time of trial, the State's microscope testing determined that these hair samples were not the victim’s, Ron’s or Mike Permanian’s.  In 2006 Ron appealed to have the hair samples DNA tested.  In 2016, the Cook County Conviction Integrity Unit and the Courts agreed that DNA testing could ultimately identify the murderer if a match could be found in the national database.  The testing will be done in 2017. Since his trial, Ron’s attorneys have obtained affidavits supporting Ron’s claim of innocence and even potentially identifying who is the real killer.  Examples include an affidavit from 2002, where Ron’s supposed co-conspirator Mike Permanian states that on 3 different occasions he was offered a plea deal with the promise of a shorter sentence if he testified against Ron Kliner.   He also states that Joe Rinaldi’s testimony, linking Ron Kliner to the murder plan, are lies.  Additional affidavits have been obtained from multiple inmates that have lived with Mike Permanian since his incarceration.  All of the inmate affidavits show that when Mike Permanian told them his version of the murder; Mike Permanian stated that Ron Kliner is innocent.  Why would Mike Permanian continue to tell his story of the murder in this form unless its true; just as Mike Permanian stated in his 2002 affidavit.   I am asking you to sign a petition to ask Kim Foxx, the Cook County State’s Attorney to provide Ron Kliner with a new trial.  For more detail on the case, please visit the following blog  

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