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Petition to Berkeley County School District, Whitesville Elementary

Keep Ms. Kimmel

Nine short months ago a class of fourth graders met their new teacher, Ms. Kimmel. They were no longer simply students but a "Pirate Crew." Ms. Kimmel created an environment that was safe and expressive. She taught them to "let their moral compass be their guide;" she taught them not only how to be successful students but how to be respectful individuals.  She has created a single unit in a classroom of students who were strangers.  Bullying doesn't happen amongst the class because they are family and constantly support and care for one another. She taught outside the given "norm" and challenged her students continuously.  These students have been thriving and growing by leaps and bounds as a result of her teaching methods. She also tutors students on her own time without pay because the students succeeding are more important to her than charging for tutoring as other teachers do. So many times we read or hear about exceptional teachers, Ms. Kimmel is one of them. Sadly, the school administration and school board don't agree with the parents on this matter. Ms Kimmel was put on administrative leave as of yesterday. She wasn't allowed to tell the students anything, simply removed from the classroom. Even worse, the class now will be divided into the remaining fourth grade classes, causing emotional stress to the kids. Parents want answers. Students want their teacher. We all want the year to end the way it started-One Captain, one Crew. Keep Ms. Kimmel!

Sarah Crisp
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Petition to Robert Rodriguez, Catherine Nolan, Carl Heastie, Joseph Addabbo, Jesse Hamilton, John Flanagan, Marcos Crespo, Nick Perry

Empower New York students with culturally responsive teachers!

Our goal is 1,000 signatures. [Updated 4/20] Currently, between paper & this, we have about 500.  Share this petition with as many people as you can to get us there! We live in one of the most diverse states in the world, but this diversity is not reflected in school curricula. Every year, thousands of teachers enter their classrooms unprepared to respond to the diverse experiences and cultural backgrounds of their students. In the end, many students do not have a culturally responsive education. This gap is where we believe students need culturally responsive teaching (CRT). Culturally responsive teachers affirm and engage with their students' multi-dimensional identities. Culturally responsive teachers incorporate the diverse experiences and backgrounds of their students into their lessons, promote critical thinking, and empower students to lead the changes they aspire to see in their communities. CRT is important because... Students are provided with the skills necessary to think critically about society and activated to seek civic ways to make changes in their community. Students' identities and experiences are incorporated through all aspects of their education. Teachers are able to build meaningful relationships with students and parents because they understand, honor and respect the diverse experiences and identities of their students and parents. All students have an opportunity to learn about the accomplishments of people from various backgrounds. To open the door for New York students to have culturally responsive teachers, the New York State Legislature needs to pass State Assembly Bill Number A4710 sponsored by Assembly Member Robert Rodriguez (D). This bill mandates the Department of Education to: Offer professional development in culturally responsive teaching four times a year. This development includes teacher training on understanding and responding to the different experiences of students & parents, developing culturally responsive lesson plans & undoing implicit bias Put these professional development opportunities on its website We believe the following Priority Supporters can make this bill a reality: Robert Rodriguez, Bill Assembly Sponsor Carl Heastie, Speaker of the Assembly Cathy Nolan, Assembly Member & Ed. Chair Joseph Addabo, Senator on Ed. Committee Jesse Hamilton, Senator on Ed. Committee Jeffrey Klein, Senate Coalition Leader & IDC Leader John J. Flanagan, Temporary President & Majority Leader of the Senate Marcos Crespo, Chair of the Assembly Puerto Rican/Hispanic Task Force N. Nick Perry, Chair of the Assembly Black, Puerto Rican, Hispanic & Asian Legislative Caucus

Sabine Chishty
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Petition to Myong Leigh, Ramon Martinez, Shamann Walton, Bill Sanderson, Han Phung

Improve the social & academic outcomes at Wallenberg by working together!

We want Wallenberg High School to be THE school of choice for students past, present and future.  Let's work together as one community (students, families, staff and administration) to increase safety and academics and reverse the decline we have witnessed over the past years.   Some of our most active parents and students -- who have spent countless hours fundraising and putting on events for students, staff & families -- are met with resistance by the Principal when it comes to increasing avenues of communications & transparency. And others as part of the SSC have been unable to stop the increased spend in administrative staff at the detriment of supporting our teachers in the classroom.  Throughout this, a lack of collaboration and input have become the norm -- and items such as discipline, academic standards and forced diversity in student elections are at best reluctantly addressed and only when escalated.  Students are not getting a voice in the the classes they want and require for college.  We stakeholders believe Wallenberg is in a state of decline in social and academic outcomes and seek your help to help turn this trajectory around.   In the digital age, we cannot let the current school site administration suppress our avenues of communication and collaboration.  We want to make Wallenberg a safe, diverse and high achieving school.  To do so we deserve a voice.  And we deserve a change.  

Annie Ogata
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