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Petition to Ramapo College of New Jersey

Partial Tuition Reimbursement at Ramapo College of New Jersey

The students of Ramapo College of New Jersey have all experienced increased stress while simultaneously experiencing a decreased educational experience due to the abrupt transition to remote learning. I speak on behalf of my fellow students when I say that we are entitled to a partial reimbursement for the Spring 2020 semester. The tuition we pay reflects our ability to utilize campus resources, facilities, networking events,  and in person guidance from our academic superiors, all of which are no longer available to us. We cannot fulfill our educational needs solely through virtual instruction. In addition, thousands of us have experienced a despicable attempt from Professors in regard to administering virtual learning and the course may as well have ended when we left for Spring break. We should not be expected to pay full tuition for a lackluster educational experience. We, the students of Ramapo College of New Jersey, call for a 20% refund of our Spring 2020 tuition, which is well below the actual opportunity cost most of us are experiencing. As students, the financial burden we face to attend college is overbearing and many of us will be paying off our student loans for the next 10 years. This partial reimbursement represents a small drop in the bucket for Ramapo College, which would alleviate years of financial burden for us students. While we understand the hardships this situation has caused for all parties involved, it is ultimately not the responsibility of students to bear the financial impact of the current situation and we hope Ramapo College will rectify the situation. 

Anon A
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Petition to Irvine Company

Irvine Company Early Lease Termination

With the recent COVID-19 outbreak and measures implemented to reduce transmission rates, many lives are affected, specifically University of California, Irvine (UCI) students. UCI has currently compensated students who live in all UCI affiliated housing by providing them with full refunds and flexible lease cancellations. Other housing companies like Irvine Company, however, have not accommodated its tenants (most of which are UCI students) during the COVID-19 crisis.  UCI students have been strongly encouraged by Chancellor Howard Gilman to return to their off-campus residences and, if possible, stay home during the Spring quarter. Additionally, California governor, Gavin Newsom, has ordered individuals to stay home, resulting in many students attempting to go home and be with their families at this time. The current options that Irvine Company tenants have are the following: Early Lease Termination Fee:  Tenants pay 2x their cost of rent in order to end their lease early. Tenant must give a 30 day notice to Irvine Company. Irvine Company finds replacement tenants:  Irvine Company finds replacement tenants. This requires tenants to (1) move out immediately. (2) Tenants continue to pay rent until Irvine Company finds replacement tenants. Tenants find their own replacement tenants: Tenants continue their lease until they find tenants who can replace them on the lease. We have made this petition because we believe that something should be done for UCI students who live in off-campus housing. While we each signed contracts agreeing that we would pay rent until the lease ends, we did not foresee the events caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. More specifically, COVID-19 has affected the economy causing students to lose their jobs and be unable to afford rent or high-priced lease termination fees.  We are asking for your signature so that Irvine Company will lower their lease termination fee to accommodate students in light of current events.  Thank you for supporting this cause.      

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Petition to Columbia University, Columbia College, Suzanne B. Goldberg, Ira Katznelson, Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science, School of General Studies, Barnard

Partial Tuition Reimbursement at Columbia University

On March 12, 2020, faced with the ongoing spread of the Coronavirus in New York City and beyond, Columbia University announced their decision to move all classes to Zoom, an online video communications and conferencing tool. While we recognize and sympathize with the difficult position that the Coronavirus has put Columbia University in, this transition to online classes represents a notable reduction in educational and instructional quality, which we fear will negatively affect our educational and professional outcomes moving forward. Further, we fear that the quality of education we will be receiving will not be commensurate with costly tuition payments made in January of this year. In addition to a reduction in educational quality, other unintended consequences of the Coronavirus, including cancelled talks on campus, networking events, and reduced face-to-face time with professors and colleagues, threaten to negatively affect our short and long-term professional outcomes. This is a particularly worrying prospect for those of us graduating in 2020, as we will likely find ourselves graduating into a recession (which, as the 2008 crisis demonstrated, can have a lifelong negative impact on earnings). With this in mind, we call upon the University to address the reduction of educational quality that the transition to online classes represents, as well as the negative professional impacts of reduced networking opportunities and cancelled campus events, by providing students with a partial tuition reimbursement. We note that the University has a sizable endowment at their disposal and could use some of these funds to help protect their students (who themselves represent future donors) during these trying times. Thank you for your reading and sharing.

B Felix
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Petition to Florida International University, Department of Education, Ron DeSantis, President Mark B. Rosenberg

Petition for Florida International University to Waive Summer 2020 Fees

The President of Florida International University, President Mark B. Rosenberg, has recently announced the continuation of remote-learning through the summer sessions, which begin on May 11th, 2020, and end on July 31st, 2020. Although all summer classes have officially transitioned to remote interface, students are still being charged an additional $90 fee for each online class that has not been affected by the transition.  The $90 Distance Learning Fee is an additional charge per online class due to the convenience of taking classes remotely. However, since all courses are required to be online for the summer term, the $90 Distance Learning Fee should be waived for every online class. Additionally, face-to-face events have been canceled through at least July 1st, 2020. Effective as of March 17th, 2020, all libraries, recreation centers, pools, and social gathering spaces on both MMC and BBC campuses will remain closed until further notice. Despite this, students are still expected to pay for the Athletic Fee ($10) and the Transportation Access Fee ($88.72). Although students have been advised to remain off-campus indefinitely, we still have access to the FIU Health Clinic via appointment. The Health Fee ($93.69) should remain included in our tuition for the sole purpose of accessibility. I strongly believe in the power of unity for change and believe we as students can aid in urging the FIU Administration to waive additional fees in our tuition if we have no access to use them.

Valerie Caso-Veras
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