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Petition to Diamond Bar High School Administration

Diamond Bar High School must increase school shooting preparation

On Friday, August 17, 2018, near the close of the “Branding Iron” football game at Diamond Bar High School, a false threat of an active shooter spread on social media and eventually through the crowd. The ensuing panic resulted in a stampede as people instinctively rushed out of the school stadium. Several injuries were reported in the midst of all the chaos. In this post-Columbine era, our place of education has become a soft target for terrorists. For us to acknowledge this reality is important, but more so is the action we take to prevent, and also prepare for, such an attack. After the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, the Diamond Bar High School administration assured students and parents that actions would be taken to strengthen security on campus and necessary preparations would be made for if a shooting incident did occur. While the school has taken a few steps in improving safety, these preparations have been severely inadequate under the strain of a real emergency. We, the undersigned students and parents of Diamond Bar High School, thus demand the following reforms for our safety and security on campus: 1. Evacuation plans and procedures for all major events.With a student body of nearly 3,000, large events like the Branding Iron game or July 4th fireworks show are often packed with thousands of attendees. What we saw at the Branding Iron game was the consequence of a lack of proper evacuation plans and procedures. As the cry of a shooter spread through the crowd, chaos erupted. We understand that to calm a crowd fearing for their lives is a near-impossible task. But this time there was no shooter. If there had been gunshots, the situation would have been even less manageable. We cannot simply accept that security at these large events is too difficult so no progress can be made. We need to have trained staff and police officers who have evacuation plans at all major events. At the game, there seemed to be no uniform emergency plan that was initiated. Security yelled for people to duck and cover. Staff and officers did their best to evacuate as many people as possible and shelter those still in the stadium. But our best was clearly not enough to prevent the injuries that occurred. The school must reexamine the present security apparatus at major events, increase staff and security presence, and form evacuation and contingency plans for such emergencies. 2. Proper active shooter drills and mandatory assembly on what to do during a shooting.In the past year, DBHS has not had a single active shooter drill. Students are wholly unaware of how to protect themselves and their peers in the event of an active shooter. We have had a few lock-down drills, but most teachers simply turn off the lights, lock the door, and continue teaching their class. Most students are not informed of the defensive options available in their classroom or the proper course of action in such a scenario. It is imperative that the school administration take an active role in ensuring that active shooter drills are properly simulated to ensure students are prepared for an emergency. We also demand mandatory assemblies to be organized by the school where grade level counselors and, optimally, a police officer explain the proper procedures and actions in the event of a shooting. Our school overviews basic rules and regulations each year at a “Due Process” meeting, we must also have an annual assembly dedicated solely to school safety and preparation. 3. Every teacher must have a plan for their classes in the event of an active shooter and should go over it with their students. The school shooter subject is a sensitive matter to address in the classroom, but it is a necessary one. In the past (first) week of school, only a few teachers have addressed the issue and had a serious conversation with students about evacuation plans for the specific class. Even fewer teachers have overviewed potential safety positions in their classroom and possible items to be used as weapons in the event a shooter is on campus during school hours. This issue must be addressed directly by every teacher to ensure that students are fully prepared for an emergency on campus. We recognize the school administration to be a partner in this initiative and hope to work constructively with them in implementing these reforms.

Hamzah Daud
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Petition to Arthur F. Golden, '66, Kareem I. Muhammad ’01

Retain Student Control Over the Rensselaer Union

On September 27, 2017, Chairman of the RPI Board of Trustees, Arthur F. Golden '66, J.D., sent a message to the RPI community. Following three unsuccessful attempts, beginning in 2016, to remove student control from the historic Rensselaer Student Union, Arthur F. Golden informed the RPI community that RPI President, the Honorable Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson, Ph.D., had been granted the sole authority with respect to "...any decisions on the hiring, formal reporting line, removal, and other terms and conditions of employment of the Director of the Union," effectively disregarding any power the Rensselaer Union Constitution and Student Government once had.  Students were not consulted about these changes.  For the first time in 127 years, the successfully student-run Rensselaer Union has ceased to be operated by students. Yes, the building is still there, the clubs, organizations, and intramural sports still exist, services like banking and dining remain operational, and study spaces and meeting rooms are available, but the student experience will soon become a shell of what it once was. There will be no more freedom, no more meaningful choices, no more risk-taking opportunities like starting a club or hosting a specific event, no real say in what matters.   The student experience born from a student-run union and treasured by so many RPI alumni and students may soon no longer exist.  Students will not have the power or control to shape the present and future of their Union.  The RPI community must unite and fight before our beloved cornerstone of the student experience is lost forever! Please sign and share this petition if you disagree with the Board of Trustees’ recent decisions to give Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson unilateral control over the Director of the Union position and to allow the Union Constitution and 127 years of Rensselaer Union tradition to be trampled.  Let’s send the RPI Administration and Dr. Jackson a collective message of our own: our unwavering support of a student-run Rensselaer Union. Visit and for the most up-to-date content.

Stephen VanRensselaer
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