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Petition to Whole Foods corporate office and shareholders

Whole Foods: Don't cut employee benefits!

Billion dollar company, Whole Foods, says as of January 1, 2020 it will cut medical coverage for the 1,900 part-time employees who work at least 20 hours a week, "to better meet the needs of our business and create a more equitable and efficient scheduling model." "We are providing team members with resources to find alternative healthcare coverage options, or to explore full-time, healthcare-eligible positions starting at 30 hours per week," said a Whole Foods spokesperson. "All Whole Foods Market team members continue to receive employment benefits including a 20% in-store discount." Even if owner Jeff Bezos were not worth $114 billion, we'd find this action by Whole Foods to be disgraceful. It creates a hardship for many employees, whether struggling to pay bills, raise families, continue their education, or provide extra income.  With the cost of living skyrocketing, leaving the 2% of Whole Foods 95,000 employees without this safety net is cruel and harmful.  Once known for its fair treatment of workers, the tide has turned at Whole Foods.  After raising the minimum wage to $15/hour, many workers saw their hours cut - thus diluting the effects of the wage increase. The nation’s largest grocery union, UFCW, noted that it has been a “vocal critic” of what it called aggressive moves by Amazon “to devalue and degrade grocery jobs at Whole Foods.”  We ask Whole Foods to reverse its decision to cut benefits to any of its employees.

Sharon Kaufman
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Petition to Charles D. Baker, Massachusetts State Senate, Massachusetts State House

Disability benefits for Firefighters with Parkinson's Disease from toxins.

  A fire can expose firefighters to millions of chemicals and toxins. We have become aware of the massive risks these toxins pose for first responders, who breathe them in, ingest them, and absorb them through the skin while putting their lives on the line. Most states have adopted “cancer presumptive laws,” meaning that if a firefighter gets cancer on the job, they are automatically awarded accidental disability to see them through their illness. The increased rate of Parkinson’s Disease (PD), a degenerative brain disorder, in firefighters has emerged. I am a firefighter who was recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s. I am not alone -- while the rate of PD in the general population is 3 out of 1000, it is 30 out of 1000 for firefighters. I am young to be experiencing this disease, but that’s often how it works for emergency responders, and there is mounting evidence that our exposure to toxins is the culprit. Four firefighters who all fought a tire fire in Spencer MA in 1986 have all been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. My state of Massachusetts has great presumptive laws for firefighters, not only for cancer, but for heart and lung disease as well. It is now time for our legislators to include Parkinson’s Disease among these illnesses. There is no disputing the connection between toxic chemical exposure and PD anymore. While PD usually develops slowly among the general population, symptoms often hit firefighters fast, seemingly out of nowhere. Research now suggests that toxin-induced PD has a more rapid onset than genetic PD, another indicator that we are, indeed, contracting this illness on the job. For those of us struggling with Parkinson’s, walking, talking, grasping and even blinking become increasingly difficult tasks to accomplish. Needless to say, continuing to work as firefighters while battling this disease is most often not possible. Indiana recently became the first state to include Parkinson’s in its presumptive law. This has provided unimaginable relief to many firefighters, who were running out of sick time, and facing unemployment and massive medical bills due to their debilitating disease. We now must band together and demand that more states recognize the link between firefighting and PD, and include PD among the illnesses covered by their presumptive laws. Please sign this petition to include Parkinson's in Massachusetts’ presumptive law, which would allow firefighters with Parkinson's to retire on full accidental disability.

Greg Heath
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