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Petition to Netflix, DHX Media, The Program Exchange, King Features Syndicate, General Mills

Revived Dennis the Menace (1986 Animated Series) on Netflix with Brand New Episodes.

Over 30th years ago, the animated series of Dennis the Menace was produced by DIC Entertainment (now owned by DHX Media) was aired on television from 1986 to 1988. It's last only two seasons with 78 episodes (234 segments) and continued running in the 90's and 2000's as well. Based on the popular classic comic strip by Hank Ketcham about Dennis Mitchell, a young blond-haired boy with cowlick who gets into numerous scrapes and adventures along his dog Ruff and his friends Joey, Margaret, Gina, Tommy, PeeBee and Jay. Especially he's getting into mischief that's which end up tormenting his hapless and grouchy next-neighbor, Mr. Wilson. Dennis get involved in all kinds of wild and crazy adventures, but always manages to  save the day. This popular animated is full with laugh, fun and adventure that catch it everyone's hearts for all ages. But what if American's favorite troublemaker is back for more excitement and more trouble? We fans very like to see this wonderful cartoon returns with brand new episodes for more fun, more adventures and more mischievous. It's not a reboot or remake, it's "REVIVAL"! With same energy, adventurous and humor of Hank Ketcham's spirit, but more advanced animation quality and richer colors in normal 2D traditional hand-drawn like it was before instead crummy CGI or choppy Adobe flash. The opening credits would be re-recorded version of original 80's theme and the closing credits will be new and different segment. Hopefully featuring the new voice casts for Dennis and his gang, plus the returning of the legendary voice actor (Maurice LaMarche from Pinky & the Brain and Futurama) as the voice of Henry Mitchell, Ruff and George Wilson ever since Phil Hartman die in 1998. And (Madeline: Stevie Vallance) as the voice of Martha Wilson and Alice Mitchell. If anybody are biggest Dennis the Menace fans out there, please sign this petition and we'll be extremely grateful if DHX Media, King Features, General Mills and The Program Exchange would bring back Dennis the Menace as the revival series on Netflix and if they could co-production with other animation studios from Japan and: or South Korea to do overseas animated this show. Everybody will enjoy Dennis and the rest lovable characters once again in new episodes and Direct-to-Video movie series. There is no other brats but with a kindhearted like Dennis the Menace.

Douglas Sheehan
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Petition to SONY, MGM

MGM and Sony: Fan recommendations for a new big-budget "RoboCop" TV series, a definitive Blu-ray set of the previous "Terminator" films, and a "RoboCop VS The Terminator" movie or TV miniseries

There should be a new big-budget "RoboCop" TV series titled "RoboCop: The Future of Law Enforcement" that has the same ultraviolence as "RoboCop"[1987], uses the best elements, all of the characters, & all of the stories of all previous incarnations of the "RoboCop" property(including "RoboCop"[2014]), and is aired on AMC. The series should have uses of the F-bomb, but only for meaningful dramatic purposes and re-enacting classic F-bomb lines from "RoboCop"[1987] and "RoboCop 2"[1990], and when episodes with F-bomb usage are aired on AMC, the F-bombs should not be replaced with other words but should be censored via bleeps. The series should pick up in the year 2028. Jack Lewis should be portrayed as the African-American brother of Anne Lewis(who should not die). The name "Antoine Vallon" should be used as an alias by Clarence Boddicker. RoboCop's true identity should not be known by the general public. Each episode of the series should be at least 44-45 minutes long(without counting the end credits) and the series should start with a 5-part pilot that uses the best elements of "RoboCop"[1987] and "RoboCop"[2014]. Over the course of the 5-part pilot, RoboCop should gradually learn about his past life as Alex J Murphy, and later on during the 1st season, he should be reunited with his wife(Clara Murphy) & his son(David Murphy). From the 6th episode onward, the series should have an intro based on that of "RoboCop: The Animated Series". Each season should consist of 26 episodes. The series should have satirical TV commercials and the news show "Mediabreak"(which should be hosted in this continuity by Casey Wong, Jess Perkins, Bo Harlan, and Rocky Crenshaw with on-site reporter Justin Ballard-Watkins and correspondent Charles Coffey), like pre-2014 incarnations of the "RoboCop" property, and the TV series "The Novak Element" from "RoboCop"[2014]. The various musical compositions of all previous incarnations of the "RoboCop" property should be used, especially the ones by Basil Poledouris. RoboCop's maintenance device from "RoboCop"[2014] should be used in this series and should be used to attach & detach RoboCop's robotic body parts in the same manner as it was in that film. The versions of RoboCop's robotic body from "RoboCop"[1987] and "RoboCop"[2014] should be used in this series, as well as a black variant of RoboCop's robotic body from "RoboCop"[1987]. RoboCop's visor should come down from over his head, like it did in "RoboCop"[2014]. Both of RoboCop's robotic legs should contain compartments that hold all the various things that RoboCop has kept in the compartment in his right robotic leg in all previous incarnations of the "RoboCop" property. RoboCop should have the same voice that he had in the original film series. RoboCop's face should not be revealed until after he has learned about his past. ED-209s, EM-208s, and XT-908s should be featured in the series. Two types of ED-209s should be used: the ED-209s from "RoboCop"[1987] and the ED-209s from "RoboCop"[2014]. The circumstances revolving around the Dreyfuss Act from "RoboCop"[2014] should occur during the 5-part pilot. The Old Man should be portrayed as the character Raymond Sellars from "RoboCop"[2014]. The 1st season should end with a multi-parter based on "RoboCop 2"[1990], the last part of which should feature the battle between RoboCop and RoboCop 2, and a version of the climax from "RoboCop"[2014], in which Raymond Sellars(the Old Man) gets killed by RoboCop. Raymond Sellars(the Old Man) should be replaced by the CEO from "RoboCop 3"[1993]. RoboCop should have both a high-tech police motorcycle and a high-tech police car, which should be inspired by RoboCop's police car in the original "RoboCop" film series, RoboCop's police car in "RoboCop: The Animated Series", and the Batmobile in the video game "Batman: Arkham Knight".     MGM, Sony, Lionsgate, Warner Bros, and Paramount, please release a definitive 7-disc Blu-ray set of "The Terminator", "The Terminator 2: Judgment Day", "The Terminator 3: Rise of The Machines", "Terminator: Salvation: The Machinima Series"(which should be completely re-animated and should be re-titled), "Terminator: Salvation", and "Terminator: Genisys" that has all the extras from all of the previous home video releases, including the extras from the Laserdisc releases of "The Terminator" and "The Terminator 2: Judgment Day", and the Best-Buy-exclusive extras for "Terminator: Genisys". These images should be on the front cover: and This should be the Disc 1 image: This should be the Disc 2 image: This should be the Disc 3 image: This should be the Disc 4 image: This should be the Disc 5 image:     There should be a "RoboCop VS The Terminator" crossover movie or crossover TV miniseries between "RoboCop: The Future of Law Enforcement" and "The Terminator", in which RoboCop is somehow sent into the post-"Terminator: Genisys" dimension.     MGM and Lionsgate, please release a definitive 6-disc Blu-ray set of the original "RoboCop" films, including the four "RoboCop: Prime Directives" TV films("RoboCop: Dark Justice", "RoboCop: Meltdown", "RoboCop: Resurrection", and "RoboCop: Crash And Burn"), that has all the extras from all of the previous home video releases, as well as new extras.     There should be a full-length, in-depth documentary done in the style of the documentaries "Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy" and "Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of Friday The 13th" that covers the entire history of the "RoboCop" property up to 2014.

David P
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Petition to Saban Brands, Nickelodeon

Please create a Power Rangers reunion in 2018 for the show's 25th anniversary

In 2017, a new "Power Rangers" reboot movie will hit theaters with a new cast playing the original Ranger roles. While the old characters' story will be retold in the new "Power Rangers" film, we, the fans, hope that Saban Brands and Nickelodeon would consider filming a new "Power Rangers" reunion in 2017 to air for the show's 25th anniversary in its 2018 season. Fans are hopeful that if a new reunion is made, that the 25th anniversary could include the actors from the "Mighty Morphin", "Zeo" and "Turbo" seasons as guest stars, including the cast from "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" (Austin St. John as Jason the original Red Ranger, Walter Jones as Zack the original Black Ranger, Amy Jo Johnson as Kimberly the original Pink Ranger, David Yost as Billy the Blue Ranger and Karan Ashley as Aisha the second Yellow Ranger), David J. Fielding as Zordon, Sandi Sellner as Alpha 5, Richard Horvitz as the voice of Alpha 5, Paul Schrier and Jason Narvy as Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier and Eugene "Skull" Skullovitch, Kerrigan Mahan as the voice of Goldar, Barbara Goodson as the voice of Rita Repulsa, Robert Axelrod as the voice of Lord Zedd, the cast from "Power Rangers Zeo" (Catherine Sutherland as Kat the Pink Zeo Ranger, Nakia Burrise as Tanya the Yellow Zeo Ranger, Steve Cardenas as Rocky the Blue Zeo Ranger, Johnny Yong Bosch as Adam the Green Zeo Ranger and Jason David Frank as Tommy the Red Zeo Ranger), and Blake Anthony Foster as Justin the Blue Turbo Ranger.   However, while a lot of fans would love to see the "Mighty Morphin" and "Zeo" cast members reunite along with Mr. Foster, fans are hopeful other Ranger actors from various seasons could return as guest stars as well or appear in place of any actors who decline the offer to return for a new reunion.  Fans also hope that cast members from seasons, like "In Space" (Christopher Khayman Lee as Andros the Red Space Ranger, Selwyn Ward as T.J. Johnson the Blue Space Ranger, Roger Velasco as Carlos Vallerte the Black Space Ranger, Patricia Ja Lee as Cassie Chan the Pink Space Ranger and Tracy Lynn Cruz as Ashley Hammond the Yellow Space Ranger), "Lost Galaxy" (such as Danny Slavin as Leo Corbett the Red Galaxy Ranger, Cerina Vincent as Maya the Yellow Galaxy Ranger and Melody Perkins as Karone the second Pink Galaxy Ranger), "Lightspeed Rescue" (such as Alison MacInnis as Dana Mitchell the Pink Lightspeed Ranger and Rhett Fisher as Ryan Mitchell the Titanium Ranger), "Time Force" (such as Erin Cahill as Jen Scotts the Pink Time Force Ranger and Jason Faunt as Wes Collins the Red Time Force Ranger), "Wild Force" (such as Jessica Rey as Alyssa Enrilé the White Tiger Ranger), and the "Once a Ranger" veteran Rangers from "Operation Overdrive" (Sally Martin as Tori Hansen the Blue Wind Ranger, Emma Lahana as Kira Ford the Yellow Dino Ranger, Matt Austin as Bridge Carson the Red S.P.D. Ranger and Richard Brancatisano as Xander Bly the Green Mystic Ranger), could be invited back to appear as guest stars as well. Fans are hopeful the next reunion could be made as either a single episode or a two-episode TV "movie" like "Clash of the Red Rangers" was on "Power Rangers Samurai", or as a full-length theatrical film to give enough screen time for all of the guest stars and hope there will be more character development for the returning guest Rangers as we'd love to know what their characters have been up to since they were last seen on the show.  Fans also hope to see Austin St. John's character Jason be the one to serve as the leader of the past Ranger guest stars if a new reunion is made. Fans hope that the next reunion could be written by Judd Lynn, who has been involved with the show such as a series writer on such classic "Power Rangers" episode as "Countdown to Destruction" from "Power Rangers In Space", and most recently as the executive producer of "Power Rangers Dino Charge". Fans are also hopeful that Ron Wasserman, who originally did the songs for during the early seasons of "Power Rangers", can return to do the music for the next reunion, that a Zord battle with the current and hopefully previous Zords could be featured, and that the show could finally explain if Tommy ended up with Kimberly or Kat. While Tommy was seen married to Kat in the future on the episode "A Season to Remember" of "Power Rangers Zeo", most fans would love/prefer to see Tommy and Kimberly end up as a couple again, as many fans disliked their break up by Kimberly's letter to Tommy on "Power Rangers Zeo". However, if the show reveals Tommy is married to Kat is part of the show's canon as the "Zeo" episode intended, some fans would like to see Kimberly and Jason become a couple so that fans of the "Jimberly" fan romance could finally see it included in the show's continuity. However, again, these are suggestions as to what could be included IF a new reunion gets made, as we are not trying to tell Saban Brands or Nickelodeon what to do with the series as that's not our place.  We realize this new reunion would be very costly to make with so many previous cast members fans requested at wanting to see back.  We are not trying to in any way be disrespectful to Saban Brands and we are not trying to tell them what to do with their popular TV series, as we have more respect for the series and the cast and crew who work so hard on the show to get it made.  We only hope that Saban Brands and Nickelodeon are able to create a new "Power Rangers" reunion on a future season of the series that reunites some fan favorite Rangers, villains and other characters and lets some of the original Rangers from various seasons of the series go back to action!

Stuart Green
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