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Petition to Waupun High School

Allow High School Students To Take Their Dates To The Dance

So I recently attended a Dance with my girlfriend who is not in high school she's a year off. Well we were pulled aside after an hour of us being there. The supervisor said "You guys have got to go you can talk to the vice principal but if not then you have to go". So I walked over to her and started to plead the case of how not only she is the age of majority of the freshman and how we weren't bothering anyone and most of her friends are in 9th grade. She then says we can take our case up with the principal of the school Steve Lenz. So she goes to get him and shortly Mr. Lenz and the school liaison officer Jason Hraban come out and start talking to us about how she is in 8th grade and it's a high school dance. I then bring all the previous points back up and how they allow people who are 20 years old into the dances and again how she is as old and was technically supposed to be a freshman herself. After about 10 minutes of trying to allow them even the rest of the dance they say no and make us go home. They refunded me the money I paid to get in but made us go outside and have to call our ride. With a "It's Nothing Personal". I feel as if not only they discouraged us from being a couple,but I also feel as if this should be changed. I am unable to take her to prom at this rate since they are so unwilling to budge with their judgement. I don't think one of the most important dances should be taken away from anyone due to a very miniscule age gap since they themselves probably have an age gap that is 5x greater than our relationship itself. Any help with this petition will hopefully help see the error of the system they have set and allow couples to attend these events and enjoy their night rather than being kicked out in the middle of winter. After all It's a Junior/Senior High School Meaning grades 7-12 may attend so everyone interacts with each other. If anything make it based off age instead of grade. Thank you for your time.

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Petition to Los Angeles Department of Transportation, Board of Commissioners, Glenda Y. Silv President, Tafarai Bayne Vice President, Nicole Chase Member, Rudy Espinoza Member, Eric R. Eisenberg Member, Cris Liban Member, John Ly Member


On January 12, 2017, a car traveling southbound in the right lane on Overland Avenue in Los Angeles was struck by a northbound vehicle tuning left on Ashby Avenue. The car ran up onto the sidewalk and crashed into the house at the southwest corner where, earlier that day, a group of Overland Avenue Elementary students and parents waited with a crossing guard. It was the third accident in one month. In each case, a car crashed onto the corner sidewalk where, twice each day during the school year, as many as 200 children and their parents gather to cross the street on their way to and from school. These weren’t isolated incidents. Since the Overland Avenue expansion, the intersection at Overland and Ashby has become one of the most dangerous in Los Angeles, with dozens of accidents in the past year alone. It’s only a matter of time before crashes like these will injure or kill children and parents. Parents have repeatedly contacted the offices of Councilmember Paul Koretz and the Board of Transportation, yet nothing has been done. Now we, the parents of Overland Avenue Elementary students and concerned local citizens, demand that the Board of Transportation immediately take the following measures to remedy this situation: Install barriers on the four corners of the intersection. Add a second crossing guard to the alternative crosswalk at Northvale and Overland. Close the right-hand lanes to traffic during school hours.  Install traffic arrows for cars traveling east and west. Without these actions, mass tragedy isn’t a question of if—but when. Sincerely,Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff and Jennifer GraysonOverland Avenue Elementary Parents photo credit:

Rachel Sarnoff
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