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#SaveApexMobile - Keep the servers alive. STOP SHUTDOWN! Apex Legends Mobile

The reasoning for the shutdown is not made apparent. I among many others have invested enormous amounts of time and money to enjoy the game with our online companions. Not only are they not issuing a refund for any purchases made. They are SHUTTING down the game in 4 months making it unplayable. All the ingame purchases will be for nothing and basically thrown in the trash. If things stay the same EA will continue to make false promises and capture the minds of youth to waste hard earned money on a inevitably doomed game. They are shutting down the servers and removing the app from the playstore and ios devices. You will have nothing after may 1st according to EA themselves. The only thing we have to look at is an apology letter with no face attached to it.  Some people in the community have spent over usd$1,000  on in game purchases. Some people have spend 2,000+ hours grinding badges and ranked. It is NOT okay to delete something that homes these accomplishments. They think its okay to delete and remove your friendships and trophies with only one statement sent in game. EA encourages you to spend your in game currency and "enjoy" the game while you can. Meanwhile the most dedicated players are shocked and left with a doomsday May 1st. I barely managed to get over my own frustration to make this a detailed and thoughtful petition. I love you guys who play. I love the community. 

Austin Valenca
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