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Petition to If enough people want me to start this Tinnitus research business, then I'll show this petition to potential investment companies!

Is there ENOUGH demand for me to start up a Tinnitus research business?

Note: if you suffer from Tinnitus, as I do, please send this link to any other friends you have who have Tinnitus too. I need to show potential investors that there is a demand for Tinnitus research! Thank you. Recent research shows that the cause of Tinnitus actually lies in many areas of the brain, more so than in the Cochlea where stereocilia are located. I'm planning on starting up a business that will do research on Tinnitus. It would be called "The Rochester (Minnesota) Tinnitus Project." But it's up to you: do you want me to? If enough people sign the petition, I can show it to potential investment companies. I don't think asking the NIH for federal grant money is the answer. Just look at the past: they don't give enough money for Tinnitus research. I can only assume that taxpayers aren't very interested in Tinnitus research. But I think that potential investors think, "Ringing in the ears? That doesn't kill anyone. It's not a serious illness." We know how wrong they are! It DOES kill: just go to Google and look at all of the suicides documented online. It IS a deadly disease! And there is NO proven treatment to make Tinnitus less severe. I should know: I have severe Tinnitus. According to history, people have been suffering with this for thousands of years. Every country in the world has Tinnitus support groups: I don't see that they're able to do much to support people who are suffering from this illness.  I'm going to do my part to try to get something achieved. So far, in my opinion, NOTHING HAS BEEN ACHIEVED by Tinnitus researchers. 

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Petition to National Bureau of Investigation

Suicide is a murder

How could you be whole in a broken place? In a place that craves change yet isn't wiling to do anything? Everyday, 121 people commit suicide and choose to end their journey. How many more lives should be taken for us to hear their cries?Falling asleep in the middle of the night knowing you were one of the reasons why. Welcome to our petition, to consider suicide as a murder. You can't judge what you don't understand and you can't give justice to someone who died with reasons unsaid. The  world already has been in chaos to the point that suicide has been a topic not given much attention though it should be. Don't push them to the edge, hope isn't dead. Some suicides deal with mental health but some deaths are because of something driving them to do it.  With the example of the case of Michelle Carter and her boyfriend: "A teenage girl who sent her boyfriend text messages encouraging him to kill himself asked a judge Friday to keep statements she made to police out of her involuntary manslaughter trial. The request was among almost two dozen motions filed by lawyers for Michelle Carter, now 19, in Taunton Juvenile Court, The Boston Globe reported"  To those who couldn't speak up for themselves; We, as young students use our voice to speak up for all those who lost hope along the way. Use yours to petition for us and give remembrance for those forgotten and cases not given justice. Our example is the case of Alfie Anido: "Alfie Anido died at a young age of 21 and just one day short before his 22nd birthday. Reports showed that Anido shot himself in his own house in Bel Air, Makati City. His death became controversial due to rumors that it was murder, which hindered closure on his suicide case that remained a mysterious issue until this present day. The homicide rumor was linked to his ex-girlfriend Katrina Enrile, the daughter of Juan Ponce Enrile who was the Defense Minister in Marcos’ time, the same time this suicide case happened. Several allegations pin-pointed Jack, Katrina’s brother to have shot Anido after a lover’s quarrel."    This is one example of the incompetency of the justice department when suicide comes to mind. Sign our petition for the voices that went silent will be heard once again.    Be the change you want to see in the world. Before it's too late.   

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Petition to person,

Help the people to know that depression is not a joke.

  I was one of them, them who felt like they want to end their lives. Sometimes, when i saw cars in the highway, the thought that i wanna get hit will suddenly came up, or i will be so preoccupied walking across the streets and then someone will pull me because i didn't know that i almost got killed, or at the train station, when the train is arriving, i just wanna jump off the railway to end all the misery. I always harm myself, i don't eat a lot, i cut my wrist and scars different part of my body. But the worst part of depression is losing the ones you love because they already gave up on you.  People will often tell you that "you're being too dramatic" but no! Depression is never a drama. It is a serious case that several person have been dealing of throughout the year and some depressed people are solving their own problem by killing their selves.  By being aware of what depression really is, and by opening your eyes and heart widely to these kind of people, the number of suicide case will decrease. Especially when your friend is suffering from this, you need to stay by his side throughout the stage, even though he thinks that no one is there for him, suddenly he will realize that someone cares for him, and with that, he will step by step be feel loved again. I am a proud survivor of depression. I hope more people who suffered from this will getover it. Because depression is never a joke.

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Petition to Georgia Governor, Georgia State House, Nathan Deal, Georgia State Senate, Donald Trump, Gerald Greene, Johnny Isakson, John Lewis, President of the United States, Lynn Westmoreland, Doug Collins, Tom Graves, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Valencia Seay,


We For The People Demand Justice We Demand The Arrest Of Tammy Parish Roger. We The People, Want All Charged Who Failed To Upheld Their Sworn Duties To Protect And Serve We The People For The People Demand The Arrest Of Biological Mom Tammy Parish Roger. Step Father Anthony Roger And All Whom Failed The Children From Law Enforcement To Child Protective Services To Family And Friends Whom Knew Abuse Was Occurring With All The Children,  We ask that all whom failed  to be charged with negligent homicide.Felony child abuse,felony child neglect , negligent homicide child endangerment  for the  role in Katelyn death. Anthony Roger we know in Katelyn's videos made sure all knew that Anthony groomed her and her siblings we also know that He Anthony told Katelyn to kill her self we also know he called Katelyn horrible names Tammy parish rogers is Katelyn moms full name, child abuse, child neglect, child endangerment, and neglect homicide charges filed against Tammy for Katelyn death and currently abusive to siblings photos on a family members instagram account was pictures of the siblings showing bruises on face and neck they was not shadows those photos was taken at a pre wedding in either Jan or February of 2017 also was a picture of Tammy with a black eye also not a shadow as some state when pictures was posted some people blew the photos up which displayed the bruises.  Why hasnt charges been filed how long does it take a detective to go thru Katelyn phone to see proof of all abuse and statements that Tammy admitted to about Anthony rogers step father touching her and siblings also facts of Tammy admitted to snorting and selling her pain pills so why no arrest I'll tell you law enforcement is family also child protection services are family.  We want arrest of Tammy Parish Rogers and convicted of all charges and remaining children placed in the care of a safe loving families.  Katelyn Nichole Davis, a 12-year-old from Polk County, Georgia killed herself on December 30th 2016. She hung herself in her front yard. Her body was not found for over 20 minutes.The mother, Tammy Michelle Rogers, knew of the abuse beforehand and knew that Katelyn had cut herself in a plea of someone to stop the abuse. Tammy also knew of the possible abuse to the two other children by her husband.We demand the children be placed into protective custody until the mother is fully investigated and proven to be a fit mother to her two remaining children. We need to know why the CPS and others did not look into the facts learned after this death of a 12 year old child. The step-dad should be charged with the death of Katelyn as his abuse drove her to killing herself. The mother should be charged as well as an accomplice in her suicide and felony child abuse, neglect and felony child endangerment charges for not doing the right thing. , Anthony Lee Rogers has been on Katelyn’s social accounts and deleting many items there to cover his tracks. We demand the police get this proof of abuse and charge him with tampering with evidence.It is bad enough when the legal system covers up their short comings by hiding behind a wall of silence. It is worst to allow the children to stay with a mother who cared so little about her daughter and only herself she allowed her husband to abuse the child into killing herself.Cops Investigate What Led to 12-Year-Old Girl's Suicide as They Plead for Death Video's Removalby Caitlin Nolan 3:46 PM EST, January 12, 2017 A 12-year-old Georgia girl took her own life after alleging she had been sexually and verbally abused by a family member, hanging herself in the yard of her family’s home as her cell phone broadcast the incident live on the internet. “I really am truly sorry for everything. But I can’t do this. I’m sorry,” Katelyn Nicole Davis says to the camera on December 30, crying and continuing to apologize before killing herself. The video continued to roll for about 20 minutes after Katelyn hanged herself, ending as her phone rings repeatedly and what sounds like someone in the distance calling her name. Police responded to the Cedartown home, rushing the preteen to Polk Medical Center where she was pronounced dead at about 6 p.m. The County Coroner will determine Katelyn’s official cause of death. Though their investigation initially focused on the manner of Katelyn’s death, police have since shifted to probing to what could have led to her taking her own life, The Polk Standard Journal reported. Polk County Police Chief Kenny Dodd told the Journal that allegations of abuse and attempted rape Katelyn posted in an online diary entry on December 27 are being investigated. In the entry, which was written under the pseudonym “Dolly” and has since been removed, the author alleges a male relative hit her with a studded belt and tried to rape her. In another entry posted that same day, “Dolly” — a name Katelyn was known to go by on the internet —brainstorms ways in which she can kill herself before writing she is suffering from depression and asking readers for advice on how to deal  “Katelyn was not a troubled child — she was very smart and she smiled when she was out of that house," neighbor Reianne Meadows told "It was the environment she was in. This isn’t about what she did — it’s about why she did it." Meadows said the young girl was often tasked with watching over her younger half-brother and half-sister in an allegedly volatile household. “From my house, you could stand in the front yard … and [her stepfather] could be heard screaming, yelling, cussing,” said Meadows, whose backyard abutted the side of Katelyn’s family’s home. “That night … I heard a loud howling noise coming from over there and saw two police cars and I thought nothing of it, just thought they were at it again. I then saw three more police cars, a fire truck and an ambulance. Then my husband called me and said a neighbor had come over, saying Katelyn had killed herself.” As of Wednesday, no criminal charges had been filed in connection to Katelyn’s death, Dodd told the Journal. has reached out for comment to the Polk County Police Department and the State of Georgia Division of Family and Children Services. Greg Teems, assistant superintendent for the Polk School District, said officials had no records indicating Katelyn might need counseling. "We didn’t have prior reports ... we didn't have anything that would tip us at school that this might be an occurrence," Teems said. "We take these matters very seriously ... it's a tragic event. We're talking about a very young student here." Counselors had been made available to Katelyn's schoolmates, he said. Read: Family Of Teen Tortured Live On Facebook: 'This Should Never Happen' "We're trying to help our students who are still trying to grasp this," Teems said. Attempts by to reach Katelyn’s family for comment were unsuccessful. Police had appealed to the community and internet users-at-large to refrain from viewing, mentioning or passing along the video of Katelyn’s death, which has since gone viral. “Out of respect for the family of the departed and for the deceased themselves, we respectfully request that the citizenry of Polk County and whoever might view or receive this message please help us out with this request,” police wrote on Facebook. Dodd had told Fox 5 that police contacted some of the sites hosting the video asking for it to be removed, but by law it does not have to be. “It’s just the common decent thing to do in my opinion,” Dodd said. One such site was Facebook, which a spokesperson for told they have removed the video and will continue to do so for as long as it continues to pop up on the site. Meadows also pleaded for the permanent deletion of the video. "Please stop circulating this," Meadows said. "The fact that that was a little girl, crying out ... care about this little girl’s memory."  It will be next to impossible to get murder charges to stick due to the legal definition of murder. It is defined as "the willful taking of another life." Issue is, her parents may have driven her suicide, but did not actually kill her themselves. At best, we could get child neglect resulting in death, physical and emotional abuse.

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