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Petition to Mark Rothbart, Dominique Crisden, David Collingnon

Blink Fitness, Make Your Lockers Safe for Trans and Gender Non-Conforming Members

Transgender and gender non-conforming people have been target of continuous attacks on their rights to use gender segregated bathrooms and lockers. These limitations not only affect students and the youth but extends to adulthood and beyond the school environment. Many transgender and gender non-conforming people consider spaces such as gyms to be vital for their development and health. Yet, the simple task of walking into the "women's" or "men's" lockers can be panicking, especially when those spaces don't provide safety and protection. The simple task of undressing becomes stressful and forces us to either hide in a corner or in the stall in order to avoid being harassed or physically assaulted.  Blink Fitness claims to be for everyone, this is why we are asking them to put that mission into practice. How Can Blink Fitness Be for Everyone? 1. Create All-Gender Inclusive Signs. Many companies already understand that gender must be inclusive and are taking real actions to support transgender and gender non-conforming employees. By putting these signs up, people will be aware that the space they share welcomes different gender expressions and identities and that harassment will not be tolerated. 2. Create a Gender Neutral Locker. Not everyone identifies as male or female and they shouldn't be forced to use a space that puts them in those confinements. Many trans and gender non-conforming people who may identify with male or female would simply prefer a gender neutral space to avoid harassment. 3. Train Your Crew on Gender Inclusivity. The Blink Crew needs to be trained on gender inclusivity and be a crew that is there to support us. My experience talking to Blink employees, experiencing that blank stare, and being in communication with management shows me that Blink has no gender inclusivity policy and training. Blink Fitness' goal should be to turn their beautiful mission into action.Blink Fitness, be for everyone! Blink will set the precedent for all other gyms to follow what a gender-inclusive space really looks like!

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Petition to Pennsylvania State House, Pennsylvania State Senate, Andrew Cuomo, New York State House, New York State Senate, Ohio State Senate, John Kasich, Ohio State House, Tom Wolf

Ban Gay Conversion Therapy

Twelve states have moved to ban "ex-gay therapy" for young people -- dangerous "therapy" that tries to change someone's sexual orientation. "Ex-gay therapy" has been linked to suicide, depression, isolation and anxiety, and has been condemned by nearly every medical and psychological body as dangerous, destructive and something no child should be forced to undergo. And yet in 38 states -- including states like New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio -- "ex-gay therapy" remains a practice that's largely legal under the law. But there is national momentum as more and more states move to ban "ex-gay therapy" and protect minors from attempts to "cure" them of their sexual orientation. Hawaii just became the 12th state to ban "ex-gay therapy," and New Hampshire and Delaware are close to following suit. They join states like California, New Jersey, Maryland, Illinois, New Mexico, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington and Oregon. That's nearly 25% of the country! But it's not enough. LGBT kids are still facing dangerous "ex-gay therapy" attempts in more than 30 states around the country. Including in three states where legislators are still meeting: New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio. All three of these states have seen bills introduced to ban "ex-gay therapy". New York -- which touts itself as one of the most LGBT-friendly states in the country -- has seen legislation pass the State Assembly three times; Pennsylvania has had a bill introduced several times; and Ohio now has a bill as well that legislators are pushing. Let's build on this national organizing momentum, and work to get these three states added to the list of states stepping up to protect LGBT youth, and banning harmful "ex-gay therapy" that tries to "cure" LGBT people and change their sexual orientation or gender identity.

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Petition to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Reddit, Flickr, Pinterest, tumbler, Imgur

Do more to protect Transgender users of Social Networks

We the undersigned, call upon Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks to adopt and enforce a robust protective policy prohibiting the abuse of transgender people, specifically negative posts or images that result from a transgender person's gender identity or nonconformance to gender stereotypes. While the protection of the freedom of speech is a laudable and desirable goal, it cannot be allowed to override the right of transgender people to utilize social networks free from the harm wrought by those subjecting them to transphobic abuse including hate, bigotry, and overt discrimination.Medically documented injuries which arise from the abuse of transgender people include: dysphoria, depression, fear, isolation, feelings of hopelessness, and often can lead to an increased risk of the transgender person committing suicide. Transphobia has a precise definition, and any activity which meets its criteria must be dealt with promptly. "Transphobia is the fear, hatred, disbelief, or mistrust of people who are transgender, thought to be transgender, or whose gender expression doesn’t conform to the traditional gender roles of society. Transphobia can prevent transgender and gender nonconforming people from living full lives free from harm." Transphobia takes many different forms, including: Negative attitudes and beliefs directed towards transgender and gender non-conforming persons on the basis of their Gender Identity or the non-adherence to gender stereotypes. Expressions of aversion to and prejudice against transgender people. Expressions of irrational fear and often spreading intentionally false claims, misinformation, or disinformation about transgender individuals, or the science behind someone being so. Claiming that transgender people's access to facilities which match their gender identity is somehow dangerous, or that transgender individuals are more violent than others of their gender based on their sex identified at birth. Disbelief, Denial, Intentional Misgendering, or outright discounting of a person's preferred pronouns; or denial of their gender, sex, legal identity, or gender identity; including attempting to deny that it is possible for someone to transition their gender or sex. The use of derogatory language, and name-calling; bullying, abuse, and even violence on the basis of someone's gender Identity or nonconformance to gender stereotypes. While many of these social networks have policies which state similar goals, they are frequently not enforced or even ignored outright even when instances of explicit transphobia are reported to them by the transgender members of their networks; this is something that must change.For updates on this and other transgender issues, you can follow me on Twitter at:

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