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Help Save the Sydney Red Pill Screening

The Western Sydney Sceptic Society a campus social group, is trying to host the first Sydney screening of the documentary the Red Pill by Cassie Jaye. Back in early September, we applied for the academic screening package from our club's budget and it was finally approved two months later. However, it has now been decided by the Sport and Community Services Manager, the very same person that approved the purchase in the first place to now hold back from purchasing the screening package for unspecified reasons. It doesn't take a genius to figure out what those reasons are! No doubt everyone's come to the same conclusion and figured out by now that because of all the attention surrounding this screening the inevitable would happen! The reason for creating this petition is simple, to help the Sport and Community Services Manager decide whether or not to allow the Sceptic society to host this screening given the opinions from both sides, not just those that would attempt to dictate the terms in which we can view this film. You must promise us one thing, please be civil and respectful. No one's going to be swayed by the insulting ramblings from random people on the internet. If you want this screening to happen, then help us help you.  Remember! We all know what happened to Melbourne's first attempt in screening this film at the palace cinema and how much attention this film received because of it. If you are one of those people that called in or sent a complaint to have this screening stopped, you are only doing yourself and others that may have genuine criticisms towards this film a great disservice. Instead of enacting your own sense of censorship, try contacting us for a seat on the Q&A panel, we have plenty of room. So to recap, this event is not cancelled as of yet, we will notify everyone once the due date becomes close enough to have to either cancel or postpone because of this delay.  If proposed? At least this gives us plenty of time to raise the funds needed to bring Cassie Jaye to Sydney.            

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