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Donate a portion of proceeds from Anthony Bourdain's books to suicide prevention

The world was moved last week when chef and author Anthony Bourdain passed away from suicide. Bourdain changed hearts and minds around the world, and held up the best of local cultures wherever he traveled. He encouraged curiosity, taking risks, and living life with an open mind. After his passing, many of his books -- including his groundbreaking "Kitchen Confidential" -- have climbed up the bestseller charts. "Kitchen Confidential" is now among the highest selling books in the country. Anthony Bourdain's tragic passing has elevated a national conversation around suicide and suicide prevention. That's why this petition hopes to convince Amazon, the largest bookseller in the world, to take some of the proceeds they're making off of selling Anthony Bourdain books, and make a donation to suicide prevention. Will you join and support? Across the United States, chefs and businesses touched by Bourdain have started to donate part of their proceeds to suicide prevention. Restaurants in New York and California have pledged to donate a share of their June proceeds -- some of which could be tens of thousands of dollars -- to national suicide prevention efforts. Wouldn't it be great if Amazon were able to do the same thing? Thank you, Anthony Bourdain, for teaching us so much about the world and for leaving behind an incredible legacy of adventure, connection, and caring for one another no matter where we live in this world. Let's all pledge to do all we can to live with the same intention as Anthony. If you or a loved one is also in need of a conversation, or are struggling with depression or any kind of issue, please reach out to the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255 for help.

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Reinstate Funding for the NC Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Each year more than 1,000 people in North Carolina die from suicide. The current Republican proposed State budget has omitted all funding for the North Carolina Suicide Prevention Lifeline—a free and confidential service that helped 27,584 callers in emotional and suicidal crisis during the last 6 months of 2017. As a graduate student at Wake Forest University studying to become a Clinical Mental Health Counselor, I am deeply dismayed that Republican legislators didn't include the $350K needed to keep the local call center open. I'm asking you to join me in urging them to help save lives by funding the NC Suicide Prevention Lifeline. If they don't #KeepTheLineOpenNC, no more calls will be taken at the Greenville-based crisis calling center, effective July 1, 2018. Death by suicide and non-fatal, self-inflicted injuries from suicide attempts are a major public health crisis in North Carolina,  consistently ranking higher than the national average. According to a 2013 North Carolina Division of Public Health report, suicide is among the top five leading causes of death for residents between the ages of 15 to 54. From 2004 to 2011, 8,902 North Carolinians took their life, while 63,472 were treated in emergency rooms for self-inflicted injuries. Suicide also impacts North Carolina veterans and armed forces—men and women who have served our country with honor and duty. In times of emotional distress, NC veterans depend on both the Veterans Crisis Line and the North Carolina Prevention Lifeline. According to a 2018 special report by the Safe States Alliance, suicide ranked as the number one type of violent death among veterans and armed services in North Carolina from 2010-2014—five times higher than homicide. During this period, 1,109 suicides occurred. Having experienced a crisis within the last two weeks was the fourth ranking circumstance for North Carolina suicides in 2009-2011. The North Carolina Suicide Prevention Lifeline employs trained individuals who provide support for people in crisis; without this vital service, thousands of people in need may choose to end their life. As a future mental health counselor, I am committed to helping people in crisis recognize just how precious life is and will encourage them to live fulfilling, productive, meaningful lives. I am also committed to advocating for sustainable funding for public mental health services such as the Lifeline.  If you or someone you know is in suicidal crisis or emotional distress, call the toll-free, 24/7 National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, and you will be connected with your local crisis calling center: 1-800-273-8255.  

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Petition to Lids, Customers

Actions towards Lid's Homophobic Manager Malcolm Oatneal III

Lids is a hat store that serves the people their favorite team sport caps. One of the manager name Malcolm Oatneal III is homophobic.  He use to work at the twelve oaks mall lids then moved up to manager went to westland. He has sex with gay men beats them and laughs at their misery. Malcolm even supports Suicide. One of his ex boyfriend tried to commit suicide. And you can hear Malcolm saying on the phone "I show no pitty to anyone trying to kill themselves''. Malcolm is the same guy who beat this boy when people found out they were having gay sex.   Malcolm as you can see in the picture chased us out of the store and followed us out. And told one of my friends to get his fagget ass out of the store!   Here is Malcolm cussing his ex bf on the phone calling him a FAGGET AND DICK BOOTY NIGGA     Here is Malcolm who works at lids in westland    Here he is saying he does not pity anyone who commits suicide     IF LIDS SUPPORTS A HOMOPHOBIC MAN WE ARE PROTESTING. HE TRIED TO FIGHT IN THE STORE WHICH WE HAVE THE VIDEO OF HIM TRY FIGHT IN THE STORE   HE IS ON THE STORE PHONE SAYING HE DOES NOT PITY ANYONE WHO TRIES TO END THEIR OWN LIFE AN SUPPORTS SUICIDE   LIDS NEEDS TO WATCH WHO THEY HIRE AND REPRESENT THEIR BRAND!   AS YOU CAN SEE ON THE PIC MALCOLM PULLING UP HIS PANTS THAT WAS AFTER HE TRIED FIGHT IN STORE CHASED US OUT!!!!

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