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Petition to Marc Tessier-Lavigne, Lauren Schoenthaler, Greg Boardman, Persis Drell, Lisa Lapin, Catherine Glaze, Chris Griffith, Susan Fleischmann, Kristin Kreple

Stanford University: Reinstate Crystal Riggins

On January 31st, Stanford University terminated lawyer Crystal Riggins, one of six Stanford-sponsored Title IX attorneys, after she publicly criticized Stanford’s Title IX Process. On December 29th, Riggins was quoted in a New York Times article concerning a previous Stanford Title IX case: “‘It is frustrating because universities should be getting this right, and they are not, and the idea that they can keep pushing this under the rug doesn’t make the campus any safer, as we keep seeing as these incidents come to light,’ said Crystal Riggins, a lawyer who has represented accusers at Stanford. ‘The process is complex and takes a long time. It is very difficult to get a 3-0 decision from a panel, and these young women are terrified and traumatized and just want it to be done.’” Citing Riggins’ criticism of Stanford’s Title IX process, Lauren Schoenthaler, Stanford’s previous General Counsel attorney and current Stanford administrator told Riggins via email: “‘Given your stated lack of confidence… it does not make sense for the university to continue to refer our students to you.’” According to Stanford’s Title IX policy, students involved in a Title IX investigation are allowed nine free hours of counsel by a university-approved attorney. Riggins, an equity partner at Hoge Fenton, was one of these six university-approved attorneys - and the only one who exclusively represented survivors of sexual assault. Three of the five remaining lawyers on the list exclusively represent alleged perpetrators, and two are criminal defense attorneys who represent accused sex offenders in their private practices but are willing to represent both parties at Stanford. Riggins’ critique of the process was an acknowledgement of the deficiencies she witnessed while representing victims of sexual assault in the Title IX process. However, Stanford University officials deemed these comments “disappointing” and thus deemed Riggins unsuitable for university sponsorship and payment. Based on Riggins’ comments that highlighted concerns with the Title IX policy, we believe Stanford inappropriately, and in a retaliatory manner, terminated the relationship with Riggins. By censoring lawyers, Stanford is abridging freedom of speech. As an institution of higher education that encourages diversity of opinion, we the students are also “disappointed” that the university would take such an extreme measure to silence any critique of its policies or actions. However, we are not surprised by these actions based on Stanford’s history of retaliation. Stanford’s response to this situation has been disingenuous at best. Stanford spokesperson Lisa Lapin told the Stanford Daily that Stanford did not terminate Riggins in retaliation for her comments but because the university had “lost confidence in her ability to represent our students.” But Schoenthaler’s email is very clear that Riggins was terminated as a result of her public comments to the New York Times that were critical of Stanford’s process. Students are not persuaded by Lapin’s “alternative facts.” We believe that rather than being terminated, Riggins should be commended for speaking out in a way that she feels is in the interests of her clients even in the face of retaliation. Stanford University should not take actions to silence lawyers, both affiliated and not affiliated with the university. Doing so creates a silencing effect on any opinion criticizing university policy. We call for Stanford University to: Reinstate Riggins as a Stanford-sponsored Title IX attorney, effective immediately. We demand that Provost Persis Drell and President Marc Tessier Lavigne immediately reinstate Riggins as an approved attorney and continue to recommend her to victims of sexual assault. We request that Provost Drell meet with Riggins to seriously discuss and address her concerns about the Title IX process, and to work collaboratively with Riggins and all attorneys who represented Stanford students in the process. This is necessary to ensure fairness for all students. We expect Stanford to respond to these demands and take actions to reinstate Riggins in a timely manner. Retaliation has no place at Stanford University. We expect better. In Solidarity,Stanford Association of Students for Sexual Assault Prevention (ASAP)

Stanford Association of Students for Sexual Assault Prevention (ASAP)
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Petition to Michelle Julene, Senior Planner, East Bay Regional Park District

Save Sacred Site - Hear the Call - Mission Peaks Site Threatened

URGENT What if your family members were about to be taken from their burial sites?  Yet again, Ohlone Indian remains are on the verge of being unearthed and relocated to an unacceptable resting place, the University of California Museum of Paleontology.  In the words of investigators, “Native American remains have been identified.”  Nevertheless, planners dredge forward. What if these were your family members?  I sit here tonight reading a 484 page Environmental Impact Report that is making me simply nauseous. Nevertheless I believe!!! YOU can change hearts. Share a comment. PLEASE TAKE A SECOND TO LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD.  Time is of the essence. On behalf of the Confederation of Ohlone people and their allies, I am asking those who see this as offensive to sign an online petition.  Let the Mission Peak Regional Park “Preserve” know that you oppose the construction of restrooms and parking over KNOWN and well documented Ohlone burial and village site. YOU can make a difference! I have been told that the only way to stop this is that if enough people, from all walks of life, show their disappointment with the lack of creative options that the planners of the “preserve” have offered. Let’s demand a solution that does not include such offensive action. The Ohlone people do not want their ancestors removed, studied or otherwise disturbed as suggested by the Environmental Impact Report.

Confederation of Ohlone People
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Petition to Superior court of California, State of California Commission on Judicial Performance

UPDATE: Join Official Brock Turner Rape Judge Recall Movement

Latest Update: This m-f'er just gave a Latino immigrant 3 years in state prison for a similar offense.  We need to donate NOW to the official campaign to recall him led by Stanford law professor Michele Landis Dauber. Yesterday Persky was removed from a new sexual assault case because of our protests. In order for him to be recalled from the bench altogether, there needs to be a legal petition to get that onto the next ballot (November). 70,000 in-person signatures have to be gathered.   Stanford Law professor Michele Landis Dauber has launched an official site for the recall effort, please sign up here to continue being updated on how you can support. Our outrage IS being heard and IS having an effect, but if it fades away into short-attention-span Internet activism, it will not work. If you live outside of Santa Clara, the best thing you can do is continue to deluge the State of California Commission on Judicial Performance with complaints about Persky's ethics violation (Bias/appearing to show bias toward a particular class). This inaccurate and negative Buzzfeed piece should not be given credence when it says nothing can be done about Persky. Concerted and sustained effort WILL make our political process work. Watch this space for ways to help the recall effort if you live outside Santa Clara.  Instructions at the end Brock Allen Turner is the Stanford swimmer who was convicted of 3 counts of sexual assault (he was caught in the act by witnesses) but was only sentenced to 6 months in jail because Judge Aaron Persky was concerned about the "impact" jail time would have on his future. Meanwhile his victim is sentenced to a life of trying to overcome trauma and regain a sense of safety and self-worth. This judge is dangerous and those who abet rapists should not have a place in our judicial system. This is important because we have a rare chance to actually consequence rapist-protector Aaron Persky and send a message to other judges that they can't get away with this. More info on Judge Persky: This is not the only time he has shown bias in favor of student athletes. He was even a part of the athletics program at Stanford as a lacrosse coach. His inability to remain impartial in the face of his personal prejudices is well-established. The powerful letter the victim read aloud in court can be read here.  To file a complaint:  Fill out this form, print out, and mail. What to write: Date, Name, Phone Number, AddressAttorney's Name: N/AAttorney's Phone Number: N/ACourt: SuperiorCounty: Santa ClaraName of case and case number: THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA vs. BROCK ALLEN TURNER, Case no. B1577162Please specify what action or behavior of the judge... is the basis of your complaint: Appearance of bias toward a particular class: Persky sentenced fellow Stanford alumnus and athlete to an unusually lenient sentence of 6 months for a unanimously guilty verdict on three counts of sexual assault. Despite Mr Turner being caught in the act. Inappropriate comments on the bench: "a prison sentence would have a severe impact on him ( Brock Turner)" in relation to why this convicted criminal would serve such a short sentence. Present: Judge Aaron Persky, District Attorney Jeff Rosen, Defense Attorney Mike Armstrong, Brock Allen Turner, Jane Doe, others. Print out and mail to:Commission on Judicial Performance455 Golden Gate Avenue, Suite 14400San Francisco CA, 91402 PS: Another petition to have Persky removed, this one to State Senator.

Mya Stark
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Petition to President John Hennessy, Lisa Lapin, Cathy Glaze, John Etchemendy

Stanford: Release The Names of Rapists

Brock Turner is a rapist. We know he’s a rapist; he was caught in the act and convicted in a court of law. But were it not for two random passersby, Turner would still be a Stanford student and still be preying upon other students. The majority of serial rapists found responsible by Stanford remain on campus, neither punished nor publicly known. But #StanfordKnows who they are. One student is sexually assaulted every two weeks at Stanford. I’m afraid for my safety, knowing how many of my friends have suffered from sexual violence and coercion at the hands of my classmates. Stanford has a list of names of students who are responsible for sexual assault and misconduct under Title IX. Cases in which a perpetrator is found responsible usually require multiple victims coming forward about the same offender. Despite the high barrier of proof used in these investigations, despite the university’s certain knowledge that these people are threats, Stanford keeps this knowledge a secret. Sign our petition and demand that Stanford release the names of sexual offenders that it has found responsible of sexual assault. The truth is, we don’t know who is dangerous, whose innocent-seeming invitation to hang out may turn into a nonconsensual nightmare. But Stanford knows. At the moment, this information can only be circulated in whispers among survivors. And, though legally allowed by FERPA to release the names of people found responsible for sexual assault and misconduct by Title IX, Stanford knowingly hides this information. We believe that Stanford chooses not to release these statistics because they would confirm what survivors on campus already know: numerous serial assaulters continue to live anonymously in dorms with the university’s knowledge of their pattern of assault. Stanford publicly claims that expulsion is the default for people found guilty of sexual assault by Title IX. But the school has an alarmingly narrow definition of sexual assault, grouping all other consent violations, even those the state of California recognizes as rape, in the nebulous category of “sexual misconduct.” What happens in the cases of sexual assault and sexual misconduct that do not result in expulsion? For the protection of its students, Stanford must act to make the identity of individuals found responsible of sexual assault and sexual misconduct known within the student body. This is an issue of campus safety: it leaves the entire community vulnerable to attacks from individuals who have been found responsible by Stanford.   We walk this campus afraid for our own safety and the safety of our friends. We do not know who to trust. How can we regard this campus as our home when we unknowingly live, study, and socialize with predators found responsible by Stanford itself?   Demand that Stanford keep us safe. Sign this petition and use #StanfordKnows to show your support.  

Stanford Survivor Solidarity Network
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