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Stop Twitter from purging accounts after 30 days of inactivity.

     Twitter announced a purge of inactive accounts on May 8th, 2023, not giving clear reason. The original announcement gave the impression that accounts would be purged after several years of inactivity. Elon also stated that the accounts would be "archived" -- which currently remains unexplained.      However, Twitter has recently updated this article to explain that after just 30 days of inactivity, accounts will be permanently deleted. The article also declines the addition of the main potential benefit of the purge- freeing up usernames. Usernames from the deleted accounts will not be available, unless the username infringes trademark rights, which obviously will apply to a very small percentage of the platform.      Twitter users have already claimed to see the deletion of deceased relatives' accounts. Accounts of deceased people will be inaccessible after just 30 days. People who spend 30 days away from Twitter, the internet, or devices as a whole will see the deletion of their accounts.      Losing access to tweets from inactive accounts will erase fragments of digital history. There are many informational threads that are still up despite the accounts now being inactive. Many replies to posts will be put out of context, due to the posts' deletion. The accuracy of like, retweet, follow, reply, etc numbers will be tainted.      Old tweets hold digital history. With the internet, we have the power of a time capsule through the last twenty years at our fingertips. Deleting information like this from the public eye is not going to do any good. There is no benefit to this update. Let people spend time away from Twitter. Let dead people have their memory upheld. Let the past remain untampered.

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