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Petition to Cecile Bledsoe, Jonathan Dismang, Linda Chesterfield, Ronald Caldwell, David Fielding, Blake Johnson, Deborah Ferguson, LeAnne Burch, Trent Garner, Stephen Meeks, Joyce Elliott, Greg Leding, Larry Teague, Lane Jean, Fredrick Love, Jason Rapert, Stephanie Flowers, Reginald Murdock, Missy Irvin, Matthew Shepherd, Jake Files, Gary Deffenbaugh, Jeff Wardlaw, Bill Sample, Kim Hammer, Jeremy Hutchinson, Jon Eubanks, Eddie Williams, David Branscum, David Meeks, Jane English, Uvalde Lindsey, Alan Clark, Bruce Cozart, Bruce Maloch, Keith Ingram, Douglas House, Jim Hendren, Scott Baltz, Michelle Obama, Gary Stubblefield, Charlotte Douglas, Jimmy Hickey, Mark Lowery, David Sanders, Chris Richey, Bart Hester, Mark McElroy, Eddie Cheatham, Bryan King, Kenneth Bragg, Karilyn Brown, Frances Cavenaugh, Bruce Coleman, Charles Collins, John Cooper, Andy Davis, Jana Della Rosa, Jim Dotson, Trevor Drown, Lance Eads, Les Eaves, Joe Farrer, Kenneth Ferguson, Charlene Fite, Lanny Fite, Scott Flippo, Vivian Flowers, Jack Fortner, Kimberly Alexander, Mandi Ballinger, Timothy Barr, Paul Battles, Debra Bazemore, Sharon Beasley-Teague, Dave Belton, Karen Bennett, Patty Bentley, Tommy Benton, Beth Beskin, James Beverly, Shaw Blackmon, William Boddie, Josh Bonner, Buzz Brockway, Roger Bruce, Debbie Buckner, Park Cannon, Michael Caldwell, Johnnie Caldwell, Jon Burns, Rhonda Burnough, Wesley Cantrell, John Carson, Amy Carter, Doreen Carter, David Casas, Joyce Chandler, David Clark, Heath Clark, Brooks Coleman, James Collins, John Albers, Lee Anderson, Tonya Anderson, Brandon Beach, Ellis Black, Matt Brass, Dean Burke, Gloria Butler, Bill Cowsert, Gail Davenport, Mike Dugan, Frank Ginn, Steve Gooch, Marty Harbin, Ed Harbison, Tyler Harper, Bill Heath, Stephen Henson, Joshua McKoon, Fran Millar, Butch Miller, Jeff Mullis, Nan Orrock, Elena Parent, Chuck Payne, Michael Rhett, Valencia Seay, David Shafer, Freddie Sims, Jesse Stone, Horacena Tate, Bruce Thompson, Curt Thompson, Blake Tillery, Lindsey Tippins, Renee Unterman, Larry Walker, Ben Watson, John Wilkinson, Michael Williams, Dennis Baxley, Aaron Bean, Lizbeth Benacquisto, Lauren Book, Randolph Bracy, Rob Bradley, Jeff Brandes, Oscar Braynon, Doug Broxson, Jeramey Anderson, Tracy Arnold, Willie Bailey, Nick Bain, Gregory Snowden, Christopher Bell, Donnie Bell, Richard Bennett, Edward Blackmon, Joel Bomgar, Juan Barnett, Barbara Blackmon, Jenifer Branning, Angela Hill, Tammy Witherspoon, Harry Brooks, Sheila Butt, David Byrd, Karen Camper, Janice Bowling, Mike Bell, Dolores Gresham, Ferrell Haile, Thelma Harper, Joey Hensley, Paul Bailey, Richard Briggs, Rusty Crowe, Steven Dickerson, Todd Gardenhire, Mark Green, Lee Harris, Ed Jackson, Jack Johnson, Sara Kyle, Reginald Tate, Jeff Yarbro, Ken Yager, Bo Watson, Jim Tracy, John Stevens, Steve Southerland, Kerry Roberts, Doug Overbey, Mark Norris, Frank Niceley, Randy McNally, Becky Massey, Jon Lundberg, Bill Ketron, Brian Kelsey, Mickey Gates, Jimmy Gazaway, Jeremy Gillam, Justin Gonzales, Michael Gray, Michelle Gray, Kenneth Henderson, Kim Hendren, David Hillman, Monte Hodges, Grant Hodges, Mike Holcomb, Steve Hollowell, Bob Johnson, Jack Ladyman, Timothy Lemons, Robin Lundstrum, Roger Lynch, Stephen Magie, Andy Mayberry, Austin McCollum, George McGill, Ron McNair, Josh Miller, Milton Nicks, John Payton, Clint Penzo, Rebecca Petty, Aaron Pilkington, Jim Sorvillo, Nelda Speaks, Greg Standridge, James Sturch, Dan Sullivan, Dwight Tosh, Clarke Tucker, DeAnn Vaught, John Walker, Dave Wallace, Les Warren, Danny Watson, David Whitaker, Jeff Williams, Carlton Wing, Richard Womack, Deborah Dawkins, Robert Jackson, John Polk, Bob Dearing, Sampson Jackson, Joseph Seymour, Kevin Blackwell, Russell Jolly, Willie Simmons, Derrick Simmons, David Jordan, Sally Doty, David Blount, Joey Fillingane, Dean Kirby, Bill Stone, Nickey Browning, Hillman Frazier, Chris Massey, Sean Tindell, Hob Bryan, Gray Tollison

Help Abolish the Statute of Limitations in GA, FL, AR, MS, TN for Sex Crimes

This petition is for legislators in Georgia, Florida, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Tennesse to get abolish the statute of limitations for felony Rape, Sexual Assault, and Sexual Battery. It is also a request for the State of Florida to edit their statute of limitations on all sex crimes to be more concise. 

Sarah Marchand
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Petition to U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate

Urge Congress to Support Common Sense Rape Survivor Rights

On a brisk October afternoon, I left for an appointment at a rape crisis center. Fifteen minutes later, I faced a challenge more daunting than the rape that brought me there: America's unequal justice system for rape survivors.I struggled to have my basic rights recognized by the criminal justice system. Through my fight, I learned that survivor rights are not equal across the US. Over forty states have backlogs in untested kits. Some states do not cover the full medical expenses of a kit, leaving survivors to pay their own way towards justice.A handful of states don’t even notify the survivor when they permanently dispose of a rape kit. Instead, different states provide different rights. Even worse, no states provide survivors with all of the common-sense rights they deserve.My fight is not mine alone. Instead, it is a crisis for 25 million survivors across America, and I've come together with citizens, advocates, and legislators to do something about it. We're fighting for a comprehensive Bill of Rights for all survivors, including: The right to be notified of your rights in clear language The right to know your own medical information from your own rape kit The right not to have to pay for your own rape kit The right to a copy of your own police report After my experience, I wanted to help others. So I started an organization called Rise, dedicated to protecting the rights of sexual assault survivors. Today, we're close to an important victory. We've introduced legislation in the U.S. Congress that would help protect these rights across our country, so that justice does not depend on geography. But we need your help.Join us by signing this petition and calling on your Senators and Representatives to pass this important legislation now. Amanda Nguyen President & Founder, Rise

Amanda Nguyen
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Petition to Congressman Mark Rozzi, Da John Adams, Mike Fitzpatrick, John Adams

MUNIZ has passed and it will ease restrictions on the sexual predators and hundreds of predators will be exempt from Megan's law due to this new Muniz Law.

Muniz Legislation just passed by our pa supreme court and it will become federal law if we allow it to. This new legislation  is set to limit restrictions on current registry predators and limit the amount of years a predator has to register.  The legislation  also states that if the sexual abuse occurred before the new Megan's law requiring stricter rules, that retroactive criminal charges can not be applied to the new Megan's law tougher requirements that was enacted in 2012. That it's unconstitutional to retro back any sexual abuse crimes and apply the new Megan's law tougher requirements to that conviction. So in other words, say your daughter was sexually assaulted by her bus driver at 7 and 8 years old and the crime occurred in 2008, but child was scared and ashamed to say anything, than in 2015 when she is old enough to realize what he did to her was wrong, she reports the abuse and realizes there was another girl the bus driver molested years before. That the mother reported that crime, but because it was before the new Megan's law  requirements to report any abuse of a child, that the school district and bus company swept it all under the rug and made the conscious decision to allow him to drive bus and have unrestricted access to little children including my baby girl Amanda. Now let this sink in, please. This predator who molested 2 elementary school girls not only gets only 2 years probation, but because of the new Muniz Legislation  could possibly not have to register according to the new Megan's law requiring stricter rules and regulations and gets to walk free with a slap on the wrist. How would you feel if it was your daughter and your daughter says to you with tears rolling down her face, " mommy he only gets 2 years probation for what he did to us?".How do you as a mother explain this to her? Tell her the county failed her and the other girl. I'm just a mom who was raped at 5 and molested until 12 trying to fight for justice for our daughter and all the other children who were sexually assaulted and now may realize that the predator who molested them, may be released from any further requirements and will be free and clear to have unrestricted access to little children. We need to hold these predators accountable for their crimes and protect our innocent children from further fear and harm. There's no statues of limitations for murder or any other violent crime, why not the same across the board and get rid of this Muniz legislation. My fears should be your fears if this legislation allowed to stand. Ty. And this is my daughter's voice as well as mine. For this story is not fiction, we are living this nightmare now. I need your signature and voice to take to our DA before the final decision is made on October 27th. Please, please sign.       

Cheryl stalnecker
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Petition to North Carolina State Senate, North Carolina State House, NC Senator Jeff Jackson

Change Outdated NC Law That Does Not Allow Consent to be Withdrawn After Sex Begins

Late last year, my estranged husband brutally raped me. When he came to my house -- angry and belligerent -- I initially consented to having sex with him because I thought it was safest to say yes. But he grew more and more violent, and I became more and more scared and uncomfortable. I begged and pleaded for him to stop, but he refused. He attacked me for more than an hour and a half. It was horrific, and no one should have to endure that. Soon after, I pressed charges against him. But because of a North Carolina legal case in 1979 that says a victim can’t revoke consent after sex has begun, even if it turns violent, he wasn’t charged with rape. He merely pleaded guilty to two counts of misdemeanor assault on a female, which resulted in roughly 10 months in prison. North Carolina is the only state where ‘no’ doesn’t actually mean ‘no’ -- and this loophole remains. If this happened in Virginia or South Carolina, he would’ve been tried with rape, and he would’ve served a much longer sentence. This is not acceptable. It’s not okay for me or the many others who have been or will be sexually assaulted in the future. It is not justice, plain and simple. That’s why I’m asking you to help me, my attorney, Kris Hilscher, and Sen. Jeff Jackson hold rapists accountable. Please sign this petition in support of a legislative bill in North Carolina that will reverse this horrible law and will lead to a new one that says ‘no’ actually means ‘no’ at every single point. Unfortunately, I won’t benefit from this bill. But other women could, and you can help them get the protection they need by changing this law. North Carolina cannot wait any longer.

Amy Guy
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