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Petition to Sanrio

Save Hello Kitty!

Since first appearing 40 years ago on a tiny vinyl coin purse, Hello Kitty has become the cornerstone of a modern business empire and a true success story. Fans can buy Hello Kitty sneakers, paper towels, panini makers, chopsticks, wine and more. They can even eat Hello Kitty dumplings in Hong Kong, fly on a Hello Kitty plane to Taiwan or hang at Hello Kitty Con in Los Angeles. No doubt about it: Hello Kitty was set on her way to become a massively successful pop icon that has already netted a gigantic fortune for her parent company, Japanese firm Sanrio. As part of a business strategy implemented around 2009, Sanrio decided to license Hello Kitty's image for a variety of uses and the move was almost destined to bring in even more profits. But in the meantime, a new player joined the game - Disney's Frozen characters are beating down Hello Kitty every step of the way and "the financial condition is getting worse and worse". Rather than re-advertising an already known and 40-year-old brand, Sanrio has decided to move in a different direction by pulling Hello Kitty off the shelf and investing their efforts elsewhere - most likely, in a "Hello Kitty" replacement. One thing is for sure - if we do not ACT NOW and show Sanrio that Hello Kitty CANNOT BE REPLACED, the lovely pink feline will be no more. The massive competition for more and more profits must stop! Sign the petition today and help save Hello Kitty - every voice counts!

Melissa Bright
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Petition to Mattel, Lisa Dyson-Handowski, Juliana Chugg, Margo Georgiadias

Stop Attached Doll Underwear for American Girl Dolls

A memo was leaked last week from American Girl, a subsidiary of Mattel, stating that some of their "18" dolls will now feature the underwear as a permanent part of the cloth body, meaning it is no longer removable.  This change will affect our Truly Me Dolls, any new contemporary characters to come, and the historical characters Julie, Maryellen, and Melody, as the design of the underwear is consistent with each character's era... Some of the updated dolls with the sewn in underwear have begun shipping through the catalogue and will be available at retail as well.  This will be a rolling change. A physical sample will be on display in the near future." While we are unsure of the true origin of this idea, the memo states that "consumer research has shown that having the underwear fixed to the doll with make play easier for some and will ensure the underwear is less likely to be lost or need to be replaced."  There is a rumor that the underwear is being permanently attached due to the release of their first boy doll Logan on Feb 16th, but this has been proved false.  Another rumor states that this is happening in order to allow Mattel to sell American Girl in overseas markets where there are modestly laws in effect.  American girl denies this; however, the timing of the Dubai deal is very coincidental.  To summarize, this means that your dolls will have 2/3 tan bodies and 1/3 colored bodies.  The underwear will not be removable; it will be stitched into the body. The clothing one has already purchased is supposed to cover up the "underwear;” however, as we see with the change from PC dolls in 2007 to 2008, some clothes will be affected by the change.  We are asking Mattel to please stop the change to permanently sew in underwear on their 18”.  We understand the need to update the packaging to allow them to sell in Toys'R'Us and Khol's.  Collectors do not like the zip ties, but we understand that many people cut the strings making the dolls lose their heads.  Finally, we understand the requirement to open new markets and lowering quality of some items to fit the economics of those areas; however, we do not understand the change to sew on underwear.  Many children who have been polled via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have expressed their concern that their dollies will no longer be able to use the bathroom or take baths due to the attachment of the underwear.  Others have said they don't want the new dolls because they will look "weird."  Parents of special needs children state they often use American Girl dolls to teach their children about hygiene and importance of changing their clothes – especially underwear.  These parents find that the dolls in their original state are very relatable to their children; therefore, making them a highly helpful teaching tool for the fraction of the price of a medical doll.  They too are worried about the impact of this change to their children.  Finally, the first images of the actual doll a woman received prior to valentine's day show that the bottom of the doll is deformed.  Her doll looked like it had "droopy" underwear or a male body part at the bottom.  We do not feel this is healthy for girls to see nor is it appropriate for a doll of this price point to become deformed in transit or upon being played with for the first time. Those of us signing this petition love American Girl.  Many of us are long time collectors, and we love the rich history and heritage of the brand. We do not want to see our dolls changed in a way that makes them unappealing or confusing for our children.  After all, these dolls are meant to represent them and their history.  Let's not let "morality" clauses in other countries or a few pairs of lost underwear dictate how our children see themselves or play in the future.  Thank you for reading our petition, and we hope that you will consider our request.  

Amanda Van Sickle
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