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Petition to HH Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, RODRIGO DUTERTE

Save Jennifer Dalquez - Migrant Worker Sentenced to Death by U.A.E Court

  Jennifer Dalquez aged 30, a single mother of two children aged 8 and 5 is a Filipino national who travelled to Abu Dhabi, U.A.E to work as a domestic worker to support her children and her parents. On the 14th of December, 2014, Jennifer Dalquez was confronted by her Emirati employer who attempted to rape her at knife point. Jennifer desperately fought back to save her life. She managed to turn the knife back on to her assailant during the struggle . As a consequence of Jennifer's actions, her assailant was fatally wounded. Jennifer adamantly maintains her actions were in self defence. Her priority during the course of this incident was to save her life first and foremost. Medical evidence obtained at the time of Jennifer's arrest confirms that during the run up to the incident, Jennifer suffered a history of gross physical abuse at the hands of her employer; she had bruises and cigarette burns on her arms which she alleged were perpetrated by her employer. Further, prior to this incident and in the early days of her employment as a domestic worker at the victim's home, Jennifer claims that she had been subjected to daily unwelcomed attention from him including mental intimidation, assaults, physical violence and molestation. Jennifer lived in constant fear and was frightened to be left alone with him. Jennifer was due to return home in January 2015 and she had been looking forward to returning to the Philliphines to be with her children and the rest of her extended family. In May 2015, Jennifer was convicted of murderIng her Emirati employer by the Al Ain Criminal Court and subsequently sentenced to death for killing her abusive employer despite her plea of self-defence. Jennifer's family and supporters of the 'Save Jennifer Dalquez Campaign' lodged an appeal against Jennifer's conviction and her sentence. This appeal is scheduled to be heard in court on the 27th of March, 2017. The appeal processs entails the Judge asking the deceased Emirati's children to swear fifty times, before the Court and in the name of Allah that Jennifer Dalquez is the only person they know who killed their father and not any other person. Jennifer is not allowed to plead her defence and/or allowed to mitigate. If the children of the deceased proceed to swear in the terms requested of them, then the Court will sentence Jennifer Dalquez to death. However, if the children refuse to swear the same in Court, then Jennifer Dalquez will be ordered to pay blood money in the sum of Dh200,000 (£44,300) to the victim’s family in addition to serving a prison sentence, which will be decided and determined by the Court. Jennifer's distraught parents Mr Abdulhamid Dalquez and Mrs Rajima Dalquez who live in the poor area of General Santos City in the Philliphines where Jennifer was born, are desperately appealing for support and release of their daughter. In May 2015 the Al Ain Criminal Court of the first instance, sentenced Jennifer to death sine then Jennifer’s family, friends and supporters have all worked hard to appeal against the guilty charge and sentence. Jennifer Dalquez is not a murderer - Jennifer is a young woman, a mother, a citizen of the Philippines, a work migrant who travelled thousands of miles to the U.A.E. with the sole motive to do her level best and provide for her family. Jennifer is a victim of sexual abuse who was forced to fight for her life when she was attacked by her employer who was on the verge of raping her at knifepoint. His actions were premeditated and determined. He was aware that Jennifer was going to return to the Philliphines in January 2015. Jennifer is a victim of injustice. We the undersigned, plead to His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan to pardon Jennifer Dalquez and repatriate her to her family in the Philliphines: Mrs Rajima Dalquez and Mr Abdulhamid Dalquez, Jennifer Dalquez's parents. Marissa Begonia, Justice for Domestic Workers, Freedom Without Fear Platform Krishnan, Secretary of AIPWA (All India Progressive Women’s Association)Uday Bhat, General Secretary, Maharashtra, Rajya Sarva Shramik Mahasangh, Domestic Workers Division, IndiaAnjum Mouj Chair of London Black Women's ProjectJas Uppal at Justice Upheld, Further reading:  

Justice Upheld
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Petition to Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn, Tim Farron, all party leaders and Parliament

Men outnumber women by more than 2:1 in Parliament. 50:50 want better gender balance !

Of our 650 MPs only 196 are women and 454 (70%) are men. Men outnumber women by more than 2:1 in the Commons and 3:1 in the Lords. The statistics indicate that the system still isn't working for women.  50:50 want an inclusive and gender balanced Parliament for more responsive and informed decision making. This would be better for everyone! All political parties agree that a Parliament consisting of around 50% men and 50% women would be better, see this video clip here! So, 50:50 want action, as the old Suffragette saying goes: "Deeds not words!". Women are the majority in life but the minority in Parliament. If Parliament is inaccessible to women many others must and do face hurdles too. Sign to show that you share our aspiration for a #5050Parliament because what get's measured gets managed! This is what our letter says: "Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn, Tim Farron, all party leaders and Parliament, We need a more gender balanced House of Commons, around 50:50 men and women. Please collaborate and do something: debate and take action to make Parliament more gender balanced, like life." People of all genders from across the UK have signed. The more signatures on the 50:50 Parliament Petition, the more Parliament will listen. So make a difference and SIGN NOW! To read more about why this matters and the many solutions see the 50:50 Parliament submission to the Women and Equalities Select Committee Inquiry here. This is about Human Rights. In 1948 the Declaration of Human Rights proclaimed the equal rights of men and women. Parliament is the place to start. 50:50 are writing to all the party leaders and Parliament because they have the power to sort this out. Over 50 other countries have better gender balanced Parliaments than the UK so it is possible. The UK should be a world leader. "This is a non-partisan issue, concerning the quality of governance and nature of democracy". 50:50 want all women to have an equal say concerning reproductive rights, parenting policy, equal pay, maternity care and violence against women for more informed policy making. 50:50 want all women to have an equal say in formulating economic policy, health care, welfare, defense strategy, foreign affairs, the environment, transport, education and all issues because these decisions affect them as much as anyone else. As Prof Ngaire Woods from Oxford University says "We know that when women are in parliament…it builds more resilient, responsive, better informed institutions.” Diversity leads to better decision making. Evidence suggests that men can represent women but they tend to do so better when there are more women in the room. Parliament should be leading the way, spearheading the changes required, for gender equality and respect for women. Nearly 100 years after women won the right to vote it's time to right this historic wrong, women need an equal say. 50:50 Parliament is an inclusive, cross party, non-partisan campaign. 50:50 run an Ambassador Programme to inspire interest and engagement with politics and have launched the #AskHerToStand campaign to encourage and support women in standing as MPs. Only 129 more women MPs are needed for a #5050Parliament which amounts to 1 in every 100,000 women which is great, because clearly politics might not appeal to everyone, but it might suit 1 in 100,000 women and our country needs them. If you know a woman who would make a good MP #AskHerToStand. Two comments on the petition say it all: Helen "Apart from the obvious injustice we are in no position to under-utilise so much talent”- Helen, “If the institution of Parliament discourages women to participate, it is the institution that needs to change.” – Malcolm. Sign for #5050Parliament. Add your voice and make a comment! Join us in asking for this pressing democratic issue to be sorted out. Thank you. Frances, Sadaf, Brian, Tina, Charlie and Nathalie #5050Parliament Team 50:50 Key Links: For more information see 50:50 submission to Women & Equalities Select Committee Become a 50:50 Ambassador - fill in the form online Stand to become an MP! 50:50 want to support you see #AskHerToStand Like - Follow on Twitter - @5050Parliament See 50:50 Films  - 50:50 Parliament on YouTube Buy campaign merch at - 50:50 Parliament Shop 50:50 in the News: Parliament agrees there is a "serious democratic deficit" and #5050Parliament says "There are some great women out there, so let’s start asking them to stand" The Guardian The Guardian reports on launch of #5050Parliament #AskHerToStand campaign "Gender parity among MPs at risk of stalling, say women's groups" Cathy Newman, Channel 4 News supports #5050Parliament in The Telegraph 50:50 Parliament in Marie Claire #IWD2016 50:50 Parliament profiled in The Telegraph, 50:50 Parliament - Huffington Post, Evening Standard The Guardian 50:50 Parliament - Star on Parliamentary TV at Women & Equalities Committee Oral Evidence Session #StripTees 50:50 Key Blogs: Following in the Footsteps of Fawcett Gender Equality is a Human Right, so Women Need More Seats in Parliament! Family Friendly Parliament Tax on Tampons Is the Tip of the Iceberg Obama says Tampon Tax Is Because ‘Men Were Making the Laws’ Carey Mulligan Demonstrates Support for 50:50Parliament at the Premier of 'Suffragette' 50:50 Films: 50:50 Ambassadors Campaign Video Carey Mulligan supporting 50:50 Parliament at Suffragette Premier & Sisters Uncut Demo Paloma Faith Supporting 50:50 Parliament Gemma Arterton Supporting 50:50 Parliament MPs Supporting #5050Parliament Campaign #5050Parliament at Feminism in London 2015 #5050Parliament at WOW Festival 2015

Frances Scott and the 50:50 Parliament Team
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Petition to Teresa May, Jeremy Corbyn, Tim Farron, Caroline Lucas

Party leaders must state position on pensions for women

Hundreds of thousands of women had significant pension changes imposed on them by the Pensions Acts of 1995 and 2011, with little or no personal notification of the changes. Some women had only two years notice of a six-year increase to their state pension age.  Many women born in the 1950's are living in hardship. Retirement plans have been shattered with devastating consequences. Many of these women are already out of the labour market, caring for elderly relatives, providing childcare for grandchildren, or suffer discrimination in the workplace so struggle to find employment.  Women born in this decade are suffering financially. These women have worked hard, raised families and paid their tax and national insurance with the expectation that they would be financially secure when reaching 60. Many, such as myself, have had over £40,000 taken from them with the stroke of a wealthy politician's pen. It is not the pension age itself that is in dispute - it is widely accepted that women and men should retire at the same time.  The issue is that the rise in the women's state pension age has been too rapid and has happened without sufficient notice being given to the women affected, leaving them with no time to make alternative arrangements. I call upon Party leaders to state clearly, before the General Election, whether they support transitional payments for women born on or after 6th April 1951, so that these women do not live in hardship due to pension changes they were not informed of until it was too late to make alternative arrangements.

Gill Lemmon
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Petition to The Australian Government, The Fashion Industry

Criminalise fake pockets on women's clothing

Every woman (and some men) has been in this position before. You go to the shops, you see a cute pair of jeans and you think 'Yes, exactly what I've been looking for!'. You try them on, and they fit perfectly! You look so good, and you go to slide your hands into the back pockets when - all of a sudden - your fingers meet resistance where there is supposed to be a hole, and you realise that they've done it again. Fake pockets. You check the front ones, fruitlessly, to see if they're real even though you already know they won't be. You take the jeans back to the rack and you check through all the ones in the store and yep, they're all exactly the same. Fake pockets. And on the off-occasion they do have pockets, they're too small for anything to fit! Does the fashion industry understand the pain and inconvenience they are causing women everywhere? Fake jacket pockets, fake blazer pockets, fake pant pockets, even some fake shirt pockets. Where are we supposed to keep our phones? Our opal cards? Our keys? You may say "in a bag", but wouldn't it be nice if that weren't necessary? Why should we be forced into carrying bags and purses everywhere when men get to shove all their items into massive, Mary Poppins'-like cavities within their clothing? And it doesn't just effect women either. There have been multiple times when I have had to ask my male friends to store my phone and other small items in their pockets because I haven't had any space in mine (or haven't had any period). It would be a better world for everyone if the fashion industry would just promote the production of real, tangible, workable pockets in women's clothing.

Niamh Elliott-Brennan
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