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Help Chipotle Manager get job back

Hi friends, This morning I came across a video on twitter where five boys were refused service at Chipotle until they first paid. This Chipotle is located in 876, Grand Ave, St Paul, Minnesota.  At first, I was shocked, like many of us. Why should these boys pay before they order when that is not the norm for this establishment? The video went viral on twitter, and mass amounts of people were tweeting Chipotle to take action. After Chipotle Corporate got involved the manager was fired from her job. What we didn’t know is that these boys have a history of dining and dashing. This manger was simply going her job. Racism is so real in this country, and we should always fight against it. I have personally experienced racism many times.I do not believe that this was a form of racism at all, but a precaution the manager was taking to make sure the boys paid for their meal. The manager looked like a young women who was working really hard. Because of these boys action, she no longer has a job. I refuse to watch this young women suffer because of a ploy these boys created. She deserves to get her job back. Every American should fight against racism in any form, but clearly this was not the case. These boys have now given racists something to point to and discredit actual racism in America. Let’s help this young lady get her job back. I don’t personally know her, but I will stand up for her. Please sign the petition.

Hamdia Ahmed
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Women are miscarrying at work, demand Congress do more for pregnant women in the workplace

A 40-year old law grants pregnant women workplace protections, but there’s a big loophole - if businesses don’t already aid other workers with similar health restrictions, they don’t legally have to help pregnant women. Women are having miscarriages because employers are not accommodating them. Tell Congress to beef up this existing workplace protection law, to treat pregnant women in line with ADA considerations. In a recent New York Times piece, several pregnant women working in a warehouse had their needs ignored. A third-party logistics company used by Verizon was forcing pregnant women to carry on their duties, as if they weren’t pregnant. Those duties included carrying 45-pound boxes. Many of the women had doctor’s notes stating they should not carry heavy boxes for both their own health and the health of their babies. Their needs were neglected. Most of them had miscarriages. No woman should have to choose between her job, her health, and the health of her unborn child. That’s why across the U.S., 23 states and the District of Columbia have created additional anti-discrimination laws to protect pregnant women from being fired and mistreated in the workplace. According to the National Women’s Law Center, “they share a core principle: a pregnant worker with a medical need for accommodation should not be pushed out of work when she can be reasonably accommodated without imposing an undue hardship on the employer.” States shouldn’t have to go it alone, workplace protections for pregnant women should be available to all Americans. Women working in factories or in other strenuous environments shouldn’t lose their babies, or face serious health issues themselves. Tell Congress to expand the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, protect pregnant women from avoidable health complications.

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