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Garment Workers on Hunger Strike in India!

We are workers at Avery Dennison India Pvt. Ltd in, and also members of Garment and Textile workers Union (GATWU) Bangalore, India, and we are now on a hunger strike to protest the inhumane behavior of our management, and also violation of various Indian labour laws!! It's a multimillion dollar operation which produces products for brand giants such as H&M, Adidas, Zara, Levi's, Gap, Marks & Spencer, Nike, and many others. For many years, Avery Dennison has been paying us differing wages for the same amount of work, through subcontracting out some of us but not others. They have used this as an excuse to pay UNDER the already-low minimum wage for the work we do! Several of our colleagues have been forced to work back-to-back short-term contracts for the same amount of work, with no stoppage, just like permanent employees, but with none of the benefits, some for over 10 years. This is completely unacceptable; we have the right to provide for our families just like any other worker. When we see the CEOs and owners of some of these firms making the list of richest billionaires in the world, we know that it is our labor that creates their profits, yet our factory refuses to respect our basic rights or the rule of law. This is why we decided to form a union. With the support of Garment and Textile Workers' Union, we organized to tell our employer that we deserve our basic rights. The employer, instead of respectfully negotiating with us, decided to retaliate. They illegally dismissed 44 of our colleagues for daring to stand up for our rights and to scare us into submission. But we will not be intimidated! We are now on our 5th day of our hunger strike to demand that they: Reinstate ALL terminated workers Make contract workers permanent Provide equal pay for equal work Stop worker discrimination Stop union busting! Join us to demand that Avery Dennison, and the brands that work with them, do the right thing!  Signed,  Avery Dennison Pvt. Ltd. Workers Bangalore, India

International Union League for Brand Responsibility
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Petition to AT&T

AT&T: Stop Retaliating against Employees and Bring Corbin Back

On December 20, 2017, the California State Labor Commissioner’s Division of Labor Standards Enforcement (DLSE) completed its investigation of a retaliation complaint filed by AT&T Premises Technician/CWA Steward Corbin Mezner. The DLSE ruled AT&T unlawfully perpetrated 6 adverse acts of retaliation against Corbin, including termination, for reporting a safety hazard and refusing to perform work that violated a health and safety standard. AT&T violated Labor Code sections 98.6, 1102.5, 6310 and 6311, and was ordered by the DLSE to “offer to the employee full and unconditional reinstatement” in addition to lost wages and penalties within 30 days. It’s now a month since the deadline and AT&T has not made any attempt to comply with the orders. The next step is for the DLSE to enforce its order through court proceedings, however that could add many more months to a fight that’s already stretched beyond a year. AT&T’s intentional dragging out of the judicial process accomplishes two objectives. 1.) Prolong Corbin’s economic ruin for as long as possible 2.) Send a clear warning to employees; shut up and do as your told or else. Now, KEEP DISPATCHING! This is OUR fight. If we don’t stand together and demand AT&T immediately reinstate Corbin’s employment as ordered, we’re all at risk of these illegal and destructive tactics. We’re all at risk of being forced to choose between our safety or livelihood. These abuses will continue and will get worse as the company sacrifices our health and safety in the pursuit of higher profits.  It’s time AT&T understands we will not accept blatant violations of the law. It’s time AT&T realizes we will not allow our safety to be jeopardized, nor will we tolerate retaliation and abuse towards our brothers and sisters. An injustice to one is an attack against all.  AT&T writes its policies claiming safety and strict ethical practices are the top priorities of its corporate culture. As employees we’re disciplined for any reported safety incident or any failure to adhere to the COBC. If AT&T’s double standard is unacceptable to you, let them know by signing this petition and please add a comment if you can. After signing, please forward the link to everyone you know. Read the Notice AT&T is required to post. They won’t, so we did. In Solidarity We Trust

Technician Solidarity
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