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Petition to General Motors

It’s 2019, demand GM to put an end to racial intimidation in the workplace

Physical threats of violence, racial slurs and intimidation - this isn’t a safe workplace. For African American supervisors and workers at the General Motors (GM) Powertrain plant in Toledo, Ohio, this was their workday - everyday. After 14-months of violent racist threats, an African American supervisor had to leave his job. He and eight other African American current and former employees at the GM Toledo Powertrain plant have filed a lawsuit. They filed the suit after they reported these incidents of racism, and GM did nothing. Tell GM to end their culture of racial intimidation - no one should fear for their life at their job. An atmosphere of violent racial hatred made them fear for their lives. One employee found a noose in their locker with the words ‘whites only’ graffitied. An African American supervisor found gun and ammo magazines on his desk, after he received death threats from white employees. Some of those threats went so far as to threaten assault with factory equipment. In one instance, a white co-worker told his black supervisor that ‘back in the day, a person like [him] would have been buried with a shovel’. He reported the incident and his co-worker even admitted to it, but he was told to push it to the side. The threats only got worse. Send the message to GM, workplaces shouldn’t be places of racial terrorism, put an end to racial intimidation in the workplace. After some of these events, employees filed police reports, others filed complaints with the Ohio Civil Rights Commission. The Commission enforces laws against discrimination, and conducted a 9-month long investigation into this GM plant. They found that GM allowed a racially hostile environment to flourish. Toledo Powertrain may not be the only GM plant where this is the norm. Tell GM to create company-wide policies that protect workers from harassment. Those policies could include: diversity training, creating a clear process for complaints, installing cameras, increasing security, or penalizing workers who create an environment of racial hostility. GM shouldn’t be allowing racial hatred and intimidation to go unnoticed. Tell GM to end racial intimidation in the workplace.

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Petition to

Demand Amazon make warehouses safer and humane for workers.

Amazon’s warehouses are not the safest place to work. In the U.S. and Europe, there have been accounts of management treating Amazon’s warehouse workers poorly, even going so far as to restrict breaks and bump up quotas so far that employee injuries are the norm. Demand Amazon make warehouse conditions safer for workers. Amazon is one of the wealthiest companies in the world. Fulfillment centers and warehouses are the backbone of their business model, but warehouse employees face insurmountable tasks and health risks to make sure Amazon’s customers get their packages on time. Recently at an Amazon warehouse in New Jersey, 24 employees were sent to the hospital after one of the fulfilment robots cracked open a can of bear spray. This isn’t the first time an Amazon warehouse had to send workers away in an ambulance. (Please find link below.)  In one U.K. fulfillment center, Amazon sent 600 employees to the hospital over an entire year. For comparison, a neighboring supermarket warehouse only had 8 incidents over that same period. This is not normal. This is not humane. Tell Amazon to improve the safety of their warehouses. Demand that Amazon create a safe, humane working environment for their employees. That should include: allowing appropriate bathroom breaks, giving 30-minute lunch breaks, implementing safety policies for their robots, creating an anonymous feedback cycle for employee comments, and reporting every workplace injury to relevant federal and state government agencies. These types of fulfilment centers have anywhere from 1,500 to 2,000 full time employees - all packing, sorting, unloading, and delivering thousands of packages everyday; alongside hundreds of robots which create health and safety hazards for workers. Managers keep workers to a tight schedule, even going so far as to punish talking and discourage breaks. Amazon couldn’t exist without these workers. Demand Amazon to put their workers first, make warehouses safer for employees.

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Petition to Sears Holdings

Send the message to Sears: no bonuses for executives while retail staff get laid off

Sears is giving huge bonuses to executives, but forcing a lot of folks into unemployment. Sears Holdings, the company that owns Kmart and Sears, just filed for bankruptcy. They’ll be closing locations across the U.S., laying off retail workers and cutting their promised benefits - all before the end of 2018. But some Sears employees will be walking away from this business failure laughing all the way to the bank - executives. Sears is gearing up to give $25.3 million in bonuses to executives who helped steer this iconic American company into bankruptcy. Tell Sears: no bonuses for executives while retail staff get laid off without benefits. Sears Holdings will be closing over 100 stores, and cutting 5,457 positions. Laid off retail employees will get no benefits or severance pay. But Sears is planning on giving big bonuses to some. In a court filing, Sears plans to split $8.4 million in bonuses for just 19 top-level executives, and split another $16.9 million among 315 other senior employees. Many of these executives played a part in the downturn of Sears as a company - putting forward efforts to liquidate properties and promote stock buybacks that rewarded investors and harmed retail workers. Instead of awarding these executives, Sears could give benefits to the 5,457 employees who will lose their jobs. Tell Sears to stop these bonuses, executives shouldn’t be given big payouts while retail workers get nothing.

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