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Altering K-12 Athletic Uniforms To Keep Privates Private!

After much consideration, I chose to upset my middle school daughter today when I told her she couldn’t participate in sports next year unless the hemlines are changed. Someone please explain to me how there's strict dress code policies in the classroom, but not enforced while students represent their schools on the court?Why are millions of underage kids being forced to make the tough decision to expose their bodies if they want to join certain athletics teams? How is it possible young women are getting sent home for breaking the rules during the day, yet have an open invitation to continually bend over with hormonal boys and grown men watching behind them?  What’s with the double standard? Where are all the adults advocating for these kids? Schools make sure to conduct "Play it Safe" programs, but where's the follow through? What happened to keeping private parts private?... or is that just it? Have become a society that celebrates our girls flaunting what they've got?! If not, why is that the message we've been sending them? When will we realize we get what we allow? We're the reason sex is being sold wherever we go. It doesn't have to be that way. The solution is an easy fix. Please use your voices and authority to make this change happen. Help us obtain a victory that produces a domino effect around the globe. "To be the change we want to see in this world," we must reflect the opposite. That's why Change the Be was started. It's time to stop wishing things would change and start doing something about it!  If you’ve had enough of extracurricular activity uniforms being out of school dress code: Rise up, sign this petition, and share with your friends. Thank you for spreading action and making a positive difference in the lives around you!

Change the Be
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Petition to Lauren Glynn, William Diaz, Finizio Joseph

Stand Up Against Over-sexualization of Teenage Girls

This is a petition against the high school administrators, who condone the sexualization and objectification of the bodies of young female high school students by enforcing the school dress code. We stand up against the restrictions placed on us by the idea of us being the provokers, when in fact we are victims of society’s over-sexualization of our bodies. We propose that it is not our responsibility or fault for how others look at us. As a matter of fact, boys and especially grown adult men or women should not see girls exposing their legs and shoulders as sexual. If they do, it is their problem and not ours. If they believe that boys will truly get distracted by the scandalous exposure of our legs, we encourage the administrators to simply ask boy’s about their opinions. We guarantee that no boys will agree that girls wearing shorts are distracting. They could care less about it. The accusation boys not being able to control their “urges” is also an insult to them, since that implies that that they have no self-control comparable to wild animals. Furthermore, placing this blame on us supports the idea that we are responsible for any assault and unwanted attention, because we are “asking for it” by wearing our summer clothes. Girls wears shorts because it's hot, if that was not already obvious. For us to be pulled aside and even get sent home for our attire is a waste of not only our time but also yours. Additionally, shorts that goes down out mid thigh and to our knees are hard to find in popular clothing stores such as Forever 21, H&M, Urban Outfitters, and Abercrombie & Fitch. They have gone out of style, and we should not be forced to go hunt for them for the sake of the school’s unreasonable dress code. This proposition is not to say we want to show off our buttocks, we merely strive to be able to wear what is appropriate for the hot weather. We hope that the sheer number of people made up of parents, students, and other adults who agree with our stance will open your eyes on how unjust, irrational, and sexist the current dress code is.  

Fort Lee Girls
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Petition to Evan Spiegel

Stop Snapchat from using sex to make money

  "19 Unicorn Sex Toys That Will Make Your Love Life Magical" "8 Things Lesbians Get About Sex That Straight People Don't" "I Tried 5 Flavored Lubes- Here's The Surprising Winner" "Why the Satanic Temple Has Become so Popular" -------Snapchat's Cosmopolitan advertising stories for 5/16/2017 Dear Evan Spiegel (CEO of Snapchat), Though I admire your entrepreneurial spirit and creativity I discredit it all due to the manner in which you choose to monetize your app. I have been bothered by your chosen advertising content on Snapchat for quite some time. I, like you, am an entrepreneur. I am about the same age as you (26). I am not as successful as you, and my net worth will never be as high as yours, but my businesses' will always be run with more integrity. The stories that are displayed at the bottom of your app are visible to young children. My 10 year old sister uses Snapchat regularly and it saddens me to know the type of things you expose her to on the regular. The majority of your app users are young teenagers or adolescents. You are molding their minds everyday by choosing to advertise with Cosmopolitan, Now This, Vice, Refinery29. You are a young guy with a lot of power. You are molding certain people's children more than their parent's are. Why do you choose to allow such explicit sexual content on your app? I know it sells well, but is money your only driving force in life. Your app is amazing, and I use it regularly, but I want you to know you are poisoning the minds of adolescents about the reality of love and relationships, about politics, and about reality. I would ask you to kindly monitor what you allow on your app and use more integrity in your business practices. Tanner

Tanner Kuhn
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Petition to Steve Shiffman, Manny Chirico, Melisa Goldie

Take Down Sexist Billboard In NYC

Earlier this month, apparel and underwear brand Calvin Klein put up a new billboard advertisement in Soho, New York City for its Spring 2016 #MyCalvins campaign. We are asking that the CEO and management at Calvin Klein (and their parent PVH Corp.) do the right thing and remove this offensive billboard IMMEDIATELY. The advertisement shows actress Klara Kristin in her Calvins with the text “I seduce in #mycalvins”, directly alongside male rapper Fetty Wap with the text “I make money in #mycalvins”. The billboard propagates an archaic and offensive gender stereotype that women are nothing more than sexual objects, while men are the breadwinners. Calvin Klein has a vast assortment of content for this campaign, so we find it appalling that the company chose to put these two images side by side in one of the most highly visible intersections in the country. Is the message of Calvin Klein that women are only good for seduction? Are we stuck in the 1950s? Are these the values of the Calvin Klein brand? We believe women can do anything, and that we should take every possible opportunity to teach and remind all women of that. Anything less, in this day and age, is irresponsible marketing. We should be illustrating that women do more than simply “seduce”. At ThirdLove we believe that no matter the different roles a woman takes on during the day, her lingerie should make her feel confident, sexy and ready to be the best at her job, as a friend, wife or partner, mom, or CEO of a company. We're not the only ones shocked by Calvin Klein. A mere 2.6 miles from their headquarters, New Yorkers we interviewed had plenty to say. We are asking that Calvin Klein do the right thing and remove this offensive billboard. And recognize your customers for who they really are: amazing women who can do anything. Women deserve more respect, and they certainly deserve more than what they’re getting from companies like Calvin Klein. #MoreThanMyUnderwear #NotInMyCalvins

Heidi Zak
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