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Petition to Blake Murdock, KO Murdock, Murdock Hyundai, Hyundai

Compensate and apologise for workplace violence at Murdock Hyundai.

On June 21 of 2017. I was assaulted by the New Car Manager at Murdock Hyundai in Lindon Utah. I was a salesman at the time, and had arrived at work that day without a shave. I had promised my managers that I would go home to get a shave as soon as my shaver was charged, but before I could do that, I had some customers to help, who were also from the same country that I come from (Australia). As a result we had a great connection. The whole sales process took a while, and during that time, no other managers asked about my not having shaved. My customers couldn't have cared less either. On one visit to the "sales tower" desk to get some negotiated numbers for my customers. One of the finance guys who normally doesn't sit there. Asked "What's wrong with your face"? I didn't want to go through the whole explanation that I had previously gone through with my direct manager, and jokingly said "Well... the same things that's wrong with your face". Maybe it was my Aussie sense of humour, but this Finance guy didn't like the response, so started telling me how he could send me home right there and then. I told him I would as soon as I'd finished with my current customers, and not to worry about it.  At this stage. The New Car Manager (Doug Thorn) launched himself from his seat, threw it back. Jumped across to my position, grabbed me by the tie, pulled me across the chest high desk, and yelled F'ing shut up, you F'ing prick, F'ing do as your F'ing told, I'll F'ing fire you... and a load of other insulting and offensive shouting. He is quite a large bloke, and I thought he was going to punch me, but he suddenly let go and walked away. Probably realising that he had lost it, and done something wrong. I was shocked. Salesman, staff, and my customers, who saw what happened were also shocked. The guy I was getting the negotiation figures from was the Used car manager, and Doug's son. He looked embarrassed, and didn't know what to say. I couldn't go to HR, because HR is also one of Dougs sons, so I composed myself and finished the sale, then went home to shave. On the way back to work. I went to the Police station to report the assault, and told my floor manager I had done so. The following day. I arrived for work at 11am for my 1pm shift. I really couldn't work, and was still in shock. Not one manager asked me if I was ok, or what they could do. At 5PM. the GM, Paul Tew, called me into his office and said he had talked to all concerned and had found me "insubordinate" and that I was being fired! Since that day. I have suffered depression, anxiety, and have not been able to find work in my traditional occupation within the Information Technology industry. I have written emails to Blake Murdock and KO Murdock. Owners of Murdock Hyundai group in Salt Lake City, and I have approached Blake Murdock to talk with him. None of my emails have been returned and Blake Murdock dismissed the event and said if I want anything then go to a lawyer, which I have done. I was a great salesman and asset for Murdock Hyundai. I have hundreds or amazing reviews by some wonderful customers. Some even made me cakes and one even invited me to their thanksgiving celebrations. No one should suffer this sort of abuse at work, and then be wrongfully fired. Workplaces should be safe places, and management should provide such safe working environments. Murdock Hyundai knew the volatility of the New Car Manager, but allowed him to work there. He has not been reprimanded and no apology or compensation for the event has been offered or given. I request that Blake Murdock and KO Murdock acknowledge that an assault took place, just like Alex Wubbels was assaulted by a Police office from someone in authority while carrying out her duties at work. I request that Blake Murdock, and KO Murdock compensate me for lost wages, aggravation, depression and anxiety that this incident caused, and publicly apologise.  Employees should not be fired for reporting a crime to police, or for not having a shave one morning!

Matthew French
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Petition to Joanne Berger-Sweeney

Bring Back Debbie Cook!

On May 15, 2018, a Trinity College Human Resources rep walked up to Debbie Cook in Mather Hall and informed her that she was being let go, immediately. I can only imagine how Debbie felt as she was escorted to her office to get her things and then walked out of the very institution to which she gave more than 30 years. For more than 30 years, Debbie has given everything she’s had. In an environment where a sense of community is sometimes challenging to find, Debbie has been there for many of us. Whether she smiled and said, “Hello sugar,” made a simple quip to cheer you up, or asked about your day, Debbie surely warmed our spirits. Undoubtedly, when we think about the events and people that make us proud to be part of trincoll, Debbie is one of the first people that comes to mind for many. These past few years, Debbie has been battling cancer. Even through this personal battle, she has been there for Trinity. The pain of her many ailments has never been enough to put her in a bad mood. Rather, more than anything, she worries about the possibility of not being at work the next day. The Trinity family and her husband have been and remain her priorities. In an age where a person's humanity is disposable in the name of the bottom line and treating those around us with basic decency is an option, we ask Trinity to stick by its core values. We, the undersigned, request that President Berger-Sweeney and the Board of Trustees reinstate Debbie and continue her health insurance benefits. At a time when she needs the most support, Trinity should be there for her, at least, as much as she has been there for her community.  

Alain Lopez
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