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Urge Congress to Support Common Sense Rape Survivor Rights

On a brisk October afternoon, I left for an appointment at a rape crisis center. Fifteen minutes later, I faced a challenge more daunting than the rape that brought me there: America's unequal justice system for rape survivors.I struggled to have my basic rights recognized by the criminal justice system. Through my fight, I learned that survivor rights are not equal across the US. Over forty states have backlogs in untested kits. Some states do not cover the full medical expenses of a kit, leaving survivors to pay their own way towards justice.A handful of states don’t even notify the survivor when they permanently dispose of a rape kit. Instead, different states provide different rights. Even worse, no states provide survivors with all of the common-sense rights they deserve.My fight is not mine alone. Instead, it is a crisis for 25 million survivors across America, and I've come together with citizens, advocates, and legislators to do something about it. We're fighting for a comprehensive Bill of Rights for all survivors, including: The right to be notified of your rights in clear language The right to know your own medical information from your own rape kit The right not to have to pay for your own rape kit The right to a copy of your own police report After my experience, I wanted to help others. So I started an organization called Rise, dedicated to protecting the rights of sexual assault survivors. Today, we're close to an important victory. We've introduced legislation in the U.S. Congress that would help protect these rights across our country, so that justice does not depend on geography. But we need your help.Join us by signing this petition and calling on your Senators and Representatives to pass this important legislation now. Amanda Nguyen President & Founder, Rise

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Rape Should Be a Captital Offense

Growing up in the middle class as a "stereotypical" white male one might assume that this person would be inclined to act "as boys do". This excuse is not only untrue but also quite offensive to people in this social demographic. Having lived my whole life under this alias I can say with 100% certainty that never once in my life has rape or sexual assault/abuse ever appealed to me.  I wanted to start a shift in culture to start recognizing two main things; first that not all young white men are rapists/abusers, and second that those that are should be punished for their crimes.  Looking first at the stereotype we realize why this has come out. An indipeninde study shows that 57% of these cases are committed by whites. This same study found that 50% are over the age of 30. ( So yes, there is a basis for the claim. However, it is up to those of us within that demographic to change it. Make sure that those around you are safe. Reach out to the women (and others) in your life. Give them a safe place to be honest. It is easier for someone to confide in someone they trust first, be that person to them and the stigma will crumble. Those of us that are as disgusted by the act as I am need to speak up. Make it a conversation in your family abd friend circle. Let people know that if someone ever tried to harm them that you are the person to turn to. They will need that and we owe it to ourselves to but a wall between the those that commit these crimes and us who just fit the profile.  The recent administration has brought a lot of concerning social issues to light. Setting aside the bullying, racism, bigotry, lying, and countless other issues expressed by Trump and other Republican officials, I wanted to focus on a major issue that seems to go unnoticed by some. The act of sexual abuse/assault on an individual (regardless of gender/identification) is an act that is more heinous than murder. Surprising to think so but when you break down the acts you realize why I am claiming this. In the case of rape, we are looking at a victim that has not only had physical abuse to their person but a metal attack as well. Species are wired to enjoy and use sex as a shared experience to strengthen the trust and bond between two or more organisms. When someone violates that trust in the form of sexual assault you have now stripped away their most fundamental basis for confidence and trust in this world.   Having that taken away leaves them vulnerable to other forms of abuse; many of which are mental, and drug abuse. This attack is then strengthened by the current culture and government, dismissing and blaming victims for the crime. Using insulting excuses like "her dress was revealing" and "she was basically asking for it". The combination of a physical attack and the continued enforcement by culture makes it nearly impossible for someone to come forward and attempt to heal from this. Many of which are driven to suicide as a way to stop the feeling of shame and hopefully spare their loved ones the truth.  It is for these reasons that I believe we need to take a stand to make rape a capital offense. As a society, we need to take a stand against this, we cannot stand by silently while those around us suffer. If they cannot be the voice then we need to be there for them. Rape is a crime deserving of only one outcome, life in prison or death. If we are strong and harsh with these punishments I am hopeful that more people will feel safe enough to come forward knowing that the system will give them justice.   

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