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Petition to Rahul Gandhi, Amit Shah, President , HD Deve Gowda, MK Stalin, Sharad Pawar

Commit to 50% Women Candidates in 2019 General Elections

We have only 11% women in India’s Parliament and 9% on average in state Assemblies. But women make up nearly 50% of India’s population. So who is representing our rights? If at least half of India’s MPs and MLAs were women, there would be more emphasis on issues that directly affect women and, by extension, the rest of society. These would include issues like public toilets, women’s safety, law and order, the plight of women farmers, working women and childcare, safe and comfortable public transport, better quality schools and public hospitals and much more. Currently, parties give only about 10-11% election tickets to women while men get around 90%! Because of this, women can’t even contest. This is despite the fact that over 10 lakh women have won elections and governed at the Panchayat and Corporation level. This has to change. Sign my petition to get India’s top political parties to commit to ensuring 50% of the candidates running on their party tickets in the 2019 General Elections are women. With mostly male leaders, women hesitate to report their problems or their problems aren’t taken seriously enough. Thanks to this, issues relevant to 50% of the population are ignored. India needs more women leaders. India needs to give #PoliticalPowerToWomen. Leaders of all India’s political parties talk about women's empowerment. But all the talk is hollow unless there is women-led governance. In the 2014 general elections, only 8% of the total tickets distributed went to women candidates. In the 2018 state elections across MP, Chattisgarh, Rajasthan, Telangana and Mizoram, less than 10% tickets went to women. Some argue that women have lower capacity than men to win elections. But 9 of the 12 women fielded by the BJP in 2017 won. That’s a 75% success rate. The success rate for male candidates, in fact, was around 50% in 2017. Others argue that women don’t want to contest elections. In 2014, 167 of 507 women who stood for elections contested as independents. Women clearly want to contest but are discriminated against when party tickets are distributed. Sign my petition and let’s make sure that women get an equal chance at being our elected representatives in the 2019 General Elections. Facebook:  Twitter: @politicalshakti #PoliticalPowerToWomen#SheVotes2019#WeWill#PoliticalWill

Tara Krishnaswamy
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Petition to Dr. Naresh Trehan, Dr. Sabhyata Gupta

MEDANTA: Draft a Non-Judgmental Code of Conduct for Gynaecs by World Sexual Health Day

‘Are your parents aware that you are having sex with boys?’ ‘Do you intend to marry the man you have had sex with?’ ‘Does your husband know you are here?’ Why have you not got your husband? Are you involved with other men?’ .......and the list goes on and on for the unwanted, irrelevant and invasive questions that we are asked whenever we, as women, have tried to access sexual healthcare. 23 year old Khushboo has missed her period and is scared that she is pregnant. She is scared because she is unmarried. The thought of an unmarried woman being sexually active and accessing sexual healthcare is one of the biggest taboos our country is still struggling with. Access to healthcare, however, is guaranteed to us as a fundamental right by our Constitution. This is the third doctor Khushboo is visiting within a week with the same problem. She is struggling to find a solution for her medical problem. However, she is still as nervous and scared as she was on her first visit. The reason: she has already been insulted and frowned upon by the other two doctors she chose to consult. She was asked irrelevant questions and made to feel ashamed of her body, her ‘privileges’, her freedom to choose, and humiliated for the same. Time is running out and if she does not get the required medical healthcare this time, she will have no option but to approach a medically unqualified person or to consume the over the counter pills.In the midst of all this, Khushboo still doesn’t know for sure whether it is pregnancy that is delaying her periods or something else. This is the story of my friend Khushboo, and thousands of other women in the country like me and you, who are unable to access sexual healthcare for the fear of judgment. Every year, many women like me and you are denied access to basic sexual healthcare for the fear of judgment. In a country where sex is a taboo, even the so-called ‘empowered’, educated, privileged women like us are struggling to access healthcare pertaining to their sexual and reproductive right. The reason for that is simple – I know I will be subjected to harassment in the form of irrelevant and unwanted personal questions. Why? Because our culture does not acknowledge unmarried women to engage in sexual intercourse. The result: self diagnosis and medication, which is not only physically damaging to our health, but can also have a long-term mental implication, owing to intake of unregulated hormones in the form of over the counter pills. It is the need of the hour to encourage an atmosphere where we as women, especially unmarried women, can safely seek advice on matters of reproductive healthcare, without our marital status being the subject of discussion. In order to achieve this goal, it is imperative that urban, progressive hospital chains like Medanta Hospital take a stand. Medanta should draft and adopt a Non-Judgmental Code of Conduct to regulate the practice of gynaecologists empaneled with them. This will provide a safe environment to us women to access healthcare without any judgment. It should be made mandatory for all the gynaecologists at Medanta Hospitals across the country to comply with the said Non-Judgmental Code of Conduct. Furthermore, a complaint mechanism should be introduced for us as women to raise an objection in case access to health is denied/harassment is caused on prejudicial grounds. Sign this petition to urge Medanta to adopt a Non-Judgmental Code of Conduct for gynaecologists by World Sexual Health Day - 04 September 2019. #MyHealthMyRight

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Petition to IIFA , Andre Timmins

IIFA - Make a Statement Against Bollywood’s Treatment of Women as Sex Objects

Afghan Jalebi. Bomb. Bandook. Zandu balm. Bottal. Kaddu. Halwa.  These are the words that none of us use to refer to our women friends, co-workers, bosses, doctors, pilots, chartered accountants, mothers and sisters in our daily lives. Then why are we sitting silently and tolerating Bollywood's continued objectification of women? Objectification means treating a person like a thing, without regard to their dignity. Bollywood needs a reminder that we are #WomenNotObjects. That's why I have started this campaign. I'm asking IIFA (The International Indian Film Academy awards) to make a statement against the objectification of women at its 2019 award show. Sign my petition. I knew I had to do something when my 7-year old cousin belted out the song. "Hai tujh pe right mera, tu hai delight mera, tera rasta joh roku tokne ka nahi" (Which loosely translates as "I have every right on you. If I block your path, don't protest"). These lyrics go against the very idea of consent! The result is that men and boys are going around believing that it is fun and acceptable to stalk a woman and harass her, especially after she says no!  And its not just the boys! These lyrics affect women and girls too. They teach them to be submissive and accept lewd comments, stalking and abuse as normal. I refuse to submit! As a woman living in the 21st century India, I am angry and fed up of entertainment being used as an excuse. In fact, Prasoon Joshi, the renowned lyricist who now heads the Central Board of Film Certification recently admitted "We have portrayed women as sex objects in movies, taking things so lightly. We have failed women as an industry" Its high time the film industry begins to fix the damage done.  Sign my petition asking IIFA to make a statement against objectification of women at its 2019 award show.  I've chosen to address my campaign to IIFA because of their impressive track record of honoring women centric movies. They also aimed to restore gender parity by naming the Best Actress Award as the finale act. This move by them will send a strong message out to the film industry and the millions watching.  Respecting women can no longer be restricted to political slogans and bumper stickers on auto-rickshaws. Sign my petition! #WomenNotObjects #NoMoreGandiBaat Interesting articles:  

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Petition to Manish Dubey, Ashish Nair

ICICI Prudential: Create commercials to empower daughters

We need commercials to educate the society - the right way My parents provided me their best. They equally cared for my brother and I, treating us the same always. My parents went beyond  their means - put their only house on mortgage. However it was not for my wedding, but for my higher education. I am now an independent working woman. In the initial year of my career, I bought insurance plans like pension plan, mediclaim to safeguard my future. But it had never occurred to me to buy any plan for my parents for their old age care. They are the ones who were behind of me to save and make financial plans, but they never asked anything for them. I am here, standing tall in life because of the sacrifices my parents made. I owe it them big time. If not everything atleast care during their old age, when they need me the most.  Soon after my marriage, I had a shocking realisation - I was no longer my parents' daughter. My in-laws think, I should only focus on them and their well being. They have every right on me and my hard-earned money. Whenever I wanted to support my parents financially, it created havoc in my married life. To avoid this, I had to lie and cut my personal expenses to save money for my parents. But every time I gave some amount to my parents, I felt guilty and ashamed by doing it like I'm doing a crime. It was suffocating and frustrating. I understand that my spouse is raised in an orthodox and patriarchal surrounding. Although he loves me, he just doesn't know how to fight these regressive mindsets and take a stand for his wife. And I also understand that me being an ordinary individual, can't fight against a cultural issue that exists for centuries which don't allow married daughters to take care of their parents although the law of our country says so. But I can’t be silently suffering like this. While I was thinking what can I do in my small capacity to create an awareness on this issue, I bumped into the commercial by ICICI Prudential on "achche bande". I searched and watched all the commercials made by them. Most of commercials talk about responsibilities of parents towards their children. And mostly, dependency of women on their men. I want to say that we daughters have already traveled few extra miles with support of our parents. We are capable of taking care of our parents too.  Wouldn't it be great if ICICI Prudential can promote this change - Daughters too can take care of their parents's financial needs? We need to change. Daughters have every right to take care of their parents as an adult, married or not. We are not 'paraya dhan'. We are equally responsible and capable to take care of our parents.

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