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Petition to AT&T

AT&T: Stop Retaliating against Employees and Bring Corbin Back

On December 20, 2017, the California State Labor Commissioner’s Division of Labor Standards Enforcement (DLSE) completed its investigation of a retaliation complaint filed by AT&T Premises Technician/CWA Steward Corbin Mezner. The DLSE ruled AT&T unlawfully perpetrated 6 adverse acts of retaliation against Corbin, including termination, for reporting a safety hazard and refusing to perform work that violated a health and safety standard. AT&T violated Labor Code sections 98.6, 1102.5, 6310 and 6311, and was ordered by the DLSE to “offer to the employee full and unconditional reinstatement” in addition to lost wages and penalties within 30 days. It’s now a month since the deadline and AT&T has not made any attempt to comply with the orders. The next step is for the DLSE to enforce its order through court proceedings, however that could add many more months to a fight that’s already stretched beyond a year. AT&T’s intentional dragging out of the judicial process accomplishes two objectives. 1.) Prolong Corbin’s economic ruin for as long as possible 2.) Send a clear warning to employees; shut up and do as your told or else. Now, KEEP DISPATCHING! This is OUR fight. If we don’t stand together and demand AT&T immediately reinstate Corbin’s employment as ordered, we’re all at risk of these illegal and destructive tactics. We’re all at risk of being forced to choose between our safety or livelihood. These abuses will continue and will get worse as the company sacrifices our health and safety in the pursuit of higher profits.  It’s time AT&T understands we will not accept blatant violations of the law. It’s time AT&T realizes we will not allow our safety to be jeopardized, nor will we tolerate retaliation and abuse towards our brothers and sisters. An injustice to one is an attack against all.  AT&T writes its policies claiming safety and strict ethical practices are the top priorities of its corporate culture. As employees we’re disciplined for any reported safety incident or any failure to adhere to the COBC. If AT&T’s double standard is unacceptable to you, let them know by signing this petition and please add a comment if you can. After signing, please forward the link to everyone you know. Read the Notice AT&T is required to post. They won’t, so we did. In Solidarity We Trust

Technician Solidarity
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Petition to Governor Andrew Cuomo

Supporters of the Tip Credit in New York

Governor Andrew Cuomo has proposed to eliminate the minimum wage tip credit in New York State. This is will have a severe negative impact on all restaurants and their employees Federal law and most states allow tipped workers to be paid a lower minimum wage, as long as they earn at least the full minimum wage when tips are included. (The difference between the tipped wage and the full minimum wage is called the "tip credit.") The tip credit allows restaurant owners to keep labor costs down, while keeping it affordable for people to dine out. If the tip credit is removed, restaurants will be forced to raise their prices drastically to help cover costs. This will make it very difficult for average citizens to eat go out to eat. Furthermore if they can afford to go out to eat, they will not be inclined to tip a server that is making the same as everyone else. The problem would be even worse than this though. Eventually the service standards that are now practiced at most restaurants would no longer exist. A restaurant will not be able to afford to fully staff their service floors which will lead to less people working and more automated service. The restaurant industry in America is unique, and survey data proves that both tipped workers and the public prefer the current tipping model. Restaurant workers often look at themselves as commission-based sales people--the more they sell the more they make. In addition, they are rewarded when they give guests exceptional experiences. Guests appreciate that they can show their satisfaction through tipping; it is a way to show their respect for a server executing his/her craft. Far from being demeaning, as some activist organizations have claimed, the tipping system is empowering for servers and bartenders. This is really only the beginning of all the things wrong with getting rid of the tip credit. Tell your friends and family, tell anyone you can. We do NOT want this, and really in the end no one does because it will change the service industry forever!

Tiffany Hodum
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Petition to Jerry Brown, David Chiu, Scott Wiener

Prohibit Non-Disparagement clauses in California employment contracts.

Employer review sites such as Glassdoor present a transparent, self-curated opportunity for citizens to provide their experiences at a workplace. However, due to draconian non-disparagement clauses, many workers - current and former - feel pressured or afraid to disclose their experiences in an effort to alert job seekers of toxic or concerning workplaces.  This inefficient exchange of information damages both citizens and employers alike. It: - Causes anxiety and worry about what a former employee can say, and to whom; - Forces employees to sign contracts with terms and conditions that limit their rights, in exchange for a lump sum of money;  - and prevents employers from taking an honest look at their own culture and business practices in order to promote change from within. Perhaps no example of this transparency at work is more poignant than Susan Fowler's. Her story shone the light on toxic behavior within a multi-billion dollar company, setting the stage for massive changes in Uber's culture and executive staffing. It can be argued that Uber is better as a result. However, if Susan had signed a non-disparagement clause - whether in exchange for goods or out of threat of being sued - her story would not have been told. --- Here's the good news: in 2014, Governor Jerry Brown signed AB 2365 into law, preventing businesses from retaliating against consumers for making statements protected by free speech. The state of California already has generous protections for consumers to speak openly and honestly - it's time for this right to be extended to employees. We are asking Assemblyman David Chiu, State Senator Scott Wiener, and Governor Jerry Brown to introduce legislation prohibiting employers from including language in all employment contracts confronting this. This legislation would specifically prevent employers from threatening legal or financial retaliation for employees offering truthful and factual accounts of their experiences within the workplace.  

Matthew Schaar
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