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Petition to Illinois Governor, Illinois State Senate, Illinois State House

Consideration for victims of Sexual Assault.

Victims of sexual assault have suffered tremendously. They rarely report their assault because of fear, stigma, lack of education, lack of support, and lack of Justice.  After reporting my sexual assualt while still within the Illinois Statute of limitations I found out first hand why many don't report or soon drop their case after reporting.  First victims must tell officers and sometimes doctors exactly what happened to file a report. Then they have to go over the details again with the State's Attorney's office if they want a chance of Justice. They are then told it could take months maybe a year to make a decision on whether it can be prosecuted. Then if they want to have protection from the person who sexually assaulted them, they have to petition for an order of protection. To do this after filling out paperwork they have to go over the details of their assault in front of not only a judge, but also other citizens petitioning for orders of protection. There is no separation.  The chances of getting an order of protection are slim because the petitionor has the burder of proof and it is very hard to prove rape. So there is very little legal protection for sexual assault survivors, adding to the fear of retaliation.  Then if they deny the emergency order of protection the victim has to go to court sometimes multiple times for a plenary hearing for an order of protection. At which time the survivor of sexual assault has to go over the details of the assault again with no separation between citizens petitioning and objecting to orders of protection.   They can be harrassed, threatened, and intimidated by their rapist and unless they have evidence such as camera proof no legal protection is afforded to them.  If they actually survive this tramatic experience they might then get their chance at court for the actual sexual assault. The chances are slim though. Very few rape cases ever see the inside of the courtroom but that is another issue.  The problem is before the victim even makes it to the courts for the assault. We need to make it easier for victims to report rapes. It starts with not making them explain everything to a courtroom full of people just to attempt to get an order of protection. It starts with not having a judge say you can't get an order of protection until you prove he raped you since the burden of proof in sexual assault is much higher.  It starts with not being forced to sit less than three feet away from the man who brutally raped you while trying to get protection against him.  We need to have a law in the State of Illinois making sexual assault cases a different class of Orders of Protection under such they should be heard on a single case basis so the victim is not forced to tell a room full of the public the details of their assault. It is also imperative that those who have been assaulted are able to get a temporary order of protection until the assault case is closed. Nobody should have to be forced to sit next to the person that assaulted them. It should be madated that an advocate should be allowed to divide the parties.  Please help me fight for the survivors of sexual assault so they don't become just another statistic. Thank you!  

Sarah Burris
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Petition to Netflix

Demand Streaming Services (NETFLIX) to Indicate Trigger Warnings for Assault Survivors

According to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center’s crime statistics, 1 in 5 women and 1 in 71 men will be sexual assaulted in their lifetimes. If you’re lucky enough to be on the more fortunate side of this statistic, then close your eyes and take a quiet moment to think about everyone in your life that you hold dear. If its not you, then chances are, you know someone that is carrying the weight of this trauma on their shoulders and on their hearts. Another terrifying fact that we’ve seen put into motion in recent events is the amount of assaults that go unreported - 63%. This could easily mean that someone you know is holding their trauma and suffering silently every minute of every day. Not only is assault traumatic on its own, but adjusting to life after can be too much for countless people to bear. Simple things that so many of us take for granted, and think nothing of, can be no longer possible for someone that has been forced to endure this physical and emotional pain. Depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Flashbacks, STIs, and unwanted pregnancy are only a fraction of the long list of lasting effects of sexual violence. These can also manifest themselves in thoughts of suicide, self harm, eating disorders, sleep disturbances, substance abuse, and disassociation. Sometimes walking into a dressing room or going to a crowded place can be overwhelming to the point of debilitating panic. Recently, I was watching a movie, when suddenly the main female character (played by an actress I look up to) was brutally assaulted. When the scene ended, my heart was pounding, my palms were sweating, and I felt sick. I instantly thought about how someone who had actually experienced something so terrible could feel watching an unexpected scene of that nature. What if an assault survivor that hadn’t reported their attack had been sitting in a group of friends watching this film and suddenly had a horrible reaction they couldn’t explain to anyone? The time for positive change is now. This petition is to demand that streaming services, like Netflix, post a small symbol next to the title/year/rating of a film to silently alert the viewer to a possible trigger warning. This seemingly small gesture would make something “normal” like watching movies less stressful and would allow survivors to more easily (and confidently) choose a film they know will be enjoyable without worrying about the potential of a scene that could cause flashbacks, panic attacks, ptsd, etc. This is a small ask for streaming companies, and for a world that isn’t always easy for survivors, I strongly believe it is the least that could be done to make their services to be more friendly to everyone. Sign your name and join me in this request. You may never know who needs it most.  

India Braemer
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Petition to U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate

Urge Congress to Support Common Sense Rape Survivor Rights

On a brisk October afternoon, I left for an appointment at a rape crisis center. Fifteen minutes later, I faced a challenge more daunting than the rape that brought me there: America's unequal justice system for rape survivors.I struggled to have my basic rights recognized by the criminal justice system. Through my fight, I learned that survivor rights are not equal across the US. Over forty states have backlogs in untested kits. Some states do not cover the full medical expenses of a kit, leaving survivors to pay their own way towards justice.A handful of states don’t even notify the survivor when they permanently dispose of a rape kit. Instead, different states provide different rights. Even worse, no states provide survivors with all of the common-sense rights they deserve.My fight is not mine alone. Instead, it is a crisis for 25 million survivors across America, and I've come together with citizens, advocates, and legislators to do something about it. We're fighting for a comprehensive Bill of Rights for all survivors, including: The right to be notified of your rights in clear language The right to know your own medical information from your own rape kit The right not to have to pay for your own rape kit The right to a copy of your own police report After my experience, I wanted to help others. So I started an organization called Rise, dedicated to protecting the rights of sexual assault survivors. Today, we're close to an important victory. We've introduced legislation in the U.S. Congress that would help protect these rights across our country, so that justice does not depend on geography. But we need your help.Join us by signing this petition and calling on your Senators and Representatives to pass this important legislation now. Amanda Nguyen President & Founder, Rise

Amanda Nguyen
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